(Fight Grid music plays as the Fight Grid logo appears on the screen)

(Camera’s open to see Kathy Kush in the EAW Studio in Newark, New Jersey on the Fight Grid set.)

Kathy Kush: Hello, Everyone, and welcome to Fight Grid where we bring you the latest in breaking news regarding all of your favorite EAW Superstars.

(Camera pans to have Kathy near the left edge of the screen while a picture-in-picture type box appears and takes most of the screen with the Empire logo appearing in the center of the box)

Kathy: Tonight we take you to the Empire house show at the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi, where an altercation broke out earlier tonight between Consuela Rose Ava and Specialists Champion, Tyler Wolfe. Cameras were not ringside but we’ve had a number of fans tweet footage in from social stream.

(Box opens to cell phone footage of the house show from the upper deck, crowd commotion fills the speakers. At mid-match, Tyler appears to be handling things. She moves to hit the Wolfe’s Bane, a rope hung spike DDT, but Consuela frees herself and shoves Tyler off. Tyler stumbles back into the referee, knocking the ref back and head first into the turnbuckle. Tyler looks around confused for a moment, but Consuela grabs a steel chair from the outside and slides into the ring. Tyler rises to her feet and turns around right into the chair being driven into her abdomen. Consuela then smashes the chair over Tyler’s back, sending Wolfe to the mat. Consuela watches as Tyler tries to get back to her knees before Consuela fires off three shots with the chair straight to Tyler’s unprotected head, leaving a dent in the chair. Tyler collapses and Consuela tosses the chair to the outside before moving to wake the referee. Consuela covers Tyler and the ref slowly counts three and calls for the bell)

(Ding! Ding! Ding)

Announcer: Here is your winner by pinfall, COOONNNSSSUUUEEELLLLAAA RROOOOOSSSEEEE !!!

(Consuela quickly exits the ring as Tyler is still unconscious in the ring. The box fades to grey)

Kathy: A vicious assault from the Perfectionist to Tyler Wolfe. We thank our dedicated fans for the submitted footage so we could bring you this clip. But our own Sofia Clarke was able to get a camera together and catch Consuela in the aftermath.

(The box fades in now to see Sofia Clarke running up to Consuela as she comes back through the curtain)

Sofia: Consuela! Consuela! What did you just do out there? What’s the purpose of all of this?

Consuela: What’s the…? Sofia… I am the only woman to ever hold the Specialists Title more than once. That is MY title. I worked for so long to make that belt what it is and Tyler Wolfe struts around like she’s the best thing going. No. Time to put an end to that.

Sofia: Well what does assaulting Tyler like this really accomplish?

Consuela: Simple. I just pinned the Specialists Champion one-on-one. That means I’m the number one contender! And I demand to be recognized as such.

Sofia: This new attitude lately, Consuela, has put a lot of people rather on edge. What’s going through your mind lately?

Consuela: I don’t get what’s upsetting people here. My sister. My friend, Clara. Even all of the fans. You guys know I love you. You know I do all of this for you. I’m still the same Consuela, the same one who fights the good fight and pushes to give you all a great show. But I know what it takes to win now. Why would they not cheer for that? It doesn’t make sense.

Sofia: Do you have anything specific you’d like to say about all of this?

Consuela: I do, actually. Flannery, I beat your Specialists Champion. I demand my shot at the bel—

???: CONSUELA!!!

(Tyler Wolfe suddenly appears and tackles Consuela before pounding fists into the Ava sister’s face. Consuela tried to cover but Tyler keeps landing shots. Consuela manages to get her feet pulled up and kick Tyler off. Consuela climbs to her feat but Tyler spears Consuela backwards, crashing spine first into a number of production crates. Tyler now driving knees into Consuela but Consuela manages to catch one and throw a stiff uppercut into Tyler’s jaw. Tyler stumbles back, still not recovered from the chair shots earlier. Consuela rushes in and hits a belly to belly suplex that sends Tyler over the top and falling into an opened production crate. Consuela leans against the wall for a moment but Tyler stands up out of the crate holding a camera tripod. Tyler climbs out and hits Consuela in the stomach before trying to crash the tripod into the Ava’s skull. Consuela dodged the shot though and kicks Tyler in elbow, causing her to drop the tripod. Tyler comes in again and connects with a forearm to Consuela’s nose. Consuela stumbles back a bit and it appears she’s bleeding from her nose. Tyler shoves her into the wall and proceeds to continue pounding away with a flurry of shots. Consuela manages to slip away and appears to attempt to flee but Tyler gives chase. Tyler sprints to tackle Consuela again before Consuela sidesteps and grabs Tyler by the roots of her hair and runs Tyler face first into a monitor, spider webbing the screen and causing Tyler to drop, now bleeding from her forehead and mouth. Consuela moves and leaves the scene quickly as medical staff rushes to Tyler.)

(Box fades to grey)

Kathy: A brutal and bloody battle backstage tonight. How will Empire GM Flannery McCoy react to this incident? She released a public statement on Social Stream that all will be handled and dealt with this Thursday on Empire.

(Box fades away and camera centers back on Kathy)

We still await medical evaluation on both women but we will have more as the news presents itself. Until next time, I’m Kathy Kush, and you’re watching Fight Grid.

(Fight Grid music plays as the camera fades out)

(EAW Network Logo Buzzes)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

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