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FIGHT GRID EXCLUSIVE – The Palace Official Announcement

(The camera opens up to Kathy Kush in the inside of an area. Behind her, the EAW crew are in the process of setting up for another EAW production.)

Kathy Kush: Hi everyone! Thank you for joining me on Fight Grid for a very special announcement! I’m here live at the Alexandra Palace in London, England–the home of EAW’s next big event: The Palace! The Palace will be a major show set to be pre-recorded on Saturday, December 29th, right here in London and aired on ABC Network for an incredible New Year’s Eve celebration! We have an amazing card lined up for you all, including a once-in-a-lifetime Blicky Boyz reunion to take on the team of MarrKade for the EAW Unified Tag Team Titles! And we can’t forget–a dream match for some of us–TLA taking on Kassidy Heart, one on one! And if that doesn’t get you excited, we’ve got loads more in store! And as you can see behind me, preparations for the Palace have officially begun!

(Kathy Kush turns around and the camera turns with her, panning the arena as the ring is being put together while lighting arrangements and titantron functionality are tested.)

Kathy Kush: The Palace–

(Kathy Kush is cut off by El Landerson, who rushes out with a seemingly furious scowl underneath his masked face. He has his hands on his hips and argues off mic for a moment with Kathy before she continues her announcement.)

Kathy Kush: Pardon the interruption everybody–I’m being joined here today by EAW Elitist El Landerson. Hi Mr. Landerson, do you have anything you’d like to tell the EAW Universe and Fight Grid fans about The Palace?

El Landerson: I’m here for my Hell in A Cell match against Venom.

Kathy Kush: Uh, Landerson…although I see you’re in your full ring attire, Landerson, the ring hasn’t even been fully assembled yet–and come to think of it, you aren’t scheduled to wrestle at the Palace next weekend.

El Landerson: There must be some kind of mistake. I challenged Erebus Jennings myself, and even accepted on his behalf.

Kathy Kush: Wait a minute, I thought you were looking for Venom?

El Landerson: Cut the crap, Kathy. Who do I file a complaint with?!

(Before Kathy can answer, El Landerson turns back around and rushes out of the arena. The camera follows and zooms in on him asking everyone he crosses paths with if they have seen either Venom or Erebus Jennings, not a single person entirely sure of who it is he hopes to wrestle with. The camera pans back to Kathy Kush, shaking her head as she takes a deep breath and smiles for the camera.)

Kathy Kush: Be sure to tune in on December 31st! The Palace will be airing on primetime ABC at a special start time of 5:00 PM Eastern Time. You won’t want to miss it!

Written by Anna C. Flowers

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