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FIGHT GRID EXCLUSIVE: More Voltage Grand Rampage Entrants Revealed!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera fades into Molly Waters. She sits behind a news desk as she straightens her papers and begins to trace her eyes to the camera as she gives a bright smile noticing their presence and begins to speak)

Molly Waters: Welcome to another installment of Fight Grid Live! More news from Voltage coming your way as it is regarding the next multi-brand free-per-view… GRAND RAMPAGE!!!

(The camera slowly moves to the right showing a TV screen as a logo fades in which is the logo for Grand Rampage 2020)

Molly Waters: Whilst we have many matches confirmed already for the illustrious free-per-view we’d like the focus in on the main focal point of this whole event, the Grand Rampage match! Whilst many elitists from the Voltage brand have already been confirmed for the match I am here to officially confirm more entrants joining from the brand! We can confirm that none other than Colby Sol, ‘Blood Money’ Dorian Cade, and Kristopher Killbourne! They will be joining other elitists confirmed for the match like the likes of Rex McAllister, Terry Chambers, Shawn Sturgis, Charlie Marr, and many more!

(The camera moves back to focus on Molly Waters as she pauses for a moment before beginning to speak)

Molly Waters: The talent level for the Grand Rampage match has certainly increased as I’m sure everyone in that match currently confirmed will be fighting through thin and thick to make sure that they come out as the winner despite the challenges. That’s all for me today, thank you for joining me for this installment of Fight Grid Live!

(Fight Grid logo appears.)

Written by John Helms

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