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FIGHT GRID EXCLUSIVE: Fate Of The Big Bogawa Bhampionship Revealed!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The scene fades into Molly Waters, she is sitting behind a news desk as a backdrop is behind her with the EAW logo stationed in the EAW Headquarters in New Jersey. She gives a bright smile to the camera as she faces it and clears her throat before beginning to speak)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this installment of Fight Grid Live! We’re coming at you with breaking news coming from Voltage this evening as I’m sure this will come as a thrill for everyone. 

(Molly keeps a smile on her face as the TV pans over to a still frame of the last Voltage episode specifically focusing on the Big Bogawa Bhampionship match that occurred then)

Molly Waters: Recently last Voltage there was a Bhampionship match with Komatsu Ogawa and The Woogieman for the Big Bogawa Bhampionship! After putting up a fighting effort Woogie was forced to succumb to Ogawa as his hand was raised in victory. Yet after the match, Komatsu Ogawa had a few words to say as he was officially vacating the Bhampionship! Yet it was confirmed that now since that occurrence, the Bhampionship will be defended at a later date in a MULTI-BRAND MATCH!

(The camera moves back over centering the face of Molly Waters on the camera as she begins to speak again)

Molly Waters: Certainly a groundbreaking announcement from Voltage concerning the future of possibly one of the most prestigious Bhampionship on not just their brand but all of EAW! Hopefully, a new Bhampion will be crowned soon but for now, I’m Molly Waters, signing out.

(Fight Grid logo appears.)

Written by John Helms

Voltage 3/29/20

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