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FIGHT GRID EXCLUSIVE: Captain Charisma Gives An Update On Ms. Extreme and Lars Grier!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The scene fades into the Interviewing area in the same arena the March 29th, 2020 Voltage was held in, as this was recorded immediately after Voltage went off air. Sofia Clarke is seen standing next to Voltage Commissioner Captain Charisma, who she plans to hear his words on Ms. Extreme’s attack on Lars Grier.)

Sofia Clarke: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with the Voltage commissioner Captain Charisma. Thank you for joining me and agreeing to do this, I’m sure everyone would love to hear your thoughts on what went down on Voltage tonight between Lars Grier and the Interwire Champion Ms. Extreme. Of course, for anyone that doesn’t remember, Lars Grier was scheduled to face Jesse Barlow tonight, but early on in their match Ms. Extreme would storm the ring and attack Lars. We all know these two were originally scheduled to clash at Grand Rampage, but what do you have to say about the attack we saw just a few hours ago?

Captain Charisma: Honestly, I feel like I should’ve expected it to happen. Ever since the match between Lars Grier and Consuela Rose Ava at King of Elite, these two have been at each other’s throats. I was hoping the two of them could try and keep things professional and wait until King of Elite, but clearly I was wrong. I can understand Camille’s frustrations I’ll admit. Lars basically tried to kill his sister at King of Elite, and when she tried getting revenge at Shock Value, things didn’t go her way. I get that. Camille still has unfinished business, but she needs to understand that she can’t do stuff like what she did earlier tonight. Jesse and Lars were shaping up to have a great match, but they were screwed out of that opportunity thanks to her. Jesse wasn’t even involved with Camille yet he had to pay the price for her actions. I can’t allow that to continue.

Sofia Clarke: So what are you planning to do?

Captain Charisma: Well for starters, I’m afraid that we’ll be down two very talented Elitists next week, as neither of them will be at this upcoming Voltage. It would’ve been a pleasure to have them as we all know they’re both phenomenal talents that always put on a show, but for both their own safety, and the safety of everyone else, I can’t let them be at the arena together. Lars Grier more than likely wants to get his own taste of payback, meanwhile I for one know that’s only a fraction of the damage Ms. Extreme is capable of causing. I wouldn’t call this a suspension or anything, just a precaution. Don’t need anyone getting hurt right before one of our biggest shows in the year.

Sofia Clarke: That leads to another question of mine. These two of course are scheduled to compete at Grand Rampage as of right now. Are any changes going to be made after what happened on Voltage, or do you actually believe those two will be able to have a clean wrestling match?

Captain Charisma: Well, I actually had a few thoughts cross my mind not just this week, but the past few weeks. Clearly there’s just no way that those two could face each other without the match just spilling into chaos. Those two aren’t just looking to have a normal wrestling match, and they’re not just aiming to win or retain the Interwire Championship. Lars and Camille are trying to tear each other apart, and I have no other choice but to give them the opportunity to do just that.

Sofia Clarke: So the match is still on? 

Captain Charisma: Correct. Those two won’t be on this upcoming Voltage, however they will still be facing off at Grand Rampage… With one small adjustment.

Sofia Clarke: A change?

Captain Charisma: Yep. As we all know, things have gotten extremely heated between Lars and Camille. Obviously, at this point a simple one on one match between the two wouldn’t work out at all. We probably wouldn’t see a definitive winner thanks to their blinding rage, then who knows when this whole thing would end? To avoid that, I’ll be tacking on a stipulation that I’m sure both Lars and Camille would love to hear. At Grand Rampage, we will be seeing Lars Grier face Ms. Extreme for the Interwire Championship… In a No Holds Barred match. That way, these two could do whatever they want. No disqualifications, anything goes. Lars and Camille want to destroy one another? Well, there they go. They have the opportunity to do exactly that.

Sofia Clarke: That’s a huge change to the already confirmed match at Grand Rampage, but I’m sure those two are smiling at the thought of being able to face each other in a match where anything goes. Thank you once again for joining us Captain Charisma, I believe that’s all the questions I have.

Captain Charisma: Anytime, now if you excuse me, I have some more work to do. See you around.

(Captain Charisma then walks outside of the camera’s view, leaving Sofia Clark there, looking towards the camera.)

Sofia Clarke: Well, there you have it folks. The already heated bout between Lars Grier and Ms. Extreme has officially become a No Holds Barred match thanks to Captain Charisma. I’m sure this is going to be the match to see come Grand Rampage, I have no doubt in my mind that these two are going to put on an unforgettable match. That’s all for me tonight, and I believe I’ll be seeing you all on Voltage!

(Fight Grid logo appears.)

Written by John Helms

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