FIGHT GRID EXCLUSIVE: Big Boogie Bhampionship Match to happen at Pain for Pride XII

(Fight Grid opens up to an excited Molly Waters. She is currently at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, which is hosting two brand exclusive events this week. Showdown and Voltage both will be emanating from this year’s Pain for Pride host city this week.)

Molly Waters: Good morning, EAW Universe! Molly Waters here with some exciting, breaking news! As teased last night and this morning on the EAW Social Media site, we have a HUGE announcement to make regarding next weekend’s Pain for Pride event! Last night, The Co-Commissioners of Voltage, Captain Charisma and Veena Adams, met with Showdown General Manager, Hurricane Hawk, at the Oceanaire Seafood Room here in Atlanta.

(The camera shot widens to show Hurricane Hawk standing to Molly’s left, and Veena and Captain Charisma leaning on crutches, to her right.)

Molly Waters: All three of them are joining me right now. Captain Charisma, will you explain to the EAW Universe what’s going on?

Captain Charisma: Well a few weeks ago on Voltage, Big Boogie Bhampion, the Woogieman, laid down an open challenge of sorts for Pain for Pride. As we all know the BBB belt is one of the most beloved titles in this company, and when Landerson decided to enter himself in the 24/7 Battle Royal this year, we knew that we had to find Woogie the most worthy challenger.

Veena Adams: And let’s be totally honest, there’s only one man in this place who deserves that Pain for Pride match.

Hurricane Hawk: It’s a man who’s story and journey has captured the hearts and minds of the EAW Universe. Win or lose, this man is one of the single most popular Elitists amongst the fans. And that’s why Showdown and Voltage are proud to announce that at Pain for Pride, we will see Woogieman defend against Showdown’s own—

(Veena snatches the microphone from Molly and interrupts Hurricane Hawk.)


Hurricane Hawk: :whoa:

Captain Charisma: Now hold on a second Veena…

Hurricane Hawk: That’s not what we discussed. I didn’t agree for Provencal to be in a Taipei Deathmatch!

Veena Adams: Look here. The last time the BBB belt was on the line, Woogie won it in a Japanese Deathmatch.

Hurricane Hawk: ….

Veena Adams: Throw some fucking baguettes and coissants in the ring if you want to make Provencal feel more at home, but this match will be a bloody fucking massacre and there’s nothing you can fucking do about it.

Hurricane Hawk: I mean I could just not sign the amendment to the match agreement.

Veena Adams: But then Provencal doesn’t get his match and then you get nothing out of it.

Hurricane Hawk: It would piss your snuff-film fetishizing self off and that feels like a win.

(Veena steps right up and gets into Hurricane Hawk’s face. Molly has bailed at this point.)

Veena Adams: And you seem to forget just who the fuck I am and the fact that Matty and I both hold more fucking power over you and your stupid show because of our titles.

Hurricane Hawk: Let me tell you that your title doesn’t mean shit on Showdown and—

(Captain Charisma has heard enough. He shoves one of his crutches between Veena and Hawk, backing Veena up and putting some much needed space between the two of them.)

Captain Charisma: How about this? Let’s meet somewhere in the middle and make this match… a steel cage match?

(Veena glares at Hurricane Hawk, but finally tosses her blonde hair off her shoulders.)

Veena Adams: Fine.

Hurricane Hawk: Cage match… I’m good with that.

Captain Charisma: That settles it then. The Woogieman versus Provencal for the BBB Belt inside of a steel cage. I think we can all agree this matchup will be something all of the fans look forward to.

(Hawk nods and Veena looks away while mumbling something under her breath. That’s when Molly finally steps gingerly back into frame.)

Molly Waters: You heard it here first, folks. The Big Boogie Bhampionship will be defended inside of a steel cage! Woogieman and Provencal at Pain for Pride! Thank you all for joining us here for this Fight Grid exclusive!

(Molly then moves off screen looking to avoid any potential incidents as the screen fades.)

(Fight Grid Logo Buzzes.)

(EAW Network Logo Buzzes.)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

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