Empire Elitist Kianna Carter Visits MTV’s TRL To Promote Pain For Pride

Hey, everyone! My name is Sarita Delano and I am EAW’s newest social media personnel added to the Fight Grid family. Every week I will be giving you guys an inside scoop on your favorite EAW Elitists and see what they’re up to as they are preparing for EAW’s biggest annual event; Pain for Pride 11. This week we have Kianna Carter visiting the TRL set in New York City, take a look!

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Kianna Carter takes over TRL May 31st, 2018

The following clip was provided by MTV Productions™:

(The scene begins as a white room with bright yellow tiles on the side are showcased. On the yellow tiles, the letters “TRL” appear in white text. The room is filled with screaming fans as it focuses on the two hosts who are sitting on a long white couch.)

DC Young Fly: How’s it goin’, everybody? This is ya boy DC Young Fly and my co-host, the ever so beautiful Tamara Dhia.

Tamara Dhia: Welcome!

DC: We are coming to you LIVE from Times Square, Total Request Live! And as you all know, we love to invite our guests to come on this show and not only present to you the HOTTEST music floating on your social media feeds…

Tamara: But we also want to use our platform to share awesome things with you all watching at home. But let’s just get the show rolling with today’s special guest. You may know her as one of the stars of Thursday Night Empire. She is none other than the EAW Empire Elitist… Ladies and gentlemen give it up for Kianna Carter!

(‘Chun-Li’ by Nicki Minaj begins to play as Kianna emerges into the frame as everyone rises to their feet and begins to cheer and clap. She does her signature pose as she walks towards the hosts who welcome her with a big hug. Kianna smiles for the camera and sits down.)

DC: #KillaKiki!

Kianna: You already know!

Tamara: Kianna welcome to the show!

Kianna: Thank y’all for having me. I’ve been a huge fan of TRL since I was a young kid and it’s a dream come true being here in Times Square.

DC: So Kianna, how did you get your start in the wrestling biz?

Kianna: I’ve always been a HUGE wrestling fan since I was five years old and aspired to be like the Mr. DEDEDE’s and CM Bank$’ of the world. I wanted to gain legendary statuses like them so at an early age, I KNEW I wanted to make wrestling my life. I don’t think I’ve shared this before but my mother, actually, was a real estate agent and helped EAW Hall of Famer Lethal Consequences buy his first home. And after making that personal relationship I got more of an insight as to how the industry runs from within. So making those connections is what helped me out a lot. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain an immense amount of experience in such a short amount of time and here I am today!

(The fans clap as Kianna smiles.)

Tamara: Lethal Consequences? Sorry, I’m a bit rusty with my EAW knowledge.

Kianna; Tamara, girl, Lethal Consequences. The EAW Hall of Famer, the last Undisputed Hardcore Champion, which by the way was the EAW and Hardcore Championship unified, the only man to hold the Undisputed Hardcore Championship and the Answers World Championship in their careers beside Mr. DEDEDE. He’s a legend for a REASON and I admire him profoundly.

DC: Word, Keeks. He didn’t get into the EAW Hall of Fame for no reason. Anyone who thinks that is brain dead, breh.

Kianna: You already know.

Tamara: Speaking of which, DC and I actually are going to attend Thursday Night Empire later tonight and I am so excited to root for our girl. We recently attended Showdown and feeling the energy in that building was LIFE changing. Shout out to EAW for inviting us to their shows!

Kianna: We have one of the most passionate fans in the business, it’s never a dull night at work.

DC: What should we expect from Empire tonight? Can we talk a little about that?

Kianna: As you all know we have Pain for Pride 11 coming to you live June 21st — 24th…

(The audience claps and cheers.)

Kianna: Which by the way, ya girl #KillaKiki is going to be featured in the Specialist Championship Scramble which hopefully I’ll be walking out with some gold around my waist.

(Kianna stares towards the camera.)

Kianna: I’m coming for you, Chelsea.

(The crowd gives a unified, ‘Ooooo’ as Kianna smiles.)

Kianna: And everyone on Empire is trying to build their momentum going into Pain for Pride. The champions are ready to defend their titles at the biggest stage of them all and the competitors are ready to snatch ‘em away. Tonight’s show will be chock full of action and emotion as tensions are running high but every episode of Empire tops the last. So you’ll just have to tune in and see what goes down.

DC: Big shout out to EAW to allowing the legend in the making, Kianna Carter, to join us today. Where can the TRL viewers find you on social media, girl?

Kianna: On Twitter, I am @kikiwi96, ig @KiannaCarterEAW_, and Tumblr: KiannaKewt636. I love interacting with my fans so go ahead and message me anytime!

Tamara: Folks, thanks for tuning in. Make sure to check out Kianna ONLY on the EAW Network on Thursday Night Empire. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the EAW Network for only 9.99 a month so you can tune into the hottest event of the summer, Pain for Pride 11, June 21st. I know I’ll be rooting for #KillaKiki

Kianna: Thank you so much, y’all!

DC: Alright, Kiki. Present to us the hottest track trending this week:

Kianna: The Story of Adidon by Pusha T:

(The track begins to play as the camera fades to black.)

Sarita Delano: Well, there you go! Tune in next week to see what Elitist will be featured here. Safe travels to all! This is Sarita Delano signing off!

Written by Fight Grid

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