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Empire 8/10/2018

(RECAP: A replay of last week’s episode is shown, including Astraea Jordan and Kassidy Heart advancing to the Empress of Elite finals. The Crowe’s Nest decides to approach Kendra Shamez, and Layla Lockhart and Mali Evans score an opportunity for the tag titles.”Girl Gang” by Leikeli47 plays during the Thursday Night Empire intro is shown. The camera switches to the interior of the Air Canada Centre as the stage pyro erupts before a roaring crowd.)

(SCREEN BAR: Live! Toronto, ON, Canada!)

SG1: We are just ONE WEEK away from the second annual Manifest Destiny! It’s going to be Astraea Jordan vs Kassidy Heart in the finals!

Alicia Amby: And Stephanie Matsuda will be defending her EAW Unified Women’s Championship against Cameron Ella Ava!

SG1: Tonight we’ll be hearing from the women of both matches while deciding who will face Remi Skyfire for the Specialist Championship and the Jaded Hearts for the Empire Tag Team Championship! I’m SG1 and this is my partner Alicia Amby!

Alicia: Without further ado, let’s get to the first match!

Cori Simmons: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

(‘Unbreakable’ by Fireflight plays as Layla Lockhart makes her way down the ramp, high fiving and fist bumping fans, wearing a rainbow colored variant of the Pride logo on her t-shirt)

Cori Simmons: Introducing first from Salem, Oregon, representing The Pride, she is the Warrior Princess, LAAAAYLA LOOOOOOOCKHAARTt!

Alicia Ambry: Last week we saw Layla Lockhart pick up the win in tag team competition despite an injury to Mali Evans, now it’s time for the Warrior Princess to face singles action once again.

(As Layla sits cross legged on the turnbuckles ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry begins to play. Just before the chorus Constance Blevins bursts through the curtain and throws her head back to roar in time with the music as the crowd lets out a thunderous cheer)

Cori Simmons: And her opponent, from Baltimore, Maryland and making her Empire debut, CONSTANCE BLEEEEVINS!

SG1: Constance Blevins was one of the most anticipated young talents to still be a free agent Alicia and now she’s here to prove her worth in EAW

Alicia Ambry: Sure but this is a whole different level for Constance, I hope this newcomer knows what she’s getting into!

(Constance raises her arms parallel with her index fingers pointing upward to the heavens. Constance smiles, then blows a kiss upward as well. Then she slaps hands with fans coming down ramp towards the ring. Constance enters into the ring, all business.)


(As the bell rings Constance and Layla move to the center and share a handshake before returning to their corners)

Alicia Ambry: And here we go, Constance Blevins in her Empire debut against Layla Lockhart, The Lioness looks to dethrone the Warrior Princess as these two elitists lock up in the center of the ring, collar and elbow tie up as Constance hooks Layla’s ankle with a foot, takes her down to the mat!

SG1: Grounded Headlock applies by Constance Blevins here as Layla forces herself up onto her side, using that flexibility to aim a series of kicks at Constance’s head and forcing the release of the hold! Layla backs up to get her bearings here, aims the Savate Kick at Constance who ducks it and swings with a Lariat, backwards roll by Layla to avoid the blow, very tentative between these two to begin with, little bit touch and go here.

Alicia Ambry: Constance the new blood trying to get her bearings in EAW and Layla being very careful not to get caught out by the newcomer. Layla runs in now, looking for a lariat of her own, Constance ducks-

SG1: Scissors Kick by Layla Lockhart! Nice fakeout there by Layla with the feinting lariat, now turns her back on Constance and blows a kiss to the crowd before a Standing Moonsault to the Lioness, the cover!


Alicia Ambry: Constance kicks out nice and quickly an- IMMEDIATELY INTO A CRUCIFIX ROLL-UP!


SG1: Layla Lockhart powers out and scurries away, amazing ring awareness there by the rookie Constance, nearly had this match won then and there, you really can’t undersell the value of being able to catch an opponent off guard like that. Layla doesn’t look like she appreciated it quite the same however, the Warrior Princess ducks a Roundhouse Kick attempt by Constance there and sprints to the ropes, Layla’s looking to fly!

Alicia Ambry: Layla springboards off the top rope and connects that stunning Springboard Inverted DDT to Constance Blevins and listen to this place!

Audience: Let’s Go Layla! Lion-Ness! Let’s Go Layla! Lion-Ness!

SG1: Divided crowd here as Layla Lockhart backs up to a corner post, signalling for Constance Blevins to get to her feet and I think looking for to set off the Bottle Rocket once again.

Alicia Ambry: Constance is up, she doesn’t see Layla coming! BOOOOOOTTTTLE ROOOOOCKETTT! That devastating spear connects, such speed and impact for one of our smallest elitists, Layla goes for the cover!


Alicia Ambry: Kickout by Constance Blevins! Layla Lockhart’s just sat by her opponent now and… did, did Layla just ruffle Constance’s hair? Is she mocking the newcomer?

SG1: Given who we’re talking about? I doubt it, these two are cut from the same cloth as we’ve heard them say, there’s a lot of respect being shown in that ring right now. OOF! Not enough to keep Layla from giving a nice double foot stomp to those hurting ribs of Constance mind you!

Alicia Ambry: Layla’s dragging Constance up, wait Constance has the arm, hooks it, Brainbuster! That was one of the smoothest counters I’ve ever seen, from being dragged up to dropping Layla right on her head in one smooth motion! Layla doesn’t seem to quite know where she is and I don’t blame her, Constance though is going to seize her moment while she has it, aiming for that Roundhouse Kick again and catching Layla right in the chest! Layla goes down!

SG1: Constance isn’t done though, stood waiting, stalking her prey as Layla gets to one knee- WHAM! Right in the kisser with a second Roundhouse Kick, Constance goes for the cover!


Alicia Ambry: Another kickout by Layla! Neither of these girls is going to stay down until they’ve given it their all tonight and-

SG1: Deja vu anyone? Constance is backed up to the corner, signalling for Layla to rise, feel like we’ve seen this before, Constance looking for a Spear of her own as Layla rises to her feet-


SG1: An amazing show of athletic skill but now both competitors are down, they’ve each given several of their best shots to the other and now they’re starting to feel it. Layla here with a week chinlock dragging Constance up, OOF, vicious chop in the chest to the Warrior Princess.

Alicia Ambry: Right back at ya with a Forearm by Layla in the center, Chop! Forearm! Chop! Forearm! Chop! Forearm! The crowd is eating this up as these two keep at it to see who will crack first!

SG1: Constance catches the next Forearm, standing armbar applied to Layla as Constance swings herself around behind Layla and switches to a waistlock, the grappling skill on Constance Blevins is unbelievable. She’s got Layla but the waist and lifts her up and over to connect a German Suplex! Constances hangs on, second German Suplex connects! Into the center, looking for the third but Layla hooks her feet around Constance’s legs, trying to block the last suplex.

SG1: Constance looks mighty annoyed at Layla’s block, she can’t get her up for the final sup- Constance shifts her grip, Layla in a Full Nelson! FULL NELSON FACEBUSTER! Very clever change of tactics there by Constance who goes for a Crossface now, Layla looks dazed but gets an arm up to counter, Crucifix Roll Up by Layla!


Alicia Ambry: Quick kickout by Constance who catches Layla by the arm, Jackknife Cover!


SG1: An endless flurry of roll ups here as Layla Lockhart kicks out of that one too, kip up back to her feet causes a bit of a stumble for Layla, maybe the theatrics were a mistake as Constance Blevins takes advantage of the stumble and hooks Layla’s arm!

Alicia Ambry: Constance is looking for that STO Driver! She connects this and Layla’s toast!

SG1: Layla jumps trying to swing into that Tilt A Whirl Armbar but Constance smacks her back down, she will not do the Spider Dance tonight with Layla!

Alicia Ambry: Hooks the arm again, LIONESS FIRE! STO Driver just nearly drove Layla right through the mat, Constance goes for the cover!


(‘Roar’ by Katy Perry begins to play as Constance, clutching her ribs with her spare hand, gets her arm raised by the official)

Cori Simmons: Here is your winner! CONSTANCE BLEEEVINS!

SG1: What a way to debut here in Empire for Constance Blevins, I think The Lioness is one to watch.

Alicia: Yeah everyone best be watching out for the new kid on the block!

(In the ring Layla Lockhart is helped up by the official as Constance drinks in the audience’s deafening cheers, turning round to find Layla standing in front of her. The Warrior Princess smiles and offers a hand to Constance, pulling the Lioness into a hug when she shakes and raising her arm too)

SG1: Great show of respect here by Layla, that’s what The Pride aims to be for Empire, to encourage special talents like the Lioness.

(Layla leaves the ring for Constance to celebrate, looking rather overwhelmed by the fan adoration)

(COMMERCIAL BREAK: The Thotrix: Revelations! Starring Toni Gun and VRia!)

(Cori Simmons is standing in the ring)

Cori Simmons: Please welcome back your EAW Openweight Champion,Andrea Valentine!

(“Roll with Me” by Charli XCX plays as Andrea Valentine walks out, waving at her adoring fans)

SG1: After a successful defense at Midsummer Massacre Andrea Valentine comes home!

Alicia Amby: We haven’t seen much of her after she was eliminated in the EOE, but she managed to exact revenge upon Terry Chambers who may have played a role in her elimination!

SG1: Well, she has to go through two more opponents before getting an opportunity to win the Unified Women’s Championship.

Alicia: Which may be held by either a Matsuda or an Ava by the time she’s qualified to cash in that Openweight title.

(Andrea climbs into the ring and takes the mic as her music dies down)

Andrea Valentine: What’s happening everyone!?

(Crowd cheers)

Andrea: It feels good to be back home on Thursday Night Empire! As nice as everyone was backstage on Showdown, I feel more comfortable on the purple brand. That’s not to say that I won’t go back out there and show the world who the most dominant brand EAW is! Every day I walk out there with this title over my shoulder, I am proud. I am proud to represent Empire. There are some amazing women backstage – even if their personalities rub me the wrong way – who lay it all on the line week in and week out! I want to fight just as hard as they do! Which is why I approached Flannery McCoy about being involved with Manifest Destiny. She agreed to it and I find myself in an exhibition match with a good friend of mine: Daisy Thrash.

(Andrea cracks a grin as the crowd cheers)

Andrea: Hey, we both got eliminated so we might as well find something to do right? No title shots or unique opportunities – just two badass chicks looking for a fight. What say you Daisy? Wanna come out and play?

(Andrea crosses her arms and waits. Sonya Correa walks out with a mic and a scowl on her face)

Sonya Correa: Nah! We’re not going to play this game where blondes get to have all the fun! I’m getting really sick of the likes of you parading around, thinking you own the world! I think it’s time I made your ass humble!

Andrea: come with it then!

(Andrea gestures to Sonya to the ring)

SG1: Looks like they’re about to set things off right away!

Alicia Amby: When we come back, Andrea Valentine vs Sonya Correa!

(COMMERCIAL BREAK: Showdown Recap)

(Camera opens with Andrea Valentine and Sonya Correa already set for their match in the ring)

Alicia: Andrea has already defeated Terry Chambers, the challenger from Showdown to defend the first of her three matches with the Openweight Title. Voltage and Dynasty still remain but for now, she’s back home!

SG1: The Heart of Empire looks excited to be here! Expect a strong showing! Sonya is here looking to wash away a bumpy start to her time in EAW!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Alicia: SONYA CHARGES STRAIGHT AWAY! OH! But Andrea steps out of the way and Sonya collided with the turnbuckle! Andrea from behind! ATOMIC BLONDE! Reverse frankensteiner connects! Cover!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Cori: Here is your winner by pinfall… the EAW Openweight Champion… ANNNNDDDDDRRREEAAAAA VAAAALLLLLEEENNNTTIIIIINNEEEE!!!!!!

SG1: Well. That was fast.

Alicia: Sonya made a novice mistake and Andrea capitalized. Simple as that.

SG1: Andrea looks to be in top form of late. Her match with Daisy Thrash at Manifest Destiny should be a classic!

(Commercial for “The Kassidy Heart Story” featuring an exclusive interview with sexy waiter, Javier)

(Camera opens to show Kendra Shamez sitting at her desk backstage when there’s a knock at the door.)

Kendra Shamez: Come in.

(The Crowe’s Nest enter. Chelsea Crowe takes a seat in front of Kendra with Jael Arcana-Rosario and Raven Roberts standing at either side of her. Braxton DeVil pokes his head out from the corner. Kendra doesn’t look pleased but forces a smile.)

Kendra: Ladies… What can I do for you?

Chelsea Crowe: What can you do, indeed, Miss Assistant General Manager?

(Kendra’s eyes narrow as Chelsea and Jael begin to grin. Raven remains stoic with her arms folded.)

Jael Arcana-Rosario: We did a little… investigative digging recently.

Chelsea: I think you’d be very interested to see what we found.

(Chelsea snaps her fingers and Braxton walks up and presents her with a file folder, full of various documents.)

Jael: It really is a fascinating read.

Chelsea: Why don’t you have a look for yourself?

(Chelsea leans in to hand the folder to Kendra, but pulls it up and away from her hand just before handing it off.)

Chelsea: Just know, we’ve already made copies and stored them in secure locations. And we’re not afraid to make this public.

Kendra: What is this supposed to be? Blackmail?

Chelsea: Well…

Jael: Yeah, you catch on quick.

(Chelsea hands Kendra the folder.)

Kendra: Whatever you think you’ve found… It’s nothing that I can’t—

(Kendra stops talking as she flips through the pages and her eyes grow wide. She begins to grit her teeth as she reads.)

Jael: Nothing that you can’t… what?

Kendra: … what do you want?

(Raven finally smiles and locks eyes with Kendra)

Raven Roberts: I’m so glad you asked that…

(Camera fades as the conversation continues.)

(Commercial for Lion Queen 3: The Land of the Pride)

(Cori Simmons is standing in the center of the ring to announce the next match.)

Cori Simmons: The next match is set for one fall! Introducing first:

(“All-Star” by Smash Mouth plays as Harlow Reichert makes her way to the ring, looking disinterested.)

Alicia Amby: Harlow does not seem interested at all in her match, Daisy Thrash is a dangerous opponent, if she isn’t careful Harlow will get cut by the Razor Snowflake!

SG-1: It’s also possible this is strategy, trying to throw her opponent off…or, maybe she just doesn’t care…time will tell!

Cori Simmons: Introducing first, from Christchurch, New Zealand, weighing in at one-hundred and fifty-five pounds…Harlow Richert!

(Harlow stands in her corner studying her nails as the crowd shows moderate appreciation for her.)

Cori Simmons: Introducing her opponent:

“Raise Hell” by Dorothy plays as Daisy Thrash makes her way down the ramp, slapping the hands of several fans as she walks by.

Alicia Amby: Look at the drive and focus on Daisy’s face! Harlow is in for a fight tonight!

Cori Simmons: From Seattle Washington, weighing in at one-hundred and fifteen pounds, Daisy Thrash!

(The crowd shows appreciation for Daisy as she is shadow boxing in her corner. She raises a hand in appreciation and smiles. Cori exits the ring as the referee calls for the bell)


Alicia Amby: Here we go, this match is under way, and to start things off, it looks like Daisy is getting this crowd going, clapping to fire them up! Harlow is having none of it, though, as she shoots around Daisy and locks her hands around her waist, looks like she’s trying for a German suplex!

SG-1:Not so fast! Daisy blocks the backward momentum, and she counters! Daisy rolls her up!


Harlow was nearly caught off guard by the quick roll up attempt from Daisy Thrash! Harlow quickly regains her feet, though, and meets the standing Daisy with a stiff forearm shot! Daisy stumbles back to the ropes, but Harlow presses on!

Alicia Amby: Harlow drives another forearm into the temple of Daisy before whipping her to the far ropes. She turns to face Daisy, but LOOK OUT! DAISY FLOORS HARLOW WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Harlow hits the mat hard as Daisy pumps her fist, drawing from the crowd to pull in their momentum. The crowd is firmly behind Daisy at this point as Harlow regains her feet.

SG-1: Daisy and Harlow lock up in the center of the ring…Daisy drives a knee into Harlow’s midsection, then as her opponent stumbles back, Daisy grabs her arm…short arm clothesline! Daisy isn’t done yet though, she pulls Harlow back to her feet and looks to floor her again with another clothesline….NO! HARLOW DUCKS THE CLOTHESLINE AND COUNTERS WITH A SAITO SUPLEX! Daisy got dropped directly on her head! Not wasting any time pandering to the crowd, Harlow delivers a brutal double stomp to the solar plexus of Daisy! The Razorblade Snowflake ir rolling around on the mat in pain as Harlow bounces off the ropes and…DROPKICK, RIGHT INTO THE TEMPLE OF DAISY THRASH!

Alicia Amby: Honestly in what is likely more reflex than strategy, Daisy rolls out of the ring to collect her bearings. Harlow is hot on her heels, though, and blisters Daisy’s chest with a knife edge chop before rolling her back into the ring. Smart move from Harlow, Daisy is equally at home brawling anywhere, but Harlow can only win in the ring. Daisy stumbles to the far corner, and Harlow, sensing the opportunity, dashes across the ring to deliver a cannonball senton…NO DAISY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! HARLOW GOES CRASHING INTO THE CORNER!

SG-1: Daisy looks to take command of the match, and starts delivering stomps to the upside down Harlow’s midsection! The crowd starts going crazy for Daisy as she is getting fired up! She pulls Harlow to her feet and, while holding her wrist, floors her with a short arm clothesline, then drags her back to her feet and floors her yet again! DAISY PULLS HARLOW TO HER FEET A SECOND TIME AND PULLS HER IN FOR A SPINEBUSTER! HARLOW IS FLOORED!

Alicia Amby: Seeing Harlow still struggling to her feet, Daisy hits the ropes…SHINING WITCH! Harlow looks to be knocked silly from that running knee strike! Daisy goes for the pin!




NO, HARLOW KICKS OUT RIGHT AT THREE! Daisy looks at the referee in disbelief, she thought that was it! She needs to focus on Harlow, though, Miss No Fucks Given is still trying to struggle to her feet as Daisy manages to compose herself and looks to be setting Harlow up…EAT THE RICH! Spinning Wheel Kick to Harlow! Daisy doesn’t look like she’s done though, she’s climbing the turnbuckle, she needs to be careful up there!

SG-1:Daisy takes a brief look over her shoulder to make sure Harlow is still in position…ROXYSAULT! Daisy hits the moonsault from the top rope! That’s gotta be it! She hooks the far leg of Harlow as the referee gets into position…




(The bell rings as Daisy is declared the winner! The official raises Daisy’s arm as “Raise Hell” begins to play and the crowd starts chanting for Daisy. As her opponent makes her way up the ramp, Harlow rolls out to the ring apron and is sitting, dejectedly, looking down at the mat. She brushes the referee off as they try to check on her, and slowly makes her way up the ramp, head hung low in defeat.)

(Empire General Manager Flannery McCoy is sitting at her desk, when The Pride – Remi Skyfire, Revy, and Layla Lockhart walk inside before knocking.)

Flannery McCoy: (looks up) You guys sure don’t like to knock, do you?

Layla Lockhart: Sorry boss, but we have an emergency!

Remi Skyfire: Well rather an idea than an emergency. Layla’s being a little overdramatic.

Revy: (thinks) I knew I shouldn’t have talked her into drinking out of that clear bottle…

Flannery: Well what can I help you with?

Remi: After much deliberation, we, The Pride has decided that we’re not going to fight each other this week. Instead, we came to a consensus on who will face the Jaded Hearts at Manifest Destiny.

(Revy steps up)

Revy: I and Twilight Sparkle over here want to take on the Hearts so Remi can focus on her title match!

Layla: We all came to an agreement on it. It’s better to conserve our energy for a real fight than bumping heads with each other!

Flannery: (nods a few times) If you’re all okay with that, then I guess I can allow it. Fine – Revy and Layla Lockhart of The Pride vs Sienna Jade and Kassidy Heart of the Jaded Hearts!

(The Pride celebrate with glee)

Remi: Yes! Thanks boss! Now we have a chance to walk away with the Specialist and Empire tag titles!

(The Pride walk out the office, satisfied with the deal they just made. Flannery laughs and goes back to her paperwork.)

Cori: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Furious 2” by Niklas Gustavsson plays as Clara Lovelace makes her entrance, waving to the fans as she goes)

Cori: Introducing first, making her way to the ring from Roswell, New Mexico, weighing in at 120 pounds… The Pixel Princess… CLAAAARRRRAAAAA LLOOOOOOOVVEEEEELLLLAACCCEEEE!!!!!!

Alicia: Here comes the young rookie who made quite an impression in her debut last week, picking up a great win against Harlow Reichert!

SG1: I’m not sure what anyone else expected when we learned Clara won her contract as part of a reality show, but I have to say, she’s already exceeded my expectations. Let’s see what she’s got for us tonight.

(“HaHaHa” by Death Grips hits as Toni Gunn makes her entrance, taking one last swing of Yorkshire lager and tossing the bottle back behind the curtain before walking down the ramp)

Cori: And her opponent, making her way to the ring from York, North Yorkshire, England, weighing in at 134 pounds… The Rat Daddy… TOOOONNNIIIII GGGUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

Alicia: And here comes the Rat Daddy. What do you expect out of Toni tonight, SG1?

SG1: Well I actually spoke to Toni earlier and she doesn’t appreciate someone being handed a contract the same way that Clara was. She wants to prove that this isn’t as easy as it looks. And we are set to go!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Alicia: Do you think Toni is underestimating Clara tonight? Clara was training for the wrestling ring well before she won this contest.

SG1: Well I suppose we will see as now the two have tied up center of the ring! Toni quickly transitions to a side head lock and wrenches tight on Clara’s head! OH! Toni just used the side headlock and just ran forward for a big bulldog! Clara planted right on her face! Now Toni is on Clara’s back, grabs her arms… ooh! Tight surfboard stretch applied as she continues to work Clara down! Toni said she wanted to show how brutal being in that ring can be and she is doing so thus far! She cranks back on the surfboard stretch!

Toni (off mic): Smile for the camera, superstar!

Alicia: And finally she releases! Clara falls back down to the mat with a thud! Toni is back up and Clara is getting her arms underneath her, trying to get to her feet. But now Toni has Clara by the head! Pulls her up! Toni has dominated so far! She throws Clara into the ropes! Scoops her! Spins! THE RAT TRAP CONNECTS! The spinning back breaker hits and now the stretch submission applied! She’s twisting Clara backwards over her knee!

Toni (off mic): It’s your big moment, Sunshine!

Alicia: Toni raises her hand! OH! 12 TO 6 ELBOW DIRECTLY TO THE HEART OF CLARA LOVELACE! Clara is coughing on the mat now, having trouble breathing! This match has been one hundred percent Toni Gunn and the Rat Daddy is loving it almost as much as she loves McNuggets! Now Toni grabs Clara and pulls her up to kneel in front of her! Puts Clara’s head in position! Clara is swinging her arms and pounding Toni’s legs, trying to find something! But Toni just smiles it off! And she grabs the waist! Looking for the Jägerbomb! Lifts Clara into position! Starts the rotation!

SG1: Clara with the hurricanrana! She still has life! Toni looks stunned but angry! She stands and lunges for Clara— BUT CLARA JUST TACKLED TONI HEAD ON! SHE DRIVES THE RAT DADDY TO THE GROUND AND THE PIXEL PRINCESS IS RAININ DOWN SHOTS LIKE A PIXEL POWERHOUSE! I guess she got tired of being beaten on! Now she’s made her opening and is finally out of the gate in this match! Clara stands and hits the ropes! Toni is dazed on the ground! But now a big running knee drop into the ribs of Toni! Now Clara backs off, looks to be getting set for something! Toni gets up to her feet, a bit wobbly. Kick to the guy from Clara! MEMEGENERATOR! The X-Factor just planted Toni face-first! Cover!



Not enough as Toni kicks out! But now the Rat Daddy rolls to the side and out of the ring! She wants to regroup after Clara took her by surprise!

Alicia: Well she better not take her opponent for granted as Clara just hit the ropes! SUICIDE DIVE! But Toni rolled out of the way and Clara crashes hard into the barricade! Toni looks at the referee and looks down at Clara, Toni now slides back in the ring and tells the ref to start counting!


Clara still hasn’t moved on the outside!


Toni leans back against the far side ropes and waits for victory to come to her!


Clara has stirred and has one of her arms underneath her, trying to rise!


Clara is nearly up to her knees!


She’s crawling towards the ring!


She’s grabbing the apron and pulling herself up!


Clara is up to her feet!


Clara gets herself up on the ring apron!


Baseball slide by Toni Gunn sends Clara crashing back to the ground and she can’t break the count! Toni stayed in the ring! The ref has no choice!


(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Cori: Here is your winner by count out… TONNNNIIIIII GUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

(“Hahaha” by Death Grips hits as Toni has her hand raised in victory. Clara is seen motionless on the outside)

SG1: I have to admit, an inventive win tonight by Toni Gunn.

Alicia: You don’t think it was cheap to force the count out like that?

SG1: Her opponent couldn’t answer the ten count. No matter how I feel, that ends the match.

(Commercial for erectile dysfunction featuring Impact and Mr. DEDEDE)

(The camera opens to Empire General Managers Flannery McCoy and Kendra Shamez in the ring with EAW Unified Women’s Champion Stephanie Matsuda and Cameron Ella Ava standing at their respective podiums)

Flannery McCoy: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Unified Women’s Championship Press Conference for Manifest Destiny! We are here with the champion herself, Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda and the challenger, Cameron Ella Ava! Thank you for joining us ladies!

Cameron Ella Ava: It’s a pleasure to be here.

Stephanie Matsuda: Likewise.

Flannery: Before you, both sign the contract, is there anything either of you would like to say to each other?

Stephanie Matsuda: I’d like to say something – or rather I’d like to ask Cam a question.

Cameron: Go ahead.

Stephanie: Why now? Huh? After every opportunity you had to make your triumphant return, why now?

(Cam thinks for a moment before she responds)

Cameron: I like to think that given your success Stephanie, you don’t have what it takes to bring Empire to the next level. While I admire your conviction, you weren’t there at the beginning like me. Yes, you came in as a Vixen, but upon your arrival, they unveiled the Specialist Championship. When I was in the women’s division, we only had one title. We didn’t have a brand – we had to fight for television time with our male counterparts. Somehow, I fought my way out of the rat race and found myself competing against men. I wasn’t just competing Steph – I was winning. I was showing the world that women deserved to be on FPVs, fighting for titles held by the likes of Devan Dubian, Impact, and Mr. DEDEDE. I defeated Scott Diamond with my own hands! I need you to know and understand why I’m back…

(Cameron turns to Cloud)

Cameron: I think you’re one of the most wrestlers I’ve ever seen. I watched you grow from a ‘tryhard’ to a bonafide war queen. While I respect what you’ve done for Empire and women’s wrestling as a whole…you’re no goddess. It’s going to take someone who transcends people’s expectations. It’s going to take a Hall of Famer, a grand slam champion to take things to the next level. Yes, it was Kendra Shamez who reached out to me. We both had a long conversation about Empire and its direction. We spoke heavily about you Stephanie, and despite our admiration for your strength, we both don’t believe that you’re the one to make Empire the top brand in EAW. Did you save it from obscurity? Yes, and we thank you. But next week, in Brooklyn, I will take the weight of the world off your shoulders. Mine is stronger than yours to bear this arduous task. Don’t worry though – you already have a hall of fame worthy career. You’ll get to ascend to the heavens and achieve goathood and all that jazz.

(Cameron walks over to the table and signs the contract)

Cameron: But, I got it from here “sweets.”

(Stephanie nods a few times, taking in Cameron’s words. She walks over to the table and signs the contract as well. She takes a mic from Flannery and smiles at Cam and Kendra.)

Stephanie: Thank you – both of you. Thank you for confirming my suspicions. Kendra? Be prepared to watch another one of your monsters of the week get her ass handed to her. And yes Cam – that’s what you devalued yourself too. More on that during our war of words.

(Stephanie puts down the pin)

Stephanie: I don’t talk s–t for free anymore.

(Matsuda puts her title over her shoulder and exit the ring. Cameron and Kendra look on – both visibly upset by what Cloud has said.)

SG1: It looks like Matsuda is beginning to understand her worth.

Alicia Amby: Cloud knows this is a fight of the century situation. She understands that Kendra Shamez still wants to take that title off of her. And, she believes that she must do what she needs to do to overcome this hurdle. This may be the biggest fight of her life.

SG1: Indeed. When we come back, tonight’s main event! Tyler Wolfe vs Sienna Jade for the number one contendership to the Specialist Championship!

(COMMERCIAL BREAK: Manifest Destiny ad)

Cori Simmons is standing in the center of the ring preparing to announce the main event of the evening.

Cori Simmons: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is our main event of the evening and will determine the number one contender of for the Specialist Championship at Manifest Destiny. Introducing first…

“I Smell A Massacre” by The Butcher Babies begins playing as Tyler Wolfe wals down the ramp and enters the ring.

SG-1: Tyler impressed everyone with her deep run in the Empress of the Elite tournament. She faced a very game Astraea and lost a hard fought match, that brought her to the main event tonight and an opportunity for the Specialist Championship!

Cori Simmons: Introducing from Sydney, Australia, weighing at one hundred and fifty-three pounds…Tyler Wolfe! Now her opponent…

The lights begin to flash as ‘F.U.U’ by Dream Wife begins to blast all throughout the arena. A few moments pass as Sienna Jade emerges with her EAW Empire Tag Team championship in her hand. She poses and raises her title high as the camera focuses on the glistening gold. Sienna then turns around and shows off her leather jacket with the letters, “F.U.U” attached. She turns and takes the championship and throws it on her shoulder as she begins to strut down the ramp. Sienna slides under the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle as she raises her title above her head with her two hands.

Cori Simmons: From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but now residing in San Diego California, she is one half of the Empire Tag Team Champions, Sienna Jade!

Alicia Amby: Sienna is soaking in the boos of the crowd as Cori exits the ring and the referee is checking over her fellow member of Jaded Wolfe Hearts…LOOK OUT! SIENNA BLINDSIDED TYLER WITH THE TAG TITLE! The bell has not yet rang, so it won’t get her disqualified, but that is a cheap shot from Sienna Jade!

SG-1: It’s a smart move, Alicia! Tyler has proven herself a dangerous competitor the last few weeks, and Sienna last week was on the losing end of an absolute war with Kassidy Heart! SIenna is a former World Champion, she knows that a dangerous competitor needs to be dealt with, ally or no!

(Tyler is flattened on the mat as the referee is pushing Sienna back to her corner and admonishing her. The official takes the title away and hands it to the time keeper before calling for the bell DING! DING! DING!)





NO! TYLER’S SHOULDER GETS OFF THE MAT JUST BEFORE THE REFEREE COUNTS THREE! Sienna screams in frustration at the official, believing the count was slow! She mounts Tyler and starts raining down fists onto Tyler’s face and head. The Australian is yet to fully recover from the shot with the title from the beginning of the match…GOOD GOD, TYLER IS BUSTED OPEN! Between the hit from the title belt and the closed fist punches from Sienna, Tyler’s face is covered in a sheet of blood!

SG-1: The blood seems to have jarred Tyler awake! She grabs the Tag Champion’s hair and delivers a headbutt right into the forehead! Tyler’s blood is splattered all over Sienna’s face, giving the appearance that Sienna is also busted open! Having left her opponent stunned, Tyler slides from under Sienna’s mount, quickly bounces off the ropes, and delivers a bulldog, driving Sienna’s face into the mat!

Alicia Amby: Tyler still seems a little shaky from the previous assault, but she’s not letting that stop her as she grabs Sienna around the waist and…DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX! She powered Sienna from the mat to deliver a very impressive maneuver! Sienna is pushing herself up, but is met with a clubbing forearm from Tyler, followed quickly by another! Despite the original onslaught, Wolfe seems to be in firm control of the match! She pulls Sienna to her feet by her hair and shoves her back-first into the corner.

SG-1: Looks like Tyler is going for a Meteora…NO! SIENNA MOVES JUST IN TIME, Tyler crashes knees first into the turnbuckle and crumples to the mat. Sienna drapes Tyler over the middle rope and steps over to the ring apron…running knee lift! Tyler gets knocked limply back into the ring as Sienna, sensing an opportunity, quickly climbs the turnbuckle…STARSTRUCK! Sienna drives the wind from Tyler with her signature moonsault as she hooks the leg for the pin!



The Referee sees that Sienna has her feet on the ropes! She had Tyler beat there, but just had to try for the unfair advantage!

Alicia Amby: Sienna is furious with the official, there is a throbbing vein in her forehead! As she is arguing with the referee, Tyler pulls herself to her feet with the help of the ropes. Sienna has the referee backed into the corner…WATCH OUT! The referee jumps out of the way as Tyler smashes Sienna from behind with a running forearm, driving Sienna to her knees, and face into the middle turnbuckle. Tyler takes a few quick steps back…she hits a meteora! Both Tyler Wolfe’s knees were driven into the back of Sienna’s head, and the Unfuckwithable slumps to the mat! Tyler pulls her out opponent from the corner and goes for a quick cover!




Sienna kicks out at two. Tyler has done damage, but Sienna is still in this match!

SG-1: SOmething that has to be heavy on Tyler’s mind is that blood she’s lost! The longer this match goes the lighter headed she’s going to be! It doesn’t seem to be giving her too much trouble at this point though…

Alicia Amby: She’s running off adrenaline!

SG-1: That’s a good possibility! Looks like Tyler is draping Sienna’s legs over the middle rope…WOLFE’S BANE! Tyler planted Sienna with that rope assisted spike DDT! Sienna is lifeless in the ring! Tyler signals for the finish! She pulls Sienna up to piledriver position, could be looking for the Bingo Hall Massacre here! NO! Sienna manages to just back flip Tyler out of it before collapsing to the mat! Both women lay on the mat, neither moving much at all, as the referee begins the count!



Sienna starts to pull herself up…



Sienna Jade is on her feet and goes to pick up Tyler by the hair…TYlER SWEEPS HER LEGS!


SG-1: Huge feather in the cap for Tyler Wolfe as she gains a submission victory over the former Revolt Openweight champion!

Cori Simmons: Here is your winner by submission, and number one contender for the Specialist Title…Tyler Wolfe!

“I Smell A Massacre: begins to play as both women lay exhausted in the ring. The music turns off suddenly-

Female Voice: Nice work, Tyler. Really, what a stellar performance!

(Raven Roberts walks out with a microphone. Tyler Wolfe sits up in confusion)

Raven: It’s good to know that you’ll be involved in my match against Remi Skyfire at Manifest Destiny!

(Tyler stands up, furious)

Tyler Wolfe: (off mic) WHAT!?

Raven: Oop. Didn’t Kendra mention it? My bad #Spoileralert. Yes, our ever so wise assistant general manager decided to give me a second chance – at the EAW Specialist Championship. See you in Brooklyn, Wolfey.

(Raven walks backstage, laughing to herself)

SG1: Tyler Wolfe is FURIOUS! She worked her butt off to make lemonade out of lemons and here is Raven finding a way to ruin that for her!

Alicia Amby: I wonder how Remi must feel right now…

SG1: When we come back – a look at the updated card of Manifest Destiny!

(FINAL COMMERCIAL BREAK: EAW Territorial Invasion ad)

SG1: Welcome back to Thursday Night Empire! As the Empress of Elite finalists, Astraea Jordan and Kassidy Heart make their way to the ring we wish to preview the match card for Manifest Destiny!

(“Crown” by Camila Cabello & Grey plays as the Manifest Destiny logo is shown)

(MATCH CARD: Jaded Hearts vs The Pride – EAW Empire Tag Team Championship)

SG1: As we found out earlier, Revy and Layla Lockhart decided to represent The Pride and challenge the Jaded Hearts for their tag titles! The Hearts claim this will be a #JadedSummer, well this will be their first test!

(MATCH CARD: Andrea Valentine vs Daisy Thrash)

Alicia Amby: As we found out earlier, Andrea Valentine has challenged Daisy Thrash to an exhibition match! Not wanting to be left out of Empire’s second FPV, Andrea is intent on keeping her senses sharp for the next contender to her Openweight Championship! But, with a recent victory, I doubt Daisy Thrash will make this fight easy for Ms. Valentine.

(MATCH CARD: Clara Lovelace vs Constance Blevins vs Harlow Reichert vs Sazae Hangaku vs Toni Gunn vs Clarissa – Six-Pack Challenge )

SG1: After some minor adjustments, these six newcomers will fight in six-pack challenge for Empire’s first ever Young Lioness Cup! This cup can be cashed in at any time for a shot at the Specialist Championship! A great fast track for any of these six women!

(MATCH CARD: Remi Skyfire vs Tyler Wolfe vs Raven Roberts – Triple Threat Match for the EAW Specialist Championship)

Alicia: Somehow Raven Roberts has inserted herself in a match rightfully earned by Tyler Wolfe!

SG1: It seems the Crowe’s Nest managed to sink their talons into Kendra Shamez. It remains to be seen just how far deep, but both Wolfe and Skyfire will need to be on the lookout for Chelsea Crowe and Jael Arcana-Rosario in this match!

(MATCH CARD: Stephanie Matsuda vs Cameron Ella Ava – Unified Women’s Championship)

SG1: War Queen vs Goddess. This is a bonafide dream match! Stephanie Matsuda meets her toughest challenger yet in the legendary Cameron Ella Ava! The Goddess herself feels Matsuda isn’t ready to lead Empire into the next generation! Matsuda feels otherwise – something I’m sure she will back up in the ring!

(MATCH CARD: Astraea Jordan vs Kassidy Heart – Empress of Elite Finals)

Alicia: The headlining match for Manifest Destiny! 16 women entered this year’s tournament, and now we are left with 2 left standing! Who will become this year’s Empress of Elite? The Chiraq Savage or the Queen of Hearts?

(The camera switches to Flannery McCoy and Kendra Shamez standing in the ring with EAW Unified Tag Team Champion Astraea Jordan and EAW Empire Tag Team Champion Kassidy Heart.)

Flannery McCoy: Welcome back to Thursday Night Empire! Before we close the show, we’d like to do a contract signing of the Empress of Elite match. Next to me are the challengers – Astraea Jordan and Kassidy Heart. They overcame 14 other women in what critics are hailing as the greatest Empress of Elite tournament to date. They will meet one on one is the squared circle in Brooklyn, NY! The winner of that match will go on to face the EAW Unified Women’s Champion at Road to Redemption! So…who would like to go first?

(Kassidy Heart raises her hand)

Kassidy Heart: As much as I want to roll my eyes and talk trash about curb stomping Astraea Jordan, I can’t. The reason being is because I see what she can do in the ring. In fact, the final four of this tournament are the greatest wrestlers in the world – male or female. I have to admit – I hated the idea of fighting in a ‘girl’s only’ brand. I always thought it would limit my in-ring ability, but lo and behold I was proven wrong. I mean…I’m still better than half of those c–ts in the locker room, but they know how to put up a fight. Then you have the likes of me, AJ, Sienna, and Tyler leading the pack. Whoever wins this crown will have the luxury of sending Loud C–tsuda back to wherever trash heap she came out of. Kendra was right – it’s time for the Girls of Summer to take a hike! Because from where I’m standing, it’s been a #JadedSummer so far!

(Kassidy turns to Astraea)

Kassidy: As much as I respect your in-ring ability, I can’t let you win. I worked too damn hard to get this far in the industry. I had everyone doubted me at every turn! No more…no more will I let the world weigh down on me! I don’t give a damn if people like me or respect me – I don’t need to prove anything to anyone but myself and my best friend Sienna Jade! And guess what? I even surpassed her! And that’s no shade – it’s something that she herself acknowledges! The difference between you and I Astraea is you want this…but I NEED it. And when I need something…

(Kassidy walks over to the contract and signs it. She looks up at Astraea)

Kassidy: I get it.

(Astraea lifts up her shades and rolls her eyes.)

Astraea Jordan: That’s cute, really adorable and s–t. Listen, I’m going to say this once and I mean no disrespect: but I’m don’t give a f–k. I don’t give a f–k about how hard you hard to struggle, I don’t give a f–k about your gay-for-the-stay relationship with Sienna Jade, I don’t give a f–k about those Sims ass cats who hang around backstage, none of that. Do you want to talk about working hard? I was screwed out of a victory last year. I had to sit back and watch Maddie vs Alexis when it should have been me vs Maddie in the finals. I should have walked out of there the Empress of Elite, but nobody wanted to see that happen – just like nobody wanted to see me beat Aria Jaxon. But guess what? I did and in the words of our former esteemed champion “they can die mad about it.” You wanna know why? Because I’m sick and tired of waiting on the ‘next opportunity.’ I’m sick to death of hearing ‘you’ll do better next time’ and ‘you’ve improved!’ You know what? F–K THAT! And f–k you for even thinking you can compare your struggle to mine! My knee kept me out of commision for months and that thot Maddie almost cost me my career again! And if I let Matsuda continue to work my leg, the same thing would’ve happened! I have one glaring weakness that everyone wants to attack and you know what? Come at me. I’m still here, still standing! I have tag gold around my waist and I’m going to keep collecting titles until I decide it’s time to hang up my boots for good. Society said I wouldn’t amount to anything and I proved them wrong! Just like I’m going to prove you wrong Kassidy. You want to come at me?

(Astraea signs the contract and looks Kassidy dead in her eyes.)

Astraea: Pop. Awf.

(The camera slowly zooms in on both women glaring at each other face-to-face. Kendra and Flannery look on nervously as the camera slowly fades out.)

(EAW logo buzzes)

Written by Fight Grid

Voltage 8/5/2018

Dynasty 8/11/2018