Elitist of the Month (September 2019)

Effective immediately Fight Grid will be introducing a monthly new award system, Elitist of the Month. This is an award that will be handed out to whomever we feel has had the best past month based on a combination of things such as impact in shows, success, promo performance, and all around consistency in the respective month. We have gone back and evaluated each month starting from the month of January 2019 and will be handing out retrospective awards based on who we feel each had the best month.

For the month of September, we have selected Andrea Valentine. Andrea is the first repeat Elitist of the Month, having gotten the award back in May for capturing her second Specialists Championship. Andrea continues to be one of the most consistent and loved Elitists, and continued her own personal journey towards professional wrestling immortality by entering into War Games and helping Voltage pick up a huge victory. Andrea pinned the former Answers World Champion, Darkane, and that impressive win came a week after defending her Specialists Championship on Dynasty. There’s no doubt that the sky’s the limit for Andrea Valentine as she’s well on her way to setting the record for longest reigning Specialists Champion.

 BREAKING: “Battle Of Egypt” three event deal cancelled, EAW forfeits $300 million!

Most Valuable Elitist #197