Elitist Of The Month: October Edition!

For the month of October, our Elitist of the Month is someone who won her very first Championship in EAW. After making it past both Lisa Wren and Kensingten Calhoun-Astor in the Specialists Championship tournament, Kasey Kaos would have to face off against Veena Adams for the vacant Championship at the Voltage event Wicked Games. Kasey Kaos is extremely talented and has always had a bright future while in EAW, but at Wicked Games she finally has accomplished something she’s set out to but failed to do in the past, and that’s capture the Specialists Championship. Your first Championship win is always a special feeling, and knowing how someone like Kasey Kaos is it’ll be extremely exciting to see where this reign takes Kasey. There were plenty of potential candidates for this Elitist of the Month, but seeing what it took for Kasey to even make it to the finals of the tournament and seeing what’s come out of all her hard work it was only right that she’s given this award. If anyone deserves it this month it has to be her. Congratulations to Kasey Kaos after such a fantastic showing all throughout the tournament which started only right after Territorial Invasion ended, and congratulations on winning the Specialists Championship!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 11/8/20

Dynasty 11/13/20