Elitist of the Month (November 2019)

For Elitist of the Month for November, we have selected TLA. At House of Glass in what is certainly a MoTY candidate, TLA achieved his dream of becoming a world champion after defeating The Quintessential Champion, Impact, in a Glass Wallz match. The match was EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a match. It had drama. It had intrigue. It had outside interference. The odds were stacked against La Pantera Sexual due to the fact Impact had used his Gawd Contract to get his girlfriend, Sienna Jade, into the match as the special guest referee. In front of his home country and a ton of family, friends, and poons, TLA overcame all of that and defeated the Hall of Famer to capture his first ever World Heavyweight Championship. TLA’s path to defending his title won’t be easy, as he faces perhaps the stiffest and most stacked chamber come Road to Redemption. But regardless of what happens, and we are rooting for TLA! The popular Elitist achieved a feat that not many people do, and he beat one of the best ever to do it. Congratulations to TLA, the reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion, and the November 2019 Elitist of the Month!


Voltage 12/1/19

Dynasty 12/6/19