Elitist of The Month – May Edition!

In the final month before Pain for Pride we saw two big free-per-view events in Grand Rampage and Battle of Egypt II! In an extremely eventful month with quite possibly the biggest match of the year, Elitist of the Month for May goes to the winner of the 2021 Grand Rampage match, New Eden’s Drake King! Throughout May New Eden has made it their goal to steal the Grand Rampage match from everyone, and in the end they accomplished that goal as Drake managed to win the entire match from the number one spot! This was a huge accomplishment even if the group claims to not care about accolades and what comes with a Grand Rampage victory, but that wouldn’t be all that Drake accomplishes in that month, as at Battle of Egypt Drake would face one of his biggest rivals ever in the Visual Prophet. One year ago at Pain for Pride the Visual Prophet managed to end Drake’s World Heavyweight Championship reign in “Prophetic Visions”, and at Battle of Egypt almost an entire year later Drake managed to get his revenge. This was a big month for the man now scheduled to face Malcolm Jones for the EAW Championship at Pain for Pride, so congratulations to Drake King for what he’s accomplished this past month!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 6/6/21

Dynasty 6/11/21