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Elitist Of The Month: March Edition!

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. We are back with another edition of ‘Elitist of the Month’! The month of March was full of surprises, and several Elitists managed to shine and pick up major championships. However, there was one man who not only defended the championship he already had successfully, but he also picked up another title making him a Triple Crown Champion. This month we are recognizing Drake King for his incredible month of March. At the Showdown exclusive event, Under Siege, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion teamed with The Visual Prophet to dethrone the dominant Unified Tag Team Champions, Heavenly Hell. When Drizzy & Vizzy hoisted the tag team titles in the air, the man who was once a walking punchline here in EAW became one of the quickest athletes ever to reach the elusive Triple Crown club. The following week, Drake would headline the Dynasty exclusive free-per-view, Reckless Wiring, and successfully defend his world championship in a Dome of Death Match. The sky’s the limit for Drake King, and he will probably find some way to surprise that as well and reach even greater heights. Congratulations to ‘The Paragon.’ We are not worthy!

Written by John Helms

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Dynasty 4/3/2020