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Elitist of The Month – March Edition!

The Elitist of the Month for the month of March is the first ever women’s King of Elite winner, Kassidy Heart! Not long after King of Elite, King Kass would use her opportunity against the Answers World Champion Jack Ripley for a shot at his Championship, which would take place at the Under Siege free-per-view later on in the month. This would soon become a steel cage match, and at Under Siege only one month after King of Elite Kassidy would successfully dethrone Jack Ripley to become the new Answers World Champion! This is a huge achievement for Kassidy, who has made it known that she wanted that World Championship for quite some time now. In February Kassidy became the first woman to win the King of Elite tournament after defeating Xander Payne and TLA, and now in March she’s become the second woman to ever hold the Answers World Championship, joining Cameron Ella Ava, as well as one of the only women to hold any of the three men’s World Championships. This without a doubt makes Kassidy deserving of the back to back Elitist of the Month’s, as her past two months were something that will definitely go down in history. Congratulations to the new Answers World Champion! 

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #266

Dynasty 4/9/21