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Elitist Of The Month: June Edition!

This June’s ‘Elitist of the Month’ may have been one of the most difficult decisions we’ve had to make. After a historic Pain for Pride there’s a countless number of Elitists that could’ve been picked. With that being said, our Elitist of the Month for the month of June is none other than Jamie O’Hara! Back at Grand Rampage, Mr. DEDEDE put Cameron Ella Ava out of commission to win the Answers World Championship, and if that wasn’t enough for Jamie to have to deal with on his road to Pain for Pride, it turned out that Cameron Ella Ava was actually pregnant as well. Since then, Jamie went on to become the number one contender for Mr. DEDEDE’s Championship at Odyssey by overcoming the dangerous No Way Out match, finally setting the stage for one of the biggest Pain for Pride matches in history. Pain for Pride saw many different Champions being crowned, but the main event of the entire show saw Jamie O’Hara finally dethrone Mr. DEDEDE to become the new Answers World Champion! The long, multi-year long feud between O’Hara and Mr. DEDEDE is finally over, and there is nobody more fitting as this month’s Elitist of the Month than the new Answers World Champion. Congratulations Jamie!

Written by John Helms

Showdown 7/11/20

Most Valuable Elitist #231