Elitist of The Month – July Edition!

July marked the beginning of season sixteen, a season very different from what we’ve seen in the past! During this month we also saw the first free-per-view of the season in Midsummer Massacre, and during this event there were three World Championship matches! One of those three matches were won by July’s Elitist of the Month, Minerva! Minerva had a great month after winning the EAW World Championship back at Pain for Pride in a Barbed Wire Massacre triple threat. She had her first match of the season and her first match of this month defeating former the Answers World Champion TLA leading up to Midsummer Massacre, and at the first free-per-view event of the season she’d defend her title against Ronan Malosi! In the end Minerva was able to have a successful first title defense, allowing her to move forward with her title reign! Minerva fought really hard for the EAW World Championship, and Minerva’s work throughout this season so far has already proven that she has what it takes to be an amazing Champion. Her season and her title reign are both off to a great start, and at this rate it could be a very long time before someone manages to take that Championship away. Congratulations to Minerva for the successful Championship defense!

Written by John Helms

Dynasty 8/5/22

Showdown 8/6/22