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Elitist of The Month – February Edition!

During the month of January we saw the King of Elite tournament, featuring many of EAW’s best. In the end only three Elitists were able to advance to the finals, and in the month of February we saw one person win the entire tournament, becoming the first ever woman to do so. That woman is Kassidy Heart, February’s Elitist of the Month! This is a huge moment for many reasons. This tournament may have been one of the most competitive King of Elite tournaments in history, as it featured many of the best Elitists in the entire company. Even making it to the finals was a big deal, but in the end Kassidy Heart also made history both making it to the finals and winning the entire tournament. She became the first woman to ever win the King of Elite tournament, and being the first isn’t something that can happen again. The former Universal Women’s Champion now has an opportunity to fight for any World Championship of her choosing, and the chances of her winning are extremely high. These past few years we’ve seen Kassidy Heart accomplish incredible things, but this was a moment and a win for the history books. Congratulations to our 2021 King of Elite winner, Kassidy Heart!

Written by John Helms


Dynasty 3/5/20