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Elitist Of The Month: December Edition!

Elitist of the Month for December is the man who won his first World Championship at Road to Redemption, Jack Ripley! After an injury took him out of the Interwire Championship match at Reasonable Doubt, Jack Ripley would be given a greater opportunity as he was able to take part in the Answers World Championship Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption, featuring Bronson Daniels, Lucas Johnson, Jon Kelton, Andrea Valentine, and the Champion Jamie O’Hara. This was a huge match for Jack, as he finally had the opportunity to win the one thing he was missing throughout his career, a World Championship. This match turned out to be one extremely competitive Chamber, with huge surprises such as Harlow Reichert costing Andrea and even Bronson Daniels’ weapon of choice, but in the end it came down to Jamie O’Hara and Jack Ripley as the final two. In almost a rematch from Midsummer Massacre, Jack Ripley managed to defeat Jamie O’Hara and become the new Answers World Champion. This was a huge moment for Jack Ripley, and after that Answers World Championship victory there’s no doubt that Jack was December’s Elitist of the Month. Congratulations to Jack Ripley, and here’s to a successful Championship reign!

Written by John Helms

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