Elitist of the Month (December 2019)

Is there really anyone else who could possibly be the Elitist of the Month for December besides this woman? At Road to Redemption, Cameron Ella Ava’s destiny to become Answers World Champion came to fruition as she overcame the odds inside an Extreme Elimination Chamber to capture the world championship. For the last few years, Cameron has fought her heart out to win a male world championship and finally everything came together inside that chamber. When the match came down to Cameron and her other half, Jamie O’Hara, the fans held their breath as husband and wife went toe-to-toe with one another. The emotional and at times, rather heart-wrenching battle, came down to Jamie’s hesitation and Cameron’s ability to separate business from personal, and end the match with Jamie’s own finisher, Stardust Breaker! Jamie would wrap the belt around his wife’s waist and kiss her, ending Road to Redemption on the sweetest of notes. We can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for Cameron as she finally gets a chance to reign at the top of EAW as the Answers World Champion. Congratulations!

Dynasty 1/3/20

Voltage 1/5/20