Elitist Of The Month: August Edition!

In August we went through our first three free-per-view shows of the season, so it was a bit difficult choosing our Elitist of the Month. However, there was one Elitist that stood out, and after what she’s achieved this month she definitely deserves this. At the beginning of the season Serena Bennett made it clear she wanted the Universal Women’s Championship, and at Bloodsport she had the opportunity to win it. In a feud that quickly became personal after Serena’s late cousin was brought into it and Minerva interrupting her match with Andrea Valentine back at Operation: Doomsday, Serena Bennett would be the one to end Minerva’s Championship reign. This would not only make Serena once again the Universal Women’s Champion, but she’d make history as the first person to win that title twice after winning the title for the first time back at Pain for Pride 12 one year ago, becoming the first to hold the Championship. After having to go through an unbelievable “Three Stages of Hardcore Hell” match just a week after her amazing match with Andrea Valentine to win the title and put that feud with Minerva to an end, Serena Bennett absolutely deserves to be August’s Elitist of the Month. Congratulations to Serena Bennett, and here’s to an amazing Universal Women’s Championship reign!

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #238

Dynasty 9/4/20