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Elitist of The Month – April Edition

At the very beginning of April, Dynasty hosted their final brand-exclusive free-per-view of the season in Reckless Wiring. During the build-up to this event, Xander Payne made it clear that he wasn’t finished with his chase for the World Heavyweight Championship even after coming up short in the Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption and the King of Elite finals. Xander wanted to win his first World Title, and he made that clear on the same night he chose to attack Lethal Consequences, the week right after his King of Elite loss. This would set up a feud for Dynasty’s World Championship, and at Reckless Wiring Xander Payne would defeat Lethal Consequences in the Dome of Death to capture his first World Championship ever, allowing him to reach Grand Slam status. Xander has always been an extremely talented competitor, winning the New Breed Championship at his first-ever Pain for Pride, and while his World Championship chase was unsuccessful for a while Xander had continued to show the world why his name is one to be on the lookout for. Now Xander has finally accomplished what he set out to as soon as he stepped foot in this company, so congratulations to Dynasty’s new World Heavyweight Champion!

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #269

Dynasty 5/8/21