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EAW Rookies to Be On the Lookout For in 2019

At Pain for Pride Festival, we witnessed an influx of newcomers who entered EAW during the aftermath of its merge with REVOLT! take the company by storm with their breathtaking performances. Just about everyone who ended up being nominated for the Rookie of the Year award had been included in that list – with the exception of Tyler Wolfe who, despite her amazing display at Pain for Pride, her EAW career was still only a few weeks old and we couldn’t quite gauge her trajectory as of yet. However, it’s still safe to say that she didn’t need a measly list to validate her position in the hierarchy. Nonetheless, as we have not only reached the midpoint of Season 12, we have reached the new year of 2019 where a whole new class of rookies has arisen. Before it’s sudden closing, the reintroduction of Battleground opened up the floodgates for newcomers to display what they are capable of, and these are the elitists I feel will make their marks here in EAW this year. This is not a guarantee of anyone’s success as some people from the last list have turned out to do great things and become staples in EAW, others, not so much. However, as it stands, here are the rookies who currently standout and should be looked out for in 2019:

Visual Prophet

What happened to the man once known as Viz who we knew in Battleground? No one knows, but what we do know is that THIS Visual Prophet is an even more impressive prospect to be on the lookout for. His unique style and image coupled with his mission to convert everyone into his followers is certainly something that you don’t see every day and may rub people the wrong way but behind the aura is a great wrestler who I can see experience a great level of success as long as he keeps at it. How do you save yourself from being spared by his wrath? Say his name… and tell him you love him.


Jake Smith

The cocky and brash Jake Smith has proven that he’s willing to do all that’s within his power to establish himself as a future main-eventer in EAW. The man formerly known as “The Mightiest One” has made quite the splash since arriving to EAW and beginning his journey on Battleground, the Fight Grid stage where Smith established himself as an impressive workhorse and a fireball of energy. There’s potential that Smith could easily separate from his Revolution partner without a second thought, as Smith’s fearlessness and dedication could propel him to further heights with a singles title run.



Myles made a huge statement when he showed the EAW Universe that he was headliner material after capturing a huge victory in the main event of Battleground’s Wildcard 1. Although he appears to be in the midst of a streak of bad luck at the hands of Jackson Blayde, make no mistake of undermining Myles’ capacity to keep up with some of the best EAW has to offer, despite his status as a rookie. After showing up seemingly out of nowhere, Myles is the fresh face that the EAW Universe can’t help but to love, and we look forward to seeing what the rest of the Season has in store for the Australian native.


Drake King

Drake King, the former “King of Ok,” has gone through a number of changes since his debut in the summer of 2018, all changes which have been in his favor. Committed to clarifying that he is much more than “Ok” and demanding to be taken seriously, the recent attitude adjustment from The King is what he hopes will separate him from the rest of the EAW roster and cement his EAW legacy. As shown through his impressive end-of-quarter merchandise sales, Drake King is building quite the supportive fan base amongst EAW fans since first coming to Showdown in July – even though, lately, he hasn’t been able to agree with them on what truly defines “Ok.”


Serena Bennett

To some, Serena Bennett’s decision to align with FOX Network in order to kickstart her EAW career was a questionable decision, but she has since shown the world that she knows exactly what to do in order to get what she wants, and that there is nothing stopping her from accomplishing any goal she sets for herself – especially not negativity. After making an impressive debut at Road to Redemption and by competing with a legendary Hall of Famer, Serena ended 2018 on an impressive note, leaving the EAW universe in awe at her capabilities and looking forward to what 2019 will bring to Empire’s newest and brightest star. With what we’ve seen so far, there’s no doubt that we can all expect to see Serena covered in gold incredibly soon.


Bowie Gray

Among the 2018 Battleground class was “The Reaper” Bowie Gray, an ominous and wicked presence who has a proven his ability to set any given venue he competes in on fire. Even though he only debuted on Battleground in mid-November, Bowie has racked up an impressive number of victories while in developmental territory and hopes to bring the same aggressive and skillful offense to Dynasty, where his path of destruction and punishment is already off to an impressive start. The Reaper is very much alive – and through Bowie Gray – he will bring warfare to EAW, unleashing his pent up rage, and as he does, thrusting onto the main event scene.


SOSA Henderson

Seeking further opportunity to disprove the so-called “haters,” “Bulletproof” SOSA Henderson will fight relentlessly to prove himself, both as an in-ring competitor and a loving, supportive family member. Being raised on the harsh and unforgiving streets of Philadelphia, SOSA is a man who doesn’t know or understand his own limits – whether it’s beneficial or detrimental to the King of Philly, is up to the members of the EAW Universe. His limitless drive to one day become the face of Elite Answers Wrestling is what will ultimately set SOSA apart from the rest of his Showdown roster. Nobody can tell SOSA who he can or can’t be – and that’s what makes him truly free to rise to become an EAW main-eventer.


Jason McKormick

Jason McKormick sees 2019 as more than a just a new year – it’s a new agenda, a new goal for McKormick as he hopes to bring an entirely new aura with him into the remainder of Season 12, now setting his sights on becoming EAW’s King of Elite. Since debuting in the summer, Jay-Mac has danced with some of the best the Dynasty roster has to offer and his proven himself the essential component of The Score’s formula for success. To describe McKormick as an unhinged lunatic prone to causing bloodshed would only scrape the surface of Jason’s dynamic personality and in-ring prowess, both of which will carry him straight to the top, so long as he continues to do what he does best – and that’s doing everything he shouldn’t.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Most Valuable Elitist #165

Empire 1/10/2019