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EAW Pain for Pride 13 Red Carpet.

(EAW intro plays.)

(The scene opens up to an aerial shot of Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing. The outdoor venue has been set up the 2020 EAW Hall of Fame. “Hall of Fame” by The Script is playing in the background as Elitists are seen arriving and hitting the red carpet to promote their matches and talk about tonight’s event. However there is one Elitist who is competing at Pain for Pride that is also working her day job. Dr. Bethany Blue is at the beginning of the red carpet, dressed in a gorgeous golden sequined evening gown by Monique Lhuillier, screening everyone who walks by her.)

Dr. Bethany Blue: 97.6! You are free to go, Starr Stan!

(The Dynasty General Manager flashes Bethany a grin.)

Starr Stan: I appreciate that! Should you find yourself on Dynasty next season, I hope you keep this energy and continue making sure EAW is a much healthier place.

Dr. Bethany Blue: Have no fear, Starr Stan. I will do whatever I can to make this company better.

???: I will do whatever I can to make this company better!

(The voice behind Dr. Blue is a mocking one and Starr Stan immediately high tails it away from the scene. Dr. Blue turns around and sees her Pain for Pride opponent, Alexis Chambers, behind her. Alexis is dressed in a cute, tea-length fuschia colored gown that hugs her curves.)

Dr. Bethany Blue: Have you been screened?! How did you get in here?

(Alexis did not come to talk. She smiles sweetly at the doctor, reaches into the chest of her dress, and flings powder in Bethany’s face! Bethany screams and charges for Alexis, and both women start throwing hands! They are grabbing onto each other’s hair and Dr. Blue eye rips Alexis’ dress! Alexis grabs the shoulder of Dr. Blue’s evening down and rips the strap and it doesn’t take long for both women to tumble on the carpet and start stripping one another. Security comes rushing in right as the doctor goes for Alexis’ bra, and the two women are separated, both trying to cover themselves while yelling obscenities at one another.)

(The scene quickly cuts to Fight Grid host, Molly Waters. Molly shakes her head, shocked at what she just witnessed.)

Molly Waters: Well that’s certainly a hell of a way to quick off Pain for Pride weekend. Welcome everyone to our 2020 Hall of Fame red carpet special! Tonight, Gavin Kirkland, Persephone Tsitsipas, and Jake Mercer will be interviewing your favorite Elitists as they arrive to the building! I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing tonight and things have already gotten under. Let’s go right ahead and jump into everything. Jake, are you there?

(The scene pans to Dynasty commentator Jake Mercer in one part of the Plaza. Instead of his hipster attire, Jake decides to replace it with a nice suit. He has a microphone towards his chest as he has a smile on his face, feeling more than excited about this entire thing.)

Jake Mercer: Can you feel the excitement already in the air? We are less than twenty-four hours away from the greatest spectacle of professional wrestling, Pain for Pride. We got more than a dozen matches on the card and right now, I am here with one of the competitors of a stacked as hell fatal-4-way match from the Dynasty brand. He’s had an insane season himself, but he looks to turn his luck upside down by winning this weekend, but tonight, he gets inducted into the Class of 2020.  Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Elite!

(Chris Elite and The Bozo Victims Unit appear in the camera shot. Chris wears a blue Giorgio Armani suit. Big Mike is wearing a grey Joseph Abboud suit. Detective Ty was wearing one of the only suits that he owed, but the blazer is on his shoulders and his dress shirt are unbuttoned. He takes a swing of the flask that more than likely has booze. Meanwhile, Detective Asson wears a sexy one shoulder mermaid dress by Ericdress.)

Jake Mercer: All of you dress to impress tonight. 

Chris Elite: Did you expect us not to look fantastic tonight? The Bozo Victims Unit always impresses and tonight is not different at all. It’s the most important night of my life. This goes beyond my World Championship win and winning the Gawd Contract by Ryan Adams. This is the one night that no one can take away from me. 

Jake Mercer: I don’t think that many people have asked you this, but how does it feel? How does it feel knowing that you get to call yourself a Hall of Famer?

Chris Elite: I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to process all of this news, but it’s satisfying. It’s amazing to go on Twitter and Instagram and get all of these dickeaters, who don’t think that I deserve to call myself a Hall of Famer. “LOL SK IS NOT A HALL OF FAME ELITIST” and all of that shit. Like, get off my dick bozos. I’ve accomplished more in my career than these dorito eating, mountain dew drinking yakubians and they’re gonna tell me that I suck? Nah, that’s not how shit works, but what do you expect? That’s what I’ve gotten all week from my three other opponents who are gonna tell me that I’ve fallen off grace from a few years ago. I mean, what else did they bring to the table? Nothing. It’s all the repetitive garbage that I’ve been hearing all season.

Jake Mercer: This weekend, you’ll be facing Serena Bennett, Impact and Cage in the fatal-4-way. How are you feeling about that match?

Chris Elite: I feel confident going into this match. I’m on a high at the moment. I’m getting inducted tonight. This weekend is when I am going into business for myself. Winning a match as amazing as this one? It should put me in front of a line for a future World Championship opportunity. Getting a victory over these three bozos by themselves is pretty amazing, but all three of them in one match? Not many people would be able to accomplish that. It would end my season on a high note. Besides the Hall of Fame, this season hasn’t been too hot, but I’m looking forward to putting Season 13 in front of me and moving towards Season 14 and I can assure you that I will be a champion once again. 

(The Bozo Victims Unit pat Chris Elite in the back for encouragement.)

Jake Mercer: All the luck to you, Chris and now, we head to Voltage’s Persephone Tsitsipas who has two very special guests with her!

(The camera cuts to another part of the Plaza, where Voltage personality, Persephone Tsitsipas is standing by. The gorgeous Grecian beauty looks absolutely stunning tonight. She is wearing a lovely strapless, silver embellished gown by Gucci Première that has a billowy skirt, strappy Jimmy Choo sandals, and jewelry by Forevermark. Persephone also looks like she is hyperventilating.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: Oh. Dear. God. He’s here. He. Is. Here.

(‘He’ is the soon to be inducted Elitist named Rex McAllister. Rex is wearing a fitted, custom tuxedo from Oscar de la Renta, sans bowtie. Standing next to him is his wife, Raven Roberts. Raven wears an elegant halter-neck wrapped black evening gown also from Oscar de la Renta. The dress flows around her as she stands with a full bow waistline that falls into a ruffle tiered high-low style skirt. Her jewelry is from Tiffany’s. Raven takes one look at Persephone and scowls.)

Raven Roberts: If there was ever a night that I don’t want to put up with your bullshit, tonight would be the night. I swear on everything I have in me that if you even remotely ask me anything about ANYTHING that has gone down with Min-

(Rex puts a calm hand on his wife’s arm and gives her a smile.)

Rex McAllister: I’m going to make this quick for the both of us because obviously the two of us have a lot going on right now. It’s an honor to get inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight and have my name etched alongside the all time greats. I couldn’t think of a better way to cap off my season than having this honor bestowed on me, and following it up with two great matches this weekend. It’s been a long road to get to this point, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears gotten me here. I have given this company everything, and I plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. The standard I have set doesn’t stop tonight when that Hall of Fame ring is on my finger. It doesn’t stop when Raven and I retain the Unified Tag Team Championships against The Covenant and The Grand Athletes, and of course, it’s not going to stop when I finally get the Pain for Pride moment I have been trying to get for the last two years. I look forward to raising the EAW World Championship in the air once again and putting to rest all the critics and all the naysayers that say I can’t get it done on the grandest stage, and I can’t wait to defend the Unified Tag Team Championships for the first time alongside my beautiful wife.

Persephone Tsitsipas: 🥰🥰🥰 So brilliant. So humble. So well spoken. The champion we all deserve. 🥰🥰🥰

(Raven scowls. It’s plain as day she wants to beat the living shit out of Persphone. She looks up at Rex, and rolls her eyes, before taking a deep breath.)

Raven Roberts: I don’t really have a whole lot to add to this that is going to be anything positive or enlightening because just standing next to you after hearing some of the shit you’ve had to say on Voltage about our situation, but I do want to say that I am proud of Rex. I mean, proud really isn’t a word that does my feelings towards him justice. My feeling towards him and what he’s done just for me from a professional and a personal standpoint make him worthy of this honor, and then some.

(Raven looks up at her husband, and a soft smile touches her lips. The couple share a moment right there, no words needing to be spoken. They’ve been through absolute Hell the last few weeks and have had to rely on one another to get through the loss of something they both never truly knew they had, or could ever have in the future. Rex’s arms close around Raven, and but the former Universal Women’s Champion doesn’t hide her face. She wants Minerva, the woman who caused them both this misery, to see that she is not backing down or shying away from anything that has happened.)

Rex McAllister: I think that’s all either of us need to say.

(Rex and Raven take their leave, while Persephone watches them go. Basically, she just watches Rex, because she doesn’t really give a shit about Raven to be honest.)

Persephone Tsitsipas (whispering): I can give you kids, Sexy Rexy….

(The camera cuts to Showdown’s favorite commentator, Gavin Kirkland, next. Gavin looks like a boss wearing all Versace. His black silk shirt dress and tailored black pants are highlighted by a gold and black Baroque print, satin lapel dinner jacket. Versace dress shoes complete and look and Gavin winks at the camera, absolutely feeling himself and how freaking swaggy he really is tonight.)

Gavin Kirkland: Man, I look like a snack tonight. Got Cleopatra all up in my iMessages calling me daddy and telling me exactly what she plans to do to me la- FUCK. Shit. Sorry. Hi.

(Gavin clears his throat, flashing the camera a sheepish look.)

Gavin Kirkland: Ladies and gentlemen, one of the most anticipated matches of the entire Pain for Pride weekend is the ‘Prophetic Visions’ match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Drake King will defend his belt against the reigning King of Elite, The Visual Prophet. While there has been speculation abound about what that match truly is, one thing for sure is that it’s going to be a spectacle. Joining me right now is one of the participants in that match… The Visual Prophet!

(Viz saunters into the picture with Jessica Miller on his arm and the two make a rather stunning couple. Viz is dressed in a beautiful black suit that was custom designed for him by one of Prince’s former costume designers, and the white silk shirt under the suit stands out thanks to the purple silk tie Viz has chosen to go with it. To make paint an even more immaculate picture of Vizzy, he wears a silver fur shrug over his shoulders, black leather gloves, and a gorgeous golden crown decorated with amethysts and diamonds sits on top of his head. An extra large gold chain is around his neck and the look is complete thanks to his trademark three-lens sunglasses. Jessica is basically draped around Viz, wearing a purple designer gown from Calvin Klein that is done in the same shade of purple as Viz’s tie.)

The Visual Prophet: Good day, my friend. How are you on this beautiful summer’s night?

Gavin Kirkland: I’m great! Thanks for asking, although I’m the one who’s supposed to ask you that question!

The Visual Prophet: Meh! Details! Vizzy baby can do whatever he wants, and ask whatever he wants because by the time this weekend comes to a close, this king is going to add another jewel to his crown! To go along with my sweet Jessica right here, and to follow up on the absolute beating I gave Drake King’s father, I’m going to take the man’s World Heavyweight Champion and finally reign supreme here in the land of Elite. It never really had to be this way between Drake and myself, but so be it.

Gavin Kirkland: Viz, can you tell us what the hell a ‘Prophetic Visions’ match actually is?

(A stunning smile crosses the face of The Visual Prophet.)

The Visual Prophet: In due time, EVERYONE will see what the match is through my own beautiful chocolate brown eyes. One thing is for sure, Gavin, and it’s that dear little Drakey Wakey is never, EVER going to be the same again. There is no way to prepare for something like this, no way for anything to truly see things how I see them. Drake doesn’t know what he’s stepping into, and it’s because of that I can say without any kind of doubt that you may as well go ahead and christen me, Viewy P. Newton, the brand new World Heavyweight Champion!

(Viz takes Jessica’s arm, flips his three lens sunglasses back down on his face, and the two walk off. Gavin licks his lips as he watches Jessica go, shaking his head.)

Gavin Kirkland: Man… Drake’s sister got a nice little ass… 🤤

(A few moments pass of dead air before Gavin finally snaps himself out of his trance.)

Gavin Kirkland: Right. We have to take a commercial break. Imma go rub one out and we’ll be right back.

(The Hall of Fame fades into a commercial break.)

(Commercial break for Jerkins, Gavin Kirkland’s own personal brand of lotion. No doubt he is somewhere right now, pleasuring himself, and no one is batting an eye.)

(The Hall of Fame returns and a sky view of the red carpet arrivals can be seen. Specialists Scramble participant, Harper Lee, is seen walking down the red carpet and posing for photographs with the social distancing fans. She is wearing a rather unique evening gown to this event. The print of the dress is nothing but Myles’ face! Another portion of the carpet is shown, and 2020 Cash in the Vault competitor, Dray Fontana, is seen talking to reporters from the United Kingdom. He wears a solid black suit and dress shoes. Justin Windgate is seen arriving, trailing by a cloud of smoke of course, and not too long after him, Jon Kelton and SEBAS trickle in. MITSUBACHI is seen as well. Things are really heating up!)

(The scene pans back to Jake Mercer with his next guest.)

Jake Mercer: For my next guest, he began his journey on the Dynasty brand, but it wasn’t until late September/Early October where StarrStan made the trade for my next guest to be part of Showdown. On Showdown, his rise as one of the most important names in the midcard scene was solidified as he managed to take the PURE Championship from then-champion Mark Michaels at Battle of Egypt. Not only that, but he captured the title twice which hadn’t been done since StarrStan. Now, he walks into Pain for Pride as champion! Ladies and gentlemen, the PURE Champion himself, Jake Smith!

(Jake Smith appears in the camera shot as he dons a black suit from Tom Ford. Jake wears a cocky smile on his face as he looks towards Jake Mercer’s way.)

Jake Mercer: It feels nice to be in your graces, name twin.

Jake Smith: Likewise, name twin.

Jake Mercer: You’ve had an eventful season. You’re a two-time PURE Champion and you got two gorgeous women fighting over you at Pain for Pride. I mean, how do you process all of that?

Jake Smith: I was not expecting for my season to end on Showdown once again, but it’s insane to believe that I’m walking into Pain for Pride as the PURE Champion. Not just a PURE Champion, but a two-time PURE Champion. Not only that, but I went from being cucked by Drake King when it came to Sierra Bradford, but I’m not bitter about that. Personally and career wise, it has been a season where I felt like I’ve come to my own. I’ve grown a lot these past several months and it did suck to get traded for Dynasty, but this move to Showdown is what made Jake Smith into a bigger name than I would have on Dynasty. I’m walking into Pain for Pride as the PURE Champion. I am going up against the talents that I’ve been waiting to go up against. It’s just a surreal feeling.

Jake Mercer: Speaking of going up against the talents you’ve been waiting to go up against, you will be going up against Xander Payne. How are you feeling going into the match?

Jake Smith: The champ feels confident, name twin. Xander Payne has had a tough season. It doesn’t matter what he does, but he hasn’t been able to capture that World Championship. How many shots at being World Champion has Xander had? Three times? For me? It only took two times in order to recapture the PURE Championship. There may be people who like to point out that I lost the title, but I proved that just because you lose a championship, doesn’t mean that I need to be in the back of the line. That’s something that Xander can’t seem to process. He lost at Grand Rampage and it was like: “oh well! I’ll look for another way to Pain for Pride!” Now, he thinks that he can go to the mid-card and try to take this championship away from me. Does Xander look at this championship as “settling?” Does Xander think that he’s better than this championship? I don’t perceive the championship as settling. I see it as the championship to elevate to the next level and that’s exactly what I have done since I’ve won the title back at Battle of Egypt. It’s what I have continued to do since regaining the title at Under Siege. At Pain for Pride, my reign will continue and I will be on the perfect road to be the greatest PURE Champion in the history of this championship.

Jake Mercer: :wow: What confidence from you, but I think the fans wanna know something?

Jake Smith: What’s that?

Jake Mercer: Are you #TeamBethany or #TeamAlexis?

Jake Smith: No comment at this time. :mjgrin:

Jake Mercer: It was worth the shot. Thank you for your time, Jake and let’s head to Persephone now!

(When the camera cuts to Persephone, she is seen on her phone, scrolling through her social media. Already, the Voltage commentator has grown bored with the Hall of Fame red carpet. In fact, her microphone is tucked under her arm and her back is turned to her guests, the EAW World Heavyweight Champion, Drake King, and his girlfriend, Sierra Bradford. Drake is decked out in custom Armani tonight; black dress shirt, black pants, and sports coat with the only color being a satin gold tie. His dark hair is pulled into a manbun and one black glove on his hand. Next to him, Sierra stuns in a fitted gold, one shoulder Elie Saab gown and gold high heeled sandals from Gucci. Drake looks extremely annoyed that he and Sierra are being disrespected and he clears his throat.)

Drake King: Hello. Excuse me?

(Persephone’s eyes widen and she turns around.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: O. Are we back on the air?

Drake King: Obviously. Now can you do your frickin’ job and interview us?

(Persephone looks at Drake and Sierra like they both have a disease and she turns her nose up.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: I mean, I really don’t appreciate the sour puss attitude you have right now, walking around like you are some kind of wannabe Rex McAllister, when clearly you’re just a piss poor version of the greatest man to ever walk the face of the fucking planet. But sure. I’ll interview you, I guess. How does it feel knowing you’re going to lose to The Visual Prophet this weekend, while dumb, ugly #Sierra1Leg no doubt stinks up the Specialists Scramble, and you two go down as literally the worst couple in EAW history, like ever? Like even worse than Aria Jaxon and Aren Mstissldkfjsdlkf.

Drake King: :skip:

(Sierra puts a calming hand on Drake’s shoulder and clears her throat.)

Sierra Bradford: Look Persephone. The only thing you need to know is that when the Specialists Scramble rolls around this weekend, #Sierra1Leg is going to become a thing of the past. I’ve been cleared to wrestle for about a week now, and even though I’ve been out of action since Grand Rampage, I have stayed in shape and kept myself motivated. I might have lost a lot that night in April, but what I gained is a whole new perspective when it comes to my career. Professional wrestling is a dangerous career, and as we can all attest too, everything we’ve worked for can be taken away before we know it. I have a deeper appreciation of what I’ve got here, and I can’t believe I’m getting a chance to compete for the Specialists Championship at Pain for Pride. Sarah is my best friend and my tag team partner, but I also can’t wait to share a ring with her and test myself against her.

Persephone Tsitsipas: Blah, blah, blah. How boring. I cAn’T wAiT tO cOmPeTe AgAiNsT mY bEsT fRiEnD headass. Yawn! I hope you two beat each other so badly the insufferable team known as SaSs comes to an end.

(Sierra simply rolls her eyes, not about to lower herself to Persephone’s level.)

Drake King: And as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing I won’t do to ensure that I won’t leave Pain for Pride still the World Heavyweight Champion. This whole ‘Prophetic Visions’ match is stupid, and Viz is stupid. He has made my life a living hell since, forever, I guess, and he is going to pay for every injustice he’s done to me. It makes me sick that he turned my own sister against me, and honestly, I wish I never would have even gotten involved with the man. But at least this weekend I can make up for all mistakes and put that weirdo down for good. The death of The Visual Prophet is happening live this weekend, and hopefully this time he doesn’t come back reborn as some other person. How strange is that? What’s with this guy?

Persephone Tsitsipas: I mean, you tell me, because we all know you like to hear yourself talk and talk and talk and talk…

(Drake scowls.)

Drake King: The point is, I’m the greatest of all time, a future Hall of Famer, and I refuse to lose to a bizarre gimmick wrestler in some match no one has ever even heard of. Viz is wasting his King of Elite crown on this match, and he is going to wish he would have cashed it in on some other champion; someone he actually has a chance at defeating.

(Persephone has tuned out, and is staring off in the opposite direction. Sierra squeezes Drake’s hand.)

Sierra Bradford: I think we’re done here.

Drake King: I never wanted to stop here in the first place.

(The couple walk off, leaving Persephone to whatever it is that’s distracted her, and the camera feed switches to Gavin, who has a dreamy look on his face.)

Gavin Kirkland: Man, I’m a lucky mother fucker tonight. Joining me right now is the EAW Specialists Champion… Sarah Price! 😍😍😍

(The camera pans out and shows the champion standing next to Gavin. Sarah looks beautiful in a delicate, lilac colored Grecian style Marchesa gown with strappy gold sandals. She gives Gavin a disapproving look and uses her finger to raise his chin, so he is looking into her eyes and not anywhere else.)

Sarah Price: My eyes are up here.

Gavin Kirkland: And they are the most beautiful shade of blue. 🥰

Sarah Price: That is a pretty irrelevant detail when you consider Pain for Pride starts tomorrow and is set to showcase the greatest professional athletes in the world.

Gavin Kirkland: And the hottest.

Sarah Price: I see we are going to have to dedicate a special episode of ‘To Catch A Spookyman’ to you.

Gavin Kirkland: :whoa: Now hold on, I just appreciate a beautiful woman.

Sarah Price: Well I am not the one, sir. I just want to talk about how absolutely amazing it is to be here tonight and to celebrate all the incredible Hall of Fame inductees. If you would have told me like a year ago I would be standing on this red carpet, going into my first ever Pain for Pride as a champion, while getting a chance to see a trailblazer such as Amber Keys inducted into the Hall of Fame, I would have called you crazy! This is an absolute dream I never want to wake up from and I can’t wait to hear Amber’s speech tonight.

Gavin Kirkland: Now you’re becoming somewhat of a trailblazer yourself, Sarah. You came into EAW determined to be your own person and have stuck to your morals since day one. How hard has that been for you? There’s a lot of temptation in this company :mjlit:

Sarah Price: Honestly, it’s been pretty easy for me, because I don’t want to be anyone other than myself. I know who I am, and I’m proud of that, and doing things my way, the PG way, has gotten me in a position to walk into my first ever Pain for Pride as the Specialists Champion. This is my first championship defense and I’m nervous. I can’t hide that. Who isn’t on a weekend as special as this?

Gavin Kirkland: Five other women are going to be vying for your championship. How will you handle the individual challenges they bring to the table?

(Sarah looks thoughtful for a moment, because that’s something she’s been contemplating the entire week.)

Sarah Price: Maybe it’s wrong for me to say this, but I really don’t think you can have a specific strategy going into this match. It is going to be pure chaos, but I do take comfort in knowing that I am familiar with some of my competition. Sierra is obviously my ride or die, and we know each other very well. She will be a huge threat to me, and I’ve been in the ring before with Alexis and Kensingten. Constance has been obsessed with me since I won the Specialists Championship and has attacked me enough for me to get a good idea of the fire she’s going to bring to this match. Harper and Kasey could be wildcards, Kasey especially. She seems a bit spooky, if you want my personal opinion, but I seem to do well against people like her. I know that everyone is going to bring their ‘A’ game since it’s Pain for Pride, and I’m bringing mine as well.

Gavin Kirkland: :wow: Spoken like a true champion, and who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be walking this red carpet getting ready for your own Hall of Fame induction.

Sarah Price: None of us can predict the future, and I won’t try. Right now my only focus is leaving Pain for Pride with the Specialists Championship still in my possession.

(Sarah gives Gavin a polite smile before taking her leave, and Gavin can’t help but watch her go.)

Gavin Kirkland: Hey, Sarah??

(Sarah stops and turns around.)

Gavin Kirkland: I make them good girls go bad, you know. :mjlit:

(Sarah gives him a disapproving look and hurries down the carpet, wanting nothing more to do with Gavin Kirkland.)

(The Hall of Fame red carpet fades into a promotional ad for Pain for Pride.)

(A promotional ad for Pain for Pride airs highlighting the Dynasty fatal four-way match. Chris Elite, Cage, Serena Bennett, and Impact will clash in a match put together thanks to Chris Elite’s Gawd Contract. Catch all this and more as Pain for Pride comes to you live from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the weekend of June 26th-28th.)

(As the red carpet show fades back in, more aerial shots of Elitists arriving are seen. The New Breed Champion, Jalyn Garcia, is shown walking with Desmond Helms. How Desmond got himself invited onto a red carpet is beyond anyone’s comprehension, but at least he doesn’t have a smuggled animal with him. Also seen walking the red carpet is Specialists Scramble competitor, Kasey Kaos. As Kasey sees a cameraman following her, she turns around and hisses at him, promptly getting him to back off. Another person that is seen walking the red carpet with a busty looking blonde pornstar type on his arm is none other than the living legend, The Woogieman.)

(The camera cuts to Jake Mercer.)

Jake Mercer: Welcome back to the 2020 Hall of Fame red carpet. Joining me right now are two Elitists who don’t need any introduction!

(The camera zooms out just a little bit to show Sienna Jade and Impact. Sienna is dressed in a stunning red Armani Prive evening gown with a sweetheart neckline. The dress dips low in the back and Sienna’s hair is pulled up in an elegant twist, showing off the teardrop diamond earrings in her ears. Impact is decked out in Armani tonight as wearing a solid dark grey suit and black dress shirt.)

Jake Mercer: Welcome to the red carpet, guys!

Sienna Jade: Thank you! Obviously the pleasure is yours Jake, and it seems like Imp and I got here just in time! Look at all the shitty fashion on display tonight. Can you believe Sarah Price wore such an ugly dress? Someone needs to get that poor girl a stylist. At least whittle Sarah can take comfort in knowing she won’t be the worst dressed Elitist walking tonight. We all know that Kassi-Poo is going to show up looking like a trash bag and completely stinking up the place.

Jake Mercer: So let’s talk about your match coming up, Sienna. I’m not sure if the members of the EAW Universe expected things to get so personal between yourself and the National Elite Champion.

Sienna Jade: Well Jake, that was always going to happen when Kassidy decided to talk so out of turn! She seems to forget who’s teat she was sucking for the vast majority of her stupid career and this weekend is going to serve as a nice little reminder for her. Sienna Jade is everyone’s dream Pain for Pride opponent, and she is going to respect me as such. I’m far from happy about all the shit she talked this week, and if she thinks the beating her shrimp dick husband gave her or whatever is bad, then she’s got another thing coming. By the time I’m done with Kassidy Heart, she’s going to wish she was being beaten by DDD’s belt because that’s a far lesser punishment to bear than being cast down by my hand.

Jake Mercer: Alright then! Impact, what about you? You don’t see that thrilled with your match this weekend. Is that fair?

Impact: This is a glorified, bullshit exhibition match that is keeping me from the actual match I should be competing in which is the match for the World Heavyweight Championship, right alongside Drake and Viz. Being regulated to what could be considered an opening act is a far cry from where I was last year at this time when I was headlining things and putting the final nail in the coffin of Noah Reigner. I should have shipped his box to Strong Style myself, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, I want world championship gold back around my waist and it seems like I’m going to be forced to wait for my rightful rematch until later on down the line. No matter because once it does come my way, another world championship reign is in the cards for me. I will reign supreme at some point in Season 14 and all these fucks who want to walk around and say they’re the best in the world and that they set the standard need to look no further than the man who can actually say all of that and back it up. Now if you’ll excuse us, Jake, we got some other people to greet.

(Impact takes Sienna’s arm and leads her away, while Jake turns back to the camera.)

Jake Mercer: Take it away, Persephone!

(The scene pans back to Persephone Tsitsipas with her next guest.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: Is this ever going to end? I don’t understand the point in being here, but I better be getting paid big bucks for this. Anyway, I am here with my next guest who basically had her career ended by Mr. DEDEDE at Reasonable Doubt back in November, but at last, she is finally being recognized as a Hall of Famer. Hello, Amber.

(Amber Keys walks into the camera shot wearing a long, mermaid evening gown. Amber wears a small smile on her face as she looks quite poised and confident tonight.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: So let me just talk about the big elephant in the room: on the scale of ten to twelve, how good does Rex look tonight?

Amber Keys: I haven’t cared to look.

Persephone Tsitsipas: Well, if you do, get back to me on that.

Amber Keys: I probably won’t.

Persephone Tsitsipas: Okay, onto secondary matters, but you’re being inducted tonight and that must feel pretty good, huh?

Amber Keys: It feels pretty damn good to have all of my work finally recognized. It was one of my biggest issues when I returned back in October. I felt like I was never recognized for everything that I’ve done for women’s wrestling and wrestling in general. I wasn’t seen in the same way as men like Ronn Banks, Mr. DEDEDE, HRDO, etc. I’ve seen my friends and being able to end their careers young and not having to worry about this business. It sucked that I couldn’t have that luxury. I still needed to be wrestling in order to provide for all the things in my life. I still needed to keep going because it never felt right for me to unlace my boots and call it a day. I never expected for Mr. DEDEDE to end my career at Reasonable Doubt, but at the same time, it’s almost poetic because Ryan is going to be the one inducting me tonight. There is no other man that knows me as much as Ryan. In some twisted way, I still respect the competitor that he is in the ring. Is he a massive cunt? 100%, but I can be that way as well. It’s the type of mentality that has made champions. It’s the type of mentality that has gotten people to be part of the so-called “GOAT circle” and being part of the Hall of Fame, it means the world to me because it’s the one thing that allows me to know that all of my work was for something. All of my hard work was for nothing and I’m going to go up on my stage and just enjoy this moment.

Persephone Tsitsipas: Well, congratulations on that and I could hope that one day, Rex could see that Raven is not the one for him. :wow: As for right now, Gavin. You got someone else for us?

(The scene pans to Gavin Kirkland with his next guest.)

Gavin Kirkland: Indeed I do, Persephone. Unfortunately, it’s not a hot blonde, but my next guest maybe is probably one lucky man as he will be going up against one of the thiccest women on the Showdown roster. 🤤 Xavier, thanks for doing this interview with us.

(Xavier Williams is seen in the camera shot as he is wearing a suit from Ralph Lauren.)

Xavier Williams: My pleasure.

Gavin Kirkland: You got yourself a pretty interesting Pain for Pride match. There’s no bad blood between you and Thicclow Reichert, but I think the question I have is: how you two smashed?

Xavier Williams: :skip: I don’t find this question appropriate for the interview.

Gavin Kirkland: I’m just trying to get hot scoop. :noah: Fine, I’ll ask another question. What are your emotions going to this match? You and Harlow don’t despise each other. There’s no personal animosity. What’s going through your mind when thinking about this match?

Xavier Williams: It’s Pain for Pride, Gavin. Everyone is looking for a way to get on the card. I was more than willing to sit this Pain for Pride out if it meant that Harlow could get in any match that her heart desired. She’s a former PURE Champion. It’s depressing that without this match, she wouldn’t be on the card. She carried that championship on her back when the championship was being held hostage by a man who disgraced the purpose of the championship. The champions before her couldn’t elevate the championship as much as they claimed that they did. Harlow did amazing as PURE Champion and it almost makes me sick to my stomach on how she lost the title. At the same time, how Jake won the title was something around the lines that the man I used to be would have done. Harlow deserves a spot at Pain for Pride. She’s someone who shouldn’t be missing out on the event. 

Gavin Kirkland: The stipulation for your match is one that she’s accustomed too – PURE Rules. Do you think that this match falls in Harlow’s favor? 

Xavier Williams: When looking at the match, you would think that the match would benefit Harlow, but I don’t like to think about all that stuff. Anything is possible in EAW. That’s the beauty of this company. Harlow is a fantastic pure wrestler, but I’m a Hall of Famer for a reason. That goes down to my ability to adjust to any situation placed in front of me and win. It’s nothing personal with Harlow. She’s a tremendous athlete and someone who is born to do this, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a victory at Pain for Pride and after coming short last year, I would love to redeem myself this year.

Gavin Kirkland: All the luck in the world to you, Xavier. I believe that Jake has two amazing and gorgeous guests with him! 

(The camera pans back to Jake Mercer with his next two guests.)

Jake Mercer: Indeed, Gavin! Right here with me, I got one of the men who will be headlining Pain for Pride for a second year in a row. He is one of the men who will be taking part in one of the most personal and highly anticipated matches on the card. Right next to him is the woman who basically had her season and career cut short at Grand Rampage. To be honest, I’m still kind of sensitive on the topic. :mjcry: But, Jamie, Cameron, how are the two of you doing?

(Jamie O’Hara and Cameron Ella Ava join the camera shot. Jamie is decked out in a black Giorgio Armani suit. Cameron is glowing in a red Dolce and Gabbana tulle midi dress. Cameron is showing a bit of a pregnancy belly as she has a diamond studded walker in front of her. Despite all the hell that she’s been through, there was no way that she is missing out on this.)

Jake Mercer: First off – Cameron, thank god you’re alive. When I saw your name on the interview list, I thought I was gonna be talking to a pile of ashes. :lupe:

Cameron Ella Ava: :skip: I get people legit want me dead, but I’m still alive.

Jake Mercer: That’s not what the dirt sheets told me, but I just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy. How long are you?

Cameron Ella Ava: Almost fifteen weeks. In about a few weeks, we get to figure out the gender of the baby, which is something that I’m really excited to figure out. 

Jake Mercer: Are you hoping for a boy or girl?

Jamie O’Hara: We are just hoping that the baby ends up happy and healthy. December can’t come soon enough.

Jake Mercer: Fair enough. Have you discussed any baby names?

Cameron Ella Ava: We have. We were leaning towards something unisex, but Jamie suggested a name a few days ago and it was pretty unique; however, whenever I do bring up names, it’s always like: “This guy was named this in secondary school and he was a huge cunt!” and that’s when, I throw the name to the pile of unused names, but we do have a few names on line. It’s just a matter of which one we’re going to use.

Jake Mercer: It’s amazing talking about all of this stuff, but let’s change the direction, shall we? Jamie, in about a few days, you will be getting your hands on Mr. DEDEDE and people say that this match is way overdue. It’s quite emotional for the two of you knowing what happened to Cameron, but what are you going to do to make sure that you walk out of Pain for Pride as the Answers World Champion?

Jamie O’Hara: This is the most important match in my career. It sounds cliche and you’ve heard people say that all this week in their videos and now that I think about it, it’s the most important match of my entire life. I need to win at Pain for Pride. Not for myself, but for Cameron and our family. Having her career end and me having no control on that happening or not made me feel useless. With Cameron, she always wanted to go out there and prove that she can do things on her own. I never wanted to intervene in her situation. I didn’t want to be a white knight to her because I believe she’s more than capable of dealing with her own problems. It makes me fucking proud whenever I see her standing tall, like nothing in this world can take her down and seeing her look like a car accident victim at Grand Rampage, it fucking pained me to see her like that. Now, this is a problem that she can’t resolve personally and it pains her that she can’t solve this problem herself, but I promise to go out there and take care of business at Pain for Pride. I have everything to lose in this match and my career is one of them. I’m aware of the competitor that Mr. DEDEDE is, but  that’s not going to make me back down from the fight.

Cameron Ella Ava: And you will. 

Jake Mercer: Cameron, it was nice to see you again. Jamie, I wish you all the luck at Pain for Pride.

(Jamie and Cameron take their leave and Jake grins into the camera.)

Jake Mercer: We’ll be right back after this commercial break!

(A promotional ad for Pain for Pride airs highlighting the Universal Women’s Championship match between the challenger, Raven Roberts, and the champion, Minerva. Clips of what’s gone down between the two women since Under Siege airs, culminating in some highlights from Raven’s emotional interview from last week’s Voltage. This match is personal, and will no doubt be something that neither woman will ever forget! Catch that match and more as Pain for Pride comes to you live from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the weekend of June 26th-28th.)

(The Hall of Fame returns to more aerial shots of various Elitists making their way down the red carpet. Lethal Consequences is seen wearing his two Hall of Fame rings as various reporters stop him to talk to him about his match with TLA. Further down the line, Specialists Scramble participant, Kensington Calhoun-Astor is seen walking with her precious baby girl, Dixie Rose Chamberlaine, and a few other family members. She also wears a rather obnoxious hat that will certainly block the view of whoever ends up behind her. Also seen are one of the teams competing for the Unified Tag Team Championships, The Grand Athletes.)

(The scene fades back to Persephone Tsitsipas with her next guest.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: Do I need to interview this guy? He looks like he just came out of the sewer.

(The camera slowly pulls away until we see Cage in the shot. With Cage’s choice of outfit, he replaces his trademark leather jacket with a slick black suit and tie from Ralph Lauren. He doesn’t seem to be in the mood to do this interview, but EAW may or may not be making him do so.)

Cage: Bitch, I will smack you across the fucking face.

Persephone Tsitsipas: Don’t get hostile over here. :whoa:

Cage: Out of everyone, I had to be interviewed by you?

Persephone Tsitspas: What’s wrong with me?

Cage: Everything.

Persephone Tsitsipas: K. Rude, but let’s just get this interview over with because it’s clear that I couldn’t give a fuck about you as well. So, what makes you think that you stand a chance at winning the fatal-4-way at Pain for Pride? 

Cage: Are you deadass asking me that question? All this season, I needed to hear people like you say that I am past my peak and that I should hang my boots and let this so-called “new era” have their moment. This season, I can accept the fact that things haven’t looked too hot. Going into Pain for Pride, it hasn’t been too kind to me. I got a date with three dickeaters and it’s annoying that I got myself inserted into this situation. You can say that I have my unfinished issues with Impact as I was robbed of a victory over him at King of Elite. I’ve had my issues with Chris Elite since he was basically the one who shut off the lights at King of Elite. I haven’t forgotten about the mystery of “who turned off the lights?” and all that bullshit. Chris wanna say that this problem has been going on for too long when this motherfucker is the reason why we’re in this situation in the first place? As for Serena Bennett, this bitch thinks that she can pop off and not get the shit slapped out of her? Kinda reminds me a bit of you. So fine, but that mouth of yours gets you into some trouble.

Persephone Tsitspas: Yeah, that sums me up.

Cage: At Pain for Pride, when I win this match, I don’t want to hear any of that shit anymore. I don’t want any motherfuckers coming at me saying that I should retire or I don’t have anything in the tank because defeating that fatass Impact, finger blasting Chris Elite and whatever Serena Bennett is supposed to be should be enough justification on how no one in this god forsaken company should be underestimating Cage. I think that this interview is over.

(Cage escorts himself out of the interview area, leaving Persephone Tsitspas by herself.)

Persephone Tsistspas: Okay, I never thought that was going to end. You got someone better, Gavin?

(The scene cuts to Gavin who is practically salivating over his next guest. The EAW World Champion, Andrea Valentine, looks like she would rather be speaking to almost anyone else but nevertheless she flashes Gavin the politest smile she can muster. Andrea looks stunning in a flowing, cornflower blue Vera Wang gown with beaded bodice and light tulle skirt. She looks every bit like the champion she is.)

Gavin Kirkland: Oh man. Right now I’m being joined by the EAW World Champion and first time Pain for Pride headliner, Andrea Valentine! It’s been awhile, queen :mjgrin:

Andrea Valentine: Yes. A little over a year? Empire closed its doors at last year’s Pain for Pride, and since then it’s been pretty crazy.

Gavin Kirkland: Did you ever expect to find yourself in this position as you head into your first ever main event match at Pain for Pride?

Andrea Valentine: I have always believed that I would be the world champion at some point, and I knew that my chance to headline Pain for Pride would come. We all aspire to be in this position, myself included, but I’ve been very open in saying that this might not have been the particular path I would have taken myself. The opportunity to compete and eventually win the EAW World Championship just kind of happened and I was happy to take it, and it’s certainly been a hell of a ride that I’m never going to forget. I think everyone really knows that I plan to bring the fight to Rex this weekend and retain my championship, heading to whatever brand drafts me, or staying put on the brand that’s become my home. When the Beating Hearts go to Voltage, it was made perfectly clear that we weren’t wanted. Charlie and Veena did everything they could to try and get rid of us, but look how well it’s worth out for us versus the two of them, and Jordie I guess. Raven and myself are both headlining this weekend, and she already has one world championship reign under her belt. Consuela is defending the Interwire Championship against Terry, and Camille has been a champion this season and is one of the favorites to win Cash in the Vault and secure her future world championship reign. It’s incredible, and I couldn’t be more grateful to find myself in this position. I don’t take it for granted.

Gavin Kirkland: That’s nice, yea. So. Be honest with me, Andrea. Do you miss seeing my face every week? I like to think that back on Empire you and I had a pretty good thing going. You are blonde, I like blondes…

(Andrea gives Gavin a look of disgust.)

Andrea Valentine: Cut the bullshit because you know and I know that I am not someone who is going to tolerate your bull. Do you still talk to Stephon Hunte by the way?

Gavin Kirkland: Who??

(Andrea glares at Gavin, who licks his lips, clearly excited by this little exchange between the two of them.)

Gavin Kirkland: :mjlit: You are so feisty.

Andrea Valentine: Yeah. I’m out. Have a good night, Gavin.

(Andrea rolls her eyes and walks off, leaving Gavin staring at her as she leaves.)

Gavin Kirkland: Man I hate to see Andrea go, but I love to watch her leave. :wow: Take it away Jake. I’m finna bust a nut.

(Gavin has to leave the red carpet for a bit but mercifully the camera fades to Jake.)

Jake Mercer: :wow: That was certainly interesting, and my next guest finds himself stepping into one of the most interesting matches EAW has come up with in recent memory. Barbed Wire Massacre is always a showcase of pure brutality, and for the first time ever, Malcolm Jones will step into the match and take on his rival, Charlie Marr.

(Malcolm and his beautiful girlfriend, Keisha Brown, are standing on the carpet. Keisha wears a stunning, flowing sequined skirt that was made just for this event by Serena Williams’ fashion empire, Serena. She has paired it with a silky, upscale t-shirt that shows an image of Breonna Taylor with #JusticeforBre under the photo of the slain EMT. The back of Keisha’s shirt lists the phone numbers of officials to contact in Louisville, Kentucky to demand justice for Breonna. Malcolm, on the other hand, wears a red designer suit from black fashion designer, Christopher John Rogers. The Brooklyn based designer, who still works out of his own living space, is someone who has worked with the likes of Lil Nas X, Lizzo, and Michelle Obama. Malcolm wears a gold ‘Black Lives Matter’ pin on the lapel of his bold suit, and he wears sunglasses as well.)

Jake Mercer: How do you feel heading into such a life changing match, Malcolm?

Malcolm Jones: The only thing that’s going to change about my life is that I don’t have to deal with Charlie Marr anymore. For whatever reason, when the two of us face off against one another I bring out the weirdo in him and it’s really bizarre. If he’s at this Hall of Fame tonight, I expect him to bring some older black woman he hired and try to pass her off as my mother. I put nothing past him and the beating I dish out to him this weekend is going to be nothing more than he deserves and has been asking for since Season 13 got underway.

Jake Mercer: Do you believe that Charlie has the advantage walking into this match since he’s competed in two of them before?

Malcolm Jones: :mjlol: If he believes that gives him an advantage then this match is going to be even easier than I thought. Who the fuck are Daryl Kinkade and the adopted Ava when compared to Malcolm Jones? There is nothing there to compare, because the level I compete at and the skill I possess amounts to more in just my pinky than those two have in their whole useless bodies combined. You can’t draw on your experience against a man who had one foot out the door, and your experience over a bitch who is clearly the least talented member of her stable. I’m a former world champion, Interwire Champion, tag team champion, and King of Elite. Who the fuck else in this company compares to me?

(Malcolm smirks.)

Malcolm Jones: That’s a question that you don’t have to answer because I got it. There is no one who compares, which is something I been sayin’ for a while. I look forward to ending that Osama Bin Laden looking bitch this weekend at Pain for Pride and moving forward with my career. Season 14 is going to see me regain what I never should have lost, and who knows? Maybe at this time next year I’ll be getting interviewed about being in my fourth Pain for Pride main event. I might hate Charlie Marr, but we both know this should be the EAW World Championship match and something a hell of a lot more interesting than Rex McAllister versus Andrea Valentine. It’s the real Voltage main event, if we’re being honest.

Jake Mercer: :wow: Well, enjoy the Hall of Fame and good luck this weekend, Malcolm.

(Keisha takes a moment to turn her back to the camera, making sure everyone gets a good look at the phone numbers. Malcolm puts his fist in the air and turns back to Jake.)

Malcolm Jones: Let’s not forget the real message that matters here. Black lives matter. Fuck the police.

(Malcolm and Keisha head off, and the camera switches to Persephone.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: So during this red carpet, we’ve heard from the three out of the four competitors of Dynasty’s fatal-4-way match, but we got one more person apparently, but I personally feel like we could have done the match without her. I’m surprised that she’s even back after being run out of the company like twice already in one season.

???: Bitch, I’m right here.

Persephone Tsitspas: Yeah, I know.

(Persephone Tsitspas looks over to Serena Bennett who stands just a few inches away from her. Serena doesn’t look to be in a mood for Persephone’s games. Serena is wearing a blue sequins pantsuit by LaQuan Smith. In the back of the jacket, the statement “BLACK LIVES MATTER” is seen in all bold.)

Persephone Tsitspas: I like the massage on the back of your jacket, but that seems to be the only thing I like about you at the moment. 

Serena Bennett: More than what I like about you at the moment.

Persephone Tsitspas: Whatever, so you got yourself a little high profile match at Pain for Pride. What makes you think that you’re going to stand a chance going up against three other World Champions?

Serena Bennett: I get that since losing at Pain for Pride last season, people have been saying that I haven’t been livin’ up to the expectations that they had for me. I was the top draft pick to Dynasty. I was that bitch and despite leaving twice this season, I still remain that bitch on Dynasty and EAW. People wanna be like “Serena, ya fell off,” but I be living rent free in all of these bitches’ heads. It gets underneath their skins that I can talk this amount of shit and still find ways to back it up in the ring. It pisses them off to see a black woman like myself thrivin’ and finding ways to get these opportunities. I am as ruthless, vindictive, and vocal when I need to be. That’s what these three bozos have been gettin’ this week. I’ve never been the one to hold back my tongue and let those three men run them mouths. In the ring, I’m not gonna hold back. We are all Elitists who are gonna do what we need to do to secure the W.

Persephone Tsitspas: Do you really think that you can stand a chance?

Serena Bennett: Ya really gonna question me and my chances? I’ve been conquering the odds all of my career. Pain for Pride ain’t gonna be any different. I don’t care if this match is in my favor or not, it’s not gonna stop me from pulling all the stops to make sure that I steal the fuckin’ show, get the W and look good all at the same time.

Persephone Tsitspas: Good luck with that, Serena because you’re going to need it and on that note, we are going to take a break. We’ll be right back!

(The Hall of Fame fades into another promotional ad for Pain for Pride.)

(A promotional ad for Pain for Pride airs highlighting ‘The War to End All Wars’. Jamie O’Hara puts his career on the line as he attempts to take the Answers World Championship from Mr. DEDEDE. This match is beyond personal at this point, and no matter which man wins, both of them will be changed forever. Catch that match and more as Pain for Pride comes to you live from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the weekend of June 26th-28th.)

(Another aerial shot is shown as we come back to the red carpet. Cash in the Vault competitor, Myles, is seen being interviewed by members of the Australian media. Standing a few feet away from Myles, is another competitor from that area. New Zealand’s own Harlow Reichert is talking to the same set of media members as Myles. Other Elitists shown making their way into the Hall of Fame venue are New Breed Championship contender, Andre Walker, and Dynasty Elitist and 24/7 Battle Royal competitor, SKA.)

(Gavin is standing by as the feed cuts to back to red carpet action.)

Gavin Kirkland: My next guest is a man who needs no introduction! He’s someone who’s thoughts and views line up with a lot of mine and someone I find myself relating to a lot. Charlie, how the hell are you tonight?

(Charlie Marr is standing with Gavin and the two men shake hands. It’s interesting to note that Charlie’s wife, Jordie Marr, is nowhere to be seen. Charlie is wearing a royal blue suit that brings out his beautiful eyes, a silver dress shirt, and royal blue tie. He honestly looks flawless.)

Charlie Marr: I’m well, just ready to get this dog and pony show over with and get down to business. Beating the fuck out of Malcolm Jones and teaching him that you don’t fuck with Charlie Marr and get away with it is something I’m looking forward too. Malcolm’s had this coming to him since Road to Redemption when he cost me the EAW World Championship and forced us all to have to see the absolute fucking dud of a main event that Rex and Andrea are about to have.

Gavin Kirkland: At this point, Barbed Wire Massacre could be considered your speciality match of sorts. You are undefeated in them. Why does this particular match seem to favor you?

Charlie Marr: Because I just don’t give a fuck, Gavin. I just wanna fuck people up whenever I’m in that ring, especially the pieces of shit I’ve faced in that match before. Kinkade, Extreme, and Jones are all dumb fucks, and two of the three picked fights with me that they couldn’t finish. Malcolm is going to be the third, and then I hope to Gawd I get off Voltage next season and get on a brand where the general manager actually respects me and treats me like the untouchable and special talent that I am. No more bullshit. Moving forward into the new season, I’m letting everyone know that I’m not putting up with anymore drama. As you can see, I have left my wife at home where she belongs. Jordie has gotten in my way recently and I accept partial responsibility for letting her run wild and not doing a better job of keeping her in line. We had a long talk and she is aware that if she wants to stay in my life, she will do so from our home where she will be a good little wife. Now I don’t have to worry about anyone distracting me or costing me this match against Malcolm Jones. It’s going to be just the two of us and there’s not going to be anywhere for Malcolm to run. I’ve always had the man’s number and that’s not going to change this weekend.

Gavin Kirkland: :noah: You didn’t have to leave Jordie at home.

Charlie Marr: :mjgrin: Here, let me get my phone out and show you some of her nudes.

Gavin Kirkland: :oh:

(Charlie removes his phone from his pocket and both men start scrolling through the camera roll as the camera moves on.)

(The camera pans back to Jake Mercer with his next guest, but it seems like he’s having a difficult time with trying to hear himself thanks to the squeals of females due to his next guest.)

Jake Mercer: Okay, this one female fan just blasted my eardrum and it’s most likely because of my next guest. The man, the myth, the legend, the Hollywood star, SOSA Henderson!

(SOSA Henderson gets into the camera shot as he’s wearing a nice black suit from Gucci with his black shades. He can’t help, but form a smirk on his face due to the nice female reception here.)

Jake Mercer: SOSA, I can sense that you’re feeling the love tonight?

SOSA Henderson: Do you hear the reception, Jake? These bitches LOVE SOSA. These bitches NEED SOSA. You’re in the presence of a motherfucking star and we got a couple stars in the Cash in the Vault, but they don’t compare to me.

SOSA Henderson: Speaking of Cash in the Vault, how do you feel about your chances in the match? Are you gonna bring the briefcase to Dynasty?

SOSA Henderson: That’s the plan, Jake, but SOSA goes where the money is. I can be on Dynasty, Showdown or Voltage, but it doesn’t matter to me. I will become World Champion in Season 14. I gave Drake King one of the most exciting matches of his life. I was even surprised by the performance he pulled out. I carried that man to a five star match. :whew: Can you imagine what I will be able to do at Pain for Pride? It will get rid of all those people who like to throw my performances underneath the rug like it’s nothing at all. All of these people like to sleep on SOSA like he isn’t gonna be a threat in this match at Pain for Pride. They like to look at my disappearances and believe that I’m bound to do the same thing if I fail to win. I go into each match with the intentions to steal the show and possibly your bitch when I get to the back, but at least, I can look back and say that I didn’t need to steal the briefcase. Not this time around, I’m going to earn the briefcase. That’s not going to be shit that they will be able to take away from me. I’m not planning to go anywhere. I’m going to show what God-given ability I possess and I’m going to show everyone why these bitches love SOSA.

(The female fans begin to cheer out of their minds.)

Jake Mercer: I couldn’t have said it any better. SOSA, best of luck to you. Who you got, Persephone? 

(It pans back to Persephone Tsitispas with her next guests.)

Persephone Tsitispas: I got nothing.

???: Yes, you do. :skip:

(Persephone Tsitspas looks to the side where they see Candice Blair, Consuela Rose Ava and Ms. Extreme. Candice is wearing a laced up back metallic jersey gown by Neiman Marcus. Consuela is wearing a laced gown by Alexander McQueen. Camille is wearing a white pantsuit by Alexander McQueen as well. All three sisters look at each other with smiles on their faces.)

Persephone Tsitspas: I didn’t notice the three of you here nor would I have ever cared.

Ms. Extreme: The feeling is mutual. 

Persephone Tsitspas: Apparently, the three of you are in some important matches. Well, just you and Consuela. Not sure about Candice, but it was fun to watch Veena body her this week.

Candice Blair: Can we get on with the interview?

Persephone Tsitspas: Okay, fine. No need to get feisty. Alright Candice, you’re facing Veena Adams at Pain for Pride and to be quite honest, I’m rooting for Veena to win the match, but do you get that first Pain for Pride jitters? You only get one moment to make an impression, so it would be wise not to have you drop the ball on the opportunity.

Candice Blair: I really wanted to be part of Pain for Pride and I’m more than fortunate to be part of the entire event. It’s another thing to cross off my bucket list, but I’m looking forward to shutting up Veena once and for all. She has been annoying since she’s returned to EAW programming. You would think her getting run off of Voltage would make her realize her ways, but it hasn’t made her change whatsoever. If anything, it has made her a billion times more annoying. How does anyone tolerate this bitch? I will never know the answer to that, but she messed with the wrong woman in me. She’s finally faced with someone who is not afraid of giving her the same amount of attitude that she’s given a majority of the roster. I may look sweet, but I can make things real sour for you in a heartbeat. Yeah, that’s a candy pun. Don’t judge me.

Persephone Tsitspas: …anyway, Ms. Extreme…Camille…or whatever the fuck you go by, you’re one of the competitors for the Cash in the Vault ladder match. People are listing you as one of the favorites apparently. It’s what Jake Mercer told me before this show began. So, are you feeling confident going into Pain for Pride?

Ms. Extreme: Of course, I’m confident, Persephone. I’ve been training for an opportunity like this for the past couple months. I wanted nothing more than to perform in a match as huge and eventful as Cash in the Vault. This was one match that I had been waiting to take part in. Just seeing Cameron and Consuela take part of the match motivated me into making sure that I walk out of Pain for Pride as Ms. Cash in the Vault.  It’s been a tough few months since losing the Interwire Championship. I thought my road to Pain for Pride was going to be in the Universal Women’s Championship picture, but I got nothing, but love for Raven and I know that she’s going to kill it this weekend, but I’m looking to set out to do the one thing that she did last year and that’s winning the entire thing and possibly, become Universal Women’s Champion, but all the titles are quite pretty. So, we’ll have to see.

Persephone Tsitspas: Consuela, you’re facing Terry Chambers for the Interwire Championship? If you end up beating his ass at Pain for Pride, does that mean you two are over?

Consuela Rose Ava: We aren’t together. :skip:

Ms. Extreme: Why lie to the press, Consuela? :mjgrin:

Consuela Rose Ava: Zip it, Camille. First off, Terry and I are just friends, but this was a match that was inevitable when Captain Charisma provided him with an opportunity to compete in the small tournament to find me a challenger for Pain for Pride. We’ve promised each other multiple times that we wouldn’t take this match personally, but I don’t know, some of the things that Terry has said to me this week have rubbed me the wrong way. When he began to question my morals, it was something that struck a chord with me and it’s a huge mistake from him, but he’ll learn soon enough of what happens when you get on the wrong side of Consuela Rose Ava. I’m aware that Terry is going to be tough to keep down, but it’s not difficult to defeat him. I know exactly what I will have to bring to the table to defeat him, but you’ll see that this weekend for sure. 

Persephone Tsitspas: Honestly, I’m looking forward to the two of you beating the hell out of each other, but let’s head to a break because that’s probably going to be a million more times more interesting than this.

(The 2020 Hall of Fame red carpet show fades into a promotional ad for Pain for Pride 13.)

(A promotional ad for Pain for Pride airs highlighting the EAW World Championship match between Andrea Valentine and Rex McAllister plays. See Andrea defend the championship in her first ever main event, while Rex looks to prove that the third time’s the charm for him! Catch that match and more as Pain for Pride comes to you live from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the weekend of June 26th-28th.)

(This time, the red carpet goes right back to the interviews. Gavin Kirkland is standing with a rather dapper looking and slimmed down Terry Chambers. Terry is dressed in a custom suit from Dolce and Gabbana

Gavin Kirkland: Didn’t you use to be fat?

(Terry can’t help but glare at Gavin. That’s not how you open up an interview, and Terry is in no mood to sling insults and play games.)

Terry Chambers: How about you just ask me about my match or something?

Gavin Kirkland: I mean, I could, but I would much rather find out what it’s like being romantically linked to the Interwire Champion, Consuela Rose Ava.

Terry Chambers: Consuela and I are not, nor have we ever been, romantically involved. She’s someone I have a tremendous amount of respect for and someone who has become a good friend of mine this season.

Gavin Kirkland: How good of a friend inquiring minds want to know.

Terry Chambers: :skip: I mean it’s obvious the two of us have a lot in common seeing as how we both have kids the same age. We are both traveling all the time and miss some important stuff that happens in our children’s lives. It was natural we found ourselves drawn to one another and I appreciate Consuela. Now, where we stand after I take the Interwire Championship off her, I’m not sure. Camille warned me Consuela would take this match to heart and she did just that. I can’t go back and change how things have gone down in the build up, and I’m not sure if I would want too. There’s no real room for sensitivity in wrestling and Consuela’s always been criticised for being a little too sensitive. Hopefully she won’t hold it against me when I beat, because I enjoy spending time around her and I would hate for a match and a championship to ruin that.

Gavin Kirkland: Spoken like a true simp.

Terry Chambers: I will beat the fuck out of. :skip:

(Gavin flashes a worried look into the camera.)

Gavin Kirkland: You know something? I think Jake Mercer is with one of our Cash in the Vault competitors. Uhhh Jake, you ready bud? Take it away…

(Gavin gets the hell away from Terry and Jake is seen standing with one of the favorites to grab the briefcase this weekend, ‘The Leading Lady’ Darcy May Morgan.)

Jake Mercer: The Dropkick Darling :blessed: :blessed: :blessed:

(A cocky smile crosses Darcy’s face.)

Darcy May Morgan: It is indeed a blessed day!

(Darcy looks absolutely amazing in a beaded, pale yellow gown with billowing skirt and delicate cap sleeves from Valentino.)

Jake Mercer: How excited are you to compete in your first ever high profile Pain for Pride match?

Darcy May Morgan: I am beyond excited. When you think of where I started this season, which was pushing Kassidy Heart to her absolute limit, to where I am now… which is one ladder climb away from securing myself a Universal Women’s Championship reign, I’m just ready. I’m ready! I don’t know how else to describe my feeling towards it. I came within centimeters of breaking up Raven’s submission on Kensingten and changing this year’s main event for the women, but I have every belief in myself that I’m going to be an even greater Universal Women’s Champion than either of them. My time is coming and once I get my hands on that briefcase and I’m holding it in the air, I want Minerva or Raven, whomever has the championship after this is over, to have eyes in the back of their heads. You never know when ‘The Leading Lady’ will decide to strike and cash in her prize.

(Darcy’s voice is teasing, but everyone watching knows how serious she is.)

Jake Mercer: I’m not going to lie, I hope you come back to Dynasty next season, Darcy, but do you have any preference as to where you end up in the draft?

Darcy May Morgan: I do not, because ultimately I’m going to be a star on whatever brand I go too. Dynasty has been good to me and I wouldn’t trade my time on it for anything. I have learned a lot, and I have grown tremendously. I’m very pleased with how my season has gone, even though there were ups and downs. All were necessary to get me where I am right now, and that’s in a position to make the biggest statement of the weekend. I’ve never been more prepared for a match in my life. My work ethic is second to none. So whichever brand does get me, they’re getting the hardest working woman in the lockerroom.

Jake Mercer: Thank you for your time, Darcy.

(Darcy grins and walks off to talk to some members of the British press.)

(It pans to Persephone Tsitspas with her next guest.)

Persephone Tsitspas: Earlier tonight, Jake talked with the PURE Champion, but right here with me I got his challenger with me. Ladies and gentlemen, here is ALL of Xander Payne and his wife, Payton! 

(Xander and Payton Payne enter the camera frame. Xander is wearing a black suit from Gucci while Payton is wearing a red floral white layered mini dress. The married couple are looking at each other with smiles on their faces.)

Persephone Tsitspas: Okay, so I need to ask the big question that people wanna know — Xander, are you REALLY 159 pounds?

Xander Payne: Did Gavin Kirkland make you ask that question? I swear, when I get my hands on that —

Payton Payne: Relax, Xander. We got this suit tailored and we don’t need you to mess it up. Save it for Jake Smith this weekend.

Persephone Tsitspas: Speaking of Jake Smith, at Pain for Pride, you got yourself an opportunity at the PURE Championship and earlier in this red carpet, Jake had some comments towards you. Did you catch them?

Xander Payne: First off, it’s PAYNE for Pride, you dumb fucking bitch. Second, I could care less about what Clown Smith said earlier on in this programing. We all know that his cookie-cutter second reign is on borrowed time and it ends at Payne for Pride. Jake may believe that he has the upper hand going into the match since he’s the PURE Champion and has been wrestling the style for a majority of this season, but I BREATHE pure wrestling and that’s something that these people may be shocked to comprehend because there is no one as proficient in the art of pure wrestling than me. I’m not called a “Wrestling Genius” for nothing. It wasn’t just a nickname to call myself, but I back it up each time I step inside a ring. This is the type of wrestling that I thrive in and people will see it first hand at Payne for Pride. At Payne for Pride, these people will finally be a PURE Champion that won’t face mediocre competition and devalue the prestige at the championship. They will have a champion that will elevate the title as I find my spot on the throne as a PURE Wrestling God.

Persephone Tsitspas: Don’t call me a dumb fucking bitch, you obese motherfucker. Second of all, Payton, you really going to stand there and smile as this bitch talks down on women?

(Before Payton Payne goes over to respond, Xander uses his hand to block the microphone.)

Xander Payne: Payton doesn’t need to waste her time talking to people like you. I believe this little interview is over.

(Xander Payne escorts Payton Payne off the camera shot leaving Persephone Tsitspas fuming.)

(The camera pans to Gavin Kirkland with his next guest.)

Gavin Kirkland: Yikes, Persephone. Xander was a giant cunt to you, but, let’s move on with this red carpet. Next, I have a Hall of Famer who will be squaring off against Lethal Consequences at Pain for Pride! TLA, how are you doing, amigo? 

(TLA gets in the camera shot as he has a poon on each side of him. The poons are wearing really slutty and tight evening gowns for the event. Meanwhile, TLA is wearing a nice black suit from Giorgio Armani. TLA wears a huge, but calm smile on his face.)

TLA: We up in this bitch, Gavin. We in the Hall of Fame, but I ain’t here as someone to watch the event. I’m here to be inducted! That’s something I never thought was gunna be possible. I got a lot of haters in my career and they always tried to put me down, so tonight means a lot for me. I’m glad that all of my hard work is being recognized by the real ones who have gotten me in this position today. Life is too short to be focusing on them haters. Think about the ones that luv and respect you and all that shit.

Gavin Kirkland: Now, you got  yourself a match against Lethal Consequences at Pain for Pride. How are you feeling going to a match against a fellow Hall of Famer like LC?

TLA: All of this started because I broke LC’s laptop. To LC, that seems to be the biggest crime to happen to him all season, but he might as well get that shit to Geek Squad and they’ll be able to have it up and runnin’ in no time. It’s nothing to be angry about. To be honest, I’m kinda surprised that this old head knows how to use a laptop. When Abuela Pantera tried to use a laptop a while back, she didn’t even know how to turn that shit on. :mjlol:

Gavin Kirkland: :mjlol:

TLA: Nah, but I’m looking forward to stealing the show with LC, but he gotta know that he’s dealin’ with the hardest working motherfucker to step to these streets. There is no one that is beasting and feasting like I do. I’ve moved on from that mess with his laptop. I say that he does the same thing. His focus should be on tryin’ to defeat me at Pain for Pride. He should be focused on not trying to get his pasty ass beating by La Pantera Sexual. I’m not gunna be holding back for anyone, not even LC. We are gonna get through this match. I give zero fucks on if I have to carry his bitch ass into a five star classic, but we get through this match no matter if he wants too or not. 

Gavin Kirkland: All the luck to you, TLA this weekend and it seems like Jake Mercer’s got a couple guests with him.

(The camera opens to Jake Mercer, who is standing by with the Answers World Champion, Mr. DEDEDE, and his wife, the National Elite Champion, Kassidy Heart, who actually appears to be The Mauler tonight. Mr. DEDEDE wears an extremely expensive, custom made by hand, tailored Brioni suit. Mr. DEDEDE’s color scheme tonight is black and maroon. His pants are black, as is his silk dress shirt, but his coat is done in maroon plaid, and his tie is solid, done in the same shade of maroon. Kassidy is a shocking image next to him in customer Alexander McQueen. Her dress is nothing more than a slip of sheer, netted beaded material that has a fully lined bodice style top that Kassidy has been laced into. The skirt flares at her hips and under the dress, covering her backside is a pair of lined bikini style bottoms done in the same fabric of the dress and fully lined, much like part of the bodice has been. To complete the outfit, Kassidy is wearing a full face mask done in the same fabric of the dress that shows how heavily lined her eyes are. The mouthpiece of the mask includes little bars, much like her Hannibal Lecter ring mask has. The dress leaves very little to the imagination, and shows off Kassidy’s new physique. She’s obviously leaner, with more muscle definition.)

Jake Mercer: Well this is shocking. I don’t think any of us expected The Mauler to show up tonight.

(DEDEDE chuckles, his hand resting on the small of his wife’s back.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Well this one had a little incident at the Performance Center last night and I decided not to take any chances with her. We can’t have The Mauler attempting to feast again before Pain for Pride begins. Besides, the mask serves its purpose when it comes to humbling my wife and reminding her to behave herself.

Jake Mercer: Well tonight I know yo-

(Mr. DEDEDE holds up his hand.)

Mr. DEDEDE: We’re not going to focus on the ceremony. We’ll get there when we get there. Focus on Pain for Pride. I’m sure there are quite a few things that inquiring minds want to know.

Jake Mercer: :mjgrin: Well ‘The War to End All Wars’ has been everything people have wanted it to be and then some so far. I know you said yourself that you don’t really give a damn about what the people want and you plan to win the match however you can. Don’t you think it would be more fulfilling to perhaps win in a more, I don’t know, dominant fashion?

Mr. DEDEDE: :mjlol: Do I look like a man who gives a damn about how I win? A win is a win, and it sends the man who so badly wants to be ‘The Ace’ straight to the unemployment line. You know something, though, Jake. I heard a rumor earlier today that O’Hara is carrying a dead body around. I truly hope that I get to see the charred remains of Cameron Ella Ava, whatever’s left of her, at Pain for Pride too so she can witness her husband’s career go up in flames just like she did.

Jake Mercer: :wow:!

Mr. DEDEDE: Either way, a wise man knows when the deck has been stacked against him. So the hype means nothing, people’s expectations mean less. I could give a damn about going into Pain for Pride to impress you, so long as I leave Pain for Pride victorious. Everybody seems to believe my injury is a result of karma, for the things I’ve done, primarily to Jamie’s wife. Apparently to some it’s poetic justice that I would tear my MCL and nearly miss my ticket to Pain for Pride by inches. I will prove that karma is bullshit, justice belongs to those who can carry out swift justice. I will laugh last, and I will laugh best. And I will be laughing over Cam and Jamie’s dead bodies.

(Jake turns his attention towards Kassidy, preparing to ask her about her championship against Sienna Jade.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Nah, nah. See. You direct whatever you want to say to her, to me. She’s got nothing to offer to this conversation.

(Jake looks a little startled, but Kassidy doesn’t react. She remains stoic and silent by Mr. DEDEDE’s side.)

Jake Mercer: Alrighty then. Well it goes without saying that your wife’s match against her tag team partner and friend, Sienna Jade, has turned extremely personal despite the effort not to play right into Chris Elite’s hands. How has Kassidy been handling that?

Mr. DEDEDE: Effort? What effort? Sienna Jade asked for trouble, and now she’s got it. My wife has been working diligently in her efforts to prepare herself for this match. She has been put through the ringer, worked like a dog, put through some of the cruelest and most grueling training a human being can endure, and as a result is in the best shape of her career.

(Mr. DEDEDE grips Kassidy’s forearm and turns her around, showing her off at every angle.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Kassidy has gone from a workhorse to a thoroughbred race horse, tamed only by the hands of her master, but ready to trample anyone who stands between her and the finish line. The training my wife has been subject to may appear excessive and unnecessary, it’s exactly what I would expect from the weak and feeble, the dumbest and densest. However building her body is only half the battle, the other half is building character. To be a true champion in this company, busting out 60 million movez and being a so-called “workhorse” doesn’t cut it. A title only means as much as the human being that is carrying it. The reason why Kassidy Heart is the luckiest woman in EAW bar none is because unlike Jamie O’Hara’s, or even men that I respect such as the Rex’s and Imp’s of EAW, I will stop at NOTHING to better my partner. My investment. As a competitor, as a specimen, and as a human being. I will mold her in my image, continuing teaching her and instilling in her the tools she will use to become who she’s destined to be, and I will do so by using the same firm, harsh hand that I have been using if necessary.

(Mr. DEDEDE looks down at Kassidy, who is staring at him with her big green eyes. It’s the first real look they have given one another in more than two weeks.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Sienna Jade may talk a load of shit but the fact is instead of taking shots and bringing my name up, when I didn’t have a thing to say about her, she should look in the mirror. Look at the people around her, and ask herself who are the ones who would stop at nothing, and go beyond some locker room pep talk to ensure her betterment. I know one person who was there for her, and she let Chris Elite play her into turning against that person. Now that very same person is going to be coming for her head, and it wouldn’t surprise me if The Mauler brings its fangs out and I won’t be there to bring it to heel.

Jake Mercer: Well said, Gawd. Thank you for your time and good luck to the both of you this weekend.

(DEDEDE nudges Kassidy forward and the two make their way into the venue. The camera then cuts to Persephone.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: I would have never worn these shoes if I had known I would be standing for so long. Thank God this shit is almost over so come on in Jack Ripley. Let’s get this over with. Who’s this plain faced bitch with you?

(Jack Ripley and his wife, Emma, exchange looks with one another, clearly annoyed at Persephone’s obvious rudeness. Jack wears a nice black Givenchy coat and pants, with a dark green dress shirt and no tie. His sweet looking wife wears a pretty fit and flare gown by Zuhair Murad done in a pale pink.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: Actually, it doesn’t matter because no one really cares. What people want to know is how does it feel going another year without winning a world championship?

Jack Ripley: I can only assume you are referring to how I came up short at Road to Redemption, and I have already given my thoughts on that. I’m not going to dwell in the past or continue to be plagued about it. I’m pushing forward, full steam ahead, and that starts this weekend when I win the Cash in the Vault briefcase. I’ve had such an incredible year, but the biggest prize in our business has continued to elude me. I’ve had two chances to win a world title now, and both times I came up short. It sucks, but that’s the way it works sometimes. Getting my hands on that briefcase is going to ensure that I get to choose when and where my next title shot takes place.

Persephone Tsitsipas: I mean, you could always fail your cash in assuming you don’t choke in your attempt to win the match.

Jack Ripley: But I won’t because I firmly believe it’s my destiny to be a world champion in Season 14. I have done everything else in this sport. I have won the Unified Tag Team Championships on multiple occasions. I have held the Hardcore, PURE, and National Elite Championships. I’ve been a King of the Ring finalist. It’s time to take that next step. It’s that I secure my place in history as the man who not only conquered the tag team division, but he stepped out on his own and conquered the whole world.

(Persephone rolled her eyes.)

Persephone Tsitsipas: That’s cute. Anyways, good luck and stuff, I guess. There’s going to be a lot of competition in the Cash in the Vault match this weekend, and you are going to have like a massive fight on your hands.

Jack Ripley: That’s fine with me. I sat back for like four months just waiting to throw myself back into the mix. I want the fight. I’m not exactly shying away from it.

Persephone Tsitsipas: Alrighty then, little trooper! Good luck to ya!

(It’s Persephone who walks away from Jack and Emma, and Emma Ripley makes a face at her husband.)

Emma Ripley: She’s a real bitch.

(The camera pans to Gavin Kirkland with his next guests.)

Gavin Kirkland: I love who I’m with right now. :mjlit: I got two goth queens with me. For a majority of this season, these two ran roughshod over the tag team division; however, at Pain for Pride, both of them have common goals to accomplish. One of my guests will be fighting in the Specialists Scramble and the other one will be putting up her Universal Women’s Championship on the line. Constance, Minerva, it’s more than my pleasure to have you here with me. 

(Heavenly Hell, Constance Blevins and the Universal Women’s Champion, Minerva appear in the camera frame. Constance is wearing a simple, long, gown by Alice + Olivia. Minerva is wearing a black lace dress with a v-neckline, also from the same designer as Constance. Both of the women exchange smirks at each other before looking at Gavin. Minerva begins to smirk at Gain in a seductive matter.)

Minerva: No, Gavin, it’s OUR pleasure to join you. :mjlit:

Constance Blevins: Minnie, relax. We aren’t here to cause any trouble tonight.

Minerva: Who says anything about trouble? I’ll be on my best behavior. :mjgrin:

Gavin Kirkland: Constance, trouble is something that you’ve been a bit familiar with since you return to EAW on the night after Gateway to Glory. You attacked the Specialists Champion, Sarah Price and made your intentions for her title very clear. 

Constance Blevins: It’s pretty clear that I’m not playing around going into my title match against Sarah. I thought my season was taken away from me at Under Siege. Many people thought my season was taken away from me, but I busted my butt to make sure that I got to Pain for Pride. I would be insane to miss out on Pain for Pride. Seeing Minerva kill it as Universal Women’s Champion and her complete rise to the standard as a singles star was one of the reasons why I wanted to return. I wanted for people to realize that I am not here to play games. I am not the same Constance Blevins who let people push her around. I’m the Constance Blevins who will push back a million times harder if it comes to that. Sarah Price needs to realize that this reign of her’s isn’t going to be simple with me lingering around, waiting to strike at any given opportunity. With plenty of women that Sarah’s going to need to worry about, someone’s gonna strike and that woman is going to be me.

Gavin Kirkland: I love this new found confident and mean streak, Constance. I find it very sexy. As for the lovely Minerva, you’re defending the Universal Women’s Championship, but you’ve taken things a bit more personal with Raven Roberts.

Minerva: Well, Gavin, it’s been well-known that Raven Roberts is damaged goods. Raven has made it clear this week that this is personal for me. I’ve seen her threatened to crack my skull open, how my body will be broken. She’s also threatened my life. This match is more personal to her than it is for me, but does she think that it’s smart to be entering a match as an emotional mess? I don’t think so. For someone who has never been able to defeat me, I don’t think that’s the smartest approach to go with in this match. She’s going into this match with a fight. She’s going to give an excellent fight. In her heart, she believes that she’s going to get that fairytale happy ending, but she needs to realize that it doesn’t exist in this company. It’s going to be someone like me who exits Philadelphia as the Universal Women’s Champion. The result in this match isn’t going to be the one that makes people happy. Oh no, they are hoping that Raven gets her happy ending, but I am going to make sure that it doesn’t happen and my reign continues beyond this event. 

Constance Blevins: After Pain for Pride, I will be Specialists Champion. Minerva will remain as Universal Women’s Champion and we’ll dominate the entire women’s division. Simple as that.

Gavin Kirkland: Both of you are very confident and that’s attractive. Thank you for your time, Constance and Minerva.

(The scene pans to an Ahren Fournier, who is more than late for this event. He is wearing a black Giorgio Armani suit. He has Jennipurr in his position in one of those backpacks that carry the baby inside, but Jennipurr has made herself comfortable in it. Ahren has one of those garment bags in which he has another outfit inside of it. He tries to make his way towards the backstage, but is stopped by Jake Mercer.)

Jake Mercer: Ahren! I’ve been looking for you all night! Where have you been?

Ahren Fournier: My outfit came a bit later than expected. It needed some last minute tailoring, which could explain why I just showed up by now. You see, I’m not some person who just rushes to get an outfit tailored. It needs time to get all of that done, but I am here, fashionably late and ready to be inducted tonight.

Jake Mercer: How does it feel to get inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Ahren Fournier: I really didn’t have time to process it because that bih Ryan Wilson had Jennipurr snatched away from Animal Control and cost me MY main event against Mr. DEDEDE! I am still very steamed about that, but now that I’ve had time to process all of that. It brings me joy that people are acknowledging the hard work of The GOAT. I’ve already known that I was great. I am a huge upgrade from all the trash people who have gotten to the Hall of Fame before me. Scott Oasis? Trash. Jacob Sennto Muerte? Trash. Madison Kaline? Trash. The Hall of Fame needed a GOAT in myself to elevate the prestige of the class. Ryan Wilson has doubted my spot in the Hall of Fame, but who the fuck gave this woat the right to speak about that? 

Jake Mercer: You will be facing Ryan Wilson in a Hardcore Match at Pain for Pride. How do you feel going into the match?

Ahren Fournier: I still believe that I should be main eventing Pain for Pride, but it’s going to be nice to whoop Ryan Wilson all around the ring. He has made poor Jennipurr suffer so much by his cruel acts at Odyssey. He has tried to make her look like a monster, when she was someone who was just minding her own business and being unproblematic. This death of Ryan Wilson will be dedicated to Jennipurr. I promise to her that I am going to handle the mean ole Ryan Wilson and avenge her. He is going to learn that with all of that power, it’s inevitable that someone is going to retaliate in some sort of way and I get to do that at Pain for Pride. I was the GOAT Hardcore Champion once upon a time and going back to those roots is going to be satisfying for me.

Jake Mercer: Ahren, thank you for having the time to speak to us! Congratulations on the Hall of Fame again and best of luck to you at Pain for Pride! 

(Out of completely nowhere, Ryan Wilson rushes behind Ahren Fournier to blindside him! Jake Mercer races out of the way to avoid the two men clashing! Ahren manages to turn himself around and connect with a hip toss, but Ryan is able to catch himself to his feet! He delivers an elbow shot to Ahren’s face, which staggers him back! Jennipurr is completely freaking out as he is still in his little backpack on Ahren’s chest. Ryan rushes towards him, but Ahren manages to nail him with a Protect Ya Neck out of nowhere. Ryan is laid out as Ahren adjusts his suit and Jennipurr before smirking at Ryan who is already down.)

Ahren Fournier: Ryan, what are you doing? The show is about to begin! Get up and find your seat! I wouldn’t want you to miss my speech. :mjgrin:

(Ahren Fournier is done with giving Ryan Wilson any attention and finally goes inside the backstage halls with the other Hall of Famers and their inductees. The last shot is of Ryan Wilson holding the back of his neck in pain.)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Showdown 6/19/20

2020 EAW Hall of Fame