EAW Hall of Fame 2018 Inductee #4

EAW has announced on its social media that legendary stable, Generation Genesis, made up of Impact, Lethal Consequences, Hurricane Hawk and its founder CM Banks, will be entering the EAW Hall of Fame Class of 2018!

It started with CM Banks, the founder and creator of EAW who at the time seemed to be virtually untouchable as the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. He would seek out three representatives of EAW’s hierarchy who were capable of respectively carrying the EAW franchise on their back. This brought Y2Impact into the fold, the lion of the group who had just come to prominence the year before by winning multiple World Championships and obtaining triple crown status, and was just beginning to hit an Elitist of the Year winning stride. Lethal Consequences, a man familiar with being World Champion, served the group faithfully as the enforcer and found massive success along the way. Last but certainly not least; Hurricane Hawk came into the fold as the prodigy and personal understudy to Banks, and he would be personally groomed to lead EAW as the face of his generation in the following years.

Their dynamic run as a unit in the year of 2010-2011 restructured the EAW landscape, and the four have garnered a dozen World Championships in their overall careers. Congratulations to the soon to be two-time Hall of Famers for joining Jamie O’Hara, Brody Sparks and Madison Kaline in this year’s Hall of Fame. VIDEO BELOW:




Written by Fight Grid

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