EAW 2K21 Legend Edition Revealed Plus Rivalry Mode Details Announced

In today’s update regarding the upcoming official EAW video game, still scheduled to release on holiday 2020 on both consoles and PC, we discuss the “Legend Edition” of EAW 2K21. This exclusive version of the video game includes the base game plus bonus digital content detailed below.

The Legend Edition of EAW 2K21 includes a bonus story mode featuring Heart Break Boy. This story mode is going to include all the major highlights of HBB’s career, such as the following:

– Defeating ADV and Vic Vendetta at Grand Rampage in a triple threat match to become EAW Champion
– Defending EAW Championship against Extreme Enigma at Pain 4 Pride
– Competing at Pain for Pride 5 in a match-up against Ronn Banks
– Competing at Reckless Wiring in a match against Mr. DEDEDE
– Defeating Mister K at King of Extreme to capture first EAW World title
– Facing off against Mak at Reasonable Doubt in one of his most iconic feuds
– In CWF, defeating Bottomline to become youngest CWF World Heavyweight Champion
– Competing in a classic match against StarrStan at Pain for Pride 3 where HBB, including the unforgettable, post match moment in which HBB attacked StarrStan with a Superkick
– Competing in a Last Man Standing match against Impact on Dynasty
– Defeating Masters to become first-ever ACW Corruption World Heavyweight Champion
– Defeating Koumidiator to become AWA World Heavyweight Champion

As Bonus content for every player, EAW 2K21 will also feature exclusive HBB attires related to his time with Dynasty X and Project EGO, including bonus unlockable costumes for some of his most iconic allies such as Cleopatra, POP and many more.

In the Developer diary, the EAW 2K21 Universe Mode was also discussed. In particular, we took a deep dive in the new and innovative “Rivalry Mode”, which allows the player to take active control of their favorite EAW Elitist and engage in fully written, visual novel styled, dialogues taking place in different settings and location such as the backstage area, the parking lot and many more.

As shown by the screenshots below, the new dialogue system will allow players to further expand on the story of their beloved characters and play out rivalries in a much deeper and more immersive way thanks to over 50.000 lines of dialogue written specifically for this mode alone.

Stay tuned for further updates concerning EAW 2K21, including the highly anticipated roster reveal.

Written by Helen Delacroix

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