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Dynasty 7/6/2018

(EAW’s Opening Video Plays)…

(A highlight video package showcasing Pain For Pride is shown. The package ends with Darkane triumphantly standing with the Answers World Championship lifted high in the air)

(Dynasty’s opening video is aired as “Babylon” by Ekali feat. Denzel Curry plays. The camera zooms into the arena as a barrage of red and white pyro shoots up from the stage and down from the rafters. The camera pans around the thousands of screaming fans in attendance before settling in on Stew-O and Talib Bari at ringside smiling)


Bari: I THINK THAT’S AN UNDERSTATEMENT STEW!! I was walking backstage earlier tonight and this place is almost UNRECOGNIZABLE! An influx of new talent, a complete and total brand makeover! But one thing that is the same… StarrStan is STILL the General Manager of Dynasty!

(“2nd Sucks” by A Day to Remember hits as StarrStan approaches the stage in a salt and pepper suit. There’s a confidence on his face, that confidence remains unshaken as he’s met with a plethora of boos from the crowd)


Stephie Love: Ladies and Gentlemen… please welcome… The General Manager of Friday Night Dynasty… STARRRRRSTTTTANNNN!!

(Starr grabs a microphone and enters the ring as the music begins to die down)

Starr: Second chances. I don’t believe in them, I’ve never believed in them. If you fail then you fail and you have to start all over again. That’s always how it was when I was growing up so I adopted that mindset. But… I’ve given a second chance as your General Manager of Dynasty.

(A loud mixed reaction swells up in the crowd)

Starr: I know… I know. It wasn’t a popular decision, there’s a lot of you here tonight and a lot watching at home that don’t agree with Ashten Cross’ decision. And I’ll be honest with you all, for a fleeting moment last Saturday night… I was with you. I fully expected to walk down that ramp and face the music. I wanted to. I was miserable, I was sick and I was tired of this job. But as Cross kept talking, I had a bit of an epiphany.

Starr: New beginnings. Those I believe in. I don’t consider this a second chance or the opportunity to right wrongs, this is a new, a fresh start, a new slate. What happened in the past no longer matters and tonight we usher in a new era right here on Dynasty….

…And this new era will be led by me. I’m taking back MY show.

Starr: I’m restoring order tonight, right here and right now. No one is safe, nobody back there is untouchable no matter how much they might think they are. It’s my show and it’s my rules and if you don’t follow them, you will be dealt with accordingly.

(The crowd reacts half heartedly)

Starr: Oh what you don’t believe me?? This just another empty promise from StarrStan? Alright fine. Believe what you’re gonna believe, my actions will speak louder than my words ever can. Don’t listen with your ears, watch with your eyes.

(StarrStan tosses the microphone down and exits the ring as his theme music picks back up. The camera fades out into commercial as he looks back at the ring from the top of the ramp)

(Commercial break)

(Stephie Love stands in the center of the ring.)

Stephie: The following match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Colchester England, weighing in at one hundred and sixty nine pounds, The Ungovernable KMK!

(“Love like Blood” by Blitzkid plays as KMK walks down the ramp, he slaps a couple hands of fans on his way to the ring.)

Stew-O: This is the debut of KMK, a second generation wrestler out of England who is looking to make his mark on EAW and prove he’s more than just his father’s son!

Talib: For sure, Stew, this guy wrestles in a mix of Japanese Puroresu and British Strong style in a way that is sure to shatter some teeth, maybe even some of Ashton’s!

(As KMK’s music dies down, Stephy announces the next wrestler.)

Stephy: And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, now residing in Hollywood, California, The Artist Ashton Thomas!

(“Bad Reputation” by Adelitas Way plays as Beautiful Ashton Thomas walks down the ramp, largely ignoring the fans as they boo him.)

Stew-O: Ashton has undergone a remarkable change since Pain for Pride, The Artist Formerly Known as Nemesis has seemingly completely turned his life around after losing his face paint to Terry. He now claims he wants to remake all of Dynasty in his own vision of “Beautiful”

Talib: Man, this guy went from strange to weird! I’m pretty sure that losing his paint broke his brain. This is a fresh season, though, we’ll see how a new start does for ‘The Artist”. Okay, looks like the official is about to call for the bell starting this match!


Stew-O: KMK meets Ashton in the center of the ring, both men running their mouths. That won’t last long though, STIFF forearm from KMK right into the mush of Ashton! Oh, wait, KMK hangs on and is driving repeated forearms into him!

Talib: The Artist better watch out, if KMK keeps those forearms up he’ll have to start calling himself the Artist Formerly Known as Beautiful! Oh! Eye poke from Ashton, and KMK stumbles back to the corner, trying to get the blurriness out of his vision! Ashton follows him into the corner and climbs to the middle rope!

Stew-O: Ashton is raining punches down on the disoriented KMK!! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! WOW! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN! TEN PUNCHES!! The referee pulls Ashton off KMK, who slumps in the corner trying to recover from both the illegal eye poke and the flurry of punches in the corner.

Talib: Looks like Ashton isn’t done yet though! He’s going back to the corner! No! KMK grabs Ashton by the hair and delivers a headbutt right into his face, driving Ashton back out of the corner! Ashton comes back at KMK, but is met with an armdrag! Just as Ashton reaches his feet he’s met with a dropkick to the face! OH MAN! The crowd is going crazy for KMK now as he starts building some steam!

Stew-O: Let’s see what he can do with it, KMK slips behind Ashton and locks in a full nelson position to deliver a snap dragon suplex! Ashton is down, and the new comer isn’t looking to waste any time as he goes for the pin!


Ashton gets his shoulder up at 2, KMK’s been impressive so far, but it’ll take more than that to keep him down! KMK is pulling Ashton to his feet…NO! Takedown from Ashton, and he’s locked KMK in the Beautifier, the Koji Clutch is locked in tight! KMK is gonna have to decide real quick just how bad he wants this!

Talib: Rope Break! Looks like the Beautifier was more a desperation move than anything else, and KMK was able to just make the ropes, causing the referee to break the hold. Ashton pulls himself along the bottom rope to the far corner where he makes his way to his feet. KMK is still down, but moving as the official checks on him. Ashton had locked that Beautifier in tight, KMK might need a minute to recover! Too bad Ashton isn’t gonna give it to him as he comes charging out of the corner with a head of steam!

Stew-O: No! KMK moves at the last moment and Ashton crashes into the referee, knocking him out of the ring! The official is down! KMK takes the opportunity to whip Ashton to the far rope, here it comes off the rebound, Pretty Vacant Driver! Ashton is down, rolled over on his stomach, he seems to be holding it, looks like he might have been hurt there, Talib!

Talib: Looks that way, and now KMK, firmly in control, gives the high sign, he’s calling for the Hate Digester! KMK pulls Ashton to his feet and – NO! Ashton hits KMK right in the jaw with a pair of brass knuckles! KMK is down and out as Ashton tucks the illegal weapon back into his tights. He wasn’t hurt at all! Oh, what’s this? Ashton goes outside the ring to revive the referee. He rolls the official back into the ring, then, lifting the still unconscious KMK to his feet, gives a high sign of his own! He puts KMK in the powerbomb position, then lifts him onto his shoulder! This is it! ASHES TO ASHES! The backbreaker drives what little life if left in KMK from his body as Ashton makes the pin.



Stew-O: That’s it! Ashton followed up that brass knuckle shot with Ashes to Ashes to put the brakes on KMK’s debut match! The Artist has started Season 12 strong, now let’s see if he can keep it up!

(Ashton Thomas exits the ring and makes his way back up the ramp as “Bad Reputation” plays and the official checks on KMK.)

(Commercial break)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following is a Fatal 5 Way and it is for the #1 Contendership to the EAW Hardcore Championship!!!

(“I Like It” by Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin hits to boos from the crowd.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first from Beverly Hills, California weighing in at 240 pounds… “PICTURE PERFECT” MARRRRRRRRRRRK MICHAELS!!!

(“Young and Bitter” by Hot Tag Media hits to boos from the crowd.)

Stephie Love: And from Atlanta, Georgia weighing in at 205 pounds LUCAS “WRESTLING MACHINE” JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHNSON!!!

(“Indestructible” by Disturbed hits to cheers from the crowd.)

Stephie Love: And from Parts Unknown weighing in at 240 pounds “THE FORTHCOMING OF DARKNESS” ERRRRRRRRRRRRREBUS JENNINGS!!!

(“DUST” by Tremonti hits to cheers from the crowd.)

Stephie Love: And from Brooklyn, New York weighing in at 235 pounds… “THE DEVIL INCARNATE” KEVIN HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNTER!!!

(“Psyched Out” by The Supersuckers hits to a mixed reaction from the crowd.)

Stephie Love: And from Montreal, Quebec, Canada weighing in at 200 pounds… RYAN WILSSSSSSSONNNNNNNNNN!!!

(All five men are in the ring as the referee calls for the bell.)

Stew: The ring is packed!

Bari: Here we go!


Stew: We are underway as Erebus Jennings immediately charges Ryan Wilson as he is just entering the ring and knocks him over the top rope! Wilson tumbles out to the outside landing on the back of his head as he lays dn wilsonown on the mat!

Bari: He just got knocked the hell out! Meanwhile in the ring Kevin Hunter and Lucas Johnson are locking up! Oh and Mark Michaels taking down Erebus Jennings from behind! Erebus was still focused on Ryan Wilson and Michaels was waiting for that chance to strike! Kevin Hunter and Lucas Johnson now grappling it up in the ring Johnson slips in behind Hunter as he tries to drag him back but Hunter holds onto the ropes! Hunter turns around and takes Lucas Johnson down with a Running Enzuigiri!

Stew: Meanwhile Michaels from behind on Erebus Jenning with a Back Drop! NO! Erebus flipped free! Erebus shoves Michaels forward just as Ryan Wilson is climbing up on the apron! Michaels charges in clobbering Wilson in the face with a forearm! Wilson falls back out to the outside! Michaels turns around… and a clothesline by Erebus Jennings takes him down! The crowd is fired up for Erebus!

Bari: Kevin Hunter still in control of Lucas Johnson as Lucas playing possum only to drag Kevin down into the corner! Lucas now stomping away at Kevin in the corner as he waits for him to get up… and a Running Knee Strike into the corner connects! Lucas now going up to the top rope… but Kevin is back up and punches him in the face! Kevin now climbing the ropes as well after Lucas… Wait look out it’s Erebus!

Stew: Kevin Hunter going for the Superplex but Erebus sneaking in and grabbing him by the legs!!!! Erebus pulls him forward as he connects with the Powerbomb at the same time that Kevin hits the Superplex! What a devastating combination! Wait Mark Michaels slipping into the ring as he goes for the cover on Lucas Johnson!



Bari: But Erebus breaks up the pin! Erebus pounding at the back of Mark Michaels as he grabs him and sends him shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Mark falls back out into the ring as Erebus begins to pummel him. Erebus grabs Mark by the arm as he pulls him up only to knock him right back down with a vicious Clothesline! Erebus stomping away at Mark Michaels on the ground as the crowd is loving every minute of it!

Stew: Meanwhile Kevin Hunter and Lucas Johnson are back up as they trade strikes in the ring. Hunter seems to be gaining the advantage as he punches his opponent hard staggering him down. Hunter grabs Lucas as he lifts him up above his head… but Lucas hits him hard on the side of the head falling back down! Hunter catches the arm of Lucas as he runs towards the ropes slamming his shoulder over the top rope! Lucas in pain as he holds his arm but Hunter hooks the head and connects with a Suplex!

Bari: Hunter with a series of hard elbow strikes to the skull of Lucas Johnson as Lucas looks to be knocked out! Meanwhile, Erebus is still attacking Mark Michaels in the ring and takes him down with a Reverse DDT as he goes in for the cover!



Stew: The kickout! Wait it’s Ryan Wilson up on the top rope! He leaps off the top just as Mark Michaels kicks out! Erebus moves out of the way but Mark Michaels gets his knees up just in time! Ryan Wilson screams in pain as he rolls across the ring holding his gut! Erebus now grabbing Ryan Wilson as he lights him up with a series of strikes! Ryan Wilson tries to throw a punch of his own but it gets caught by Erebus Jennings! Erebus wrenches the arm pulling Wilson down to the mat! Erebus kicks as hard as he can right into the jaw of Ryan Wilson as he flies backwards to the mat holding his jaw in pain!

Bari: Kevin Hunter looks to have completely destroyed Lucas Johnson as he notices Erebus Jennings and the two stare at each other across the ring. Then they charge in at each other throwing hands! The crowd doesn’t know who to side with here as they continue to beat the hell out of each other! It looks like Kevin Hunter may be gaining the advantage as he battles Erebus back against the ropes! Hunter backs up as he charges in with a Clothesline… but Erebus ducks and sends Kevin to the outside! Erebus runs off the ropes…


Bari: The crowd on edge now as Lucas Johnson and Mark Michaels pull themselves up in the ring. Ryan Wilson getting up as well! Ryan Wilson charges in at Mark Michaels but Lucas Johnson grabs him from behind… Backstabber connects! Ryan Wilson reeling now as Mark Michaels grabs Lucas Johnson and connects with a Spinebuster! Michaels holds onto the legs of Johnson as he slingshots him into the corner! Johnson climbing up to the top rope… Mark Michaels turns around… Lucas with a Flying Crossbody!

Stew: NO! Mark Michaels ducked and Lucas hit the Flying Crossbody on Ryan Wilson! Lucas going right into the pin there!



Bari: But Erebus Jennings on the outside grabbing Lucas by the leg and dragging him out! Erebus and Kevin Hunter now double teaming Lucas Johnson on the outside! Mark Michaels left alone with Ryan Wilson as he turns around and makes the cover!



Stew: The kickout by Ryan Wilson! Both men back up as Ryan begins punching the face of Mark Michaels! Ryan Wilson fighting back now as he has Michaels backed up into the corner! Ryan backs up as he charges in… running Dropkick connects!!!

Bari: Michaels falls down to the mat as Ryan Wilson is waiting for him to get up to his feet… GAME OVER CONNECTS!!!

Stew: NO! Michaels countered it shoving Wilson across the ring! But Wilson lands on his feet and comes right back at Michaels! But Michaels was waiting for him! SCREEN CRACKER CONNECTS!!! The cover!





Stephie Love: Here is your winner… and the new #1 Contender to the EAW Hardcore Championship… MARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK MICHAELSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

(“I Like It” by Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin hits as the crowd is enraged.)

Stew: Well it looks like Mark Michaels did it! The others were too focused on beating up Lucas Johnson that they didn’t realize just how bad off Ryan Wilson was in the ring. Wilson took a lot of punishment and just couldn’t hold on any longer!

Bari: The crowd may not like it but Mark Michaels will now be challenging for the Hardcore Championship! I hope Ventura is ready because Mark Michaels proved he is a true opportunist here tonight winning this Fatal 5 Way!

(Mark Michaels has his arm raised in victory as the camera cuts to a commercial for the EAW 4th of July celebration. We apologize for any fans accidentally set on fire by our fireworks display. It was only partially our intention.)

(Commercial break)

(The camera cuts back to the ring as “Illest Motherfucker Alive” by JAY-Z Kanye West hits as Mr. DEDEDE makes his way through the curtain with his half of the unified tag team championship his waist to a CHORUS of boos.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time… HE IS ONE HALF OF THE UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS AND THE ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CHAIRMAN!!!.. MR. DE!! DE!! DEEEEEEE!!!

(DDD makes his way down the ramp and down to the ring; the sound of boos continue to echo around the arena are so loud that you can barely hear anything else. DDD enters the ring and Stephie Love quickly hands him her microphone and leaves as a vile smirk crosses the face of the chairman.)

DDD: What a BEAUTIFUL night!

(The crowd erupts with boo’s again which only brings the smile back to the face of DDD.)

DDD: Thank you! Thank you! I don’t know where I would be without all your love and support; making sure that my pockets are continuously filled with more money and any of you are going to see in your entire lifetimes! GMC! GMC! GMC! But, in all seriousness, I planned to come out here and rip Cameron Ella Ava’s head off her shoulders after what she did last week – but, I’m in a forgiving mood. Every great partnership has their ups and downs, and it’s getting through those troubles that makes those great teams even stronger. I understand Cameron’s decision; it’s hard to turn your back on everything that brought you to the dance – even when you know it’s the best thing for your career. People worry about what others think of them; they think if they continue to travel down the same road things will eventually change. It doesn’t matter if you were forced to watch others be handed the success that you deserved more than any other name in the division that you helped stay alive when everyone else walked away.


DDD: I’ve spoken with both Theron and Jack and we’ve come to the conclusion that we haven’t pulled our offer off the table. We’ve still happy to put last week behind us and welcome Cameron into the One Percent with open arms—

(“ULTRAnumb” by Blue Stahli hits as Cameron storms out through the curtain with a microphone in hand to an ENORMOUS roar from the thousands in attendance.)

DDD: Cameron! Just the person I wanted to see!

Cameron: Shut the f*ck up.

(Cameron enters the ring as DDD sarcastically offers a hug.)

Cameron: You can’t be serious. Do you REALLY think after last week that I would side with you? After what you did to me? After what you did to JAMIE? You’re delusional.

DDD: Not at all. Sometimes people need harsh lessons before they’re able to make the right decision.

Cameron: I will never side with any of you three. I’m going to make sure that I’m the person that destroys you.

(DDD takes a deep sigh as he shakes his head.)

DDD: I had a lot of faith in you, Cameron. We did everything to make sure that you found success. We made sure that you retained our championships at Wrath of the Dragon and Pain for Pride! We’ve made sure you were in the best position that you could possibly be in – and THIS is how you repay us! I refuse to believe it! You can’t be this stupid.

(DDD laughs as Cameron grits her teeth.)

DDD: Now, you’re going to be all alone. Now, there’s nobody there to save you. Jamie’s gone – we made sure of that. HRDO doesn’t hold the power to overrule us; we’ve the masters of this company, and you’re the woman that gets to play our games that you’re never going to win.

(A big smile crosses the face of DDD.)

DDD: But, let’s not stop us from making this the absolute best team that it possibly can be! I — I have a brilliant idea! The best teams always defend their championships! We take on all comers! We can go from brand to brand beating everyone and maybe you can see how much better things could be!

But who can we face first?

(DDD taps his index finger of his chin as he thinks.)


(Cameron rolls her eyes.)

Cameron: We’re really going to do this…

DDD: THIS is what champions do! We’ll even go to MJ’s brand! We can prove our worth as champions and Dynasty’s superiority! If you can’t do it for us, Cameron or these championships – do it for Jamie. Make Jamie proud.

(Cameron shoots forward.)

DDD: WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! Let’s not do something you’re going to regret. You have a week to prepare; get yourself in the right frame of mind – I know I will be. This isn’t a bad thing, Cameron! This is good thing! Hopefully when it’s all done and we’re still champions, you’ll finally see the light and make the right decision.

(DDD drops his microphone and takes his leave as Cameron stands in the ring; “Illest Motherfucker Alive” picks back up as DDD walks back up the ramp, not looking back at Cameron once before the camera fades to commercial.)

(Commercial break)

(The camera fades back into the arena and up to the face of Stephie Love)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!!!!

(‘A Story To Tell’ by Woe, is me hits as the crowd showers none other than Jack Ripley in a sea of boos. This however doesn’t seem to faze “The Straight Shooter, as he simply heads down the ramp, and enters the ring).

Stephie Love: Introducing first….. From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 202lbs….. JACK RIPLEY!!!!!!

Talib: I tell you, even if Ripley faced a hard challenge in being broken up from his tag team, he’s made his absolute mission to come back from it… and you know what? He has.

Stew: Winning the 24/7 Battle Royale, and allying himself with Theron and DeDeDe in “the 1%”, you gotta hand it to Ripley…. Dastardly as he’s become, he’s also become enough of a predator to carve himself some territory here in EAW.

Talib: Question now is, has Ripley improved enough to be able to successfully use that 24/7 Contract? Or will he face yet another set back? Time to test his might against a new champion on the scene…

(‘Clocks’ by Philip Klein plays, as the audience welcomes the arrival of the caster of dreams with a strong ovation. Johnny Ventura emerges onto the ramp, the title around his waist, as he heads to the ring).

Stephie Love: And his opponent….. From the Heavens Above, weighing in at 220lbs…. He is the EAW Hardcore Champion!!!! JOHNNY!!!!! VENTURA!!!!!!

(Ventura quickly stands on the middle of the turnbuckle, holding up the Hardcore Championship as he asks the crowd…).

Ventura:(Off Mic) WHO….. IS…… NEXT????

Crowd: JACK RIPLEY!!!!

Stew: Ripley looking not at all happy with Ventura right now, but who could blame him? When you’re this hated by the crowd, they tend to dig into your mind a bit. Ventura dropping off the turnbuckle, as he hands Stephie Love the Hardcore Championship…

Talib: Ventura turns back to the center of the rin- DAYLIGHT SLAYING TIM- No, Ripley backs off, Jack Ripley stops just short of what seemed to be an attempt to surprise attack the Hardcore Champion. Ventura appauled, asking “Really?”, but Ripley showing no sign of reaction, as he heads back to his corner.

Stew: Ventura is gonna need to be careful. The 1% are crafty guys, and Ripley just showed he’ll take any opportunity.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!).

Talib: This match up is starting off strong, Ventura and Ripley both approaching the ring center, and a strong lock up!! Ripley’s feeling the pressure though, he is the smaller guy, but it looks like Ripley’s trying to squirm under Johnny’s shoulder to look around to his back- No Dice!!! Johnny pressures down and forces Ripley into the corner!!

Stew: Ventura with a hard knee to Ripley’s stomach, and tries to toss him back into the ring center!!!! But Ripley catches Johnny’s arm, and irish whips him to the opposite corner!! Johnny turns just in time for his back to catch the blow of the turnbuckle, DOUBLE KNEE STRIKE!!!! NO!!!! Johnny counters with a BIG BOOT to Ripley’s chin!!!! Ripley goes SMACK right onto the ring floor!!!

Talib: Ventura now running to the ring ropes, Ripley quickly circling back up to his feet, A running forearm from Ventura!!! Ripley staggers back, Johnny with the rebound off the ropes, he goes after Ripley again- DROP KICK!!!! But Ripley side steps it!!!! Ventura goes flying and lands hard on the ring floor!!! Ripley from behind, trying to lock in some sort of Chokehold!!!

Stew: Johnny’s surprised, but manages to muscle his way to flipping over!!! Ripley simply gets a front facelock on Johnny!!!! OUCH!!! A Knee to the face of the Hardcore Champ!!! A Hard elbow!!! A Chop!!! Ripley’s battering Johnny while he’s locked in, Johnny covering up…. But Ripley’s let go of the hold and backs up… ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD OF VENTURA!!!


(Camera pans over to Johnny, holding ripley’s leg in a single leg hold, shaking his head).


Stew: and some STRONG punches to the downed Ripley!! The One Percenter is covering up,m but Ventura backs off, Ripley trying to sit up- SHORT DROPKICK!!! Right to Ripley’s JAW!!! Ventura knows he’s gotta finish this now, He’s got a lock around Ripley’s head as he pulls him to his feet, SUPERPLEX!!!






Stew: Ripley punching that ring floor in anger, rising right back to his feet. Johnny’s absolutely dazed, but he still sits up- Shoot kick by Ripley!!! Another Shoot Kick!!! And Another!!!!! Four!!!! Five!!!! Six!!! Seven!!!! Ripley finishing off with a twelve to six o’clock elbow right down onto Johnny’s head, sending the hardcore champ face first onto the floor!!! Ripley now grabbing Johnny by his hair..

Ripley: (Off Mic) You think I’m scared of some creepy bastard with kids following him around?!?

Talib: And a HARD RIGHT!!!!! Johnny’s down onto the floor, but Ripley just peels him up, and irish whips him into the corner. Ripley going to the opposite turnbuckle, Oh god, don’t let it be… DAYLIGHT SLAYING TIME!!!!! RIPLEY WITH A CORNER TO CORNER RUNNING KNEE!!!! CRACKING JOHNNY IN THE HEAD- HE’S OUT, HE FALLS BACK, GRIPPING HIS FACE!!!!

Stew: Ripley’s stomping on the floor, soaking in all the negativity, He’s heading to the ring center, beckoking Johnny to stand up!!!!! Ventura just took a running knee to the head, how the hell’s he gonna defend himself?!?! Don’t stand up Johnny!!!!


Stew: Ripley now TRYING to stay wedged, But Ventura rips him out, Ripley groaning as his foot is removed violently from the turnbuckle- JOHNNY HOISTS HIM UP!!!!! RUNNING BRAINBUSTER TO JACK RIPLEY!!!! Ventura Covers!!




Talib: NOW A KICK OUT BY RIPLEY!!!! Johnny’s got no time to be frustrated as he grabs his forehead, still aching from that damn Knee Strike!!! Both these men are going AT IT!!!! BUT RIPLEY FROM BEHIND!!! RIPLEY FROM BEHIND!!!! HE’S TRYING TO LOCK IN A CHOKEHOLD!!! AN R – N – C!!!! RIPLEY AND JOHNNY ARE BOTH RIDING FAST TOWARDS CONCUSSION CITY, BUT JACK’S LOCKED IN THAT CHOKEHOLD AND IS SCREAMING WITH ALL HIS MIGHT FOR JOHN TO TAP!!!

Stew: Ventura SCREAMING as he rises to his feet!!!! Ripley trying to use his weight to keep Johnny grounded, but Ventura feels that chokehold calling, he powers up!!!! Ripley cranking down, and Johnny drops to a knee, he can’t break RIpley’s locked hands, so what’s he…. Johnny ducking his head, is he out…. Is he gonna… VENTURA RUNS FORWARD, AND MESSILY DRIVES RIPLEY’S HEAD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!!! RIPLEY IS KNOCKED OFF AS HE GRABS THE TOP OF HIS CRANIUM!!!!! Ventura is grabbing the turnbuckle for support, favoring his throat, realizing just how CLOSE he could’ve been to tapping out….

Talib: Ripley tries to grab Johnny’s leg with his free hand- But Johnny stomps DOWN HARD!!!! Both men have battered each other, Ventura now shaking his head, banging on the turnbuckle in intervals of three…. One-two-three, one-two-three… What’s he

(Venture swallows the pain of the match as he turns to the crowd around)

Ventura: (Off Mic) WHO…..IS….NEXT?!?!?!!

Crowd: (Off Mic) JACK RIPLEY!!!!!

Talib: Ripley tries to stand up, But he just CAN’T lift that good leg up for a superkick, and goes falling into Johnny’s Arms… it seems it’s fine for Johnny, who heaves him over into an Upside down waistlock, JOHNNY HOLDING JACK RIPLEY UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!! HE LEAPS!!!!!! DREAMY NIGHTMARE!!!!! THE SITOUT TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!!!! RIPLEY IS DEAD ON THE GROUND, JOHNNY GRITS HIS TEETH AS HE HOOKS HIS LEGS!!!






(Ding! Ding! Ding!).

Stephie Love: And Here is your winner!!!!! The E-A-W Hardcore Champion…. JOHNNY!!!! VENTURA!!!!!!

Talib: Triumphing over Ripley, and hell, managing to avoid that killer superkick- It ain’t no small feat, but Ventura proved just why he’s holding a belt, and showed in that ring why guys like Ripley need to go back to the indies…

Stew: Wouldn’t be so confident. Ripley still rocked Johnny several times. Ventura got the upper hand, but nearly pinning the Hardcore Champ ain’t no small feat. I can only wonder where these two will be, but wherever they end up, only success can come their way.

(Ventura rises up the ramp, holding the Hardcore Championship high as he heads backstage)

(Another Pain For Pride highlight package is aired)

Stephie: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!!!!

(“Your Kingdom” by VITJA hits as Andrei Sokolova makes his entrance)

Stephie: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Bucharest, Romania by way of Duncaster, England, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… AAANNNDDDRRREEEIIII SOOOOOKOOOOOOOLLOOOOOVVVAAAA!!!

Stew: This man is a dangerous striker. The Agent of Chaos is here to make his mark on Dynasty. Don’t underestimate him. He was the one and only REVOLT! Heavyweight Champion.

(“Ivy” by The Amity Affliction hits as Theron Nikolas makes his entrance, accompanied by Mr. DEDEDE and Jack Ripley. But as he gets to the ramp, he waves Jack and the chairman off, tapping his temple and telling them to let him handle it)

Stephie: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… he is the reigning King of Elite… THHHEEEEERRROONNNN NNNNIIIKKOOOOOOLLLLAASSSSSS!!!!!!

Talib: And tonight Andrei faces the man who put the final nail in REVOLT!’s coffin when he aligned himself with our chairman and permanently ended the career of one CM Banks. Now, the name King of Elite means more than ever to Theron Nikolas.

Stew: Well these two look set to go as the referee calls for the bell!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Talib: You gotta think the advantage tonight goes to Andrei. World class striker who also holds the size and strength advantage. It’s gonna be down to Theron’s strategy to take the Agent of Chaos off his game! And Sokolova wastes no time as he closes the gap with Theron! Quick collar-elbow tie up. And Theron slips out and grabs a side headlock!

Stew: That’s smart by Nikolas. He needs to wear the Romanian down. Gotta wonder why he didn’t want Mr. DEDEDE and Jack Ripley out here with him tonight. Theron isn’t a man to come in unprepared. You have to think there’s more at play here.

Talib: Are you accusing our beloved chairman and the reigning King of Elite AND the man who just won the 24/7 contract of holding some malicious plot? These men want what’s best for our company!

Stew: Whatever you say partner. But now Nikolas has worked Andrei down to the ground and keeps that headlock applied! Now turning over and placing his knee into Sokolova‘ spine and torquing back! Sokolova looks to be in pain! But the size advantage is working! He manages to press himself up and get his knees under him! Now he’s rising to his feet! He grabs the hands of Theron and twists! OOH! Vicious elbows to Theron’s gut! And the hold is broken!

Talib: And Andrei looks to take control! Big shots to Theron’s jaw! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! SPINNING BACK HEEL KICK!

Stew: Misses! Theron dropped to the ground and rolls out of the ring! He’s holding his jaw and just looks up at the challenges in front of him. The ref begins to count, but Theron waves him off. He rolls back under the ropes on the other side of the ring, keeping his eyes on Andrei the whole time. Now the two move close to each other… but Theron dodges away.

Talib: He won’t engage if he doesn’t like what he sees. That’s a sign of a smart strategist. Now. Looking to tie up again… and again Theron slips back and into a corner.

Stew: Smart or afraid? Well Andrei is tired of waiting. He moves towards the corner… DROP TOE HOLD! SOKOLOVA’S SKULL BOUNCES OFF THE TURNBUCKLE!!!

Talib: Smart. As I said. Now Nikolas is stomping a hole through Sokolova! Shots straight to the ribs! Sokolova looks nearly defenseless! Ref is gonna count!






And Theron backs away with his hands raised! The ref checks on Sokolova, but Theron rushes right past and pulls Andrei to his feet. Irish whip into the ropes! SUPERKICK TO THE JAW! SOKOLOVA MAY HAVE A CONCUSSION! PIN!!!!




But Andrei just gets the shoulder up!

Stew: Not gonna be nearly enough to take out Sokolova. Theron is arguing with the referee but he doesn’t see Andrei waking up and rising. THERON STILL DOESNT SEE!! SOKOLOVA TO HIS FEET! HE WALKS UP BEHIND THERON!

Talib: AND THERON CAN SENSE IT! He’s stopped arguing with the ref! Realizing it was a mistake to argue this long! Now Andrei just taps him in the shoulder! And the look of dread just fell on Theron’s face! TELL NO LIE!!!!!! THE BACK SUPLEX DROPPED INTO A PILEDRIVER!!! ANDREI MAKES THE PIN!!!!




But the King gets his foot on the ropes! Andrei is quickly back on offense!! He pulls Theron up to his feet! Maintains control of his head! VICIOUS KNEES TO THE SKULL OF THERON NIKOLAS!!! Theron shoves Andrei away and creates some distance. Looking to catch a breath, he drops and wraps himself around the lower ropes.

Stew: Theron got pretty rocked there. He’s gonna have to be more careful. Now he pulls himself to his feet by way of the ropes. And now he looks to Andrei who stands in the middle of the ring, waving for Theron to bring it!

Talib: Theron approaches cautiously, and Andrei goes for a big roundhouse kick! But Theron ducked it! Grabs Sokolova from behind! CANADIAN SUPLEX! This could be exactly the break Theron needs to regain some ground here!

Stew: Forget gaining ground! He wants to end it right here! He jumps on the back of Andrei! Looking to apply the Sweet Lullaby! And he has it! SWEET LULLABY IS LOCKED IN! The grapevined sleeper hold! Now Theron is trying to choke the life out of Sokolova! The Romanian is fading! His face is slowly turning purple!

Talib: Ref may have to end it here! Andrei may be out! Referee grabs ahold of Sokolova’s hand… lifts it… lets go… and it drops to the mat!

Stew: if his hand drops again, then Theron wins by submission! Referee grabs ANDREI’S hand once again! Lifts it up! Let’s go!!! THE HAND DROPS!

Talib: NO IT DOESNT! Andrei comes to just in time to keep his hand off the mat!!!! He realizes the situation! He can’t escape the grapevine! But look! He’s using his legs! He’s driving back off his legs to slide them both toward the ropes! Theron’s back is running against the mat the whole way! And now Andrei has the ropes and forces the break!

Stew: Andrei is catching his breath, getting some blood flow to his brain! And Theron stand up! Dear Lord! Look at the mat burn on Theron’s back! That’s gonna sting when the adrenaline wears off!

Talib: But Andrei is now back to his feet. He comes up behind and sees the big red target! Big open handed slap to the burned back of Theron!!!


Stew: And another! You can hear it through the arena! The King of Elite is in serious pain!

Talib: But now clubbing blows to the back of Theron’s head! Andrei is on fire right now!

Stew: But Andrei isn’t done!! He grabs Nikolas by the head! He’s in position! CONTROL YOUR CHAOS!!!


(Ding! Ding! Ding!)



Stew: Finally someone has come to Andrei’s aid! The 1% are walking back up the ramp, smiling as they look back at their handiwork. Ms. Extreme watches them as Cameron checks on the injured Sokolova. Remember, the 1% are responsible for putting Jamie O’Hara on the shelf indefinitely. And Cameron wasn’t about to let that happen again.

Talib: Either way, a statement has been made. All three men are standing at the top of the ramp smiling and laughing at Andrei being laid out like this. Andrei appears to be coming to as medics arrive at the scene. And Cameron Ella Ava stands and stares a dagger directly at the man she is obligated to call a tag team partner and co-champion.

(Commercial hyping EAW Championship match on Saturday Night Showdown)

(The camera fades back into the ring as the lights in the arena are cut off)

(“Born Too Late” by Saint Vitus hits)…

(The crowd stands at attention. A loud energy in the air as the lights in the arena slowly flood back in)…

(Darkane emerges from behind the curtain. He has the Answers World Championship strapped around his waist. There’s a look on his face, hard to place, closest to conviction, satisfaction. He poses at the top of the stage, taking in the vibrancy. He then settles back into reality, he meets the ring with his eyes and walks to the ring with a purpose.)


(Darkane enters the ring and is handed a microphone. He unstraps the Answers World Championship and positions it over his shoulder as he takes a seat on the middle turnbuckle. The music fades and the lights return to normal. He raises the microphone up and begins to speak)

Darkane: I don’t normally do this.

Darkane: But goddamn does THIS FEEL GOOD!

(The crowd erupts. Mostly cheers but some boos)

Darkane: I don’t care what your opinion is of me, I never have and I never will, and this championship here proves that I never need to. You know why this feels so good? Because this is earned. Not handed, not given, EARNED. From the very first step, the very first day, it’s all led up to this. I never had an opportunity fall right into my hands like a Carlos Rosso or a Scott Diamond, I had to fight, I had to scratch and I had to claw to get this… AND I’M GONNA REPEAT MYSELF AGAIN… IT FEELS SO!! DAMN!! GOOD!!

Darkane: I’ve seen it all, I’ve went through it all and now I’m able to stand tall as the Answers World Champion.

(Darkane hops off the turnbuckle and begins slowly pacing around in the ring)

Darkane: But that’s enough of the self praise. Time stops for no man though man can take time and make it its bitch. So here we are, new era? That’s the sound bite that everyone’s been throwing around here but let’s step back and analyze what that really means.

Darkane: StarrStan promising a new era? I’ll believe it when I see it, hopefully you can stay true to your word… but I’m not counting on it.

Darkane: A new roster? Bodies that just replace other bodies, that’s all they are as far as I’m concerned.

Darkane: No, when you talk about a new era… there’s only one man who actually has the power usher it in, and he’s the one standing right here in this ring, talking to you on this microphone and holding the most prestigious championship in EAW. The #DarkaneTimes, I warned you for months they we were in them and that they were much more than just a hashtag.

Darkane: The change has been happening, it wasn’t an overnight thing. I can’t pinpoint the start and I can’t predict the end… but this here… *Darkane raises the Answers World Championship high into the air*… this is all the proof needed to back up my words.

Darkane: If anyone back there thinks they can speed the clock up, then by all means… I welcome the challenge. But until that time comes, if it ever does… make no mistake, this… is mine. All of it.

(The lights are cut out as “Born Too Late” returns. Darkane exits the ring, only visible through flashes of camera light. He poses at the top of the turnbuckle as the camera fades to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by Fight Grid

Empire 7/5/2018

Showdown 7/7/2018