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Dynasty 7/27/2018

(EAW Logo Flashes…)

(Dynasty Opening Video Plays; featuring “Babylon” by Ekali ft. Denzel Curry.)

(The camera to the arena as red pyro shoots from the stage and titantron before the camera pans over the thousands in attendance finally cutting to both Stew-O and Talib sitting at commentary.)


Talib: So many things that can change the entire landscape of Dynasty! But, without further adieu – lets get things underway!


(“Timebomb” by Blackfoot and rancid starts up over the arena speakers.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Inglis, Manitoba, Canada, Weighing In at 250 pounds, by SSSSHHHHHAAAAAKKKKEEEERRRRR JJJJJJJOOOOONNNNNEEEESSS!!!

(Shaker steps through the curtain to a solid ovation from the crowd.)

Stew: A fan favorite here on Dynasty, Shaker Jones looking to get a win here tonight and start building some momentum in the Chase for championship gold.

Talib: Let’s see what Shaker can do this week, last time we saw him he seemed a step in off against Mark Michaels. But there is definitely a chance here to turn things around this week and get into the discussion regarding challengers for whom ever walks away with the hardcore title at our August supershow.

( Jones enters the ring and removes his trademark black hoodie, taking a moment to glance over many of the patches that adorn it before handing it to the ringside attendant. As he does, his entrance music fades out and “Chainsaw Gutsfuck” by Mayhem begins to play.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent, Weighing in at 280 pounds, XXXXXXXTTTTTRRRREEEEMMMEEE DDDDDDEEEEEEMMMMMOOOOOONNNN!!!

( The arena lights dim and begin to flicker in a grey hue as Demon makes his way down the ramp.)

Stew: Will you look at the size of this man! EAW has seen its share of impressive specimens and this man here looks like he would fit right in. If your Shaker Jones, what do you have to do against a someone of this particular size?

Talib: well you definitely want to stay away from his power moves, try hit and run tactics, and in this case hope there’s maybe a few first match jitters because this guy is built like a house.

( Demon slow enters the ring, his gaze never breaking away from Jones.)


Stew: the light are back up and we are underway, AND SHAKER JONES TAKING IT RIGHT TO XTREME DEMON! Jones peppering with rights and lefts fast as the eye can see! Demon swings with a mighty right! But Jones ducks under and counters with more of those shots that land right on the jaw! Demon with a wild left and Jones again slips under it and goes right back on the attack! Jones with a right, But Demon blocked it and lands a side knee to the midsection of Shaker! Jones lands flat on his face a few feet back, clutching his ribs as he gets back up to his feet!

Talib: Demon closes in on him before he can and whips Jones off the ropes! Shaker off the rebound ducks under the clothesline, and lands a flying forearm! Demon knocked a few steps back but still on his feet! Shaker with a look of disbelief but never the less gets right back up and charges off the ropes! Jones with another forearm and this one knocks Demon into the ropes! Demon trapped in the ropes struggling to break free! Shaker nodding his head psyching himself up! He charges off the ropes… AND THE CANADIAN CLOTHESLINE SENDS BOTH MEN TUMBLING OVER THE TOP!

Stew: both looking worse for wear after that landing on the outside! Shaker back up to his feet first and quickly rolls Demon back in under the bottom rope! Demon up quickly, Shaker with another clothesline! But Demon counters with a big boot that nearly took Jones’ Head clean off! Demon using his brute strength to drag Jones right up off the canvas up onto his shoulders! F5! JONES GETTING TOSSED LIKE A SACK OF POTATOES!



( “Chainsaw Gutsfuck “ starts up over he PA system)


( Demon keeps the hold locked in through the announcement only releasing upon the referee threatening to overturn the decision.)

Stew: An impressive win here tonight for Xtreme Demon, Shaker Jones came at him like a house of fire and really wanting to get the victory.

Talib: But demon with an amazing show of strength with that F5 that set up that submission. I tell you Demon wasn’t fooling around and showed no mercy tonight.

Stew: We talked about shaker looking for a title shot, Could you imagine this guy holding on to a championship?! Stay tuned folks more dynasty on the way.

(The camera cuts backstage were Lucas Johnson paces back and forth in the production area.)

Lucas Johnson: This is it! This is my moment! Tonight I walk out and beat Jack Ripley and Erebus Jennings, go onto next week and beat either Impact, Andrei or Cameron! BUT IT DOESN’T END THERE! THEN I BEAT DARKANE FOR THE ANSWERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! LUCAS JOHNSON AS THE ANSWERS WORLD CHAMPION!

(Lucas runs over to one of the production crew, grabbing a hold of both of his arms.)


Production Member: Lucas, let go of me!


(Lucas pushes the production member away, only to turn directly into Starr Stan.)


(Lucas walks away continuing to profess his greatness as Starr laughs.)

Starr Stan: Well, at least he’s excited.

(The camera cuts to commercial.)


(“Bad Reputation” by Adelita’s plays throughout the arena as Ashton Thomas makes his way to the ring. He’s decked out in gold chains, and sunglasses making sure the crowd doesn’t touch him.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, now residing in Hollywood, California , weighing in at 225 pounds, BEAUTIFUL ASHTON THOMAS!!!

(Ashton makes his way up the stairs before signaling to the official to hold the ropes open for him. The ref awkwardly makes his way over, before doing as requested.)

Stew: Last week Ashton could’ve been one of the first ever to beat the newly formed 1%, but failed. A reason may be that he was teaming with a partner he might deem as inferior, but the fact remains the same he was incapable of achieving his goal. This week, he has a golden opportunity going up against the Answers World Champion, Darkane, and not only put the past behind him, but all but through that past into a black pit of obscurity forever.

Talib: Yeah, last week might’ve not gone the way Ashton might’ve hoped, but it might have gone how he expected. He was with a partner that he feels wasn’t up to par with him. But now he can back up those claims, and get his career in the right direction tonight against the Answers World Champion.

(“Born Too Late” by Saint Vitus blares throughout the speakers of the arena, as Darkane slowly appears on the stage to raucous sound from the crowd)

Stew: Darkane, the Answers World Champion, a staple to the Dynasty brand. Quite possibly the best Answers World Champion we’ve had in ages! Everyone knows how much of bust and a flop the last one was! Can he continue the lineage that he’s placed down for this title?
Talib: Darkane might be going into this match thinking that he has it in the bag. He might be doubting young Ashton here, so who knows? Anything can happen in wrestling. But Darkane has been great, and Dynasty has fallen on Darkane Times.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: Away we go, and Ashton Thomas is starting off hot as he charges right at Darkane and delivers a fierce elbow right to the face. It rocks Darkane, leaving him a tad staggered. He did not expect this aggressiveness right out of the box. Ashton shoulders Darkane into the turnbuckle, and keeps ramming that shoulder into the gut of Darkane. The ref starts counting..

Ref: One! Two Three!

Pierre: Ashton backs off, and is now talking back at the referee! Running Lariat! Darkane just laid Asthon out with a hard lariat, almost taking his head clean off! Darkane just drags Ashton back up by his hair, and is slapping him hard right in the face! Darkane now just throws Ahston right into the ring post! Ashton is screaming in pain, his shoulder might be broken! And here comes Darkane! Stalling drop kick to the face of Ashton Thomas!

Talib: Well this isn’t how Ashton might have hoped for this to go, but Darkane is showing exactly why he’s the face of Dynasty! Darkane rolls back up, and again drags Ashton up by his hair. He whips Ashton off the ropes, and delivers a stunning Spine Buster! Darkane seems pretty done with this match, he doesn’t need to inflict any more damage than he already has it seems. Ashton is out of it, but I think Darkane is just having fun at the moment. Darkane walks over to the corner, and just squats on down. I think he has something planned here. Doesn’t seem that Ashton is going to get up any time soon though. Oh wait, he’s moving now, he’s crawling around looking for something to grab to help him back to his feet. He’s pawing at the referee, seemingly looking for help. But the referee is just pushing Ashton back down to the ground.. How embarrassing.

Pierre: When the referee, the most pathetic person in wrestling is treating you like a common street whore, you know you’re in a bad way. Ashton now pulling himself up onto his feet. He is wobbling around, but standing! So that’s progress. Ohhh he sees Darkane, and he’s calling him out! He’s waving over at Darkane to come and get some! I think Darkane will definitely take him up on that offer!

Talib: Darkane charges at Ashton, AND ASHTON IS SCARED AND IS TRYING TO RUN AWAY! BUT DARKANE IS MUCH FASTER THAN AHSTON, AND CONNECTS THE DEVIL MAY CRY! ASHTON THOMAS GOT ALL OF THAT! He is laid out, not moving, I think it’s academic at this point. Darkane is dragging Ashton up again though! Why?! I guess he has a point he wants to make for whoever is coming after that belt next! DEVIL MAY CRY CONNECTS AGAIN! This time Darkane covers..

Ref: One! Two! Three!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner…. The Answers World Champion… DARKANE!!

Pierre: Well, I think that went pretty much how you would expect when facing off against the current reigning Answers World Champion. Darkane with a dominating victory tonight. Ashton started off well.. For a few seconds, but it quickly went down hill. Kind of embarrassing to be honest, I don’t know how he’ll recover from this.

Talib: Yeah.. Ashton definitely isn’t at the level of competition needed to face off against someone like Darkane clearly… Unfortunately NEO doesn’t exist for him. He could use it… ANYWAY WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK!

(The camera cuts backstage as Michael Belfort stands ready with a microphone in hand.)

Michael Belfort: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have TWO blockbuster matches as Dynasty gives six men the opportunity to stake their claim towards becoming the next number one contender to the Answers World Championship; right now I’ve been given the opportunity to speak to one of the participants in tonight’s main event. He’s a man that has had SEVEN World Championship reigns! He is the QUINTESSENTIAL Champion! Impact!

(Impact walks into the camera’s frame with an arrogant smirk covering his face.)

Michael Belfort: Tonight, is a huge night that may shape the landscape of Dynasty for the rest of the season; your a man that has a lot of experience in situations like this. The FIRST Answers World Champion –

Impact: That’s right; the first Answers World Champion. A championship that has never been more prestigious than when it rested comfortably around my waist. Tonight is a big night; everyone fighting for the chance to compete against Dynasty’s new prodigal son. Everybody seeing their name up in lights, when all you need to do is take a step back and already see where this road ends. Do you know what it’s like to sit at the top of this company, Michael? Do you know what it’s like to rest not only this brand, but this entire company on your shoulders? The Answers World Champion used to be this company’s crown jewel. People can talk about the World Heavyweight Championship and EAW World Championship all they want, but there was a time where EVERYBODY wanted that crown jewel. Now look at it. It’s been dragged through the dirt for years. A championship passed around between a bunch of wonderbreads that never deserved to be close to it. People that walked out of this company to go chase some tail they’re never going to attain. The Answers World Championship is in dire need for the man who built it into a mastodon to take it back and give it everything that it deserves. Darkane isn’t the man to do it; the five other names fighting for the same opportunity that I am aren’t going to coming close to achieving what the Answers World Championship needs.

(The hint of a smirk returns to the face of Impact as Darkane makes his way into the camera’s frame; the Answers World Championship sits on his shoulder as he looks Impact up and down.)

Darkane: A broken man trying to drag himself back to a level he’s never going to reach again. Another victim that will fall to DarkaneTimes.

(Darkane walks off as a nasty scowl crosses the face of Impact.)

Michael Belfort: Anything in response, Imp?

Impact: Shut up, Michael.

(Impact walks off as Michael Belfort is left standing awkwardly before the camera cuts back to commercial.)


(“In My Feelings by Drake plays as Mark Michaels walks down to the ring, taking selfies)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, From Beverly Hills, California.. Weighing in at 240 pounds.. “Picture Perfect”… MAARRKK MIIICHAAAEEELLLSSSS!!

Stew: Here is the number one contender to Johnny Ventura’s Hardcore Championship! Since coming back I feel like Mark Michaels might have figured something out! We’ve never seen him with this much intensity before, and it’s been working out for him!

Talib: That it is Stew! He has a real shot at gaining his first championship in EAW! I’m like a proud father ready to erupt real tears to be honest.

Stew: Well, get yourself together, because we have a match to call. You’re embarrassing me.

Talib: You embarrass yourself enough. Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself. Anyway, Mark has no small task tonight, as he takes on Theron. Hopefully for his sake he can continue this hot run he’s on.

(Ivy (Doomsday) by Amity Affliction blasts through the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet to boo. Theron makes his way onto the stage and lets the boos just pour down upon him, enjoying every second.)

Stephanie Love: And his opponent, From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.. Weighing in at 210 pounds… Representing the 1%… “Keyser Söze”… THEROOOONNN NIIIIIIIKOOLAASSSSSS!!!!

Stew: The 1% has been a dominant team thus far, and it’s only been a few weeks. Do you think there is anyone that can stop the reign of terror that has cast it’s shadow onto Dynasty Talib?

Talib: No one comes to the forefront of my mind, but if anyone can.. I’m sure the number one contender to the Hardcore Championship could have a good shot. Let’s see who can keep the momentum they have going!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stew: As we get this matchup underway these two competitors circle around the ring, trying to find an opening, and a way to get an upper hand. Mark and Theron inch closer to each other. Theron takes a swing at Mark Michaels, but he ducks it!.. Wait what’s he doing?

Mark: Wait!

(Mark pulls out a cell phone from his tights, and takes a selfie with Theron, and the ref in the picture)

Mark: I had to update my status..

Theron: You’re gonna get ball cancer mate..

Mark: What?

Stew: And Theron delivers a clothesline to Mark Michaels, and his phone drops to the floor. Theron now picks up Mark, and delivers a swift kick to the gut, dropping him to a knee. Theron follows it up with a DDT, planting Mark onto the mat. Theron now going over to the cell phone that Mark just took the selfie on.. What’s he doing? OH NO! Theron just threw down the phone to the outside! He follows it out, and picks it up again. Oh.. The phone is fine.

Talib: That phone got that good case right there..
Stew: But Theron pulls of the cell phone case, and starts smashing the phone on the ring steps! Mark sees what’s happening and is screaming at Theron to stop, but he won’t! He is smashing that phone to pieces! Hopefully Mark has insurance on that! Theron tosses all the pieces that used to be a cell phone down to the ground, and rolls back into the ring.

Theron: Now where were we?

Talib: Mark Michaels in furious, and charges at Theron, but Theron with some quick thinking hits a drop toe hold on Mark, as his face goes flying into the turnbuckle! Geez I hope his followers will still follow him even with a messed up face. Theron back to his feet, and grabs a hold of Marks hair, dragging him into position. Inverted DDT! No! Mark Michaels is fighting out of it! But Theron isn’t budging, he still has a hold of Mark. But Mark is able to turn around, and position himself under Theron’s arm for .. Northern Light Suplex, with a bridge!

Ref: One! Two!

Stew: But Theron is able to kick out of it! Mark is unpleased with the official, but goes right to work on the leg of Theron. He picks it up and starts kicking it, before he twists the knee, cranking it in a way that knee is not supposed to bend. The ref is asking Theron if he’d like to continue? Theron is not giving up! Theron is kicks his free leg up at Mark, and he plants it right in Marks face! Mark staggers, but is able to keep the grasp. He hits Mark again! And it staggers him even more, but Mark is able to keep the hold.. Theron again tries to kick Mark, but Mark dodges this one, and it looks as if he’s going for a figure four leg lock! No! Theron kicks Mark off of him, and Mark goes flying into the turnbuckle. Theron is back up, but Mark is able to turn around, and charge right back at Theron! Theron sees that and with some quick thinking is able to plant Mark with a Snap Scoop Powerslam! Theron goes for the cover.

Ref: One! Two!

Talib: No, kick out by Michaels. Theron drags Mark up, and delivers a fierce chop to the chest, and Mark backs up a bit. Another, as he backs Mark up into the corner. The ref is coming over to break this up.. Theron isn’t listening thought has he keeps delivering chop after chop to the chest of Mark Michaels. His chest is getting beat red!

Ref: Back him up Theron! One! Two! Three! Four!

Talib: Theron backs up with his arms raised, showing he isn’t going to do anything to get himself disqualified. Oh Thumb to the eye! Mark just hit Theron in the and he is blinded! Chop block! Right back to that injured knee! Mark is back in the driving seat. He’s having trouble moving around because of the pain in his chest, but he gets back to work on that leg. He’s kicking it and stretching it, getting ready forrr… INVERTED FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN! I don’t know if Theron is going to be able to reach the ropes! He’s crawling around, reaching for them, but he’s still a ways a way! Mark is leaning back putting all that pressure on the legs, and knee of Theron! Theron isn’t quitting though! Theron swings at Mark trying to make contact, trying to get away any way that he can! Mark is just mocking Theron now, telling Theron to cry.. I don’t know if Theron can outlast this pain!

Stew: Oh IS THERON GONNA TAP?!! NOO! THERON IS ABLE TO FLIP OUT AND GET A LEG FREE! HE’S KICKING MARK IN THE FACE, AND MARK HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO LET GO! Wow, I thought Theron was going to give up. Theron now over by the ropes, picking himself up. You can tell he’s favoring that leg, Michaels notices and runs right at Theron, but Theron able to dodge the charge, as he rolls under a clothesline aimed for his head! Mark isn’t letting Theron off that easy though, as he continues to chase after him, but Theron is able to roll under once more! Mark is flustered, as he turns around AND THERON SLAPS MARK RIGHT IN THE FACE.. HE SPIT IN HIS FACE! DISGUSTING! He has spit in his eyes I don’t think he can see! CHAOS THEORY!! Theron just planted Mark. He goes for the cover!

Ref: One! Two! Three!!!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stephie Love: The winner of this match… THERON NIKOOOOLLAAAASSSSS!!!

(Theron rolls out of the ring with a slight limp, as he walks up the ramp. The ref chases him down, and raises his hand. He turns around and gives the crowd a big middle finger, telling them what he thinks of them)

Stew: Well there you go, a One Percenter in every sense of the word. He got the win, and was quite disrespectful about it. What happened to class in this world?

Talib: He doesn’t’ need to be respectful, he’s better than all of us.. What’s to be respectful about? He just showed again why he is a part of the 1%, and why EAW should be worried about that.

Stew: Hats off to Mark though, he had a great showing tonight. He still has that Hardcore Championship match to look forward to, and if he can bring the same intensity he did tonight, I think he’ll be just fine!

(Suddenly, the lights throughout the arena cut to black as a familiar voice blasts through the speakers as Mark Michaels pushes himself back to his feet…)

“JUST… WHO!!! IS!!! NEXT?!?!?!”

(The lights shoot back on as Johnny Ventura stands behind Michaels, who stands ready for a fight.)


(Ventura stands over the fallen Mark Michaels as he raises the Hardcore Championship his into the air before the camera cuts backstage to Cameron Ella Ava sitting in her locker room; her head is down as complete and utter focus covers her face as a knock is heard at the door.)

Cameron: Not now.

(The door still opens against Cameron’s wishes. Cameron turns her head to see Starr Stan standing there.)

Starr: Do you know how lucky you are to be in this position this week, Cameron? People wanted your head for what you did to DDD last week – you’re just lucky that they’re still not happy about what happened to Banks at Pain for Pride. That’s actually your saving grace.

Cameron: There were no consequences great enough that was going to stop me from doing what I did to him.

(Starr slightly drops his head as he takes a deep breath.)

Starr: I understand everything that he’s put you through, and what he did to Jamie at the draft show… but you’re in a precarious position now, Cameron. I was able to convince the board about how much your deserved this opportunity tonight, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it again. This may be your one and only chance to earn a shot at the Answers World Championship.

Cameron: Good thing that it’s only going to take the one attempt.

Starr: I hope for your sake that you’re right, Cameron. I would hate being forced to try to fight for something that you’re never going to be able to reach.

Cameron: Is that all.

(A concerned Starr shakes his head.)

Starr: Good luck, Cameron.

(Starr walks away as Cameron drops his head and closes her eyes before the camera cuts back to commercial.)


Stephie: The following contest is a triple threat match to determine a participant in the AWC number 1 contender’s match and is schedule for one fall!

(“Young and Bitter” by Hot Tag Media hits as Lucas Johnson makes his entrance)

Stephie: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 205 pounds… LUUUCCCAAAASSS JJOOOHHHNNNSSOOONNN!!!

(“Indestructible” by Disturbed hits as Erebus Jennings makes his entrance)

Stephie: Introducing second, making his way to the ring from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 240 pounds… EERRRRREEEBBBUUSSSS JEEENNNNNIIINNGGSSS!!!!

(“A Story to Tell” by Woe, Is Me hits as Jack Ripley makes his entrance)

Stephie: And finally, making his way to the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 202 pounds…. he is the 2018 24/7 contract winner… JACCCCKKK RRRRRIIIPPPLLLEEEYYY!!!!

Talib: Oh boy! This is gonna be a fun one here tonight as we decide who is gonna move on to the number one contender’s match!

Stew: And it looks like we are underway!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stew: the three men watch each other for a moment, not willing to make to quick of a move and leave themselves open to attack from behind. But now Lucas Johnson grabs Jack Ripley and pulls him into a front headlock! He’s trying to grind Ripley down while keeping and eye on Jennings. But Jennings is leaning himself back against the turnbuckle! If Johnson is gonna fight Ripley then Erebus will conserve his energy!

Talib: it’s a smart strategy in a match like this, partner. And Now Lucas is focused more on Ripley as he takes him down! The Wrestling Machine now sits in control but keeping an eye on Jennings! But Ripley slips out and grabs Lucas from behind! Big back body drop plants Lucas! And now Ripley rushes Jennings in the corner! But Erebus moves out of the way and sends Ripley shoulder first I got he turnbuckle! Erebus has his hands on Jack now! Pulls him out of the turnbuckle… POWERFUL T-BONE SUPLEX! Ripley is hurting between that and the post! Erebus turns his attention now to Lucas Johnson who has just gotten back to his feet! The two meet and immediately Jennings sends Lucas backwards with a big right hand to the jaw!

Stew: Erebus has serious powers behind those hands! Now he drives Lucas into a corner! Big knife edge chop and Lucas is feeling the pain in his chest! Erebus takes a step back! STINGER SPLASH! Lucas looks like his chest is caved in from the pain he’s showing! He falls forward clutching his sternum! And now here comes Ripley with a big kick to the back of Erebus’s head! Drops the big man to a knee! Snap DDT plants him into the mat! And now here’s Ripley raining down shots from the top! Now he pulls Erebus up! Irish whip! Ripley sets up! YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!!

Talib: NO! Erebus catches the kick and shoves Ripley backwards! Ripley bounds against the ropes and tries to follow up! No! Erebus nails him with a discus clothesline! And here comes Lucas Johnson again! Leaping on the back of Erebus and attempting to lock in that Coquina Clutch! Erebus struggles against it and manages to pry Lucas off of him! He turns and shoves Lucas backwards! Now here’s Ripley again! But Erebus grabs him by the back of the head and tosses him over the top rope! Ripley lands hard on the outside!

Stew: now he’s looking back to Johnson! Johnson charges and Erebus looks for he spinning forearm smash! But Lucas ducks it and hits the ropes! Comes back with a big missile drop kick! But Erebus still stands! He hits the ropes again! Another missile dropkick! Finally Erebus is down! Lucas climbs quickly to the top rope! Moonsault!

Talib: Right into the knees of Jennings! Now here’s come Erebus back to his feet! He’s stomping right into Lucas! Now he’s pulling him up to his feet! Big right hand! Grabs him by the head! Put him in position! PITCH BLACK!

Stew: The Scorpion Death Drop connects and plants Lucas! Erebus with the cover!








(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

(“A Story to Tell” by Woe, is Me hits as Jack Ripley stands to his feet and celebrates)

Stephie: Here is your winner by pinfall, JAAAACCCKKK RRRIIIIPPLLLEEEYYYY!!!!!

Stew: Ripley pulled that completely from nowhere! I nearly forgot he was on the outside!

Talib: Never take your head out of the game! A guy like Jack Ripley can make things happen! And now he’s moving on to the number one contender’s match!

(Commercial for Manifest Destiny featuring Cloud Matsuda and Dynasty’s own Cameron Ella Ava)

(The camera cuts back to the ring as Stephie Love stands ready.)

Stephie Love: The following match is set for one fall! With the winner advancing to next week to wrestle in a match to determine the Number 1 contender for the Answers World Championship!

(“Your Kingdom by VITJA plays as Andrei Sokolova makes his way down the ramp)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, now residing in Doncaster, England.. weighing in at 240 pounds… “The Messiah Of Your Mind”… ANDREEIIII SOOOKKOOOLOOOVVAAA!!!

Stew: Andrei had an impressive victory over Kevin Hunter last week, but the story doesn’t end there. Andrei and Theron have been at odds over the past few weeks. Will Andrei be able to keep his head in the game even with his mind on Theron? He’s going up against two high class wrestlers here tonight!

Talib: Who can really tell? The only one that actually knows what’s going on in his head, is him. Is he focused on Theron a little too much? I mean he beat Kevin Hunter last week, so probably not, but tonights match is a whole other level of what he had to face last week. Two hall of famers, and a shot at a number one contenders match for the Answers World Championship.. The pressure is on.

(“ULTRAnumb” by Blue Stahli plays as Cameron Ella Ava walks on the stage, and down the ramp hi-fiving all the fans as she walks by)

Stephie Love: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California.. weighing in at 130 pounds… “The Goddess of Dynasty” .. CAAMERROONN ELLLAAA AVVVVVVAAAA!!!

Stew: Cameron has had a bit of a problem with the 1% more specifically her ex good friend DDD. She has lost the love of her life as he lies in a hospital most likely for the rest of his life.. A vegetable due to the 1%. Cameron, needs this match more than anybody. She wants to prove to not only the audience, but to her self that she is able to compete at a high level, even with all these problems clouding her mind.

Talib: Well.. I don’t know if the vegetable thing is true, but she has had some trouble on Dynasty as of late, and a win here could definitely boost anyone’s mood, and overall outlook on life.

(“Can I Live by Jay-Z blares throughout the arena as Impact walks out onto the stage to a huge reaction.)
Stephie Love: And their opponent, from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 240 pounds… IMMMPPPAAAAACCCTTT!!!

Stew: A legend in our business Talib. 7 World title reigns to his name, a record, and he is trying to add an 8th! What do you think?

Talib: 8 World Championship reigns is unfathomable, but if anyone can do it, even at 38.. It’s Impact for sure.
Stew: This is going to be a difficult match for all 3 competitors! Every single one of them has something to prove, and every single one of them wants this as much as the other. The time for talking is up, let’s see who can come through when it matters.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stew: And Andrei just delivers a quick back spin heel kick to the face of Cameron and she drops down to the mat! What a quick start. That kick came out of nowhere. Andrei now turning his attention to Impact but Impact with some quick thinking rolls out of the ring!
Impact: You two go on! I’m a living legend! 7 reigns! I don’t need to compete in this, just give me the damn title.

Stew: Well it would seem that Impact is a little peeved that he even has to compete to see who faces off against the Answers World Champion. But unfortunately for him titles aren’t just handed out here in EAW, you ALWAYS have to earn them. Let’s turn our attention back to the ring as Andrei has a hold of Cameron, he whips her off the ropes, but she reverses, Andrei jumps into the air, landing on the ropes, flipping back over Cameron and lands on his feet. Cameron charges at him. Andrei ducks a clothesline, comes right back at Cameron, she tries for a back spinning back heel kick, but Andrei ducks that. Andrei bounces back off the ropes, and Andrei slides right through Cams legs, pops back up, and delivers a German Suplex! Wow! Cameron bounces right back up, and shots the leg of Andrei, and delivers a modified belly to belly suplex on Andrei! Andrei bounces right back up, and the two just stand there staring at each other. Oh listen to that crowd applaud, and show their appreciation for the talent in the ring! Cam extends a hand!.. OH wait, Impact had enough of the mushy bullshit and pulled Cam out of the ring! And he throws her right into those steel steps! He picks her up again and throws her face first into that steel pole!
Talib: Cameron seems out of it, and now Impact rolls back into the ring to face off against Andrei. Impact walks right up to Andrei…

Impact: You’re nothing! You hear me?! Just a flash in the pan you jackass. I’ve been at this for a decade.. You stupid son of a bitch. I don’t need this match!

Talib: Andrei is just laughing.. impact just slapped Andrei! And Andrei isn’t laughing anymore! He grabs a hold of Impact, and starts delivering European uppercuts, one after another, and backs Impact up into the ropes. He lets him rest there for a second, before delivering a vicious superkick! Right to the face! Impact flips over the ropes, and lands on the outside. Andrei follows Impact to the outside. Andrei stalking his prey like Impact was an injured animal that he’s just waiting to go for the kill on. He picks Impact up, and delivers a back hand smash right to Impacts face. SPEAR! Cam came back out of nowhere, and just delivered a spear right to Andrei. Cam gets up, and takes a hold of Impact, and throws him back into the ring. She goes for the cover.

Ref: One! Two!

Talib: No, not enough to put Impact away. Cam gets up, and stands over the crawling Impact, and just kicks him right in the stomach! And drops an elbow right on his back. Cam now bringing Impact up, she runs past him, and bounces off the ropes. She comes back and delivers a bulldog! She gets back up, she’s running again. What’s she doing? She jumps over the ropes, and hits a senton on Andrei who was just getting back up after that spear. She picks Andrei back up, and throws him into the barricade. And follows that up with a super kick! Andrei seems out of it. Cam picks Andrei up, and throws him into the ring. She’s climbing up the turnbuckle.. What’s she thinking here? Andrei is getting back up, Cam leaps! DOUBLE KNEE SMASH! It connects! Impact comes up behind her and just throws her out of the ring! He picks Andrei up, Evisceration! IT CONNECTS! Impact goes for the cover!

Ref: One! Two!

Stew: No! Cam pulls impact off of Andrei and out of the ring Roundhouse kick to Impact laying him out! Cam goes back into the ring, and straight back to Andrei.. SMALL PACKAGE!

Ref: One! Two! Thre-

Stew: No! Cam was able to kick out but that was a close one. Andrei is crawling to the ropes, looking to get back to his feet. Cameron is already back up, and is looking to dish out more punishment! She runs at Andrei and IS MET WITH A BACK SPIN KICK BY ANDREI! He picks her back up, and looks like he’s going for a full nelson submission here. He has one arm hooked, and is trying to get his other hand to connect.. But Cam is fighting it, he can’t quite get a grip of his hand.. He looks like he’s getting frustrated.. He is! As he pushes her away, HE CHARGES AND HITS A CHOPBLOCK TO THE BACK OF CAMS KNEE! He walks back over to her, and stretches her leg out, trying to hyperextend that knee! He walks over behind her head, still with a hold of her leg, and just yanks it backwards! Cam is feeling that! She’s trying wiggling out of this; trying to do anything to get out of it. She kicks up her free leg, trying to hit him.. But he catches that leg too! He jumps up .. A split legged pin of some sort! Contorting Cam’s own body over herself! THERE’S NO WAY TO GET A SHOULDER UP!

Ref: One! Two! Thre-

Talib: But Impact is back to save the day! Impact with a kick to the face of Andrei. Andrei is staggered, and Impact sees an opportune time to get an upper hand on this match. That experience is what gives him an advantage over Andrei! Such persistence, such elegance! He picks Andrei up, and delivers a backbreaker! His back must be broken! Impact picks Andrei up again, and throws him into the turnbuckles! Here he comes, Impact delivers a running drop kick to the face! Andrei stumbles forward but does not go down! STEP UP ENZUIGUIRI! HE STILL DOESN’T GO DOWN! WALLS OF IMPACT! HE HAS THE WALLS LOCKED IN!! ANDREI IS REACHING OUT FOR THE ROPES, REACHING AS FAR AS HE CAN! IMPACT HAS THE WALLS PERFECTLY IN PLACE AND ANDREI HAS NOWHERE TO GO… HE’S TRYING INCH CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THE ROPES, AND IT SEEMS LIKE HE’S GETTING SOME MOVEMENT! CLOSER, AND CLOSER, IMPACT SEEMS TO BE HAVING TROUBLE KEEPING ANDREI IN PLACE! BUT IMPACT STOPS THE HOLD AND DRAGS ANDREI TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING WHERE HE PUTS HIM INTO THE WALLS OF IMPACT AGAIN!

Stew: Andrei is in a bad way here Talib! I don’t know how much longer he can withhold the Walls of Impact! .. He’s inching closer again, but you can tell that he doesn’t have the power anymore to fight back as much.. But he’s SOMEHOW Andrei is getting closer to the ropes! HE’S A FINGER TIP AWAY! HE’S ALMOST THERE!! NOOOO! IMPACT DRAGS HIM BACK TO THE CENTER OF THE RING.. ANDREI IS GOING TO TAP! HE’S TAPPING! NO! CAM CAUGHT ANDREI’S HAND! THIS MATCH IS STILL GOING ON! ANDREI TECHNICALLY DID NOT QUIT! CAM DELIVERS A SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF IMPACTS HEAD! Wow, Cam just saved the day not only for Andrei but for herself too! Andrei was lucky that this wasn’t a singles match, or he’d be done for. Cam picks up Impact.. BREAKING BARRIERS! OH MY GOD THAT WAS THE MOST VICIOUS BREAKING BARRIERS I’VE EVER SEEN! BUT THE MOMENTUM HAD IMPACT ROLL OUT OF THE RING! I don’t know.. Impact doesn’t look ok here.. The ref is going over to check on Impact.. Meanwhile the action is still happening.. Cam is setting up Andrei here.. What’s she thinking?!!

Talib: Hold on there Stew.. I don’t mean to cut you off but there seems to be a commotion going on in the audience.. Wait! Someone just jumps the barrier behind Cam!!! IT’S.. IT’S THERON!! WHAT’S HE DOING HERE??!! Andrei is getting up, and Cam is completely oblivious to Theron standing behind her! The 1% has had problems with both Cam and Andrei! SUPERKICK!! RIGHT TO THE FACE OF ANDREI!! HE’S OUT OF IT! Theron just shrugs and rolls out of the ring.. WHAT A BIG MAN HE IS! WOW! Cam looks at Theron, and then looks at Andrei.. She shakes her head, and shrugs her shoulders and goes for the pin!

Cam: REF!! REF!!

Talib: The ref who was tending to impact slides back into the ring, here’s the pin!

Ref: One! Two! Three!!!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)


Stew: A great win here by Cameron, but I can’t help but feel it’s a bit tainted. Obviously she was helped by Theron not because he wanted to help her, but due to Theron wanting to hurt Andrei. Congratulations to Cam, but damn it Theron!

Talib: As a wrestler you have to adjust to situations, expect the unexpected.. Andrei didn’t do that tonight. It’s his own fault to be honest.. And I don’t feel bad at all!

Stew: Something tells me Andrei will have something to say about this, but that’s it from us for now. I hope to have answers next week! But look forward to Cameron Ella Ava vs. Jack Ripley to determine the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER! See you then!

(Both Jack Ripley and Theron Nikolas stand on the stage looking down as Cameron who stares daggers up the ramp and Andrei who recovers in the ring as the camera fades to black.)

(EAW Logo Buzzes…)

Written by Fight Grid

Empire 7/26/2018

MVE #145