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Dynasty 7/13/2018

(EAW’s Opening Video Plays)

(RECORDED SEGMENT – about two hours from the show)

(The broadcasting is aired on, as the camera pans to a remote area under a undisclosed location. It appears to be at a rooftop of a building, as the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida can be seen in the long distance. Grunting sounds can be heard, as the camera transitions to what appears to be EAW Answers World Champion, Darkane, climbing up the ladder of the building, making his way to the rooftop. The gold strap illuminates every so brightly, as Darkane stands up tall. He digs into his side pocket and pulls out a piece of paper, looking at it closely, then gazing around the unfamiliar sighting.)


(Darkane’s yell turns into a powerful echo, as his words repeat on faintly in the cold, but breezy night. Darkane walks around the rooftop, carefully looking around in case of any loops or traps that he may have to be embraced with. Suddenly, a bright and powerful light emerges, and the EAW Hardcore Champion, Johnny Ventura, appears from the darkened section of the rooftop, with the light shining onto his infamous white gown, filled with golden linings and diamonds.)

Ventura: Welcome. Take a seat, man.

(Darkane looks on intriguingly, as he turns around and realizes that a embezzled, decorated chair was presented behind him. He looks back onto Ventura, who has already taken his seat, before being seated down, unstrapping his Answers World Championship and placing it around his shoulder.)

(A couple of moments have passed as the two engage in an intimidating staredown. The notorious nonchalant and peaceful nature of Johnny Ventura can be presented, as he looks over at Darkane, who pats his feet up and down on the chair, re-adjusting himself several times as he tries to make himself comfortable.)

Darkane: May I… light up a reefer?

Ventura: Go on.

(Darkane grits his teeth, as he digs into his ripped, black jean pocket to grab onto a reefer and a lighter. He lights the reefer up with one strong pull, as he exhales out slowly as the smoke disappears into the night sky.)

Darkane: So what is it, Johnny? We could be standing in the ring over at the arena back there and just beat the shit out of each other, but no.. you want to invite me and yourself into a location like this. What is your deal?

(Silence creeps in momentarily, as Darkane goes for another pull off his reefer. Ventura, however, continues to remain calm as he looks around at the sky around him.)

Ventura: I like being around the open air. The cool breeze brushing over my body, looking up to the moon and stars as they glow ever so brightly… to release the stress, you know what I mean?

Darkane: We meet for the first damn time and you already stressed? You scared?

Ventura: Yes. I am scared for you…

(Darkane chuckles, leaving him to cough ever so loudly as he crouches down to regain his composure. He sniffs his nose a little bit while continue to chuckle, as he looks back at Ventura with a sly smirk on his face.)

Darkane: You think I have a problem, huh Johnny. It’s real cute. You see, I used to be in your shoes, not career wise because I have never taken as many losses as you have had throughout your entire career…

(The camera takes a shot at Ventura, who impressively continues to remain calm.)

Darkane: But I used to be too relaxed and comfortable. Every time trouble ever came my way throughout my life, I would either look up to the skies and pray for a better day to emerge rightaway. Even when I do good things, like giving a dollar to a stenched bum across the street, or kissing my mother on the cheek… bad shit would always be on my tail and follow me. For the majority of my life, I lived with the denial that good things only happen to people that remain patient. To this day, I curse that scum whoever said that bullshit, because he or she only said that in order to take advantage over people…

Ventura: … in order to put them in a state where being calm and composed and not having to fight too hard for what you want.

Darkane: Exactly, exactly my point. However, life always manages to pull tricks like a magician, spontaneously making you realize the truth of it all. You do have to fight for your right, do whatever it is necessary to make sure that you get whatever your eyes decide to gaze upon on… in whatever violent or dirty tactic possible. That’s how I managed to steal that bad boy that you have on your shoulder right now.

(Ventura looks down onto his EAW Hardcore Championship, taking time to realize and appreciate the prized valuable that the title is worthed at. He smiles before looking right back at Darkane.)

Darkane: You have to be willing to sacrifice any “good” there is in you in order to attain your needs and wants, to make sure that no one ever tries to take what you fought so hard to protect. I had the Hardcore Championship for almost half of a year. I could have decided to have that title for the rest of my life, but that would be a foolish move on my part. Instead, I left with that title forged memories—memories where I decimated each and every damn punk bitch who thought they were fit enough to take on my battles, my struggles, and my pain. They looked unto this title as more of a prized accessory, just something they can take pictures and send to their friends that they have finally won something in life. No… not in my case, not as long as I am living life under this company’s hot air. I did whatever I had to do to preserve the notion of “hardcore” onto that title, and that is why I am viewed, and will forever be viewed as the greatest Hardcore Champion in history, sorry Johnny.

Ventura: Every person has a carrying capacity built inside of them. They can only do something for so long that they have to give it up and go for something higher, because they have managed to garner up the momentum in doing so. You see, I managed to be like you in the past, having to want to beat up the hell out of anybody that dare spoke ill to my name. “The world is a survival of the fittest” they would say, and I took that for granted. Every action that I did back in the day, I deployed full-on aggression and firepower, not realizing for a second that maybe that one action that I fully didn’t revise over wasn’t worth it. I was too focused on being the best that reality decided to strike me and take me towards the sidelines to truly show me. Pain For Pride VI was an example.

Darkane: And that’s where you lost—

Ventura: I know who I lost to and what I also lost…

Darkane: I can’t believe you let a man like Lia—

Ventura: The point is you can bring up that haunted portion of my past to life any time of the day, week, or year, but I have accepted that it will always be a part of me. Whether you want to poke fun at me for that all you want, or even neglect the fact that I had my revenge over him at Pain For Pride VIII, that is sincerely up to you. The fact of the matter is simple. My moment of clarity stemmed from the strangest of places, and how I managed to become the man that I am now is sticking to the principles that I laid out once my clarity remained intact. I learned to be sensible, to be patient and to construct a careful plan to achieve what it is that I want. Whether it is by interfering in a champion’s match to show that I mean business, or confronting a person that did me dirty—whatever it is… it all came with a plan. I knew what I was up against when I decided to pursue Cody Marshall. I knew that if I didn’t fulfill and deliver, that would be curtains for my career as a whole.

Darkane: Cody was always one, strong and powerful son of a bitch. How did he managed to lose the belt to you?

Ventura: As I said… everyone has their set carrying capacity. Cody’s capacity was cast aside this past Pain For Pride. Now I reign as the EAW Hardcore Champion, a feat that no one dared to ever envision me being in because they were quick to downplay me for one loss at the biggest stage of it all. As for you, you just recently won that EAW Answers World Championship… because you managed to outdo Scott Diamond also at Pain For Pride. We both win some and unfortunately, we both lose some. Once my carrying capacity is done, I will be more than happy because I know damn well that I am going to define what it means to be hardcore for as long as I see fit….

(Darkane gets up slowly from his chair, taking another pull off his reefer as he stares Johnny down)

Ventura: And just like my carrying capacity… you also have yours. And boy I wonder who that troublemaker is going to be that is going to seize that title away from you.

(Darkane laughs it up, as he throws the reefer onto the ground.)

Darkane: Hopefully that “troublemaker” doesn’t decide to do a foolish thing and risk his entire career, or maybe his own title at stake…

Ventura: We all have one life. That “troublemaker” is willing to go all the way to fulfill whatever he or she has to do…

(Silence creeps in for the final time, as Darkane takes one last look at Ventura before putting the EAW Answers World Championship back around his waist. He turns around and walk towards the ladder… but stops in the process.)

Darkane: We seem to have similar philosophies, you and I… It would be tragic to see you fall down this slippery slope. I just hope that your next fall, if you do come after me, doesn’t shatter you completely when I am done with you.

Ventura: Same for you… I hope that “troublemaker” doesn’t bother you too much.

(Darkane grins as he takes his descent down the ladder, as Ventura continues to remain in his chair, looking up to gaze at the twinkling sky.)

(Dynasty’s opening video is aired as “Babylon” by Ekali feat. Denzel Curry plays. The camera zooms into the arena and we jump right into the action as “Bad Reputation” by Adelitas Way starts up over the arena speakers)

Stephine Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 225 pounds, THE ARITIST AAAAASSSSHHHHHTTTOOOONNNN TTTTTTTHHHHHHOOOOOOPMMMMAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!

(The crowd pours down jeers as Tomas steps through the curtain with a smug grin on his face)

Stew: WELCOME EVERYBODY TO FRIDAY NIGHT DYNASTY!! We have seen a real change in the artist formally known as Nemesis. Gone is the face paint and dark persona.

Talib: Yeah and The beautiful one is in his place. You know I wondered what would happen to to this guy after Pain For Pride and it seems to me like he’s found true love… in a mirror.

Stew: Well regardless if it’s love or just infatuation you have to believe that part of nemesis still lerks deep inside the heart of Ashton Thomas, and if that’s so then what would it take to bring that monster out of him.

(Thomas steps through the ropes, the crowd booing even louder as he climbs up the turnbuckle to the middle rope to give a better view of his beauty. Thomas climbs down as his music fades out and is replaced by ‘The Devil in I’ by Slipknot)

Stephie Love: and his opponent from Jackson, Michigan, weighing in at 235 pounds, THE LUNATIC JASON MMMMMCCCCCKKKKKKOOOOORRRRMMMMIIICCCKKKK!!!

( McKormick steps out from the curtain. He takes a moment to scan his surroundings before walking down to the ring with an intense look on his face.)

Stew: Making his Dynasty debut here tonight is this man Jason McKormic. You know something partner just from the look of this guy I’m not sure wether he might have a screw loose upstairs.
Talib: Gee ya think? You know there’s an old saying about having to be not all there To want to be a pro wrestler, and I think he more than fits the bill. The question is can focus all his energy and try to keep from being too reckless.

Stew: You also have to wonder how Ashton Thomas may or may not be intimidated by McKormic, we spoke about how for the longest time he was Nemesis and how he thrived in darkness.

Talib: But also could being Ashton Thomas now be a disadvantage because now the shoe is on the other foot.

(Jason rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. He crawls over to the corner and starts to rock himself back and forth against the bottom turnbuckle.)


Stew: There’s the bell, McKormic rises up out the corner and meets Thomas in the center of the ring. The two men begin to circle one another, McKormic looking to lock up, but Thomas backs away with his hands up asking for a time out?!

(Thomas slowly starts to turn around in place.)

Ashton Thomas (off mic): Take a good long look at me baby!

Stew: Thomas showing off his self professed good looks, AND JASON McKORMIC LEVELS HIM WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND TO THE JAW!!!

Talib: Ashton Thomas quickly rolling out of the ring under the bottom rope from that one. Oh come on now, he’s checking for blood after one punch! Thomas trying to gather himself, but McKormic hits a baseball slide to the back! Thomas sent into the guard rail from that one! McKormic rolls out of the ring after him, he picks Thomas up off the floor and sends him head first off the guard rail! He does the same now off the ring apron before rolling Ashton back into the ring!

Stew: Thomas back up to his feet, Jason greets him with a European uppercut, and another and a third! McKormic with the Irish whip off the ropes, Thomas off the rebound and Jason McKormic blasts him with the running forearm! Jason immediately dropping down to his knees besides the fallen Ashton Thomas and starts to rain down wild shots to the head! Ashton rolling away into a corner, McKormic crawling on his hands and knees after him! Ashton against the bottom turnbuckle, McKormic lays in with a hard forearm! Jason looking for another, but Thomas sticking out between the bottom and middle ropes! McKormic swinging wildly at Ashton, the ref stepping between them to force a break!

Talib: Thomas getting back up to his feet, Jason rushing in, And Thomas catches him with a thumb to the eye! Thomas with control of the head and drops McKormic with a neckbreaker! Thomas with the cover!


Talib: Jason Kicking out quickly! Jason up to his feet, Thomas waiting and slams him down to the mat with a scoop slam! Thomas standing over Jason, places his boot over McKormic’s Face, and scrapes the hard sole right across the flesh of Jason McKormic!

Stew: McKormic rolls away from Thomas trying to get some separation, but Thomas stays on him with stomps to the head. McKormic getting to the ropes which he uses to try and get back to his feet, HEY THOMAS IS USING HIS FOOT TO CHOKE JASON OUT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! The ref trying to get the break, Ashton not paying much heed!

Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4!

Stew: Ashton wisely breaking. The referee now admonishing Thomas for that choke. Thomas picking up McKormic, And Jason fighting back with hard forearm shot! Another forearm right to the kisser that makes Ashton take a back step! McKormic now with a running clothesline! Thomas back up only to be met with another! Thomas up again and Jason whips him into the corner! Ashton landing hard back first into the turnbuckle, Jason McKormic with a head of steam, and a Corner avalanche connects!

Talib: NO! Ashton Thomas moving out of the way at the last second! McKormic May have hit his head on the steel post because he is stumbling out of the corner on wobbly legs! Jason backing up doesn’t see Ashton Thomas right behind him, Thomas turns him Face front, and plants him skull first into the mat with a DDT! Jason McKormic down and out like a light from that one as Ashton Thomas sits up and admires his handy work! Thomas now with the lateral press this might be it!


Stew: and McKormic getting the shoulder up! Thomas making the mistake of forgetting to hook the leg and it cost him right there! Thomas dragging McKormic off the mat, setting him up it looks like a suplex, what strength as he holds Jason McKormic straight up, ASH PILE!!! Ashton Thomas sends his opponents head bouncing off the canvas with that BrainBuster! McKormic clinching his neck as he thrashes around in pain! Thomas wasting little time and gets the cover, this time the leg is hooked!


Talib: HOW DID JASON McKORMIC MANAGE TO JUST BARELY GET HIS SHOULDER UP BEFORE THE THREE?! I would have bet you dollars to donuts this one was over!

Stew: Well you might not be too far off partner, That kickout looked like it May have been the last ounce of energy Jason had!

Talib: Thomas banging his hands on the mat, you can tell he is really upset about that count!

Ashton Thomas (off mic): Just stay down you ugly pleeb!

Talib: Thomas thinking what he might do next. He scoops McKormic up by the head and lands a kick that has Jason Doubled over! Thomas setting him up in a powerbomb position, he takes him up over head! ASHES TO ASHES!!!

Stew: wait, Jason trying to fight out of it! He’s doing everything he can, shifting his body weight, trying to pry loose the grip!

Stew: HE’S FREE! Ashton turns around, Jason lands a European uppercut! Thomas Answers with stiff right hand! Jason with another one of those uppercuts! Nemesis with another right hand! Another right! And a third connects for Thomas! McKormic responds with a flurry of shots!!! Jason with the Irish whip, Thomas counters and charges with a running clothesline! McKormic ducks underneath! Both men keeping their momentum and rebounding off the ropes! SPEAR!!!

Talib: WOW what a spear by Jason McKormic! That one had a ton of impact! Ashton Thomas grabbing his ribs, he looks like he’s been in a car wreck! He may have had the wind knocked out of him! Both men down but McKormic’s starting to stir!

Stew: McKormic back to his feet not finished as he picks Thomas back up and lands a kick to the mid section! Spike DDT! Ashton down in the middle of the ring! Jason should be pinning him right now, but instead he’s gonna take a chance here and start climbing up the turnbuckles!

Talib: I don’t like this strategy right here, he may have been able to score the win right there but instead he’s perched up on the top turnbuckle and measuring! LOOK OUT! ELBOW DROP RIGH FROM THE TOP!!! THAT ONE LANDING DEAD CENTER IN THE MIDDLE OF ASHTON THOMAS’ HEART!

Stew: Jason covers this one is over!!!


Stew: What resilience from Ashton Thomas as he kicks out of that one!

Talib: Maybe Ashton should have just laid down on that one because Jason McKormic up and has evil intentions in his eyes! Look at him just waiting for Ashton to get back up! Just waiting to unload with whatever his twisted mind is planning!

Stew: Thomas slowly starting to stir! Trying to pick himself up, he’s on his hands and knees! Jason charges! PUNT KICK!!! NO!!! Thomas see it coming and counters with the school boy roll up!!!






Stew: KICKOUT!!!

Talib: That was unbelievable! Two and seven eighths, it doesn’t get much closer!

Stew: both men scrambling to get to their feet! Thomas up first and lands a kick to the gut! Ashton gets the double underhooks, this might be it! MARKS OF BEAUTY!!!!




(Bad Reputation by Adelitas Way starts up over the loud speakers.)

Stephie Love: Your winner… BEAUTIFUL ASHTON THOMAS!!!

Stew: What a match! Great outing by both of these men, this one really could have gone either way and to be honest partner I thought it was gonna be a win here for Jason McKormic! He certainly put up a good fight in his debut, but showing just how far he’s willing to go is, Ashton Thomas walking away with the win!

Talib: Yes he is, and with this one it seems to me he’s shaken off the defeat at Pain For Pride and this season is looking beautiful for him if he keeps up putting on these kinds of performances!

Stew: I whole heartedly agree. Stay tuned folks more Dynasty coming your way!

(Commercial break)

(“Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play as the lights dim and Erebus Jennings steps onto the stage. A scowl can be seen through the facepaint. He pauses at the top, looking down at the sea of people in the stands before continuing down the ramp as a spotlight shines above him)

Stephie Love: Ladies and Gentlemen… ERRRREEEBBBUSSSS JEENNNNINNGGGSS!!

(Jennings is handed a microphone from a crew worker at ringside, he takes it with him into the ring as the music begins to die down. The lights in the arena remain dimmed as he brings the microphone up)

Erebus Jennings: I am… dissatisfied. Ohhh look… another elitist publicly airing out his grievances, haven’t seen that one before! But… that’s not exactly what I’m doing here tonight. I’m not angry at any particular individual, I’m not going to place the blame on anyone or anything… because my grievances aren’t personal… I’m dissatisfied with EAW, I don’t like what it’s become.

Erebus Jennings: And I’m not talking about the nature of things, or the aesthetic, I understand things and times change and that this company has to change with them if they want to stay relevant… but one thing I didn’t expect to change, regardless of the times or the era that we’re in… is the competition in the back.

Erebus Jennings: And put your fingers down, I know what you’re all thinking and what you want to say, what gives me the right? Well thankfully I don’t need one to have an opinion or a perspective.

Erebus Jennings: Maybe there’s a misconception here, about me… but I know my worth, and my worth is far above scrapping amongst a pile of no names and never will be’s… I’m above that now.

(Jennings begins pacing around the ring, the spotlight follows him, his voice grows a bit more manic)

Erebus Jennings: And what’s my proof? You don’t need it, just take my word… I promise it’s good. I’m done dwelling with the bottomfeeders, I’m looking forward, ahead… to big things… BIG THINGS!

Erebus Jennings: I want championships, and I don’t care how I get them. I’ll take them if I have to.

Erebus Jennings: There’s many ways to get to the top… *There’s a long pause as Erebus Jennings takes a deep breath*… and I know them all.

(The music picks back up as Jennings slowly exits the ring, we fade out to commercial)

(Commercial break)

(The camera fades back to the ring)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!

(Timebomb (Train, Train Intro) by Blackfoot and Rancid plays throughout the arena as Shaker Jones walks down the ramp to the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing first from Inglis, Manitoba, Canada weighing in at 250 lbs Shaker Jones!

(“I Like It” by Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin plays as Mark Michaels walks down to the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing his opponent, from Beverly Hills, California weighing in at 240 lbs Mark Michaels!


Stew-O: This should be a good match as the referee calls for the bell, both men come to the center of the ring just staring each other down.

Talib: Shaker Jones with a quick right hand, striking first stunning Mark Michaels back into the corner, which he came from.

Stew-O: Shaker now running towards Mark going for a clothesline in the corner, but no Mark ducking out of harm’s way as Shaker Jones goes full steam into the turnbuckle chest first knocking him to the ground.

Talib: Mark Michaels looking to capitalize on that now, grabbing Shaker Jones by the hair smashing his head into the turnbuckle not once, but three times, Shaker Jones I don’t believe knows where he is.

Stew-O: Mark now dragging Shaker to the center of the ring, once again picking Shaker up by his long hair, Shaker is in a daze Mark Michaels off the ropes hits a swinging neckbreaker on Shaker Jones.

Talib: Did you see the way Shaker’s neck just twisted what a wicked neckbreaker we just witnessed with Mark Michales now going for a cover!


Stew-O: Shaker Jones just barely getting the shoulder up before the three count, Mark Michaels now right back on the attack locking in a rear chin lock on Shaker Jones, just targeting that head and neck area still, Shaker Jones trying his best to get to the ropes and stay alive in this one.

Talib: Mark Michaels breaking his own hold, following it up with a quick stomp keeping control of Shaker Jones, Mark Michaels now helping a groggy Shaker Jones to his feet, Mark Michaels runs at the ropes coming back as Shaker Jones now regaining his wits right into a SCREEN CRACKER!!

Stew-O: That has to be it



(“I Like It” by Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin plays as Mark Michaels celebrates his victory)


Stew: And Mark Michaels continues his wave of momentum here as he knocks off Shaker Jones!

Bari: He looks ready Stew, BIG READY!

Stephie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Love Like Blood” by Blitzkid hits as Kyle Monroe Kade makes his entrance)

Stephie: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Colchester, Essex, England, weighing in at 169 pounds… KYYYYYLLEEE MOONNNNNROOOOEEE KAAAAAAAADDDEEE!!!!

Stew: A big opportunity for Kade tonight! He was impressive but unsuccessful last week, yet management clearly sees something in this young man for him to be taking part in our semi-main event match this week.

(“A Story to Tell” by Woe, Is Me hits as Jack Ripley makes his entrance)

Stephie: And his opponent, making his way to the ring, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 202 pounds… he is the 2018 24/7 contract winner… representing the 1%… JAAAACCKKK RIIIPPPLLLLEEEYYYY!!!!!!

Talib: And here comes the man who could become a champion at any second! Jack Ripley is looking to assert the dominance of the 1% here in Tampa!

Stew: Looks like the referee is ready to go!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stew: And here we go! Both men lock up in the center of the ring! And quickly we get a head butted from Kade! He’s looking for a real fight! Ripley wasn’t ready for the headbutt and is down with Kade dropping on top of him, raining down shots! He wants to make an impact! Now Kade is pulling Ripley up by the head! Irish whip throws Ripley into the ropes! BIG LARIAT FROM KADE! KADE IS DOMINANT IN THE EARLY STAGES HERE! Now he’s stomping a hole into Ripley! Ripley could have damaged ribs! He’s coughing in the center of the ring! Kyle is climbing now to the top rope! He’s eyeing Ripley with a twisted smile! He jumps! Top rope headbutt!

Talib: Misses! Ripley rolled out of the way and Kade crashes skull first into the mat! He’s still conscious but his brains have to be scrambled after that! And Ripley is taking advantage! This is what he needed! Now he’s pulling Kade up… SNAP DDT! Quick cover!



Kickout by Kade! He’s trying to shake the cobwebs but if he comes out of this with less than a major migraine I’ll be shocked. Now stumbling up to his feet and here comes Ripley with stiff shots! And another! And another! OH! But Kade fires back with forearms of his own! Back and forth we go! Ripley! Kade! Ripley! Kade! Ripley! Kade! Kade! Kade! And Kade with a big right cross to the jaw of Ripley!

Stew: LIKE A RECORD BABY! Kade with the double underhook into the urenage back Breaker! He goes for the cover!




Ripley kicks out! And now Ripley rolls to the outside! Needing to get a breather! And now Kade hits the ropes! SUICIDE DIVE FROM KADE! He crashes into Ripley and sends him into the barricade! And now Kade slides back into the ring. Ref starts to count!


Ripley is pulling himself up by the barricade!


Talib: ANOTHER SUICIDE DIVE FROM KADE! THIS KID HAS A DEATH WISH! He just wrecked right into Ripley again! The ref is yelling at him for breaking the count but Kade just shrugs it off! The ref starts to count again!


Kade hits some rough kicks to Ripley’s ribs!


Now Kade is pulling Jack up by the head! He pulls him in position for a ddt!


But Ripley drives Kyle back first into the side of the ring!


Ripley with shots to the gut and head of Kade!


Kade shoves Ripley off to creat some distance!


Kade with a big kick right into the hurt ribs of Ripley!


Ripley is doubles over and Kade grabs him and rolls him into the ring!


Kade rolls into the ring and breaks the count! But Ripley has kept rolling and is laying on the apron on the other side of the ring! He’s trying to pull himself up. Kade shakes his head and goes to pull his opponent in!

Stew: SLINGSHOT DDT! Ripley just planted Kade! But no cover! He knows it’s not enough! He pulls Kade up, twists him around… Setting up for The Ripple Effect! He lifts him up!

Talib: Ooh! But he drops him! Ripley is clutching the ribs! Takes a lot of upper body lifting for the vertebreaker and Kade has probably bruised Jack’s ribs! I’m not sure if that was strategy or luck by the rookie, but full credit to him! He saved himself!

Stew: But Ripley isn’t giving up that easy! He drags Kade over and props him in the corner! Still clutching his ribs, Ripley takes a running charge! OH! DOUBLE KNEES TO THE FACE OF KADE! And Ripley pulls him over for the pin!




HOW DID KADE KICK OUT OF THAT?!? The rookie still has life! Ripley is beside himself! He’s pounding the mat in frustration! He pulls Kade up and hits another ddt! Quick pin!




NO! Still not enough to put Kade down! Ripley is losing his mind! He pulls him up! Another ddt! How much damage can Kade’s skull take? But Ripley isn’t pinning him now! He’s climbing gingerly to the top rope, minding his ribs! Eyes Kade… BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!

Talib: RIGHT INTO KADE’S LIFTED KNEES! FORGET BRUISED! RIPLEYS RIBS MAY BE BROKEN!! He’s writhing in pain! Kade is shaking off the haze and is moving to the ropes! He’s pulling himself up! He sees Ripley laying in pain! The crowd is going wild! Kade climbs the top rope! Oh no! He’s gonna try it again! TOP ROPE DIVING HEADBUTT!!

Stew: GAH!!!! RIPLEY SAW IT COMING AND CURLED UP TO LIFT HIS FEET IN THE AIR! KADE JUST LANDED FACE FIRST ON JACK’S BOOTS! He may be out cold! Ripley had to curl up with those hurt ribs! He’s slides himself on top of Kade, still in pain! Ref makes the count!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

(“A Story to Tell” by Woe, Is Me hits as Jack Ripley slowly climbs to his feet)

Stephie: Here is your winner by pinfall… JAAAACK RRRRIIIPPPLLLEEEYYYY!!!!!

(The ref goes to raise Jack’s hand but he can’t lift his arm from the rib damage and shoves the ref away. Medics are in the ring now checking Kade for signs of concussion)

Stew: We thought the ribs would do Ripley in, but all the damage Kade took to the head eventually cost him. He took one too many risks.

(Commercial promoting the second set of Round 1 matches for Empress of Elite, next week on Empire, exclusively on Fox)

(“Ivy” by The Amity Affliction hits as the crowd immediately ERUPTS with a chorus of boos. Theron Nikolas slowly makes his way through the curtain wearing his usual ring attire and sporting a “Jaded Hearts” t-shirt, holding his King of Elite crown firmly in his right hand. He stands on the stage as a arrogant smirk crosses his face, soaking in every piece of the reaction the thousands in attendance are giving him.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time… THE 2018 KING OF ELITE!!… THERON NIKOLAS!!

Stew: I hate to admit it; I refuse to condone any of the actions that this match alongside both DDD and Jack Ripley, but barring the World Champions – this man may have been the biggest gain in the entire roster.

Talib: Without a doubt, Stew! The man is a KING! What other Elitist in EAW can say that? The man is a future World Champion; arguably one of the faces of EAW as a whole. Dynasty hit the big one with this man’s arrival.

(Theron enters the ring and Stephie Love hands him a microphone. He makes his way to the middle of the ring and looks to begin to speak, but is drowned out by the ongoing boos.)

Theron: You show some respect when your king stands in the ring.

(The crowd erupts again as Theron shakes his head.)

Theron: I shouldn’t expect any less when I’m forced to stand in front of mongrels.

Crowd: FUCK YOU THERON!! *clap* *clap* *clap, clap, clap* FUCK YOU THERON!!

Theron: There’s been something on my mind for a while now; something that runs a little deeper than everything that has happened over the last few months. Pain for Pride was absolutely glorious; finally banishing this company of the man that everyone adored. Finally gaining redemption for everything that this company forced me to withstand for an entire year. But, there is something so much more important that it’s time to deal with now.

(Theron looks down at the crown in his hand as the hint of a smile crosses his face.)

Theron: For one hundred and eighty eight days I have stood in front of the world with this King of Elite crown. An opportunity to compete for any World Championship of my choosing. I’ve had countless names ask me when I’m going to decide to finally cash this crown in. I’ve been dealing with so much; I’ve gone against the morals that I once held. I’ve done things that I never once thought this company would force my hand to do. Through everything that I’ve been forced to withstand – I stand here today stronger than I have ever been. I stand here better than I have ever been. I stand here, in front of the world, as the standard bearer to what every single name walking through the doors of this company with the dreams of conquering this entire business. I stand here in the top one percent of talent that this company has to offer. And now there’s one last thing to do.

(Theron places the crown on top of his head.)

Theron: Take my rightful place on that throne. It’s finally time to grasp onto the crown jewel that should have been mine a year ago.

(Theron slightly drops his head.)

Theron: It’s time that I mark my name down as the Answers World Champion.

(The crowd erupts, but this time with a mixture of cheers and boos.)

Theron: Tonight, I officially announce that I will be cashing in this crown for a match for the Answers World Championship at…

(“Your Kingdom” by VITJA hits as Andrei Sokolova makes his way through the curtain; he stands on the stage staring down at Theron, who takes the King of Elite crown from off his head. Andrei has a microphone in hand as he slowly makes his way down to the ring.)

Andrei: You’re going to cash that crown in? I don’t think so.

(Andrei makes his way up onto the apron, his eyes never leaving Theron who has a NASTY scowl across his face.)

Andrei: Do you really think that I was going to allow last week end unsettled?

(Andrei enters the ring immediately comes face to face with Theron.)

Theron: I’m guessing you’re not the best at learning lessons? I thought you would have figured out to stay out of my way when I put down your grand leader.

Andrei: It all means nothing when I had you beat last week before DDD had to run to your rescue… again.

(Theron laughs as he shakes his head.)

Theron: Is that supposed to get to me, Andrei?

Andrei: What happened at Pain for Pride was disappointing, Theron; being so close to winning the Openweight Championship and then being forced to watch as the man that gave me a greater opportunity than anyone else was willing to being screwed out his career… by some spineless, nutless weasel. You stand here thinking that you’re a man that holds so much power, but you’ve done nothing more than bought into the illusion that you’ve created for yourself. Nobody fears the One Percent; everyone back there, whether we like each other or not, holds the exact same goal. We want to rip your head off.

Theron: Let them try.

Andrei: Words are cheap, Theron. You see that crown there – you’re not cashing that in. For what you’ve done; you’ll never have the opportunity to call yourself the Answers World Champion. The biggest night of your career; a victory greater than the majority of this business will ever be able to match – did nothing more than seal your fate. If you thought that the last year was tough; so bad that it almost brought you to your wits end.

You haven’t seen anything yet.

There’s going to be a time where you’re left on your own; DDD isn’t going to be there to save you. Jack’s not going to be there either. You’re going to be forced to fend for yourself against the world gunning at your throat. You’ll have nothing to fall back on – you’ll have to deal with being buried in the hole that you’ve dug for yourself.

(Theron grits his teeth as Andrei’s face remains expressionless.)

Andrei: That crown is the last thing that you have that holds any value, and all of us can’t wait to watch it get torn away from your lifeless carcass.

Theron: And what are you going to do when I do stand here at the Answers World Champion, Andrei? What happens then? You can line everyone up and you’ll watch every single name fall. It’s people like you that allow me to constantly shoot everyone down. If anyone wants to make sure that I don’t take possession of something that should already be mine – step up, or step the f*ck out of the way.

(Theron laughs as Andrei doesn’t back down.)


(“Your Kingdom” by VITJA hits as Andrei Sokolova stands over the downed King of Elite as the thousands in attendance chant his name. He picks up the King of Elite crown and places it on the chest of the unmoved Theron before making his leave.)

Talib: WOW! Did you see that knee and rolling cutter from Andrei!

Stew: An emphatic message sent to the King of Elite! Andrei not only putting Theron down, but also him with a few home truths. I don’t think that this is done in the slightest, but boy, what an impact Andrei Sokolova has just made.

Talib: I can’t wait to see how the One Percent reacts to this.

(Andrei stands in the ring, looking back at Theron who recovers in the ring before the camera cuts to commercial.)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!

(“Young and Bitter” by Hot Tag Media hits to boos from the crowd.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first from Atlanta, Georgia weighing in at 205 pounds… “Wrestling Machine” LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCAS JOHNSON!!!!!!

(Lucas Johnson makes his way down to the ring looking enraged as he tries to contain his anger issues from exploding on unsuspecting fans at ringside.)

Talib: Lucas Johnson will have a chance to unleash his anger tonight against the biggest target in the business! Lucas is pissed after Pain for Pride but claims he has learned from his mistakes and will put an end to the Darkane times!

Stew: Lucas confident as he is coming into possibly the biggest match of his career against the Answers World Champion! A victory here tonight would be considered a massive upset to some and prove his haters wrong!

(“Born Too Late” by Saint Vitus hits to even more boos from the crowd.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent from New Orleans, Louisiana weighing in at 246 pounds… he is the Answers World Champion “The Hardcore King” DARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRKANEE!!!

(Darkane makes his way down towards the ring with the Answers World Championship around his waist as he enters the ring and holds it high in the air.)

Talib: Darkane looking confident here tonight in this non title match. He can rest assured that win or lose he will still be the Answers World Champion when the night is over. The crowd has no love for either of these men but I don’t think that will bother them any here tonight!

Stew: Probably not but everyone loves an underdog and Lucas Johnson is certainly that here tonight. However, he has his share of haters who I am sure want to see Darkane shut him up for good right here on Dynasty!


Talib: Here we go as Lucas charges in with shots to the face of Darkane who retaliates with some punches of his own! Lucas grabs the head of Darkane and bashes it off the turnbuckle pads sending Darkane staggering back into the ring! Lucas grabs Darkane and continues to deliver blows to the head! Darkane tries to get away but Lucas is still going in as he throws Darkane down to the mat!

Stew: Darkane backs up against the ropes but Lucas grabs him by the neck and throws him into the corner! A series of hard kicks by Lucas Johnson has Darkane reeling as Lucas backs up… Lucas goring Darkane hard into the turnbuckle! Darkane holding his midsection in pain as he keels over and Lucas goes for the pin!


Talib: Quick kickout by Darkane as Lucas remains on the attack mounting his opponent and delivering right hands to the face! Darkane trying to block the shots as he throws Lucas off him but Lucas right back on the attack punching Darkane yet again! Lucas grabs Darkane and throws him into the turnbuckle!

Stew: NO! Darkane blocked it putting his hands on the ropes! Darkane turns around and Lucas charges in…

Talib: But Darkane grabs him and flips him sideways! Darkane drops him with a thunderous side slam! Lucas rolls away as Darkane takes a moment to recover before going in on Lucas with a series of hard stomps on the mat! Darkane grabs the face of Lucas as he is tearing away at the mouth and nose of his opponent! Darkane slowing down the pace of this match as he locks his arms around the head of Lucas Johnson into a Sleeper Hold.

Stew: Lucas fading but struggling to get back up to his feet after he catches a glimpse of that Answers World Championship gleaming at ringside! Lucas back up to his feet but Darkane lowers his arms into a Bearhug! Darkane squeezing the life out of Lucas Johnson but his arms are just a little too loose as Lucas twists around but Darkane hits him on the back of the neck dropping Lucas back down to the mat!

Talib: Lucas crawling back up the legs of Darkane as Darkane once again wraps his arms around the midsection of his opponent but Lucas breaks free! Lucas off the ropes! Clothesline! NO! Darkane ducks and catches Lucas with a Spinebuster on the return! The cover!



Stew: The kickout by Lucas Johnson! Darkane rolls back up followed by Lucas as Darkane immediately drops his opponent with a picture perfect Dropkick! Darkane stomps hard on the face of Lucas Johnson down on the mat as he seems to be toying with his opponent. Darkane stomps again… but Lucas stops the boot! Lucas flipping Darkane over from the ground as he still has that leg! Lucas delivering a hard elbow drop to Darkane between the legs as he slams down that leg to the mat!

Talib: Darkane rolls away back up to his feet as he turns around…

Stew: FEEL THE PAIN CONNECTS OUTTA NOWHERE!!! Lucas Johnson with the cover!



Talib: The kickout by Darkane! Lucas Johnson checking with the referee to make sure that was just two as he nearly had the upset! Lucas grabs Darkane around the waist as he brings him back up to his feet in a Bearhug position of his own! Lucas with a Belly to Belly Suplex on Darkane! Darkane flies across the ring landing on his back as Lucas Johnson goes up to the top rope… High risk maneuver incoming…


Talib: Both men slowly back up to their feet as they trade punches in the ring! Lucas Johnson gains the advantage battling Darkane back against the ropes! Darkane charges back out… but Lucas tosses him with a Back Body Drop! The determination in the eyes of Lucas Johnson as he turns around waiting for Darkane to get back up. Darkane up as he slowly turns around…


Talib: NO! Darkane countered kicking Lucas hard in the gut and flipping him up into a Powerbomb position! Darkane drops Lucas hard on the back of his head! Darkane with the cover now!



Talib: Darkane can’t believe it as Lucas Johnson is immediately back up on his feet after a Powerbomb! Darkane charges in but his punches are having no effect! Lucas Johnson counters the punch as he begins staggering Darkane back with some punches of his own! And a Missile Dropkick takes Darkane down! Lucas Johnson now up to the top rope…

Stew: FLYING LEG DROP OFF THE TOP CONNECTS! The cover by Lucas Johnson!



Talib: And Darkane somehow got the shoulder up!

Stew: Darkane coughing loudly here as Lucas Johnson thought he had the match won!

Talib: I have to admit I thought this could be an easy win for the champ here tonight but Lucas Johnson is bringing the same fight that once led him to the New Breed Championship!

Stew: Lucas pulling Darkane back up as he punches him back against the ropes! Darkane holding his throat in pain as he fails to deflect the shots! Lucas backs up winding his arm up for a Clothesline! And he charges in to knock Darkane the hell out!

Talib: But Darkane gets his arm up as well! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TAKES BOTH MEN OUT IN THE RING!

Stew: Both men back up with Lucas slightly beating Darkane! Lucas charges in with his fist but Darkane lunges from a kneeling position taking Lucas down with a Running Shoulder Tackle! Lucas pulling himself up as Darkane connects with a hard Axe Handle to the back of Lucas! Darkane now grabbing Lucas as he pulls him back up…





Talib: I thought he was done for Stew!

Stew: So did Darkane as he sits up looking annoyed. But Darkane isn’t the champ for nothing as he knows he has to keep the fight up no matter what! Darkane grabs the legs of Lucas Johnson as he wrenches him over into a Boston Crab! Lucas screaming in pain as he crawls across the ring! Can he reach the ropes?!?!?

Talib: HE MAKES IT! Darkane releasing the hold as he immediately stomps hard on the back of Lucas Johnson! Darkane grabs the throat of Lucas Johnson as he pulls him back up with both arms! Darkane lifting Lucas up… Double Handed Chokeslam connects!!!

Stew: Darkane falls back into the corner from the force of that Chokeslam as he catches his breath. Lucas back up across the ring as Darkane eyes him and charges in!






Stephie Love: Here is your winner… DARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRKANE!!!

(“Born Too Late” by Saint Vitus hits as Darkane has his arm raised by the referee and handed the Answers World Championship belt in the ring.)

Stew: Darkane has done it! Darkane winning a hard fought match here tonight against a Lucas Johnson determined to prove himself in the highest levels of competition here on Dynasty!

Talib: Lucas scoring some near falls against the champion and he should be proud of that but in this business there is no reward for half efforts! Darkane showing why he is the Answers World Champion and when all is said and done the win he scored tonight is all that matters as he continues to look more and more dominant as THE MAN here on Dynasty!

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by Fight Grid

Empire 7/12/2018

Showdown 7/14/2018