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Dynasty 4/26/2019

(EAW Intro Plays)

(Camera opens to Starr Stan standing in the center of the ring holding a microphone. In the crowd behind him signs can be seen saying things like ‘MS. EXTREME-LY HOT’, ‘Wilson Family Reunion’, ‘Frank Deserved It’, and ‘JAMIE IS THE ACE OF THE UNIVERSE’. Starr raises the mic to speak as the intro music fades out.)

Starr Stan: What a week for Dynasty, yeah!? Not only did Jamie O’Hara win the Grand Rampage, giving him the right to be in the main event of Pain for Pride, but Darkane and, yes, even Mark Michaels, all made deep impacts in the Rampage, outlasting many other Elitists and proving to everyone just why Dynasty is the biggest brand in all of EAW!

(Starr pauses as the crowd cheers in appreciation, taking in the adulation.)

Stew-O: The EAW Universe sure loves Dynasty!

(Smiling to himself, Starr continues.)

Starr Stan: That being said, we can’t rest on our laurels! The Road to Pain for Pride began in Melbourne and for Dynasty that road runs straight through the Gateway to Glory!

(Starr gestures to the tron to show the poster for Gateway to Glory.)

Starr Stan: So, seeing as we have the Dynasty Main Event for Pain for Pride set…we need a challenger for Theron at Gateway to Glory, and that person will be..

(‘I hope you Suffer’ by AFI plays as Theron Nikolas walks out onto the stage wearing the Answers World title around his waist and a smirk across his face.)

Talib Bari: I hope you’re all ready to kneel before your God Emperor…no, excuse me, GAWD Emperor, Theron Nikolas is the single most dominant champion in EAW today, he’s the longest reigning current champion, and let’s be honest, this is the man that everyone from SOSA Henderson to Sienna Jade are looking to for an example on how to be a champion!

Flannery McCoy: Wow, you really are all in with Theron, aren’t ya, Barry? Tone it down just a touch and let some objectivity creep back in for a bit. Theron is certainly a dominant champion, but he’s been on the verge several times of losing that title. This capacity pack crowd sure isn’t being shy about letting him know how they feel.

(The raining of ‘boos’ from the crowd is near deafening as Theron mockingly cups his ear and raises the microphone to speak.)

Theron Nikolas: That’s right, you pathetic waste of genetic material don’t appreciate greatness when it stands before you, I’ve come to accept that. Just like I’ve come to accept that there is no man on Dynasty, woman either, who I can’t defeat. Ever since I’ve taken this title I have forged myself into a one man Dynasty that has carried this brand on my back despite your loathing! Gateway to Glory should be a celebration of my reign if anything, Starr, and you know it, I know it, and even these pathetic people know it!

(The booing of Theron intensifies as Starr allows the crowd to vent their frustrations before speaking.)

Starr Stan: Well, as much as I’m sure you’d enjoy that, the fact of the matter is you’ve got a contractually obligated title defense at Gateway to Glory and I’ve already got just the person in mind!

Theron Nikolas: Oh yeah? Who? Who ya got, Starr?

(Starr gestures toward the upper deck entrance in the crowd.)

Starr Stan: Him.

(‘Wizard in Black’ by Electric Wizard begins to play as the crowd goes wild and Darkane walks out amongst the audience, arms extended wide in a crucifix pose.)

Stew-O: OH MY GOD! Darkane hasn’t faced Theron Nikloas since the self proclaimed God Emperor took his title late last year, but since that time the Grave Worm has been slowly but steadily making a huge name for himself, most recently in the Grand Rampage!

(Theron glares angrily, first at Darkane, then at Stan.)

Theron Nikolas: Darkane?! I’ve beaten him already! You seriously don’t have any better challenger than this?!

(Starr laughs.)

Starr Stan: What’s the matter, Theron, did you check your watch and see that’s it’s getting closer than ever before to Darkane times?

(Starr drops the mic and exits the ring as Theron starts mouthing curses at Darkane who is still standing among the crowd. As ‘Wizard in Black’ begins to play again the camera cuts to the announce desk where Stew-O, Talib Bari, and Flannery McCoy sit. Name plates appear beneath each respective announcer as the music starts to fade.)

Stew-O: Welcome to Friday Night Dynasty, where we fight on Friday Night! And you as you just heard, at Gateway to Glory the Answers World Championship will be defended against Darkane in what is sure to be a match of the year contender!

Flannery McCoy: Not just that, but the Ace of EAW, Jamie O’Hara won the Grand Rampage, and we’ll hear from the Ace later tonight, but that means the Dynasty Main Event for Pain for Pride is set, whoever wins at Gateway to Glory will face Jamie in a match that will rival any other at the grandest stage of them all, Pain for Pride!

Talib Bari: Other things are in motion too, EAW has new Unified Tag Champions, and I know a couple Bros who are looking to to add ten pounds of gold to their waist! Also, Dynasty is full of the next generation of EAW Elitists, one of them is going to need to rise above the others, though, as Dynasty will soon be challenging SOSA for his newly won New Breed championship!

Stew-O: Very true, but before we can get there we’ve got tonight, and the first match of the evening!


( “Nuketown” by Ski mask the slump god starts playing.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 202 pounds, THE LIGHTNING ROD… ZZZZAAAACCCHHHHAAARRRYYYY RRRRRROOOOOODDDDDDD!!!

( Zachary steps out on stage to… mild applause, mostly laughs more than anything.)

Stew-O: tonight Zachary Rod looks to take a step up in the Dynasty food chain as he Takes on a former New Breed Champion in Lucas Johnson!

Talib: Well if anyone trying to take a bite out of a shark like Lucas Johnson usually ends up getting swallowed whole!

Flannery: Hey with Pain For Pride fast approaching, you have everyone jockeying for the best position possible, and I’m sure Zachary Rod wants nothing more than to really establish himself as a potential player before the biggest show of the year.

( Rod enters the ring. A moment passes before his music fades out and in its place “young and bitter” by hot tag media hits over the arena speakers.)

Stephie Love: and his opponent, being accompanied by Albert Hitchman, from Atlanta, Georgia, Weighing In at 205 pounds, THE WRESTLING MACHINE… LLLLLLLUUUUUCCCCCAAAASSSSS JJJJOOOOOOOHHHHHNNNNNNNSSSSSOOOOONNNN!!!!

( Lucas steps out past the curtain with Hitchman following close behind, his beats headphones canceling out the boos of the crowd.)

Stew: Over the past year we have seen Lucas become more brutal, and even more vicious, and even more full of himself, And whenever you’re in the ring with the Wrestling Machine, there is a good chance that you’ll wind up having to spend the night at a local medical facility!

Talib: well some of that I feel you can attribute to having The Hitch in his corner! That man brings out the best in his clients and Lucas is certainly no exception! I mean look at that focus in the eyes of Lucas Johnson tonight!

Flannery: well you have to imagine that like Rod, Lucas is trying to prove his worth and get himself into the best possible position for Pain For Pride, which will be held right in Johnson’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia!

( Lucas hops up the steps and into the ring, lose yet ready, full of energy.)


Stew: There’s the bell this one is under way! Both men meeting in the center of the ring… and Zachary Rod holding up his hands as if to say hold on. Zachary cupping his hands around his mouth as he shouts into the air!


Talib: OH LUCAS NOT IN THE MOOD TO PLAY GAMES AS HE LANDS A KICK TO THE GUT AND BEGINS TO UNLEASH A FLURRY OF OVERHEAD CLUBS TO THE BACK! Rod in trouble early as Johnson lays in one shot after another, Lucas hooking a full Nelson… SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!!!

Flannery: Rod landing face first into the canvas, and Lucas immediately traditions… MMMMMAAAACCCHHHHIIIIINNNNEEEE BBBBRRRREEEEAAAKKKKK!!! LUCAS HAS IT CINCHED IN! ZACHARY HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP!!!


( “Young and bitter” starts up.)


Stew: What a swift and decisive victory here tonight for Lucas Johnson!

Talib: The Wrestling machine is firing on all cylinders, and I wouldn’t want to have to face him any time soon!

Flannery: impressive, that is the only word I can think of right now! Guys if you needed proof that Lucas was still hungry for a championship, this is all the evidence you’d need.

Stew: agreed partner, stay tuned Ladies and Gentlemen there’s more Dynasty on the way!

(Commercial plays for a new EAW Network Special: Spoilercast: Your Favorite EAW Elitists discuss the latest movies and TV shows in full detail.)

(Back from commercial we are in the backseat of a car parked along the side of a street lit by overhead street lights. In the front seat sits Giovanni Luciano in the driver’s seat and another man who is unrecognizable in the passenger’s seat beside him. The two sit in quiet, seemingly watching a storefront across the street intently. As they watch, an elderly man walks out of a store, locking the door behind him, carrying a deposit bag. The man in the passenger seat pats Giovanni excitedly on the shoulder.)

Man: Yo-yo, this is it, Gio, I’ll be right back!

(Before Giovanni can say anything the man hurries out of the car and quietly rushes across the street, out of view of the man. Giovanni watches as his cohort sneaks up behind the older man and turns away with a look of anguish as the shopkeeper is cracked across the back of the skull, knocking him to the ground in a daze. The old man’s cries fill the empty street as he is beaten, causing Giovanni to suddenly roll up his window, muting them. After closing his eyes and seemingly coming to a decision, he starts the car, startling the man who had been riding with him, and pulls into the street, driving quickly away from the scene, leaving the other man behind with a confused look on his face. As he drives along, Giovanni adjusts the mirror, catching his eyes.)

Giovanni: No more.

(He drives on in silence as the camera fades.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is set for One Fall!

(‘Better Now’ by Post Malone begins to play as Ryan Savage makes his way out onto the stage. The crowd pops nicely for him, and he slaps a few hands on his way to the ring.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Louisville Kentucky, weighing in at 210 pounds, the 10th Planet…RYAN SAVAGE!

Stew-O: The former tag team champion is here tonight to prove that he still has as he faces his biggest challenge since returning in Ryan Wilson. Wilson has proven himself a very game competitor since breaking up the Score, as a matter of fa-HEY!

(Ryan Savage is attacked from behind by Sylvan and Brujah, the Family. They drive him into the barricade as Ryan Wilson makes his way down the ramp behind them at a leisurely pace, laughing.)


(The Family shove Savage headfirst into ring steps, knocking them off balance.)

Flannery McCoy: Savage is defenseless here, and look at the smug grin on the face of Ryan Wilson!

Ryan Wilson (Off Mic): Brujah, put him through the table!

(Nodding to Wilson, Brujah drags Ryan Savage over to the Spanish announce table.)

Talib Bari: Look out amigos! That big man pulls Ryan up by his throat…CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE! Savage isn’t moving! Now look at Wilson, he’s sliding in the ring and motioning for his goons to roll Savage in…the referee has no choice, he calls for the bell!


Talib Bari: This is gonna be a short one folks! Wilson drags Savage to the center of the ring…FOURTH WALL BREAK! Wilson has that hold in deep, but it could be a hammer lock for all the fight Savage has left in him, the referee has no choice!


Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by submission…RRRRYYYYYAAAANNNNNN WWWIIIIIILLLLLLSSSSSSOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

(‘My Way’ by Limp Bizkit begins to play as Ryan Wilson makes an exaggerated bow before rolling out of the ring and smugly walking back up the stage.)

Stew-O: Ladies and gentlemen we’re getting word that there is some sort of disturbance going on back stage, let’s head backstage right now!

(Backstage we see the camera speeding down a corridor, the footsteps of the camera man soon overtook by the sounds of a struggle. As the camera rounds the corner we see Donovan Cross struggling to fight off a man in a black balaclava choking him from behind. Cross is starting to fade as the man leaps fully onto his back, setting up a rear naked choke, but in a final act of desperation, he runs forward toward a door, lowering his shoulder just before impact, driving both men into the door, leaving a deep impact.)

Stew-O: Would you look at this! A masked assailant has attacked Donovan Cross backstage, the man, need we remind you, that is currently the number one contender for the PURE title, but right now he’s struggling to escape from whoever this attacker is!

Flannery McCoy: Without a doubt Cross had to have been blindsided, he’s not at all a push over! The man is staggered, but it’s not enough! He goes back at Cross who was still trying to catch his breath! Vicious knee to the midsection from the mystery man who grabs Cross…looks like he’s going to run him through that door…NO! Cross knocks the man’s arm away and grabs the mask, he pulls it off!

Stew-O: BOWIE GRAY!? Bowie Gray is attacking Donovan Cross?

(A look of confusion on his face, Donovan pauses just long enough for Bowie to recover.)

Stew-O: Bowie grabs Cross and drives him through the broken door! Cross is flung across the room and into a desk! Bowie follows quickly behind, not giving Cross a chance to recover! He grabs…NO! He’s got a stapler! Bowie cracks Cross across the face with the stapler, knocking him back…what is he doing now…OHMIGOD! Bowie uses that stapler on the face of Donovan Cross! Donivan is bleeding from the wound!


(Bowie flattens out the hand of Cross and drives the stapler into it.)


Flannery McCoy: Bowie is systematically taking Donovan apart with that stapler! Wait, what is he doing now?!

(Bowie drops the stapler and picks up the handset of the phone that was set up on the desk. Gripping it tightly, Bowie grind sadistically at Cross before raising the handset up.)

Flannery McCoy: MY GOD, NO! Bowie Gray is bringing that phone receiver on the face of Donovan Cross! Dear god, can’t we get some security in there!?

(Bowie brings the receiver down on the face of Cross several times, splatters of blood and pieces of broken plastic flying up after each hit. Finally Bowie stops as Cross is left quivering on the desk. Bowie smirks at the camera, shoving it out of his way as he exits the room, leaving the shot of Donovan’s bloody, battered face as the camera fades.)

(Commercial plays for Adobe House Records, But the Merch!)

(Back from Commercial we see Stephie Love in the ring to announce the next match.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is set for One Fall!

(‘Damage’ by Red plays as Ronan walks his way down to the ring with a purpose scowling at fans intimidating fans sitting in their seats as he rolls his way in the ring he climbs to the middle rope and lets out a war cry.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Cape Town, South Africa, weighing in at 23 pounds…The Juggernaut…RONAN MALOSI!

Stew-O: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m still in shock at the scene we just witnessed, Donovan Cross has been fully incapacitated by a returning Bowie Gray, so excuse me if I’m a little off here, but Ronan has his game face on here tonight and looks to put a big feather in his cap in the form of Shaker Jones, Ronan is still a new comer here, but the fans seem to already have taken a disliking of him if the boos here tonight are any indication!

Stephie Love: Introducing his opponent…

(‘I Love It Loud’ by Kiss begins to play as Shaker Jones makes his way out onto the stage to the joy of the crowd, who immediately begin cheering. Shaker gives high fives on his way in the ring, never taking his eyes off Ronan.)

Stephie Love: From Inglis, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at 250 pounds, The Punk Rock Cowboy…SSSHHHHAAAAAKKKKEEEEERRRRRR JJJJOOOOOOONNNNEEEESSSS!!!

Talib Bari: Shaker came within mere inches of winning the Pure title at the Grand Rampage in what a lot of people are calling the performance of his career! We’ll see if he can regain some of that lost momentum tonight by beating Ronan!

(Stephie exits the ring as the referee calls for the bell.)


Stew-O: Shaker and Ronan circle the ring…collar and elbow tie up and Shaker powers Ronan back into the corner, but the referee calls for the break! Shaker releases, holding his hands away from Ronan…EYE POKE! Ronan goes for Shaker’s eyes! Shaker stumbles back as Ronan runs forward…CHOP BLOCK!Shaker drops to the mat holding his knee! Ronan with the mount and he starts driving his fist into the face of Shaker over and over, the official is warning Ronan of the closed fist, which distracts Ronan long enough for Shaker to kick away!

Talib Bari: Shaker trying to shake off the early assault from Ronan…get it Stew? Ha! Anyway, Ronan is stalking Shaker still, but Jones grabs the waistband of the Juggernaut and pulls him into the turnbuckle, giving Jones a little more room! Shaker off the ropes comes running back…running guillotine over the middle rope! Ronan falls back into the ring holding his throat! Thinking quick, Shaker runs up the turnbuckle and leaps…BIG FLYING LEG DROP! Shaker going for the quick pin!

Referee: ONE! TWO!

Flannery McCoy: Kickout from Ronan! Shaker catches a headlock, trying to wear Malosi down Shaker positioning himself across the back of Ronan, driving his breath out…Ronan rolls Shaker off and makes it to his knee! Shaker catches him with a quick kick to the midsection! Jones off the ropes…RONAN COUNTERS WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM! Shaker Jones is flattened! He did not at all expect that from Ronan who quickly hits the ropes as Shaker returns to his feet…SPEAR!!! Shaker is cut in half! Ronan hooks the leg, could this be it!?

Referee: ONE! TWO! THREE-

Stew-O: KICKOUT! Shaker kicks out! Ronan thought he had it there, and argues it with the referee who tells him it was just two…ROLLUP FROM SHAKER!

Referee: ONE! TWO!

Stew-O: Kickout from Ronan, but Shaker lands the double leg takedown and starts pummeling Malosi! Rights and lefts raining down hard on the Juggernaut as Shaker has had enough! Now it’s Ronan’s turn to cover up as Jones is pulled away by the referee who is now warning Jones that he can be on the wrong end of a DQ finish here tonight! Ronan has backed to the corner and Shaker follows…KICK FROM RONAN! NO! Shaker catches the foot and pulls Ronan to his feet…BIG BACK ELBOW! Ronan slumps back in the corner as Shaker climbs to the middle turnbuckle…He starts raining down fists!


Flannery McCoy: Shaker stops and…he’s working his jaw? ORANGE MIST! SHaker Jones sprays that mist he used on Ms. Extreme into the face of Ronan, who look slike he must be blind now! Jones pulls Ronan up to the top turnbuckle…SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL! That moonsault side slam has flattened Ronan! Shaker backs to the corner as Ronan slowly makes his way to his feet, trying to wipe away the mist…GIVE ‘EM THE BOOT! The running single leg dropkick flattens Malosi!

Referee: ONE! TWO! THREE!


Talib Bari: Look at that! Shaker pulled it off!

Stephie Love: The winner of the contest by pinfall…SSSSSHHHHAAAAKKKKEEERRRRR JJJOOOONNNNNEEEESSSSS!!!

(‘I Love It Loud’ begins playing as Shaker raises his arms in victory and makes his way up the entrance ramp. As the official checks on Ronan the camera transitions backstage, showing Michael Belfort standing next to Ryan Wilson. WIlson is rubbing his hands together, very proud of his defeat of Ryan Savage earlier in the evening. Michael nods into the camera.)

Michael Belfort: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me right now is Ryan WIlson! Ryan, what do you think of Shaker’s victory over Ronan?

(Wilson’s smirk disappears and is replaced by annoyance.)

Ryan Wilson: You’re seriously asking me that?! Oooooh, look at Shaker, he beat some hulking new guy, and lost to Ms. Extreme! That’s what I want to talk about! Shaker took the opportunity that should have been mine, and wasted it! I would have beaten her! But noooooooooooooo, Shaker put forward his pathetic effort and look where we are now!

(Michael frowns slightly at Wilson’s outburst.)

Michael Belfort: Well, let’s talk about your match with Ryan Savage this evening…your Family attacked him before the match, do you really think that was a fair contest?

(Ryan laughs.)

Ryan Wilson: No, but I don’t care. How dare you, by the way, call me out for cheating when Shaker Jones just used that orange mist in the last match!? Once the bell rang my match was 100% right down the middle, and I dare you to say otherwise. See, this is the exact type of bullshit I’ve come to expect from Dynasty, double standards and letting your favorites slide when they’re just as dirty as I am.

(Ryan stops as if suddenly struck by a thought.)

Ryan Wilson: As a matter of fact, and since Starr Stan is all excited for Gateway to Glory, how about this: Shaker Jones, I challenge you to a Seoul Street Fight there! I want to prove once and for all that Your win over me was a fluke, and then, once I’ve put you away, I will be free to finally fulfill my destiny and challenge for the PURE title at Pain for Pride! So, whaddya say, Shaker, wanna face me, or have your balls fell off?

(Michael seems impressed at the challenge.)

Michael Belfort: Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Wilson throwing the gauntlet down for Shaker…will he accept? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out, but for now, Ryan, do you have anything else to say?

(Wilson smirks and walks off stage.)

Michael Belfort: …okay, guess not, back to you guys!

(Back from commercial we see Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the winner of the 2019 Grand Rampage…JAMIE O’HARA!

(The crowd erupts in a massive cheer as ‘Ultimate Battle’ by ZENTA plays and Jamie O’Hara walks out onto the stage, smiling brightly, and soaks in the crowd.)

Stew-O: Ladies and gentlemen he is called the Ace of EAW for a reason, out lasting 29 other competitors in what many are calling the most competitive Grand Rampage ever, this man has proven himself over and over against the top talent this company has to offer and since he’s came back he’s done nothing but prove that he indeed still has it!

Talib Bari: Now who needs to calm down? He made a big splash on his comeback, sure, but did he beat Theron? What makes you think he will a second time?

(Jamie makes his way to the ring, shaking hands with the crowd along the way, and, as his music fades, takes the microphone from Stephie who backs to the corner.)

Jamie O’Hara: Damn does it feel good to forge your own destiny!

(The crowd cheers Jamie again.)

Jamie O’hara: Make no mistake, that’s what I done, because I am not one who just sits back and is happy with what he’s given. I lead, I set the pace and example of this company, and I do it at such a high level that no one else can keep up…not even God Emperors. Theron, I’m sure that between now and Gateway to Glory at least all I’m going to hear about is how you beat me at King of Elite and how I need to kneel before whatever self important titles you can heap on yourself between now and then, but I’ve got news for you…I saw that you’re facing Darkane in a few weeks, and believe me I’d love to go one on one with the Grave Worm at Pain for Pride just as much as I’d live kicking your arrogant face in, it doesn’t matter to me, but if you don’t watch out you’re going to see your ‘One Man Dynasty’ crumble.


Jamie O’Hara: Make no mistake, I’m taking you down, I just took down the best this company has to offer to get the chance…I outlasted Charlie Marr, who, despite how you may feel about him, set the record for eliminations. I outlasted Rex, a man who has held the top title on every brand he’s been on, and one of the toughest men in EAW…and speaking of tough men, I outlasted Darkane. The man you’re facing at Gateway to Glory, the man who is going to take you to the very edge of your ability and could well walk out into Pain for Pride with the Answers World title. Deep in that black heart of yours there is doubt forming, I can see it…’Why?’ how can Jamie be so sure of himself? Well, it’s simple. It’s not because people call me Ace, it’s not because of any nickname or accolade or anything that you think. It’s because I know in I can beat you, I know that the Answers World title is my destiny, because I forged that for myself, and I know that no matter what you do, no matter how much you want it…I. WILL NEVER. KNEEL.

(The Crowd goes wild at this.)


Jamie O’Hara: Deep down you know it, and as much as you’d never admit it, you know that means your days as champion are numbered. Good luck at Gateway to Glory…but if Darkane don’t do it, I can promise you this: I’m going to make a God Emperor bleed.

(Jamie drops the mic and rolls out of the ring as ‘Ultimate Battle’ begins playing again. Jamie shakes hands with the rabid crowd as he makes his way back up the ramp.)

Stew-O: Strong words from Jamie tonight, he’s put Theron on notice!

Talib Bari: Sure, sure, he says a lot, but when it comes down to it, Theron has beaten Jamie not that long ago. Jamie has to have at least as much doubt in him as he claims Theron has.

Flannery McCoy: Maybe, but one thing is for sure, the road to Pain for Pride is going to be interesting indeed!

(Back in the ring, Stephie prepares to announce the next match.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is set for one fall!

(‘Hit ‘Em High’ by Wu-Tang Clan feat. Cypress Hill plays as Feral Khan stomps his way to the ring accompanied by the Hitch, who runs his mouth to the fans at ringside.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Atlanta Georgia, weighing in at 348 pounds…The Callous Feral Khan!

(The crowd showers boos on Khan as he stands impassively in the ring.)

Flannery McCoy: Feral Khan is a monster of a man, just ask Frank Grayson, who he left laying last episode of Dynasty. You gotta believe he has a huge advantage here tonight in the strength department, but Crosby has been wrestling longer…it will be an interesting matchup indeed!

Talib Bari: Crosby had a chance! Khan tried to spare him last time, but now there won’t be an escape. I almost feel bad for this piece of ring trash and his oh so classy wife, but people like them get what they deserve in life!

Stephie Love: Introducing his opponent…

(‘All I do is Win’ by DJ Khaled begins to play as Crosby and Carsyn make their way down the ramp to the delight of the crowd. Despite the sunglasses, the look of determination on Crosby in unmistakable.)

Stephie Love: From Woodbridge, New Jersey, weighing 199 pounds…Explosive Crosby Carter!

Stew-O: To your point, Talib, Crosby has never ran from a fight here in Dynasty, or anywhere, you may not like his styler, but he has absolutely made an impression on the EAW Universe!

Flannery McCoy: That’s right, both solo and as a team with Thadd Blazevich, Crosby has proven he has what it takes to be a high level competitor here, and if Khan and Hitch overlook him they are in for a big surprise!

Talib Bari: Yeah, yeah, still trash…


Stew-O: There’s the bell and Crosby hits the ropes immediately…basement dropkick! He’s trying to take the legs out of the big man here! Khan doesn’t move very much, but the strike did slow him. Crosby quickly dodges an attempt from Khan at a tie up and stomps the back of Khan’s knee, this time driving him to one knee! Sensing an opportunity, Crosby hits the ropes…shining wizard…NO! LOOK AT THIS! Khan caught Crosby and drops him with a hard powerbomb! Looks like he’s trying to shake some feeling back in his knee as he hits the ropes, LOOK OUT CROSBY!

Flannery McCoy: THE BIG SPLASH MISSES! Khan went for maybe an early win, but Crosby is still in this! Carsyn slaps the mat in elation! Crosby hits the ropes again, yet another basement dropkick to the side of the head of Khan! Crosby needs to keep hitting and moving away like this, I think this can be a winning strategy for him, all he’d need to do is wear Khan down to the point the big man is out of gas!

Talib Bari: Look at the size of that man! You think he’s got a small gas tank? Get outta here! Crosby lands a hard kick to the back of Khan!


Talib Bari: There you hear the shrill voice of Carsyn, hoping to blow the eardrums of Khan, no doubt, but I don’t know how effective that will be. Khan is back to one knee, let’s see if Crosby goes back to the well for another one of his running attacks here…NO! Quick jabs from Crosby to the jaw of Khan, he’s trying to rock him here, but Khan is shrugging it off. KHAN GRABS CROSBY’S ARM, this could be bad for Carter!

Stew-O: Kick to the knee! Khan releases the hold due to the quick thinking of Carter who hits the ropes yet again…NO! BIG SHOULDER BLOCK FROM KHAN SENDS CROSBY FLYING! Hitchman cackles in glee as Carsyn has a worried look on her face! Khan stalks over to Carter who is trying to gain his bearings…KHAN WITH DOUBLE HANDFULS OF HAIR SENDS CROSBY FLYING WITH A BIEL! Look at the strength on display here from Khan! Feral, limping slightly, makes his way over to the fallen form of Carter, who himself is struggling to rise. Khan helps with this, though and pulls Crosby in for a tight bearhug, the Man of 1000 Sunglasses could be in a lot of trouble here…Look out! Carsyn is on the apron, distracting the referee who is telling her to get down, but the distraction allows Crosby to go for the eyes of Khan who shakes off the assault, but repositions his arms…BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

Flannery McCoy: Carsyn drops to the floor looking worried, as Khan hooks the legs, Carter could be out here!

Referee: ONE! TWO!

Flannery McCoy: KICKOUT! See, Barry, I told you that Crosby had more in him that you said! Khan looks like he thought the count was a little slow, but he pulls Crosby to his feet..HEADBUTT FROM CARTER! It seems to be double edged though! Khan seems a bit stunned, but Crosby drops to a seated position, eyes crossed in a daze! Khan is moving toward Crosby again…LOW BLOW FROM CARTER! The referee was out of position because Carsyn was once again on the apron! These two are working as a unit! Khan drops in agony to his knees as Hitch, indignant at the interference of Carsyn, climbs the apron this time!

Talib Bari: I don’t wanna hear anything about it not being fair, because as you just pointed out Carsyn has been a huge factor in this match! Hitch is arguing with the referee…I might have a shirt the same color of purple that Hitch’s head is right now…HEY, WHAT IS CARSYN DOING!? THAT HARLOT PULLED HITCH TO THE FLOOR…LEFT HAND TO THE JAW OF HITCH! CARSYN NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED, SHE JUST ASSAULTED THAT MAN!

Stew-O: Crosby sees an opening! He hits the ropes…YOUR UBER HAS ARRIVED! The running double stomp to the face of Khan, who is still out from the low blow…Crosby climbs the turnbuckle…CSN! The SWANTON LANDS! CARTER GOES FOR THE PIN!

Referee: ONE! TWO! THREE!


Flannery McCoy: Khan got his shoulder up, but it was just a second too late! Carter wins!

(‘All I do Is Win’ plays as Crosby rolls out of the ring and into the arms of Carsyn, kissing her passionately before the two make their way up the ramp.)

Talib Bari: Oh, that’s classy…

Flannery McCoy: Sounds to me like someone is jealous…

(The Carters celebrate as the camera fades.)

( Final Commercial plays for Avengers Endgame, see it before someone spoils that shit!)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the middle of the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The crowd screams in excitement as “Ultimate Battle” by ZENTA hits. Jamie O’Hara takes his time walking out to the stage, soaking in the cheers for the Grand Rampage 2019 winner. He takes a deep breath then continues walking to the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Melbourne, Australia, weighing in at 190 pounds…JAMIE O’HARA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talib Bari: Jamie O’Hara’s coming off a big win recently winning the Grand Rampage match, now he comes back to the Dynasty brand to face Mark Michaels in what seems to be a match destined to happen.

Stew-O: Mark doesn’t seem to be playing in this match, getting eliminated in that same match it looks like he wants to prove O’Hara doesn’t deserve the shot he’s been given, O’Hara better be keeping a eye out for Mark.

Flannery McCoy: Oh please Jamie is the Ace Of Elite Answers Wrestling, he’s faced bigger and better people before, if Mark Michaels is a challenge for Jamie then Mark must be up there with the greats, which is definitely not possible. Jamie’s going to take this slow, but no doubt he isn’t going to let Mark win.

(Jamie enters the ring and walks to his corner taking off his jacket as “Ultimate Battle” fades off. The crowd screams for O’Hara as he prepares. The crowds cheers quickly turn to boos as “Just ‘Cos You Got The Power” by Motörhead plays. Mark comes out to the stage unsurprised by the amount of boos he gets, he quickly starts to ignore the crowd and focuses his attention on Jamie O’Hara)

Stephie Love: And his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 240 pounds…MARK…MICHAELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talib Bari: There’s no doubt Mark has come here with a purpose tonight.

Stew-O: He’s come for a fight, a chance to show why he’s deserving of the main event spotlight at Pain For Pride.

Flannery McCoy: Well, do you honestly think he’ll get a shot with this propaganda whatever crap, if he wants to destroy EAW why would he want the shot, he wants to prove he’s the best and why EAW has outcast him for so long.

(Mark Michaels gets into the ring and leans in his corner, he looks around and gives a smirk off as the boos continue. “Just ‘Cos You Got The Power” dies off as the ref signals for the bell)


Talib Bari: This match is underway, Jamie and Mark lock up. Mark with a gut kick early, he whips O’Hara to the ropes, KNEE BREAKER. Jamie stumbling back, Mark running, CLOTHESLINE- Jamie ducks under, he throws Mark Michaels onto the apron. Jamie grabbing Mark, Mark with a gut punch pushing O’Hara back. Michaels getting into the ring, JAMIE RUNNING AT HIM WITH A KNEE, Mark falls limp as Jamie goes for the pin!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: KICKOUT! Jamie getting up slowly, I think he realizes Mark is not going down easily. Jamie bringing Mark up with him, MICHAELS PUSHING JAMIE O’HARA TO THE CORNER! Mark landing a few punches down, O’Hara now grabbing Mark and throwing him into the corner. Jamie moving back…CORNER HIGH KNEE! Jamie landing back down to the ground, irish whip to the corner by Jamie, Mark is dazed, FLYING FOREARM- NO MARK MOVES OUT OF THE WAY, Mark falling down and rolling out of the ring. Jamie up quickly about to leave the ring, Mark’s grabbed the legs of O’Hara, Jamie kicks away pushing Mark back, Jamie to the ropes…BASEBALL SLIDE! Jamie O’Hara leaves the ring leaving Mark pushed against the barricade! Jamie grabbing Mark I think he’s looking to throw him back into the ring, NO MARK HE’S GRABBED O’HARA…JAMIE RIGHT INTO THE RING POST, Mark still holding on throwing Jamie back into the ring. Mark Michaels with the pin attempt!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Kickout! Mark pummeling the ground as he looks behind him at Jamie O’Hara who is gripping his head in pain. Michaels going to the top rope, NO! JAMIE GRABS HIM AS HE CLIMBS TO THE TOP! JAMIE GRABBING HIM IN A POWERBOMB POSITION! But Mark, wearing down Jamie punching him hard on the top of the head, Jamie falls, Mark bringing him up…PILEDRIVER! Mark pushing him away and rolling up to his feet, Jamie in a sitting position…DROPKICK TO THE FACE OF JAMIE O’HARA! Mark stands up and looks around the arena as the crowd boos at him, despicable. JAMIE! JAMIE WITH A ROLLUP!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talib Bari: KICK OUT AT 2 AND A HALF! Mark is shocked as he gets up quickly BUT JAMIE IS ALREADY UP, O’HARA WITH A DROP TOE HOLD TO MARK, BUT JAMIE TRANSITIONS…KNEEBAR! MARK IS STRUGGLING! HE’S TRYING TO REACH FOR THE ROPES, OH! KICK MARK IS KICKING AT JAMIE BUT HE’S STILL KEEPING THE HOLD LOCKED IN! Mark lifting the leg…HE SLAMS THE LEG RIGHT DOWN ON JAMIE O’HARA FORCING HIM TO LET GO! Jamie grabbing his leg as Mark is taking advantage of that stomping down on the leg not letting it heal. Mark attracting even more boos as he grabs both of O’Hara’s legs- NO JAMIE PUSHES MARK AWAY, JAMIE! CLOTHESLINE TO MARK MICHAELS THROWING HIM OUT OF THE RING…TOPE CON HILO! Jamie throwing Mark back into the ring but Mark is quickly up, Jamie with a forearm, Mark spinning around…DISCUS PUNCH, pushing Jamie to the ropes BUT HE REBOUNDS, CHOP TO THE CHEST, AGAIN! JAMIE O’HARA IS LIGHTING UP MARK MICHAELS CHEST! Mark finally pushing away moving back a little BUT- MAFIA KICK BY JAMIE! Mark falling quickly to the ground, Jamie following him as he goes for the pin!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: KICK OUT BY MARK MICHAELS! Jamie wasting no time landing on Mark with a ground and pound! Knocking Mark down with punches, NO MARK FLIPS JAMIE OVER, PIN!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: KICKOUT! Jamie caught by surprise as he grabs the ropes trying to get up, DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF JAMIE O’HARA BY MARK MICHAELS! Jamie falls onto the ropes…REVERSE DDT NECKBREAKER BY MARK! Mark is not going for the pin tho as Jamie O’Hara is brought back up quickly…THE LIBERATION HAS BEGUN! NO JAMIE GRABS THE ROPES QUICKLY, THE LEBELL LOCK WASN’T FULLY CAPITALIZED ON! Mark getting up as Jamie grabs the ropes and pulls himself out of the ring, Mark follows- NO JAMIE GRABS MARK FROM THE OUTSIDE, LEG SWEEP! Mark falls to his knees as Jamie is up on the top, I think he’s looking for the Genki Cannon, he leaps- NO MARK ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AS JAMIE LANDS ON HIS FEET STUMBLING, Jamie running over BUT MARK WITH A, SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Mark walking around Jamie…KNEEBREAKER! Mark with the pin!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talib Bari: KICK OUT! Mark isn’t wasting no time as he gets on top of Jamie, HE’S GOING FOR THE GROUND AND POUND! OH BUT JAMIE PUSHING HIM AWAY QUICKLY HE’S GETTING UP…KNEE TO THE GUT OF MARK MICHAELS! Jamie rolling over, he’s up on the top, he’s waiting for Mark to get up…GENKI CANNON- NO MARK GRABBING THE LEGS OF JAMIE O’HARA AND PULLING HIM DOWN, BOSTON CRAB! MARK HAS IT LOCKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Jamie is crawling to the ropes but Mark’s got it locked in tight

Stew-O: Jamie O’Hara is crawling like his life depends on it which in fact it does HE’S LEAPING! HE GOT IT! BUT MICHAELS’ STILL HAS THE BOSTON CRAB LOCKED IN!


Flannery McCoy: Mark Michaels finally lets it go, BUT- FIST DROP TO JAMIE! Mark rolling over, he’s going for the pin!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(“Ultimate Battle” plays as Jamie O’Hara, gets to his feet slowly, the ref raises his hand and he immediately rolls out of the ring)

Stephie Love: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN YOUR WINNER, JAMIE…O’HARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Suddenly, ‘Ultimate Battle’ cuts as ‘I hope you Suffer’ cuts in and Theron Nikolas walks out onto the stage, clapping in a mocking manner. )

Talib Bari: LOOK AT THIS! Jamie should get it out of the way and go ahead and kneel!

Stew-O: Would you stop? Jamie O’Hara will never kneel to Theron Nikolas, I can promise you that, and if Theron was as confident as you make him out to be he’d go face Jamie in the ring right now!

Talib Bari: Nah, see, Theron knows champions don’t chase. He’s better than that!

Flannery McCoy: Sure, sounds awfully convenient..regardless, that’s all the time we have for tonight, thank you for joining us!

(The EAW Logo comes on the screen as Jamie in the ring faces Theron, holding the Answers World title high while standing on the stage.)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Empire 4/25/2019

Showdown 4/27/2019