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Dynasty 4/23/21

(EAW intro plays.)

(As always, a recap from last week’s Dynasty begins to play. The recap starts off with Charlie Marr calling himself Dynasty’s hero and promising to take Xander Payne’s World Heavyweight Championship. Next, Donovan Duke wins a triple threat match against Ashley Flores and Mary S. Atlas after pinning Ashley, and after this Harper Lee defeats Jonny Airhart in singles competition. After Maxwell interrupts Adam Lucas’ interview backstage, Adam volunteers to put his title on the line against the Insurgency member at Grand Rampage. Next, Lethal Consequences announces his entry into the Grand Rampage match, and following the announcement Lethal Consequences manages to defeat Maxwell. After this Andre Walker manages to defeat Chris Elite with Lisa Wren watching over on commentary, and Mr. DEDEDE makes himself the special guest referee for Adam Lucas versus Maxwell. Next, Xander Payne defeats Limmy Monaghan, and after Darcy May Morgan interrupts her promo Veena Adams will say that the Universal Women’s Champion “earned her respect”, just to punch Darcy in the nose. This leads to Darcy’s match against Charlie Marr, which would end in a no contest as Veena would once again attack Darcy. Finally, in the main event of the show Impact would defeat TLA.)

(Dynasty then transitions over to the World 1 Theatre, and the virtual crowd cheers as the camera pans around to show them. It focuses on the stage as pyro begins to burst out in an array of colors hyping up the crowd as the show finally begins. The camera then transitions over to the commentary booth as Stew-O, Flannery McCoy, and Jake Mercer are seen.)

Stew-O: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday night Dynasty, the FINAL Dynasty before Grand Rampage!

Jake Mercer: Tonight is full of Grand Rampage preview matches, and that’s exactly why! One of the biggest shows of the year with arguably the biggest match of the year is just one week away, and I can’t wait!

Flannery McCoy: Well we still need to make it through tonight first, and I can’t wait to see what Dynasty has in store!

(The camera fades to ringside and we see a table set up with a folder, two pens, and two chairs. Camera fades again, and we see StarrStan standing behind the desk.) 

StarrStan: Ladies and Gentlemen, with Grand Rampage only a week away, one of the cornerstone FPV’s that EAW has to offer, Dynasty has put what I think is our best foot forward. We will have a match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship pitting the challenger Charlie Marr against the EAW World Heavyweight Champion.. Xander Payne. Now, I know there is a bit of controversy in this matchup, being that Charlie didn’t necessarily earn this championship match, but I have no doubt that despite that, this match will be one for the ages. Now without further adieu, let me introduce the challenger to the EAW World Heavyweight Championship.. Charlie Marr! 

(Bad Guy by Morrisson plays throughout the arena as Charlie Marr, with Veena Adams by his side, makes his way down the entrance ramp. As he walks closer to the ring, the look of disgust becomes more and more apparent. Charlie and Veena look at StarrStan, as they walk by and get microphones.) 

Charlie Marr: Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are to come out here and even put a shred of doubt in anyones mind. How dare you try to bury me out here in front of all these people watching at home. Do you feel tough? Feel like you accomplished something by being a complete nonce? Let me tell you something Starr, you’re a joke. You want to assert yourself as the figurehead, and it’s simply just not the case. Veena has more power than you, and you can make any snide comments you want, but it’s the truth; and no matter what you say, that won’t change. Veena is the only Dynasty GM, and you are just a puppet in a suit trying to hang on to whatever you think you had. The thing is, about being Dynasty GM you have to actually be trusted. You have to actually be here to do your job. It’s like you don’t even care what happens around this place. You have that fat piece of shit Xander as champion, acting like that’s a good thing. Not giving me a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. You’re not trustworthy, and Veena has to pick your slack constantly. I don’t even know why you decided to show up this week; Veena could’ve handled this all by herself. 

(StarrStan tries to not pay any attention to what Charlie is saying, neglecting to even make eye contact.) 

Charlie Marr: Yeah look away little man, because you can’t look eye to eye with the truth. You’re well on your way out, you have mailed it in, and you should be on your hands and knees thanking me that I can pull Dynasty out of the shitter during this Grand Rampage season.. And you want to kno—

(It Follows by Cane Hill starts playing and Xander Payne comes storming out from backstage, down the ramp, into the ring, and gets right into the face of Charlie Marr) 

Xander Payne: I’m tired of listening to this utter bullshit coming out of your mouth. The only joke out here is you. Under what merit do you have this match? None. You haven’t done shit in years, and the only reason that you’re actually in this match is because Veena Adams. But that’s what you do right? Use other people to get ahead. If it isnt Veena, it’s Jordie, if it’s not Jordie, it’s Daryl Kinkade? You’re incapable of actually getting anything done in this company by yourself. You don’t deserve this match, and in no way shape or form have you been able to prove yourself throughout these weeks. You’re ok with coasting and trying to get others to do the work for you; you’re worthless. You want to joke about me and my worth as a champion? I actually bring legitimacy to this title; and we all know what you’re capable of doing as champion… Absolutely  nothing. Your last reign was a joke, riddled with you being a bitch, and weaseling your way out of any situation possible. But you know what? Regardless of whether you deserve this match or not, it’s happening. And regardless of whether you earned this match or not, you could never beat me. 

(Charlie just rolls his eyes) 

Charlie Marr: Must I remind you of last week? I have perfectly encapsulated what it takes to take you out. You have been a bottom dweller for the entirety of your career; and the titles that you have won, have always been short lived. And do you know why that is? It’s because you are someone no one gives a fuck about. No one ever thinks you’re going to win, they doubt you, and you take advantage of a situation. But when everyone’s eyes are on you, you crumble at the pressure. You’re not the guy, you’re just a guy that laid low. Look at the destruction that I’ve laid in my wake. You may say that everyone has done it for me, but we both know that it’s bullshit. I got those pins due to my talent, I put myself in those positions due to my talents, and you know that to be true. People have forgotten that I was the most must see Elitist ever, and I will once again reign supreme when I take you out, and take that World Heavyweight Championship. 

(Xander seems to ponder for a second) 

Xander Payne: Yeah sorry bud, any other day though.. After a 2 year long journey for this World Heavyweight Championship, I’m not going to let it slip away so easily. You may think that you did everything on your own, but the only one that is delusional is you. You are going to have to kill me in order to take this title away from me. You don’t have the intestinal fortitude, and I know Veena isn’t going to be able to help you out enough in order to get you over the hump. 

Charlie Marr: Yeah, sorry “bud” but it’s not your choice. I’ll be the one to determine what your fate is. 

(Charlie grabs the pen on the table, and signs his name on the contract, before turning it to him. Xander grabs the pen, and signs his name. Charlie and Veena just walk out of the ring without paying Xander any mind. Xander lifts up the EAW World Heavyweight Championship over his head as the camera fades out.) 


(Dynasty reopens backstage and cuts to an undisclosed area backstage. Mr. DEDEDE is seen in his ring gear, standing in front of a green screen, where he is supposed to be participating in EAW video game scans. However, Mr. DEDEDE is glued to his phone where he is furiously checking his stocks and going over Gawdcoin data. The crypto market is apparently going crazy right now, especially when you consider that Bitcoin and Litecoin are now down :unamused:, but somehow Gawdcoin keeps doing well, and that makes the Chairman a pretty happy camper. He also may or may not be looking at a nude photo of his wife that she just sent him from the comfort of their luxury motorhome parked outside of World 1 Theatre. A smirk crosses Mr. DEDEDE’s handsome face as he admires his world champ of a wife.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Daddy’s pre-match ritual fixin’ to be lit.

(Mr. DEDEDE is either unaware or does not care about the time he is wasting right now. The people who have been working with the Elitists on their scans are seen checking their watches and phones for the time, but none of them have the balls to get Mr. DEDEDE’s attention and get him back on track. They were supposed to be done with him about ten minutes ago. The next person to get scanned has arrived, and he’s actually right on time.)

Production Assistant: I’m sorry, Mr. Maxwell. We seem to be running a bit behind schedule.

(Insurgency’s own Maxwell, the number one contender to the PURE Championship, doesn’t bother to hide the scowl that crosses his face.)

Maxwell: Let me guess. He’s the hold-up, yeah?

Production Assistant: :lupe: Well, yes. We’ve been stalled for the past fifteen minutes.

(A loud, rather annoyed sigh escapes from Maxwell, and Mr. DEDEDE does hear this. His ears perk up a bit and he slowly turns around to see who seems to be put out by his interest in his wife and his stock.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Is there a problem?

Maxwell: There’s obviously a problem. For someone who seems to enjoy getting involved in the business of other people and as someone who has a match later on tonight, you seem content just standing around and wasting time, and I don’t get it.

Mr. DEDEDE: I’m sorry that you feel that way.

(Mr. DEDEDE pauses for a moment and laughs.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Alright, alright. I’m not. I really don’t care about your feelings. They’re rather insignificant to me. You see, Maxwell, right now I have a smoking hot naked blonde waiting for me, all the while Gawdcoin continues to soar, setting itself apart as the premiere cryptocurrency on the market today. Have you invested yet? Of course, you haven’t. Someone who calls himself ‘Prince Wealthy’ probably feels like he has it made already! Let me give you some free advice, Maxwell. Don’t be complacent. Don’t assume you’ve got it made because mommy and daddy started a trust fund for you when you were in diapers. Broaden your mind. Build your own empire. Forge ahead of the pack and make a name for yourself. Don’t become reliant on others.

Maxwell: 🙄 Thanks for that. I’ll be sure to file away that advice for a rainy day… or not.

Mr. DEDEDE: Go ahead and make the same mistakes millions of others do.

Maxwell: Yeah, one thing we’re not going to do is go back and forth about this nonsense. I don’t give a damn about Gawdverbs, Gawdcoin, Gawdzilla Pro, or whatever other scam you’re in the process of promoting right now. The only priority I have when it comes to you is making sure that you don’t screw me out of the PURE Championship come Grand Rampage.

(Mr. DEDEDE feigns hurt.)

Mr. DEDEDE: You wound me with such a bold accusation. I’m the Chairman of Elite Answers Wrestling. I’m all about being fair. Why else would I make myself the special guest referee?

Maxwell: To continuing fucking with me and the rest of Insurgency.

(Mr. DEDEDE’s eyes go wide and he looks around. He makes a dramatic show out of leaning close to Maxwell and dropping his voice down to a whisper.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Paranoia is not a good look on you.

(A glare hardens Maxwell’s features.)

Maxwell: I’m not paranoid, not by a long shot. You’ve had it out for Insurgency since the beginning of the year and I guess getting a win over Jake back at Reckless Wiring wasn’t enough to placate you. This weird obsession you have developed for the PURE Championship division is mad sus, and I think the only thing you care about is making sure Insurgency doesn’t get involved in my PURE Championship shot.

Mr. DEDEDE: I believe it’s fair to say that I want to make sure a championship match in my company goes off without a hitch, absolutely. Pure, technical wrestling seems to be a dying art around here and I will be damned if I let the one thing that still represents what is sacred about the sport turn into an absolute mockery.

(Maxwell can’t help but look at Mr. DEDEDE in disbelief. He doesn’t buy what the Chairman is selling at all. Maxwell doesn’t have any doubt that Mr. DEDEDE is up to no good.)

Maxwell: I think we can all agree that you don’t give a damn about the purity of this sport. I’m not even sure if you give a damn about the PURE Championship division. If any other Elitist other than myself or another member of Insurgency were in this match, you wouldn’t care at all. Adam Lucas defending against Jonny Airhart, or Adam Lucas defending against whoever just doesn’t have the same kind of selfish appeal to you that Adam Lucas versus Insurgency does. I know you want to fuck me over to get at Jake.

(Mr. DEDEDE takes a moment to just stare at Maxwell. Like he really just cuts him the most unamused, unimpressed gaze in the world. Then, he grins.)

Maxwell: :skip:

Mr. DEDEDE: You really give yourself far too much credit, Max. I’m going to call you Max, by the way. I don’t think there’s an abundance of people betting their weekly paycheck on you walking out of Grand Rampage with the PURE Championship. They certainly don’t believe you are capable of dethroning a talent like Adam Lucas. If I were you, I would stop worrying about the official assigned to the match, and start focusing on what I need to do in order to win that championship. It’s an uphill climb for you, Max, and that has very little to do with me.

(Max clenches his jaw.)

Maxwell: I promise if you fuck up my opportunity, you will regret it.

(Without bothering to stick around long enough to work with the productive assistant for the scans, Maxwell spun on his heels and stormed out. Mr. DEDEDE can’t even take that last threat from Maxwell seriously. He simply turns around and heads back to the green scene, and the scene fades.)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Stephie Love: Introducing first…

(‘Happy Song’ by Bring Me The Horizon hits!!!)

Stephie Love: From Coventry, England weighing in at 200 pounds he is “The Certified Asshole” JORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDAN PAYNE!!!!

(Jordan Payne makes his way to the ring ignoring the boos from the crowd.)

Stew-O: Jordan Payne remained silent all week long. That must mean he is plotting something devious.

Jake Mercer: Or maybe he just didn’t care about the match?

Flannery McCoy: Well I guess we will find out. At least he showed up to wrestle but if he is not taking Harper seriously this will be a short night for him.

(‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics, Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart hits!!!)

Stephie Love: And his opponent from Charlotte, North Carolina weighing in at 118 pounds she is “The Endgame” HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR LEE!!!!

(Harper Lee makes her way to the ring giving the middle finger to the fans as they boo her as well.)

Flannery McCoy: Not very popular tonight huh?

Jake Mercer: These fans can’t stand a strong independent woman.

Stew-O: Harper made short work of Jonny Airhart last week but this week we will see if she can continue the momentum against Jordan Payne! The forgotten son of the Payne family!

Jake Mercer: Harper Lee is on a mission to rise to the top of this company defeating one person after another until she gets there! Who’s next!


Flannery McCoy: Jordan Payne hopping up and down in the air as he waits for Harper Lee before locking up. Harper grabs the arm of Jordan wrenching it around into an armbar but Jordan reaches around from behind converting it into a headlock. Harper shoves him off but Jordan comes off the ropes with a Shoulder Thrust. Harper backflips up in the air to dodge the charge before charging in at Jordan herself. But Jordan with an armdrag takedown on Harper. Holds Harper down by holding the arm but she immediately gets back up shoving Jordan into the corner. Hard knee strike into the gut. Harper whips Jordan off the ropes but Jordan with the go behind. Jordan shoves Harper towards the ropes… takes her down with another arm drag this time unable to hold on as Harper is right back up. Hip Toss! Back up. Scoop Slam this time as Jordan is firing off here. Harper back up in the corner only to eat some hard chops to the chest. Harper whipped across the ring as Jordan charges in. But Harper pulls in the the referee stopping Jordan in his tracks! Harper shoves the referee out of the way and slaps Jordan across the face staggering him with a cheap shot! Harper now up to the top rope as she comes leaping off with a Meteora to the face! Harper with the cover!


Stew-O: Quick kickout there by Jordan Payne as Harper Lee goes for an early cover here in this matchup. Harper Lee with a running kick to the gut and then a double stomp to the back of Jordan just toying with him now. Harper lifts Jordan up over her shoulders before dropping him with a Samoan Drop. Another cover!


Jake Mercer: Another kickout! Jordan Payne crawls over to the ropes but Harper Lee stands on top of him pressing down onto those ropes choking him out. The referee counts it down.


Harper Lee: :usure:

Referee: :whoa:

Flannery McCoy: This sexist ass referee violating here tonight. However, Harper Lee releases the hold and then throws her hands up in the air to boos from the crowd. Harper celebrating her success dominating this match just as she did against Jonny Airhart last week. She may truly be a force to be reckoned with here in EAW as a singles competitor! Harper charges in kicking the arm of Jordan before locking in a Sleeper Hold to keep Jordan Payne grounded. But Jordan fighting out of it. Repeated Elbow Strikes to the gut as he slowly gets back up… But a Roundhouse Kick from Harper catches him right in the jaw! Down goes Jordan! Harper now looking to take advantage as she ascends to the top rope. Harper looking to end things right here! 

Stew-O: DIVING SENTON OFF THE TOP! No! Jordan Payne moves out the way! But Harper Lee continues to rotate and lands on her feet! But Jordan grabs Harper and takes advantage with an Exploder Suplex dropping Harper on the back of her head! Jordan helps Harper back up but she fires off with a forearm to the face! Jordan returns in kind before whipping her off the ropes! Back Body Drop to Harper! Harper back up… But Jordan grabs her and drops her with a Blue Thunder Bomb into a pin!


Jake Mercer: But Harper Lee kicks out at two!

Flannery McCoy: Jordan Payne reaches down and grabs Harper Lee palming her face as he pulls her up and shoves her into the ropes. But Harper comes flying back off the ropes with a Running Forearm! Jordan sent flying into the opposing ropes as he comes flying back at Harper… but she connects with a Running Headbutt right into Jordan’s skull! And Jordan is the one who goes down! Harper dazed but left standing! She grabs the arm of Jordan and wrenches it back… SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR CONNECTS!!! HARPER WITH THE COVER!




(‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics, Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart hits as Harper Lee has her arm raised in victory.)

Flannery McCoy: Quick and dominant victory by Harper Lee here tonight! Jordan Payne did his best but his best was not good enough!

Stew-O: I am not convinced that was his best Flan. He can do a lot better and hopefully this L he has been handed will force him to try even harder for the next match.

Jake Mercer: Harper Lee proving that she is a strong independent woman who don’t need no Sierra. You go girl! Taking over the company one match at a time! Who can stop Harper Lee!?!?!

(The camera cuts to a commercial for Ed Infinitum a new show on the EAW Network hosted by Chris Elite.)

(The camera fades backstage where Ximena Velasquez is shown doing pullups in a hallway. She flips off the bar landing on her muscular arms and then flips herself up to sit on a box nearby. She then takes a long sip of a protein shake as she wipes her brow. She then hops off the box to continue her training.)

???: Well well well! Look at you! Very impressive! I applaud you!

(A loud clapping noise is heard as Ximena Velasquez stops her training and turns around to find a smiling and clapping Harper Lee walking towards her.)

Harper Lee: You really are a fantastic physical specimen girl! Keep up the good work!

Ximena Velasquez: A peasant dares to approach La Diosa? The audacity!

Harper Lee: Woah woah woah calm down there! I am no peasant. You should see the matches I have been having lately. Now I was tied down by a filthy peasant but no longer! Now I am free to conquer EAW as I see fit but I look around and these women are just complete trash. It is almost too easy and I see absolutely no competition.

Ximena Velasquez: Oh is that so pinche guera? You don’t think anyone can touch you?

Harper Lee: Well actually… I see one woman who I realize is good enough. I know you are new around here but I am sincerely impressed! In fact I think we would have an absolutely incredible and competitive match together… but that just seems like such a waste to me. Do you understand Ximena? I think that we would make a great team together!

Ximena Velasquez: :skip:

Harper Lee: I know I know you are probably skeptical. But think about it. You know it would be true! Why should we the best women in this company waste time fighting each other when we could team up and take over the entire company together!

Ximena Velasquez: I am a champion pinche puta I am going to take over this company just fine by my own self and am going to do it for all of the Hispanic wrestlers here in EAW forced to sit in catering every week! I am doing this for my people! Estoy luchando por mi gente cabrona!

Harper Lee: Oh wow that is really cool. Really great. I mean yeah I am all for that. Although it does seem there have been less Hispanic wrestlers in catering since we started getting that Taco Bell in. Or was that only on Voltage. Either way I absolutely love all of this. What you stand for and all that is really inspirational. I mean I am a huge advocate for Hispanic rights myself. I never pass a taco truck without buying something.

(Ximena Velasquez advances closer to Harper Lee.)

Harper Lee: :whoa:

(Harper Lee backs up before smiling even wider.)

Harper Lee: But I mean I can do more! Like I can offer you a position at my side! A job! You can be my hench- I mean my partner! Totally equal and everything. We would be great together!

(Ximena Velasquez just mean mugs Harper Lee her rage causing veins to bulge out of her forehead.)

Harper Lee: I can see you are really angry right now. I mean I would be too I’m not forcing you to do anything. But you just think about it alright? I am not a bad person and I think we could be amigas!

(Harper Lee tucks a paper card into Ximena’s pocket as she backs away.)

Harper Lee: So yeah. That’s my info! Give me a call girlfriend! Yas! You a total queen. No wait a goddess! And a goddess deserves the world!

(Harper Lee leaves as Ximena Velasquez shrugs and returns to her training once more.)

(The camera cuts to a commercial featuring Anthony Mackie’s face staring into your soul for several minutes.…70/200224-Schager-Anthony-Mackie-tease_xrrq9z )

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

(‘Trust Nobody’ by Killy hits..)


(Veena Adams and Charlie Marr come out to the ring to heavy boos as they look ready to cause some destruction and hurt some people here tonight.)

Flannery McCoy: Veena Adams looking to cause some destruction here this week with her unusually silent partner Charlie Marr!

Jake Mercer: Charlie probably just didn’t give a shit about this match. I mean why would he? Mary is cool but Holly is whatever. Easy win if Holly gets tagged in!

Stew-O: I wouldn’t be so sure of that Jake. Underestimate Holly at your own risk!

(“Glory” by The Score hits to a mixed reaction!!!)

Stephie Love: And their opponents the team of Mary S. Atlas and Holly Arrow they are MOST WANTED ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Most Wanted Arrow makes their way to the ring to a mixed reaction with Mary S. Atlas booed by the crowd and Holly Arrow cheered.)

Jake Mercer: Smh this bipolar ass crowd.

Flannery McCoy: Mary has said that Ad Infinitum will not be a problem. However, she is annoyed about what happened last week and looking to redeem herself this week in a big way!

Stew-O: Holly Arrow is a fan favorite unlike her partner but together they make a fine team. Maybe some of Holly’s good nature will rub off on Mary! I would love to see that!

Flannery McCoy: I bet you would. :mjpls:


Flannery McCoy: We are underway as it looks like Veena Adams and Mary S. Atlas will be starting things off in the ring. But Mary immediately charges in and begins pummeling away at Veena! Mary with a vicious onslaught catching Veena off guard! Clothesline takes Veena down as Mary pulls her up and hooks the arms… She pulls her up! No! Veena manages to stay on her feet and tosses Mary up and over her shoulders. But Mary rolls over the top of Veena pulling her into a Sunset Flip! But Veena rolls through! Veena with a Running Knee to the face of Mary laying her out! Veena runs the ropes… Springboard Elbow Drop off the ropes as Veena lands down on top of her opponent for the first cover of the match!


Stew-O: Veena Adams with a two count in the opening sequence of this match as she has clearly come to play. Re-energized by this new team she has formed with Charlie Marr you can see she is wrestling with some serious confidence here tonight. Veena pulls Mary S. Atlas up and whips her across the ring. No! Mary holds onto the arm of Veena and pulls her down into a Backslide Pin!


Jake Mercer: This time Mary S. Atlas gets a near fall on Veena Adams! Both women back up… Double Clothesline as both of them take each other down at the same time! Both women back up as Mary takes down Veena with a destructive STO! 

Charlie Marr: LMAO BITCH YOU AIN’T SHIT! :mjlol2:

Mary S. Atlas: :wtf:


Stew-O: Charlie Marr distracting Mary S. Atlas who tries to ignore him and turns back to Veena Adams who is getting up in the corner. Mary charges in but gets hit with a knee to the face from Veena. Veena with a Superkick to the back of the head of Mary! The cover!


Jake Mercer: No! Mary S. Atlas gets her foot on the ropes! She survives to fight another day! Veena is enraged. She pulls Mary up and slaps her! Down goes Mary but Mary with a punch catching Veena in the face as she falls over to the mat! This is Mary’s chance! She dives in to her corner and makes the tag in to Holly Arrow! Holly into the ring and catches Veena Adam from behind but Veena rolls out of it! Hard uppercut from Holly. Veena with a wild Clothesline ducked by Holly! Holly tosses Veena off against the ropes but Veena is grabbed by Charlie to stop her from going any further! Charlie enters the ring as does Mary as all four competitors are now in the ring looking to throw down! The referee needs to maintain order!

Flannery McCoy: The referee managing to talk everyone down… as Charlie Marr and Mary S. Atlas return to their corners. WAIT NO! Charlie with a Running Knee Lift to the back of the head of Holly Arrow as she was accompanying her partner back to the corner! Charlie rolls out of the ring as Veena pounces on Holly and begins to lay her out with mounted punches. Charlie laughing to himself on the apron as Veena gets up and knocks Mary off the apron with a Running Forearm strike before turning back to Holly and stomping on her head on the ground. Veena in complete control here as this match continues to rage on! Veena strutting around the ring arrogantly before returning to Holly as she gets up. Hard kick to the leg from Veena. Clubbing blow to the back. Veena lifts Holly up over her shoulders…

Stew-O: But Holly Arrow falls off the back of Veena Adams grabbing her hair from behind and taking her down! Holly with a Zig Zag from behind taking Veena down! Could this be Holly’s big chance to turn the tides of the match? Holly grabs the arm of Veena but Veena rolls through back up to her feet. The two women lock up in the ring with Veena shoving Holly into the corner. But Mary makes the tag in to Holly and takes a cheap shot at Veena over the ropes before springing over the top ropes and taking Veena down with an arm drag. Veena thrown across the ring as she looks annoyed and makes the tag in to Charlie Marr.

Jake Mercer: Charlie Marr now entering the ring as Mary S. Atlas lunges at him but Charlie catches him! Charlie drops Mary in the corner but she lunges off the top with a Flying Crossbody! But Charlie rolls through into a pin!

Referee: ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1






Flannery McCoy: Darcy May Morgan slams Veena Adams head first into the ring steps and then whips her into the barricade! Charlie Marr is distracted as he yells at Darcy to get out of here from inside the ring!

Charlie Marr: Come on ref! Eject this rabid bitch! She needs her rabies shot! Probably her COVID shot too! She super spreading out here! FOH!

Stew-O: BUT WAIT! IT’S MARY S. ATLAS FROM BEHIND! Charlie Marr turns around… right into WELCOME TO MARYLAND!!! MARY TO THE COVER!!!




(“Glory” by The Score hits as Mary S. Atlas and Holly Arrow have their arms raised by the referee in the ring.)

Flannery McCoy: They did it! Most Wanted Arrow gets the win here tonight! Congratulations to Holly especially but also Mary! 

Jake Mercer: Well Mary did get the pin Flan… but it was all because of that illegal bitch Darcy! She interfered. Illegally! Should have been a disqualification too. However, Darcy is now a marked woman and she will regret this day!

Stew-O: A bad start here tonight for Ad Infinitum as they take an L. But it was also due to interference so who knows maybe this team has potential in the future in a fair fight! But they may need to deal with these outside beefs first before we can find out!

(The camera cuts to cell phone footage of former EAW Elitist Silver Ann Gold receiving her gear from EAW in a trash bag.)

(Camera pans to Michael Belfot backstage with a microphone in his hand.)\

Michael Belfort: Ladies and gentleman, I am here with the woman who will challenge Andre Walker at the tri-branded event, Grand Rampage, on May 1, Lisa Wren! 

(Lisa Wren appears in shot as the socially distanced crowd cheers for her.)

Michael Belfort: It’s great to see you Lisa, now can you tell me how you’re feeling heading into the biggest match of your career?

Lisa Wren: Well, this isn’t just the biggest match of my career as Andre keeps saying, it’s his too. He’s on the doorstep of history and with this defense will basically cement himself as the greatest and longest reigning New Breed champion of all time. A tremendous record, one that I’ll be happy to prevent from happening. Andre has absolutely zero idea of the threat that he’ll be faced with on May 1. 

Michael Belfort: What do you mean by that?

Lisa Wren: I mean he thinks I’m just gonna roll over and show my belly just because he thinks he’s God’s gift to the New Breeds, but I’m not. I would never and the fact that he’s underestimating my chances will give me the edge over him. He wants to talk about everything he’s done and why it makes him the best, just because he’s done it with that title. Guess what, I’ve had to work against opposition in the dark and jump huge hurdles just to get here. He hasn’t. And when he has it doesn’t compare to what I’ve faced. 

Michael Belfort: So do you believe that him underestimating you could be your ace in the hole in your title match?

Lisa Wren: Well, I’ve got all the talent in the world to be champion, he’s just too blind to see that. He’s so focused on attaining this record and simply being able to show off this run he’s been on, but him looking so far into the future means he’s not seeing the danger right in front of him. He’s looking over me, so I’ll cut him down to the ground and force him to see me as a real challenger, but by the time he does, it’ll be too late. I’ll be the New Breed champion and I’ll be the one to embark on a journey to solidify my status in EAW. There will be no more questions as to who the better competitor is, him looking over me is no excuse for him, it just shows that a better and more prepared champion would be just that, more prepared. 

Michael Belfort: Lisa, one more question, does it at all affect you that people are sort of writing you off as an underdog in this match?

Lisa Wren: Of course not. It’s been this way since I first came to EAW. Being a Black woman means I had to start ten steps behind the starting line. Ten steps further than everyone else. I’ve struggled more and dealt with more than peers and still managed to get this far on my own. All these people calling me an underdog, saying I’ve got no chance to win the title and saying that my chances are dead before they’ve even really had the chance to be showcased. So to everyone claiming there’s no way I could take the title from such a dominant champion, keep doubting me because I’ll continue to prove absolutely all of you wrong-

(Lisa Wren’s eyes move away from Michael Belfort, who turns to his side as Andre Walker appears with his New Breed title. The socially distanced crowd cheers.)

Andre Walker: I’ll stop you before you make yourself look any more impotent than you already have. Stop trying to play the card of working harder than me because of your race, if you haven’t noticed…yeah, I’ll let you infer the rest. You really want to question the work I’ve put forth to get here? I’ve had to fight for everything I have in this company and every opportunity I’ve had because I was the man best suited to lead this division and EAW recognizes my ability to put my best foot forward under the bright lights.

(Socially distanced crowd claps and chants for Andre.)

Andre Walker: If you want me to treat you like a real challenger, give me a reason other than your sob story of having to fight your way up from the ground. We’ve all had to at some point and every champion in EAW is still doing it to this day. If you truly believe my title reign is a product of anything but dedication and hardwork, you’re mistaken. Dearly mistaken and at Grand Rampage, I’ll show you why I am on the cusp of such a prestigious record. Not because I’ve had it easy or because there’s some backstage politic that positions my success, I’m just that damn good, kid. 

Lisa Wren: Man, you’ve had one or two solid defenses and the rest were nothing special. Get over yourself for once and maybe you’d actually seem like the champion you think you are. No matter how insane you think your title reign is, I’ll be the one to stop it from breaking Jamie’s record, you writing me off is just doing my job for me.

Andre Walker: Nah, your job is to remain in the shadow of elists like me. You’ll only ever be remembered as the last person who was futile enough to try their hand at denying history. The last one to attempt preventing what I’ve been prophesying for the last 365 days, that I’m the guy to lead EAW’s New Breed division into a new generation of talent and excellence. 

Lisa Wren: Nobody wants to follow your lead and at Grand Rampage, I’ll make sure they don’t have to. I’ll be the one to allow true talent to rise from the ranks instead of being kept away from you and your sheltered reign. It’s ironic that you’re currently overlooking the woman who’s gonna kick your ass at Grand Rampage and leave you with no title, no record and no victory. 

Andre Walker: I don’t overlook you, I overlook all the fallacies behind what you’ve said. When I look at you, I look through you because that’s where I plan on going.

(Andre Walker turns his back to Lisa Wren, turning around to face her again as he peers over his shoulder.)

Andre Walker: Watch carefully what I do to Adam Lucas tonight because the same fate is in your near future. 

(Andre puts his sunglasses back on and walks away. Lisa Wren is shown disapprovingly shaking her head, the shot fades to commercial.)

(Commercial promoting the new Avengers movie starring Rex McAllister, SOSA Henderson and Ms. Extreme.)

(“GATTI” by JACKBOYS & Pop Smoke begins to play through the speakers as the crowd showers Andre Walker with some love. He comes out with his usual weekly ‘billionaire walk’ as he has the New Breed Champion on his shoulders.)


Virtual Crowd: ONE FALL!!!!!


Stew-O: This was one of the match ups that I’ve been waiting all week for, Flannery and Jake. I think that this is truly an interesting match up here. Both men are different, but they’re hard workers, so this is going to be one of those matches where the winner will be decided by who wants to win more.

Flannery McCoy: Andre Walker has been the New Breed Champion since Territorial Invasion back in September. He is getting close to breaking the record that was set by Jamie O’Hara in 2014. Seven years later, that record could find itself broken by Andre Walker! :wow:

Jake Mercer: To be able to knock off a Hall of Famer and take his place as the longest-reigning New Breed Champion in EAW history would be a monumental moment for Andre Walker, but Lisa Wren can change all of that, if she manages to do the unthinkable at Grand Rampage. Their exchange earlier wasn’t the best, so she’s going to come into that match ready to dethrone a strong champion in Andre.

(“You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell replaces “GATTI” as the crowd showers PURE Champion Adam Lucas with some love. He comes out with a clearly focused look as he has his eyes at Andre Walker in the ring.) 


Jake Mercer: Adam Lucas ended the three month reign of Limmy Monaghan at Reckless Wiring. Some people debated that his moment should have happened at Road to Redemption, but Limmy took that away from him, but it seems like it all worked out for Adam who now carries the PURE title scene on his back.

Stew-O: Adam Lucas has always had it. One of the most underrated workers on Dynasty, but there’s no denying Adam’s confidence. He’s confident, but he’s not cocky about it, if it makes sense! He knows that he’s damn good and he’s going to show it going into this match and most importantly, whoever plans to step up to him during his reign! 

Flannery McCoy: You have Adam who is that calm humble person and you have Andre who is not afraid to be cocky and flashy. These men seem to be complete opposites with each other. Either this match can be the greatest thing ever or just fall apart. I suppose we’ll figure that out right now!


Stew-O: This ‘Champion vs. Champion’ match is underway as the New Breed Champion, Andre Walker takes on the PURE Champion, Adam Lucas! Flannery, Jake, do you have any favorite going into this match?

Flannery McCoy: Both men are impressive, but I’m leaning towards Adam in this. I feel like the technical side of him will be able to slow down the fast tendency of Andre.

Jake Mercer: The two percent black in me has to root for Andre in this one. I must support my fellow black man. 💯

Stew-O: Jake, I don’t think the two percent means — Okay, so the two men begin to lock up, but Andre Walker goes for a wrist lock on Adam Lucas, but Adam counters with a headlock, but Andre gets himself out of the headlock! He charges right towards Adam with a running forearm, BUT ADAM HOOKS ANDRE BY HIS ARM WITH A HIP TOSS, BUT ANDRE LANDS HIMSELF ON HIS FEET, BUT HE GRABS ADAM BY HIS ARM BEFORE COUNTERING WITH AN ARMDRAG AS THAT SENDS ADAM ACROSS THE RING! ANDRE CHARGES TOWARDS THE PURE CHAMPION AND NAILS HIM IN THE FACE WITH A BASEMENT DROPKICK AS THAT SENDS HIM TO THE CORNER! 

Flannery McCoy: Andre Walker takes a couple of steps back before running towards Adam Lucas with a bicycle knee strike to the corner, but Adam moves out of the way at the last second, but instead of colliding with the corner, ANDRE JUMPS ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE, BUT ADAM LUCAS JOINS ANDRE ON THE TOP ROPE! HE HANDS HIS HANDS ON HIS WAIST BEFORE THROWING HIM OVER HIS HEAD WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! THE HEIGHT THAT ANDRE WAS SENT OVER FROM THE TOP ROPE IS ASTOUNDING! 

Jake Mercer: ANDRE WALKER LANDS ON HIS FEET! :damn: How in the world did he manage to do that? Adam Lucas turns around as he seems lowkey impressed with how Andre landed on his feet! My fellow black man smirks at his opponent as Adam situates himself on the top rope! Now, he’s not normally someone that you can consider a ‘high-flyer’ around here, but it seems like he’s going to show Andre Walker that he can match him when it comes to that! Andre goes to get Adam, but Adam goes from the top rope, nailing Andre with a crossbody! Adam seems to be in perfect position for the cover!



Stew-O: The New Breed Champion kicks out before the two count is made! Adam Lucas stands Andre Walker up before beginning to apply a chinlock on his fellow champion! Andre finds himself in a bit of trouble, but he begins to throw some elbows to the back of Adam’s face, trying his best to break free of the chinlock, but Adam transitions the chinlock into a grounded sleeperhold with the bodyscissors! There’s a bit of a panic from Andre before he gets his foot on the bottom rope! Before the referee can begin his count, Adam releases the hold! He is the first one up to his feet as Andre follows shortly after. Adam gestures for Andre to come to him as Andre is more than willing to accept that invitation! Andre tries to go after Adam with a spin kick, BUT ADAM DUCKS THE SPIN KICK BEFORE ADAM GETS ANDRE IN A BACK SLIDE POSITION, BUT ANDRE FLIPS HIMSELF OUT OF THE POSITION! ADAM SITS HIMSELF UP AS ANDRE GOES AT HIM WITH A SUPERKICK, BUT ADAM CATCHES ANDRE’S FOOT BEFORE HE’S ABLE TO CONNECT WITH THE SUPERKICK! 

Flannery McCoy: Andre Walker is beginning to plead with Adam Lucas to put his foot down, but Adam seems to have a smirk on his face before connecting with a dragon screw leg whip on the New Breed Champion! Andre begins to clutch onto his leg before Adam manages to grab Andre’s leg away from him! ADAM LIFTS ANDRE’S LEG UP BEFORE SLAMMING IT DOWN AGAINST THE MAT, WHICH EARNS A REACTION OF PAIN FROM ‘THE INTUITION!’ ADAM NOW BEGINS TO INTERTWINE ANDRE’S RIGHT LEG WITH THE BOTTOM ROPE BEFORE DELIVERING A HUGE STOMP! THIS RECEIVES ANOTHER CRY OF PAIN FROM THE CHAMPION AS ADAM STEPS BACK! He has his hands raised where the referee can see them as Andre tries to untie his leg from the bottom rope! Once Andre gets his feet loosened from the bottom rope! He tries to sit himself up, but Adam connects with a basement dropkick on Andre’s right leg as that takes him down to one knee! 

Jake Mercer: Adam Lucas gets Andre Walker to his feet before pulling him into position before connecting with a snap suplex! Adam rises back to his feet before he rebounds off the horizontal set of ropes with a knee drop on the chest of the New Breed Champion! But, he doesn’t go for the cover, but he gets Andre by the same right leg that he targeted moments ago and it seems like he’s going to connect with a figure four leglock! Andre is trying to use his left leg to kick Adam away from him! He knows how much pain his leg is going to be in if he manages to connect with the submission hold! BUT, ADAM DELIVERS A STOMP TO THE CHEST OF ANDRE BEFORE TURNING HIM TOWARDS THE TURNBUCKLE AND CATAPULTS HIM FACE FIRST AGAINST THE TURNBUCKLE! ANDRE FALLS BACK IN RESPONSE AS ADAM SEES THAT AS HIS OPENING TO CONNECT WITH THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! 

Stew-O: The submission hold is locked in as Andre Walker finds himself in a world of trouble at the moment! It seems like the submission hold being locked in knocked some sense back into the New Breed Champion as he’s trying to grasp for those bottom ropes, but Adam Lucas is doing what he can to make sure that Andre doesn’t go near those ropes! In a way, it seems like he’s hoping that Andre passes out due to the pain, but Andre’s going to be too stubborn to give Adam that satisfaction! Andre is biting his fist! He’s trying to hide his pain, but his face is telling a whole other story at the moment! He’s really trying his best to get to those bottom ropes, BUT ADAM WRENCHES IN THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK, APPLYING MORE PRESSURE ON THE SUBMISSION! ANDRE IS GOING TO NEED TO THINK OF SOMETHING BEFORE HE PASSES OUT DUE TO THE PAIN!

Flannery McCoy: It seems like he took your advice, Stew! Andre Walker is trying to turn himself around and that’s going to be a way to counter the move, but he is really going to need to rely on his core to give him the strength to turn this figure four leglock around! The PURE Champion is looking at what Andre’s doing and there’s a slight panic to his face, but he’s trying to keep calm, but Andre continues to find the strength as he reverses the pain of the figure four leglock! Now, it seems like Adam Lucas has found himself in pain, but he quickly makes it to the ropes! Since he was closer to the ropes, he managed to break the hold quicker than Andre did! But, Andre is not letting go, so the referee is going to need to break the hold himself!


Stew-O: Andre Walker releases the hold as both men find themselves on the mat! Both of them got their own share of what it feels to have the figure four leglock on them, but it seems like Adam Lucas is in less pain as he uses the help of the ropes to get himself to his feet! Meanwhile, it seems like Andre is still wobbly and struggling to get up, so Adam charges towards Andre, nailing him with a knee strike to the face of the New Breed Champion! His head is sent back as Adam gets Andre back to his feet! Andre is still wobbly on his feet, but Adam hoists Andre up before connecting with a spinebuster! Adam goes for the cover! 



Flannery McCoy: Andre Walker with the kickout! Adam Lucas sits Andre up before connecting with some elbows to the side of Andre’s neck! Adam begins to apply a basement abdominal stretch on ‘The Intuition’ as Andre finds himself in a bit of trouble! Adam does his best to wretch the neck a bit as he tries to apply pressure on the abdominals of Andre Walker! Adam is doing a great job with weakening Andre! That is exactly what I expected for Adam to do and that’s do what he can to slow down the fast offense of the New Breed Champion! He’s been doing quite well so far, but Andre just needs one simple opening to change the course of the match around! Adam can’t get too confident or that’s going to bite him in the butt! 

Jake Mercer: You have to trust the process here, Flannery! Andre Walker knows exactly what he’s doing! He’s letting Adam Lucas get some shine, but when Andre finds his opening, it’s game over for Adam! I’m confident that Andre is going to find a way out of this situation! 

Stew-O: It seems like you were right about that, Jake! Andre Walker begins to use his set of elbows to elbow the PURE Champion in the face! It takes a few elbows to the face of Adam Lucas before he releases the basement abdominal stretch! With that little room of separation, the New Breed Champion tries to get to his feet, but Adam beats him to the punch! ADAM CHARGES TO ANDRE WITH A LARIAT, BUT ANDRE DUCKS AT THE LAST SECOND BEFORE GETTING BEHIND ADAM AND NAILING HIM WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! THIS CAUSES ADAM TO STUMBLE FORWARD AS ANDRE FOLLOWS THAT UP WITH A RUNNING BULLDOG! ADAM IS FRONT FIRST ON THE MAT AS ANDRE BEGINS TO RISE BACK TO HIS FEET! Andre is begging for Adam to give him ‘the smoke’ as Adam slowly gets himself to a crawling position, but before Adamn can get to a vertical base, Andre connects with a switchblade kick that knocks the PURE Champion back down! Andre goes for the cover!



Flannery McCoy: Adam Lucas gets a shoulder up! Andre Walker gets Adam to his feet before getting him by the wrist and irish whipping him to the corner! Andre charges towards his fellow champion with a hesitation dropkick as that sends Adam to a seated position at the corner! Andre begins to stomp on Adam Lucas before taking a step back before running towards Adam, connecting with a knee strike to ‘The Next Level.’ Andre pulls Adam by his leg and away from the corner! After he sets Adam a few feet away from the top turnbuckle! Andre hops on the top turnbuckle! I’m not quite sure what Adam has in his sleeve, but it seems like he’s going to be going for a moonsault!

Jake Mercer: A MOONSAULT ONTO A DOUBLE FOOT STOMP BY THE NEW BREED CHAMPION! THE MOVE WAS EXECUTED WONDERFULLY AS IT KNOCKED THE WIND OUT OF ADAM LUCAS! ANDRE WALKER GETS ADAM BACK TO HIS FEET! HE PULLS HIM CLOSER, GETTING HIM IN POSITION FOR THE ‘THUNDERBOLT TEMPO’ — BRAINBUSTER ON THE PURE CHAMPION! Adam Lucas is down as Andre Walker gets him back up and it seems like we’re going to see Andre end this match with the ‘The Dawnbreaker,’ his variation of the Canadian Destroyer! But, Adam manages to counter ‘The Dawnbreaker’ with a cradle back-to-belly piledriver! Adam has Andre for the cover! 



Stew-O: Andre Walker kicks himself out as Adam Lucas slowly gets himself to his feet! Andre gets to his feet shortly after, but Adam stops Andre with a knee to his ribs! Adam begins to punch the spine of the New Breed Champion! That takes Andre down to a knee before Adam rebounds himself off the horizontal set of ropes before connecting with a discus lariat as Andre Walker flips himself around before landing on his back! Adam is back to a vertical base before getting Andre back to his feet before delivering an uppercut as that sends Andre back towards the ropes! Adam charges towards Andre, hitting him with a stinger splash as Andre stumbles forward, but Adam follows that up with a DDT! 

Flannery McCoy: Instead of going for another cover, it seems like Adam Lucas is going to apply a sharpshooter on Andre Walker! Andre is going to find himself in trouble again! But, Andre uses his left leg — the same one that Adam did not target, using it to kick the PURE Champion away from him! But, Adam gets a hold of Andre’s left leg before flipping himself over in a bridge as he pins Andre that way!



Jake Mercer: Yes! Andre Walker kicks out! He manages to get himself out of the bridge as Adam Lucas is the first one up to his feet! Andre rolls himself back to his feet, but Adam rushes towards the New Breed Champion, connecting with a big boot that sends Andre back to a knee! Adam picks up Andre for a fisherman’s suplex as he delays the suplex for a moment before sending him back! Andre is clutching onto his lower back as Adam rises himself back to his feet! He connects with a basement dropkick to the face of Andre Walker! That sends him back! Adam begins to throw some punches to Andre’s face before picking up Andre by his hair as that gets him back to his feet! Adam throws Andre head first against the turnbuckle as he turns himself around! 

Stew-O: Adam Lucas connects with a side hand chop to the chest of Andre Walker! He connects with another side hand chop to the chest on Andre! He connects with another chop to the chest of Andre! You can see that Andre’s chest is going a bit pink, but Adam doesn’t seem to mind as he chops the chest of the New Breed Champion again! ANDRE SHOWS A BIT OF FIGHTING SPIRIT BY DELIVERING A SIDE HAND CHOP OF HIS OWN TO THE PURE CHAMPION! AND ANOTHER ONE! AND ANOTHER ONE! ANDRE SEEMS TO BE GETTING QUITE AGGRESSIVE WITH THOSE SHOTS AS IT SEEMS LIKE ADAM’S CHEST IS GOING RED! THESE TWO MEN ARE DETERMINED TO SEE WHICH ONE OF THEM FALLS FIRST AS ADAM DELIVERS ANOTHER CHOP TO THE CHEST OF ANDRE! ANDRE THROWS A PUNCH TO ADAM’S FACE! ADAM THROWS A PUNCH TO ANDRE’S FACE! ADAM! ANDRE! ADAM! ANDRE! ADAM! ADAM! ADAM!




Jake Mercer: My fellow black man kicks out! But, Adam Lucas manages to pull Andre Walker for his triangle choke! This is what won him the PURE Championship at Reckless Wiring! But, Andre quickly gets his foot on the bottom rope before Adam fully applies the move! The referee manages to separate Adam from Andre as Andre rolls himself out of the ring! He is giving himself a bit of a breather before heading back towards the ring! BUT, IT SEEMS LIKE ADAM IS NOT GOING TO GIVE THE NEW BREED CHAMPION ANY TIME TO RECOVER AS HE LAUNCHES HIMSELF THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE ON ANDRE! ADAM IS ON HIS FEET AS HE GETS ANDRE BACK TO HIS FEET BEFORE RAMMING HIM AGAINST THE HARD PART OF THE APRON! ADAM BEGINS TO CLUB SOME PUNCHES ON ANDRE WALKER! THINGS ARE NOT LOOKING SO GOOD FOR ANDRE AT THE MOMENT! 


Flannery McCoy: Adam Lucas falls to one knee as Andre Walker connects with a superkick to the face of the PURE Champion! This makes Adam fall back, but Andre connects with a superkick to the back of Adam’s head! Andre gets Adam and rolls him back inside as he heads for the top turnbuckle! Andre situates himself on the top rope and I’m curious with what move he is going to hit next? :lupe: 




Stew-O: Adam Lucas kicks out! Andre Walker knows that he is going to need to end this match right now if he wants to get a victory over the PURE Champion a week before Grand Rampage! Andre gets Adam back to his feet and it seems like Andre is going to get Adam in position for ‘The Dawnbreaker’ again! The last time that Andre tried to hit the move, Adam was able to counter it! ANDRE BEGINS TO PUNCH THE BACK OF ADAM LUCAS, HOPING THAT HE IS ABLE TO WEAKEN ‘THE NEXT LEVEL’ A BIT, SO THAT HE COULD HIT THE MOVE! ANDRE SEES THAT ADAM IS IN PERFECT POSITION AS HE REBOUNDS HIMSELF OFF THE HORIZONTAL SET OF ROPES AND CONNECTS WITH A SCISSORS KICK ON ADAM! That takes Adam down again! Now, it seems like Andre is going to do what he can to make sure that Adam doesn’t have the strength to counter his finisher! But, Adam drops down! IT SEEMS LIKE ADAM DOESN’T HAVE THE STRENGTH TO STAY UP AS ANDRE SEEMS TO BE A LITTLE ANNOYED BY THAT, BUT HE GETS ADAM UP BEFORE KICKING HIM IN THE STOMACH AND CONNECTING WITH ‘DARK FANTASY,’ THE STUNNER ON ADAM! WILL THIS BE ENOUGH TO TAKE DOWN ADAM LUCAS?




Flannery McCoy: Adam Lucas kicks out! Andre Walker thought that he could have gotten lucky there, but it seems like he needs to connect with ‘The Dawnbreaker’ to win the match! But, Adam rolls himself out of the ring before Andre could connect with his finisher! Andre knew that he had Adam where he wanted him, so he’s not planning to waste any time! He sees Adam in perfect position before connecting with a tope con hilo on Adam! BUT, ADAM MANAGES TO CATCH ANDRE IN A POWERBOMB POSITION! HE POWERBOMBS ANDRE ON THE EDGE OF THE APRON! YOU CAN SEE THE LOOK ON ANDRE’S FACE! THAT BUMP WASN’T PLEASANT AT ALL! Adam rolls Andre back inside the ring! Adam is on the apron as he’s looking for Andre to somehow get himself back to his feet before — springboard flying forearm on the New Breed Champion! Andre Walker gets taken down!




Jake Mercer: Andre Walker with a kick out before the three count was made! By the look on the PURE Champion’s face, he is looking to wrap up this match for himself! He gets Andre up before pushing him towards the horizontal set of ropes! Andre rebounds off those ropes as Adam lifts Andre up in the air! Pop up powerbomb — BUT, ANDRE LANDS ON HIS FEET BEFORE ADAM LUCAS COULD CONNECT WITH THE MOVE! HE KNEW WHAT ADAM HAD WANTED TO DO, SO ANDRE CONNECTS AN ALTERED VERSION OF THE ‘GRIMSEVER,’ HIS VARIATION OF THE BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE, BUT ADAM DUCKS FROM THE KNEE STRIKE! He gets Andre by one of his legs before sweeping it from underneath him! Adam begins to unload on some punches to the New Breed Champion as he gets him back to his feet! Adam gets Andre by his arm, looking to whip him to the corner, but Andre counters Adam’s whip! Adam is the one that gets sent to the corner! Andre rushes towards Adam at the corner with a flying forearm!

Stew-O: ADAM LUCAS RUSHES OUT OF THE WAY, BUT ANDRE WALKER MANAGES TO GET ON THE MIDDLE ROW OF THE TURNBUCKLE BEFORE LOOKING BACK AT ADAM AND CONNECTING WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE PURE CHAMPION! This knocks Adam down to his knees as Andre connects with a back kick! But, Adam doesn’t fall back! Andre turns himself around before nailing Adam in the face with a superkick, but Adam doesn’t get sent back! It seems like that may be the one thing that infuriates the New Breed Champion! Andre begins to unload with some forearm shots to the face of Adam Lucas! Andre takes a step back before connecting with another altered version of the ‘Grimsever’ as that sends Adam back! 

Flannery McCoy: Andre Walker gets Adam Lucas on his feet and it seems like he’s getting him in a fireman’s carry position as he goes for the backbreaker soon after!

Jake Mercer: They call that a ‘Ushigoroshi’ in Japan, Flannery! Please don’t use the caucasian name for the move!

Stew-O: You are caucasian!

Jake Mercer: That’s not what my ancestry test says.

Flannery McCoy: Why are you the way you are? 🤦🏼‍♀️

Stew-O: Both of you, calm down and let’s focus on the match! We’re supposed to be professionals here! Andre connected with the ‘ushigoroshi’ on Adam Lucas and NOW, IT SEEMS LIKE HE’S GOING TO LIFT ADAM UP BEFORE CONNECTING WITH A GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB, BUT ANDRE SLAMMED ADAM AGAINST THE TURNBUCKLE WHEN HE CONNECTED WITH THE MOVE! ADAM IS CLUTCHING TO HIS LOWER BACK AS ANDRE RUSHES TOWARDS ADAM BEFORE NAILING HIM WITH A RUNNING ENZIGURI ON THE PURE CHAMPION! The PURE Champion collapses down to a seated position as Andre begins to stomp the hell out of Adam Lucas at the corner! Andre is so focused on proving that he is deserving of being New Breed Champion! He wants to prove that when anyone steps up to him, he can defeat them! 

Flannery McCoy: The referee manages to separate Andre Walker from Adam Lucas! The referee goes to check Adam as Andre stands behind the referee, waiting for this match to continue! But, look at who’s standing on the apron! 

(Andre Walker turns around as he’s looking into the deadly glare of his challenger at Grand Rampage, Lisa Wren. Lisa did not appreciate the words that Andre had said to her earlier tonight and she was feeling a bit petty because of it. She wanted to prove to Andre that she is someone who could take his title, even when he didn’t think so.)

Jake Mercer: Lisa Wren and Andre Walker had an exchange backstage and he basically big timed her! I don’t think that Lisa was too happy about that, but that could come and bite Andre in the ass! :lupe: 

(Andre Walker and Lisa Wren get in an exchange of words with Andre basically telling her to watch and learn.)










(“You Know My Name” plays once again as Adam Lucas rubs his right eye as the referee gets his PURE Championship before raising his hand up, solidifying Adam as the winner of the match.)


Jake Mercer: Lisa Wren cost Andre Walker the match! I didn’t expect her to physically get involved! I thought it would just be her presence on the arpon, but I didn’t expect her to use her boot and smash Andre in the skull with it!

Stew-O: It was an excellent bout between two champions of the Dynasty brand! I thought that either of these men could have walked away from the match, but Adam Lucas walks away as the winner!

Flannery McCoy: I thought that Andre was done after the whole exchange with Lisa Wren standing on the apron, but Andre was able to roll out just in time to continue on with the match! Wonderful performances by the two of these men, but congratulations to Adam Lucas! 

(Lisa Wren stands on the bottom of the apron as she glares at Andre Walker who is holding the back of his head! He is resting back against the barricade, clutching to his New Breed Championship. Meanwhile, Adam Lucas is celebrating his win. The scene fades elsewhere.)

(Dynasty fades to a backstage hall, zooming out of a roulette wheel sitting on a covered table, with StarrStan standing next to it.)

StarrStan: Hello everyone! I sure hope you’ve been enjoying Dynasty so far. Right now, I’ll host this year’s Grand Rampage lottery over on the Dynasty side, so let’s start it off!!

(The first elitist to walk into the shot is Jonny Airhart, as excited as always. He fists bump StarrStan before taking a look at the roulette wheel)

Jonny Airhart: So eh, Starr, I don’t think we need this. You know, I can just be 30. No problem about that.

StarrStan: No.

Jonny Airhart: :will:

StarrStan: Alright Jonny, so let’s see what you got!

(Starr spins the roulette for a bit, and gives Jonny the piece of paper with his number on it.)

Jonny Airhart: Hm. Well–

(Before Jonny can finish his sentence, Mary S. Atlas walks into the shot, and goes at spinning the wheel all by herself.)

Mary S. Atlas: Six. Tough fight, but I can do it.

Jonny Airhart: 👀

Mary S. Atlas: What are you looking at? How about you tell me what your number is?

Jonny Airhart: Nah, just wait and see.

(Jonny walks out of the shot as so does Mary after, in the opposite direction, as Impact walks into the shot. He shakes the hand of Starr, followed up by the GM spinning the roulette. He gives Impact his number, as Impact takes a long, hard look at it.)

Impact: Now I can’t say if this is good or not, all I can say is… I’m winning, and I’ll show all these fuckers that I can still main event Pain For Pride.

(Impact walks out of the shot as the former World Heavyweight Champion Lethal Consequences walks into the shot.)

StarrStan: Great to see you here, LC.

Lethal Consequences: :dave:

(Starr spins the roulette and then hands LC his number.)

Lethal Consequences: :dave:

(Lethal Consequences walks out as… Dante Ford along with SKA walk in?)

StarrStan: Excuse me, why are you two here?

SKA: Well you see, Dante taught me how he stalked people–

Dante Ford: Well, I was 15 and stupid when I was stalking.

SKA: :mjpls: But yeah, we’ve been stalking everyone’s numbers to get prepared, but man, I just can’t get why the same person keeps coming to draw a number!!!

Dante Ford: Look, I haven’t been stalking anyone, BUT I’ve been writing this fire ass script for my new blockbuster hit Hollywood movie!! I got this scene where a little girl is a sex slave, and then I torture some little boys. :mjlit:

StarrStan: Uhm security?


???: Yoooo!!! Sup twin.

(Walks in Ryan Matthews as he sees SKA.)

SKA: Wow Ryan, I can’t believe how much we look alike!!!

Ryan Matthews: I know right, I got a cool rap song for twins but sadly I can’t use YouTube right now.

StarrStan: Alright… SECURITY!!!

(Tons of security walks in as they escort Dante, SKA and Ryan)

Chris Elite: Get your bitch ass outta here. :bronfoh:

(StarrStan spins the roulette, and then gives Chris Elite the number he drew.)

Chris Elite: Damn right, I’m winning this bitch either way.

(Chris Elite walks out as… El Landerson walks into the shot and instead of spinning the roulette, he opens the little door and takes out multiple of those numbers.)

El Landerson: 15… no. 16… no. 20… no. 1… :skip: no.

StarrStan: Uhh, what are you doing?

El Landerson: Looking for 30 of course!!

StarrStan: 😐 You’re not even in the match.

El Landerson: ¡Chúpame la polla, maldito idiota! ¡Esta compañía apesta y no quiere dar una oportunidad a verdaderos luchadores como yo!

(El Landerson walks out angry, as Eric Havoc replaces him, walking into the shit happy.)

Eric Havoc: Yo yo Starr remember me!!

StarrStan: This is meant for ACTIVE Dynasty elitists. :snoop:

Eric Havoc: Alright, look, I know, but I have an amazing idea to tell you. So, I return at the Grand Rampage, maybe enter early as hell, I eliminate EVERY SINGLE person, and win the Grand Rampage, and I main event Pain For Pride!!

StarrStan: :skip:

Eric Havoc: And you know what, I think the match wouldn’t be big enough, I think I should win the PURE Championship at Battle of Egypt and then the match could be a Winner Takes All!!!!!

StarrStan: Bro–

Eric Havoc: I’m not done. So, you know, I’ve missed facing Jake Smith and I think we should have a match again, SO, since he never got his PURE Title rematch, and couldn’t beat Xander Payne last time, he gets added to the match. What a big match. But that’s not the end of it because I should win it all, and you know, I could injure them too so then we can have more money making matches out of that!! I could literally bring in millions to EAW–

StarrStan: Let me stop you right there–

Eric Havoc: Bro what the fuck why the fuck do you sons of bitches always decline my ideas, they’re literally amazing–

???: NO NO NO!!! NOT YOU!!

(Jake Smith along with Insurgency members Limmy Monaghan and Donovan Duke walk in wearing business suits. Jake is outraged to see Eric Havoc once again as he gives him PTSD while Eric is happy to see Jake again.)

Eric Havoc: Ayee Jake! You think we can get another fight in:

Jake Smith: NO. GET OUT OF HERE!!

Eric Havoc: :wtf: I was just suggesting an amazing story about both of us being in the Pain For Pride main event–

Jake Smith: Okay. That’s it. 

(Jake hits Eric with a superkick and then orders Limmy and Donovan to get rid of Eric.)

StarrStan: You did something good for once.

Jake Smith: Well, Starr, if you say that, how about we don’t waste any time and you give me that 30?

StarrStan: Well if you’re lucky enough, you may get it! Knowing you…

Jake Smith: No. I want it handed to me damn.

StarrStan: Not happening.

Jake Smith: Fucking bozo.

StarrStan: :mjlol:

(Limmy and Donovan come back, as it’s first Donovan who gets his number. Starr spins the roulette and then hands Donovan his number.)

Donovan Duke: Okay. What’s yours Limmy?

(Starr spins the roulette for Limmy and then hands him his number)

Limmy Monaghan: Interesting. Honestly, the number we got doesn’t matter because the final 3 will be Insurgency.

Donovan Duke: Of course, let’s see you, Jake!

Jake Smith: I mean all I’m doing is confirming that I’m #30, but okay, spin the wheel Starr.

(StarrStan starts doing as Jake said, and then hands Jake his number. The Godsend takes a deep look at the paper, and confidence goes from regret.)

Jake Smith: No… no… this has to be a mistake. THERE’S NO FUCKING WAY…

StarrStan: Uhh, nah. That’s what you got.


Limmy Monaghan: Jake, are you fi–


Donovan Duke: Look, Jake, whether the number you drew sucks or not, this is still Insurgency’s Grand Rampage!


Donovan Duke: Okay then…


(Jake’s face becomes red as he then literally superkicks the roulette wheel off the table, to StarrStan’s shock. Donovan and Limmy try to calm him down as it fades to black.)

(Commercial promoting The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s final episode featuring Andre Walker.)

(Dynasty fades back to ringside, and “The Outsiders” by Eric Church begins playing, causing the virtual audience to immediately begin booing heavily. Soon, Insurgency’s Donovan Duke begins making his way out to the stage and towards the ring as Stephie Love begins to speak.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first… From Stillwater, Oklahoma…. Weighing in at 215 pounds… DOOOONNNOOOVVAANNNN DDUUUUUKKKEEEE!!!!

Stew-O: Here comes Donovan Duke! Right now we have another Grand Rampage preview match underway, and it’s also an crossbrand match as Donovan takes on Voltage’s Shane Gates!

Jake Mercer: That’s right, and OBVIOUSLY I’m team Donovan tonight! The red brand is the superior brand!

Flannery McCoy: This is a great chance for Donovan Duke to pick up momentum heading into Grand Rampage, but I don’t think this will be easy. 

(“Overlord” by Suicide Silence follows, and the booing continues from the virtual crowd as Shane Gates makes his way out to the stage, with Lizzie the Doll with him as usual. Shane makes his way out to the ring, and Donovan looks weirded out as he looks at the doll.)

Bella Braxton: And his opponent… From Huntington Beach, California… Weighing in at 213 pounds… SSHAAANNNNEEEEE GGAAATTTTTEEESSSS!!!!

Jake Mercer: Are we sure Shane weighs less than Donovan? That can’t be right. 

Stew-O: Well it’s only a two pound difference, but either way there’s going to be a big size difference between the two thanks to Shane’s height compared to Donovan’s. Shane is a very powerful man, especially now that he has Lizzie.

Flannery McCoy: Alright, let’s start this match!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stew-O: And here we go! This match is underway, AND I THINK DONOVAN DUKE HAS TAKEN NOTE OF THE CLEAR SIZE ADVANTAGE AS HE IMMEDIATELY GOES AFTER SHANE GATES TO TRY AND GET THE UPPER HAND! Donovan has Shane backed into the corner and now he’s kicking away at his midsection, and I can’t say I blame Donovan for doing what he must! Shane Gates clearly didn’t expect Donovan to start the match like this, and now Donovan runs to the opposite corner before charging in! RUNNING FOREARM SMASH BY DONOVAN DUKE! Donovan running into the opposite corner once again before charging in-

Jake Mercer: AND SHANE GATES TAKES DONOVAN DOWN WITH A HUGE BIG BOOT! Just like that Shane Gates was able to turn this match around early on, and now he goes and puts Donovan in a grounded rear chinlock to try and wear him down! Donovan is struggling here as Shane is the much larger competitor, but Donovan is still doing everything in his power to make it back to his feet! Donovan able to make it up to a knee, AND NOW HE MANAGES TO PULL HIMSELF TOWARDS THE ROPES BEFORE GRABBING ONTO THEM-

Flannery McCoy: JUST FOR SHANE TO PULL DONOVAN OFF OF THEM WITH A HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX! Shane stayed standing! Shane never fell to the ground, and once again it’s thanks to that size advantage! Donovan is quickly able to recover though as he begins getting back to his feet, BUT SHANE IMMEDIATELY BEGINS CHARGING TOWARDS HIM- JUST FOR DONOVAN TO CONNECT WITH A DROPKICK TO THE LEGS! That dropkick to the legs caught Shane off guard and it actually took him down! Donovan Duke managing to get the upper hand as Shane pulls himself into the corner, AND NOW DONOVAN CHARGES IN BEFORE DELIVERING A RUNNING KNEE!

Stew-O: Shane Gates is stumbling out of the corner now as Donovan Duke really starts to get into this one, AND NOW DONOVAN GOES AFTER THE LEG OF SHANE ONCE AGAIN- BUT SHANE IS ABLE TO KEEP BOTH LEGS PLANTED ON THE GROUND AS DONOVAN TRIED TO GRAB ONE OF THEM! Shane lifting Donovan up after Donovan failed to take him down, BUT DONOVAN AVOIDS WHAT LOOKED TO BE A POWERBOMB ATTEMPT BY JUMPING OVER SHANE! Shane turning towards Donovan, AND NOW THERE’S A KICK TO THE MIDSECTION! Donovan now grabs Shane, and he slams his face onto the top turnbuckle!

Jake Mercer: Donovan Duke now attempting to slam Shane’s face into the top turnbuckle again, but Shane stops himself before hitting Donovan with a back elbow! Donovan stumbles back from the hit, AND THAT ALLOWS SHANE TO GRAB HIS ARM BEFORE USING ALL OF HIS POWER TO SEND DONOVAN CRASHING INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Donovan Duke just took a huge blow after getting slammed into the turnbuckles like that, and now he has to roll out of the ring! This match has been fairly even so far, but Shane’s power might be the deciding factor here!

Flannery McCoy: Shane rolls out of the ring, BUT DONOVAN CATCHES SHANE WITH A SHOOT KICK! Shane doesn’t fall but he was clearly caught by surprise, AND DONOVAN SMASHES HIS FACE ONTO THE APRON NOW! Donovan Duke once again getting the upper hand against S- WAIT! WOW! SHANE GATES WITH A HUGE UPPERCUT OUT OF NOWHERE AND DONOVAN DUKE IS DOWN! Shane pulls Donovan Duke back up, AND HE LIFTS HIM UP BEFORE SENDING DONOVAN INTO THE RINGPOST! Shane Gates just tossed Donovan Duke into that ringpost, and I stand corrected! I thought Donovan was back in this match but I was wrong!

Stew-O: You weren’t completely wrong, but once again Shane Gates has shown how capable he is of turning matches around with just one move! Donovan Duke is trying to get up using the apron, BUT SHANE GATES PUNT KICKS DONOVAN IN THE MIDSECTION, causing him to drop down to the ground! Shane rolling Donovan back into the ring, and this might be Shane’s match here! Donovan Duke is using the ropes to try and get back to feet, BUT SHANE GATES GRABS DONOVAN AND LIFTS HIM BACK UP INTO A POWERBOMB POSITION!

Jake Mercer: But once again Donovan is finding his way out of it! Donovan Duke raining down punches on Shane Gates, and Shane is forced to let go of Donovan! Donovan now grabbing onto Shane’s leg as soon as he drops back down to his feet, AND NOW THERE’S A DRAGON SCREW, FOLLOWED BY A KNEEBAR! Donovan Duke with a kneebar submission on Shane, and it looks like he might be trying to force Shane to submit here! This has been an uphill battle for Donovan but somehow he’s found a way to make this work as Shane Gates is in a lot of trouble!

Flannery McCoy: Shane is pulling himself towards the ropes without much trouble thanks to the size difference between the two- BUT DONOVAN IMMEDIATELY RELEASES THE SUBMISSION BEFORE STOMPING DOWN ON SHANE’S FACE! Donovan with stomp after stomp, AND NOW THERE’S A CROSSFACE! DONOVAN HAS SHANE IN A CROSSFACE NOW AFTER STOMPING ON HIM REPEATEDLY, AND THAT HAD TO DO A LOT OF DAMAGE TO SHANE! Donovan not letting up for a second, realizing that Shane was going to make it to the ropes and changing up his gameplan! Donovan Duke was already a talented individual, but his newfound edge thanks to Insurgency may have done wonders for him.

Stew-O: Shane Gates is still trying to pull himself towards the ropes but he was definitely slowed down thanks to that crossface! Either way he’s almost there- BUT ONCE AGAIN DONOVAN DUKE DOESN’T LET HIM MAKE IT! Donovan Duke just released the crossface and jumped onto Shane’s back with a huge kneedrop! Shane is struggling to even get back to his feet right now thanks to Donovan Duke’s offense, and it looks like Donovan isn’t finished yet! Donovan Duke quickly begins running the ropes as Shane finally makes it back to his feet-

Jake Mercer: AND SHANE IMMEDIATELY POPS DONOVAN UP BEFORE DROPPING HIM WITH A POWERBOMB, BUT HE DOESN’T STOP AT ONE! SHANE LIFTS DONOVAN UP AGAIN, AND HE DROPS HIM WITH A SECOND POWERBOMB!! That was two powerbombs in a row and Shane STILL doesn’t seem to be finished! He’s lifting Donovan Duke up for a third time, AND NOW THERE’S A THIRD POWERBOMB! SHANE GATES CALLS THAT ACES HIGH, AND NOW FINALLY HE DROPS DOWN FOR THE COVER! That’s gotta be it! Three powerbombs in a row, Donovan Duke can’t kick out of that!




Flannery McCoy: YES HE CAN!! DONOVAN DUKE JUST MANAGED TO GET THE SHOULDER UP BEFORE THREE! Shane Gates is furious that Donovan Duke is still somehow in this match, but at this point I think Donovan deserves a lot of credit! These are two vicious Elitists but this was going to be an uphill battle for Donovan thanks to the size difference. In the end this match has pretty much been equal. It can really go either way here tonight, but with a very pissed off Shane Gates in control this could also end very shortly! 

Stew-O: Uh oh! SHANE GRABS THE FACE OF DONOVAN DUKE, AND I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!! RECKONING- WAIT WHAT!? NO!! TRIANGLE CHOKE!!! SHANE DEADLIFTED DONOVAN UP FOR THE RECKONING BUT DONOVAN MANAGED TO LOCK IN A TRIANGLE CHOKE, AND SHANE IMMEDIATELY DROPS DOWN TO A KNEE THANKS TO THE DAMAGE DONE WITH THAT KNEEBAR EARLIER! Donovan Duke has Shane trapped in this triangle choke, and that’s the third submission Donovan has been able to lock Shane in just during these past few minutes! Donovan Duke is all over Shane Gates, and now this match might be coming to an end soon as Shane slowly begins losing the will to continue!

Jake Mercer: Shane is definitely fading, and that’s great news if you’re Donovan Duke! This is a Grand Rampage preview after all, and while this may not be exactly like the Grand Rampage itself this is definitely a good showcase of what both men are capable of! Shane is trying to reach out to the ropes, but just like I said before he’s fading! He’s been through a lot in this match and it looks like all that damage is finally catching up to him as it looks like he’s pas-

Flannery McCoy: SHANE LIFTS DONOVAN UP BEFORE RAMMING HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! SHANE GATES MANAGED TO SURVIVE THE TRIANGLE CHOKE AND GET BACK INTO THIS MATCH! Donovan Duke nearly had him beat with that triangle choke but once again Shane managed to find a way back into this! Last week on Voltage Shane Gates suffered a loss solely because of a distraction thanks to Greg Voltaire, but this week we’re seeing exactly what Shane can do without the distraction! With the way this is going, he might be able to win the whole match! Shane is getting back to his feet, and it looks like he’s telling Donovan to get back up!



Flannery McCoy: AND DONOVAN FINALLY LETS GO AFTER TEN SWINGS! How did Donovan manage that knowing the size difference between him and Shane!? That was incredible! We may be nearing the end of this match though, Donovan Duke is calling for Shane Gates to get back to his feet! Shane is slowly doing exactly what Donovan wants, AND NOW THERE IT IS! THE ROYAL FLUSH, POSSIBLY THE BIGGEST ROYAL FLUSH OF DONOVAN’S CAREER AS HE DROPS SHANE GATES WITH THE MICHINOKU DRIVER! DONOVAN DUKE WITH THE COVER!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner…. DOOOONNNOVVVANNNNN DDUUUUUKKKEEEE!!!!

Stew-O: And that’s it for Shane Gates! He put up a good fight but in the end it wasn’t going to be enough. Donovan Duke was just the better man heading into Grand Rampage!

Jake Mercer: I’m a little surprised he got the job done not gonna lie. That doll creeps me out, I thought it would’ve distracted him!

Flannery McCoy: Didn’t you say you were rooting for Donovan before the match?

Stew-O: Anyways, congratulations Donovan Duke! This was a good win right before possibly the biggest night of his career!

(“The Outsiders” begins playing once again, and Donovan Duke gets back to his feet as the virtual crowd begins booing once again. He has his hand raised by the referee, and continues celebrating the victory on his own despite the booing as Dynasty begins to fade away from ringside.)

(Dynasty fades into a promotional ad for Grand Rampage.)

(‘I am Above’ by IN FLAMES hits, as Jake Smith steps out to the stage to boos. Jake brushes his hair back, and makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is a Grand Rampage fatal four way preview match set for ONE FALL!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first.. From Venice, California.. Weighing in at 210lbs.. He is THE GODSEND!!! JAKE SMITH!!!

Stew-O: Here comes Jake Smith. Imagine what would happen if Jake won the Grand Rampage. He has a great shot at doing it this year, and a shot at any of the world titles has to be on his mind. Let’s see how he takes this match tonight. 

(‘Tougher Colder Killer’ by El-P, Killer Mike, and Despot hits, as Lethal Consequences steps out onto the stage. The crowd boos heavily, as He looks at Jake Smith and continues down towards the ring.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent.. From Oakland, California.. Weighing in at 230lbs.. THE INEVITABLE… LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!!!

Stew-O: And here is the Former World Heavyweight Championship. After losing the title to Xander Payne, the only thing going through Lethal Consequences’ mind is to get back to the top of the podium and reign as the top dog on Dynasty. Next week, he can seal his ticket for the opportunity to fight for that position.

(‘M3tamorphosis’ by Playboi Carti and Kid Cudi hits, as Impact steps out onto the stage. The Hall of Famer smirks out to his opponents, as he makes his way down to the ring.)

Stephie Love: And their opponent.. From Seattle, Washington.. Weighing in at 221lbs.. He is the Most Watched Champion in History.. IMPACT!!!!

Jake Mercer: You know what’s better than being the Most Watched Champion in History?

Flannery McCoy: What’s that?

Jake Mercer: Actually being the champion. Impact could win another Grand Rampage and follow up with another world title victory at Pain for Pride. He’s done it before, and has become a man that you can never count out in matches like these!!

(‘Attack on Titan’ by Hiroyuki Sawano hits, as Limmy Monaghan steps out onto the stage. He continues his way down the ramp and towards the ring.)

Stephie Love: And their opponent.. From Beverly Hills, California.. Weighing in at 218lbs.. THE KING!!! LIMMY MONAGHAN!!!

Flannery McCoy: Limmy Monaghan has definitely proven himself all season long on Dynasty. He’s a championship caliber Elitist, and adding the World Championship after a Grand Rampage win is definitely a possibility for him. Lets see how he does here tonight!


Stew-O: There’s the bell and this Grand Rampage preview is underway! Lethal Consequences doesn’t hesitate at all, as he gets himself over to Jake Smith and lands a massive forearm shot to the face that sends Jake back against the turnbuckles! Lethal steps up to Jake.. AND SLAPS HIS HAND ACROSS THE CHEST OF SMITH WITH A STINGING KNIFE EDGE CHOP!! Jake Clutches at his chest in pain, as Lethal Consequences keeps him pressed up against the turnbuckles and continues to strike him with these corner chops!! Meanwhile, in the center of the ring, it’s Limmy Monaghan and Impact who tie up!! Impact locks up a standing side headlock, and wrenches down onto the head and neck of Monaghan!! Monaghan is able to get a strong grip around Impact’s body, as he pulls Impact back towards the side ropes, and uses them to spring back towards the center of the ring! Monaghan shoves Impact off, as Impact releases his grip around the head of Limmy! Impact runs towards the ropes at the other end, rebounds back.. AND IMPACT CONNECTS WITH RUNNING DOUBLE KNEES TO THE FACE THAT SEND MONAGHAN DOWN TO THE CANVAS OF THE RING!!

Flannery McCoy: Back in the corner, we can see Jake’s chest is a vibrant red after all of the knife edge chops he’s received from Lethal Consequences so far! LC takes a step back from the corner, as Jake takes a step towards him.. BUT SMITH GETS SENT RIGHT BACK INTO THE CORNER AFTER A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT FROM THE FORMER WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! Lethal Consequences now grabs Jake Smith by the arm, and whips him hard across the ring, as Jake crashes back first against the corner turnbuckles at the other end!! LC stares directly at Jake, as he charges in from the other side of the ring.. RUNNING LARIAT INTO JAKE SMITH IN THE CORNER!!! IT CONNECTS AS LETHAL FLATTENS JAKE SMITH IN THE CORNER!! Jake drops down into a seated position in the corner, as Lethal Consequences turns around.. 

Jake Mercer: STEP UP ENZUIGIRI BY IMPACT ONTO LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!!! WHAT A SHOT!! IT DROPS LETHAL CONSEQUENCES DOWN, AS HE ROLLS UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE AND DOWN TO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!! Impact now walks himself over to the downed body of Limmy Monaghan.. AND CONNECTS WITH A MOONSAULT!! Impact tries to put this one away early with a quick pin attempt on Monaghan!! 


Stew-O: It’s going to take more than that to put Monaghan away, as Limmy manages to kickout before even the one count! Impact rises back up to his feet, and walks his way over to Jake Smith who is still down in the corner. RIGHT HAND PUNCH DOWN ONTO JAKE BY IMPACT!! AND ANOTHER!! AND ANOTHER!!! Impact is throwing absolute bombs at Jake right now, as he then reaches down and lifts Jake Smith back up to his feet against the corner. HEADBUTT TO THE HEAD BY IMPACT!! That headbutt nearly dropped Jake Smith back down into a seated position, but Impact was able to catch Jake and keep him standing in order to.. CONNECT WITH YET ANOTHER HEADBUTT!!! Jake looks completely out of it right now as he’s still up against those turnbuckles! Impact takes quite a few steps back as he makes his way near the opposing turnbuckles. Impact charges in at Jake Smith.. RUNNING CLOTHESLINE BY IMPACT NOW-

Flannery McCoy: NO!! JAKE SMITH GOT HIS BOOT UP AS HE KICKS IMPACT RIGHT IN THE MIDSECTION!! Impact was running at full speed and caught that boot to the stomach at full force! Impact is bent over in pain, as he clutches at his abdomen. Meanwhile, Jake Smith gets himself up onto the middle rope! He’s facing Impact.. AND GOES FOR THE HELL ABOVE!! THE FLIP PILEDRIVER FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE CONNECTS AS IMPACT HEAD GETS DRILLED INTO THE RING MAT!! JAKE JUST SPIKED IMPACT’S HEAD RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS OF THE RING!! IMPACT IS DOWN!!

Stew-O: Jake Smith gets back up to his feet, as he begins to walk towards Impact. He grabs both of Impacts wrists, and I think we all know where this is going!! Welcome to stomp city Impact!! CRUSHCRUSHCRUSH BY JAKE SMI-

Jake Mercer: LOOK!! IT’S LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!! LETHAL CONSEQUENCES ON THE RING APRON!! The former World Heavyweight Champion springs himself up into the air towards Jake Smith.. AND CONNECTS WITH A FLYING FOREARM SMASH ACROSS THE FACE OF JAKE!! Jake wasn’t able to do his Crushcrushcrush, and instead he drops down to the ring mat after that picture perfect flying forearm smash by Lethal Consequences. LC stares down at Jake Smith and Impact..

Stew-O: BUT HE TURNS AROUND AND GETS TAKEN DOWN BY A SLINGBLADE FROM LIMMY MONAGHAN WHO HAD JUST GOTTEN BACK UP TO HIS FEET!! Lethal Consequences bounces back up to his feet, as Limmy charges back at him again.. ANOTHER SLINGBLADE!! Lethal Consequences again takes little time to get back up, but Limmy is there.. FOR A THIRD SLINGBLADE!! AND THIS TIME LETHAL CONSEQUENCES STAYS DOWN!! 

Flannery McCoy: What is Limmy intending on doing here? He’s making his way over to Lethal Consequences’ legs, and gets a hold of them. It looks like he’s trying to turn him over.. AND HE DOES!! THAT’S THE BOSTON CRAB!! THE BOSTON CRAB IS LOCKED IN ON LETHAL CONSEQUENCES, AND LIMMY IS DOING ALL THAT HE CAN TO PUT THIS ONE AWAY!! The Boston Crab is a move that puts so much pressure on the lower back. It feels as if your spine is about to snap in half, and I don’t care how tough you are, this is not a move that you want to find yourself in the receiving end of. Just look at Lethal Consequences’ face right now! He’s freaking out and in so much pain!! He reaches his hands out with hopes of grabbing the bottom ropes, but it’s no use because both him and Limmy are located in the center of the ring!! Lethal tries to work himself up onto his forearms, as he begins to army crawl his way towards the bottom ropes.. BUT LIMMY LEANS BACK EVEN MORE AND PULLS THE LEGS EVEN HARDER, AS LC’s FACE BEGINS TO PRESS AGAINST THE RING MAT!! 

Stew-O: Lethal Consequences can’t hold himself up with his forearms like he was trying to do moments ago. The amount of pressure that Limmy Monaghan is applying is too much for Lethal Consequences to fight against!! AND LOOK!! LIMMY MONAGHAN IS DRAG WALKING LETHAL CONSEQUENCES BACK TO THE CENTER OF THE RING!!! THE ENTIRE DISTANCE THAT LC MANAGED TO COVER TOWARDS THE BOTTOM ROPES IS NOW GONE, AS BOTH HIM AND LIMMY ARE BACK IN THE CENTER!! THIS IS NOT LOOKING GOOD FOR LETHAL!! NOT AT ALL!! Limmy continues to wrench at Lethal’s lower back!! Monaghan is putting everything into this, as his eyes are shut from how hard he is pulling on the legs of Lethal!! 

Flannery McCoy: FIST OF FURY!!! RIGHT HAND KNOCKOUT HOOK BY IMPACT ONTO LIMMY MONAGHAN!!! LIMMY DROPS DOWN TO THE CANVAS OF THE RING IN AN INSTANT, AS HE RELEASES HIS GRIP ON LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!! Impact finally got back up to his feet, and realized that this match was in jeopardy, and so he came out firing with the big guns in order to keep his chances of winning this preview alive!

Jake Mercer: WAIT LOOK! It’s my name twin!! Jake Smith has gotten up to his feet and stands behind Impact who has no idea of his presence! Jake turns Impact around.. AND DROPS HIM WITH A SUPERKICK THAT LANDS DIRECTLY UNDER THE CHIN OF IMPACT!! Impacts knees then buckle, as he drops down to his hands and knees!!

Stew-O: Jake Smith walks over to the head of Impact, and kicks away at the top of his head. Smith then slaps Impact’s head with his hand, then grabs Impact by the waist and brings him up to his feet. Jake now lifts Impact in the air.. AND GOES FOR THE NIGHTFALL!! BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX FLIPPED INTO A SPIKE DDT!!! HE JUST PLANTED IMPACT’S HEAD RIGHT INTO THE MAT ONCE MORE!! Jake quickly hooks the legs!!




Flannery McCoy: And there’s the kickout by Impact!! Impact is down, Lethal Consequences is down, Limmy Monaghan is slowly getting back up, and Jake Smith has just gotten to his feet after that pin attempt. Jake looks furious right now, as he really wanted to put this one away. Jake reaches down and grabs Impact by the wrists. Maybe this time it will work out, as basically everyone else in the ring is down!! CRUSHCRUSHCRUSH!! JAKE IS STOMPING AWAY AT THE CHEST OF IMPACT WHILE KEEPING A HOLD OF THE WRISTS!! THIS MOVE IS SO BRUTAL IT HURTS TO WATCH!!

Stew-O: THEN LOOK OVER THERE FLANNERY!! AT THE TOP ROPE!! It’s Limmy Monaghan who has scaled up to the top rope, and it looks like his eyes are set on Lethal Consequences who is just now getting up to his feet!! DIVING DDT BY LIMMY MONAGHAN!!! NO!! LOWDOWN BY LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!!! LC JUST CAUGHT LIMMY MONAGHAN IN MID AIR AND SLAMMED HIM RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS OF THE RING WITH THAT FEROCIOUS SPINEBUSTER!!! Jake Smith releases Impact, and turns around towards Lethal Consequences.. BUT HE ALSO GETS THE LOWDOWN!!! SPINEBUSTER ONTO JAKE SMITH BY LETHAL CONSEQUENCES DOWN ONTO THE BODY OF IMPACT!!! 

Flannery McCoy: Everybody is down except for Lethal Consequences!! He is the one in full control, as he walks around the ring and stares down at all three of his opponents!! He’s slapping the back of his elbow, as he walks towards Limmy Monaghan who is just now working up to his feet!! Limmy is standing up.. AND LETHAL CONSEQUENCES GOES FOR THE SPINNING BACK ELBOW!! THE LCR!! NO!! LIMMY CATCHES LETHAL CONSEQUENCES.. SKULL CRUSHING FINALE BY LIMMY MONAGHAN!!!

Stew-O: NO!! LC reverses it by slipping his arm out and elbowing Limmy Monaghan in the abdomen!! Limmy releases his grip on LC and turns around!! FIST OF FURY!!! RIGHT HAND KNOCKOUT PUNCH BY IMPACT WHO JUST GOT TO HIS FEET!!


Stew-O: BUT LOOK!! IMPACT ENDS UP RIGHT WHERE JAKE SMITH WANTS HIM!! Jake just got to his feet, but kicks Impact in the midsection and pulls him in!! BROKEN WINGS!! SNAP SWINGING NECKBREAKER BY JAKE SMITH ONTO IMPACT!!! NO!!! IMPACT SPINS OUT OF IT, AND SHOVES JAKE OFF!!! Jake, Impact, Lethal Consequences, and Limmy Monaghan are all off to their own corners, as they stare each other down!! Waiting for the next move!!!


(The screen shows Mary S. Atlas, Jonny Airhart, Shane Gates, Donovan Duke, Jonathan Kelton, James Ranger, Ryan Wilson, Lucas Johnson, and Hikari Kanno walking down the entrance ramp and towards the ring. All of the Elitists surround the ring, as Impact, Lethal Consequences, Limmy Monaghan, and Jake Smith look around and see all of the extra bodies watching them.)

Flannery McCoy: This doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well..



Jake Mercer: This is what the Great Rampage is all about!! AND THERE ISN’T EVEN HALF OF THE COMPETITORS OUT THERE!!

Stew-O: Well they’ve got security and other officials rushing their way down to the ring to stop all of this havoc!! This match is definitely a no contest, but next week we will for sure have a Grand Rampage winner!! Stay tuned for the big match!!

(The screen shows security and other officials trying to separate Elitists from one another. The ring is full, but it seems like everything is starting to get somewhat under control, as the screen eventually fades to black.)

(Dynasty fades to a commercial with Insurgency educating Ronan Malosi on the dangers of COVID-19 and how to stay safe.)

(After the commercial break, the scene fades to the backstage area where interviewer Michael Belfort standing at the usual interview booth, with Dynasty’s graphics on loop in the back has a mic in hand as Darcy May Morgan, the Universal Women’s Champion walks into the Camera angle.)

Michael Belfort: I am here with Darcy May Morgan, and last week we all saw the attack by Veena Adams after calling you out, the cheap shot right to the face and…

Darcy May Morgan: Let me stop you right there, yes she sucker punched me, like the coward Veena Adams is, but let me ask you something, did you see it?

Michael Belfort: Earlier tonight, yes.

Darcy May Morgan: Damn right you saw it Mikey!? Huh, did you bloody see it!? I said from the moment Veena Adams came out weeks ago on MY show, Voltage to challenge me for the Universal Women’s Championship that sooner or later, things would favor me. Did I not make a promise that I would retaliate!?

Michael Belfort: Yes, you did, and we all saw earlier when you cost Ad Infinitum the match with Mary S. Atlas and Holly Arrow. You do have a title defense against the red hot Veena Adams next weekend for the Universal Women’s Championship, but what you did here tonight, a message? Payback?

Darcy May Morgan: Payback is very UN-Leading Lady like, sounds so bloody pedestrian, instead I rather say statement. See Michael, I wanted to wait until Grand Rampage to remind her just who I am, why I am the Champion, but honestly, week after week it has been her costing me matches. Against Minerva, Ahren Fournier, at what point does it stop? That is where the kicker comes in mate, I make it stop. Veena Adams wants to play games, she thinks that the momentum is on her side, well I think we all saw a little while ago that it isn’t anymore and it’s about time that she learned very quickly about who I am and what I bring to the table. Do you know what it feels like to hear all these Elitists call me the worst champion on the roster!? Or that now I’m champion, I have eased on the pedal? No! That is furthest from the truth! I AM the Leading Lady; I AM the Universal Women’s Champion and yes….

(She nods for a moment, taking in a deep breath…)

Darcy May Morgan: I wanted to keep this until Grand Rampage and do what I have done at every FPV when my title was on the line, last year was the same, this year I intend to keep the trend going, but I had an itch to scratch, I saw the opportunity and said what the hell, I’ll take it, so I hope that she enjoyed that earlier tonight, sorry Veena but payback is a bitch named DARCY.

Michael Belfort: You also saw that Charlie Marr is never far behind Veena, does his presence concern you at all? Do you think he will be lurking in the shadows looking for his chance to maybe insure that Veena walks away with the Championship?

(Darcy scoffs at the thought…)

Darcy May Morgan: Okay, hold up. First off, I am not concerned about Charlie Marr, I have had to deal with a lot of outside interference before, just rewatch last year’s Grand Rampage with the Good Doctor and you will see. Charlie is scared just like Veena, she knows damn well that she cannot defeat me on her own, so I am going to do whatever I can to make sure the Universal Women’s Championship stays around my waist, and Veena? I hope you are listening, love. I hope that you took the experience out there and used it as a reminder of what you’re getting yourself into next week because when we get out there, when I step in that ring I…..

(Suddenly Veena Adams comes out of nowhere and blasts Darcy on the side of the head with a forearm! Darcy falls to the floor.)

Veena Adams: YOU ARE GOING TO DO WHAT, HEFFER!? Think costing me a match with two losers is going to frazzle me!? That Universal Women’s Championship is MINE! You might be the Leading Lady, but I am The QUEEN BITCH around here and….

(Darcy springs back up and tackles Veena Adams to the ground! Michael Belfort tries to get out of the way and avoid injury, he gets out just in time before Darcy drives Veena to the ground! Darcy starts to punch Veena who blocks some of the punches, she tries to roll off, but Darcy will not let go, causing Veena to kick off Darcy who falls backwards!)

Veena Adams: You’re even too stupid to stay down!?

Darcy May Morgan: You should have stayed in the back and accepted the ass-kicking I am going to give you at Grand Rampage!

Veena Adams: Oh go fuc….

(But before she can finish Darcy grabs Veena by the hair and throws her against the wall, she starts punching Veena but Adam fights back, they starts to make their way toward the back into the makeup area, where Veena grabs some powder and throws it into Darcy’s face! She then slams Darcy headfirst into the makeup table as the artists run off not wanting to be caught in the melee.)


Darcy May Morgan: Is that all you got!?


(Veena throws Darcy into the vanity mirror, but the Leading Lady reverses it, Veena goes crashing back first, stumbling out a little before falling to one knee, Darcy goes to kick her but she traps the Champions leg and trips her up, falling on the floor, Veena mounts Darcy, grabbing an eyeliner pen, trying to jab it into Darcy but she grabs it holding it back as suddenly Dynasty officials come running in trying to break both women up from beating the crap out of each other anymore. As they are finally able to separate them, Veena kicks at Darcy as the Champion tries to break free….)



Darcy May Morgan: OVER MY DEAD BODY!


(They continue to try and go at it, but the officials hold them down, dragging them away from each other as Michael Belfort comes back on the scene looking a little concerned before fixing his jacket and looking into the camera showing his relief.)

(Dynasty fades back to ringside, and ‘Value’ by A$AP Ferg hits, as the crowd cheers heavily. Out steps Mr. DEDEDE as he looks out to the arena. He then makes his way down the entrance ramp and towards the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! And it is the Dynasty Main Event of the evening!! Introducing first.. From The Ryan Adams estate of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.. Weighing in at 218lbs.. He is the EAW Chairman!! THE GAWD!! MR. DEDEDE!!!!

Stew-O: Here comes Mr. DEDEDE. Last week he announced that he would be the special guest referee in the PURE Championship match between Adam Lucas and Maxwell at Grand Rampage. He’ll be there to make sure Insurgency doesn’t play a role in the outcome of that match.

(‘Invincible’ by Pop Smoke hits, as Chris Elite steps out to the stage with the crowd giving a mixture of boos and cheers. Chris stares directly at Mr. DEDEDE as he makes his way down to the ring.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent.. From Brooklyn, New York.. Weighing in at 210lbs.. He is GAWD GIVEN GREATNESS!! CHRIS ELITE!!!!

Stew-O: Last week Chris Elite fell short to Andre Walker. Tonight he wishes to leave witha different outcome as he goes up against the Chairman!


Stew-O: There’s the bell and the final Dynasty Main Event before Grand Rampage is underway! Chris Elite and Mr. DEDEDE are circling around the ring before they eventually tie up! Mr. DEDEDE slips in a standing side headlock, then uses his hips to take Chris Elite down with a headlock takedown!! DEDEDE keeps the headlock locked in tight, but Chris Elite manages to fight out of it by kipping back up to his feet! Mr. DEDEDE stands right back up behind Chris.. BUT IT’S CHRIS ELITE WHO CONNECTS WITH THE HEADSHOT ONTO MR. DEDEDE!! That shot stuns the chairman as he staggers back and drops down to a knee! Chris Elite looks over his shoulder and sees the position that DEDEDE is in. He then runs to the ropes ahead of him, bounces back.. OPEN YA MATA!!! JUMPING KNEE STRIKE BY CHRIS ELITE!!!

Flannery McCoy: NO!! COMBAT ROLL EVASION BY MR. DEDEDE AS HE GETS OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND!! Chris Elite stumbles on his landing, but quickly turns back towards Mr. DEDEDE!! RIGHT HOOK BY CHRIS ELITE!! NOW A LEFT!! Mr. DEDEDE is taking these shots, as Chris Elite now follows up with a shoot kick to the chest!! DEDEDE clutches at his chest in pain, as Chris Elite goes for a backfist!!! NO!! Mr. DEDEDE ducks underneath the arm!! Elite is frustrated about that missed attack, as he continues on with a lariat onto DEDEDE!!! 

Stew-O: BUT DEDEDE DUCKS UNDER THAT STRIKE TOO AS CHRIS ELITE RUNS RIGHT PAST HIM! Chris turns around.. AND GETS NAILED BY A PIERCING JAB TO THE MID SECTION!! That punch had to have taken the air out of Chris Elite just now, but that isn’t stopping Mr. DEDEDE as he follows up with a right hook just below the ribs!! Chris Elite drops down to his knee after that brutal boxing style punch from the chairman. However, Mr. DEDEDE doesn’t allow Chris to get comfortable here, as he grabs Chris by the head and raises him up to his feet!! Irish whip to the side ropes by DEDEDE!! Chris Elite is launched over to the side ropes, and bounces back towards the chairman!! Mr. DEDEDE sets up for a back body drop, but Chris Elite combat rolls over the bent over body of Mr. DEDEDE and lands on his feet behind his opponent!! Mr. DEDEDE stands back up.. AND GETS DROPKICKED FROM BEHIND BY CHRIS ELITE, AS HE GETS SENT TO THE SIDE ROPES!! Mr. DEDEDE bounces back.. AND HE TAKES CHRIS ELITE DOWN WITH A JUMPING SHOULDER BLOCK!! Chris Elite hits the canvas hard, and instantly rolls his way under the bottom rope and down to the ringside floor!!

Jake Mercer: Chris Elite was using his head just now. He knew that he would be giving Mr. DEDEDE an advantage if he just stayed inside of the ring. There are so many things DEDEDE could have done, but Chris put himself in a much better position by getting the hell out of there. Way to use that shiny bald head Chris!! Shines brighter than the championships he won back in his Jr. High Wrestling Career. 

Flannery McCoy: Jr. High Wrestling?

Jake Mercer: Yeah, he wrestled for Suicidal Kid Wrestling back in the day I believe. 

Flannery McCoy: :woah:

Stew-O: Back to the action in this match! It seems like Chris Elite wants absolutely nothing to do with Mr. DEDEDE right now as he is clutching at the back of his head and watching the chairman from ringside. Mr. DEDEDE however, is ready to get this fight going, as he is daring Chris Elite to enter back into the ring. Chris ignores the request, but that only forces Mr. DEDEDE to take matters into his own hands, as he exits out of the ring, through the ropes, and steps out to the ringside floor. Chris Elite backs away from Mr. DEDEDE.. BUT HE TRIPS OVER THE STEEL STEPS!! This has given DEDEDE the opportunity he’s been waiting for, as he rushes over to Chris Elite and fires away with MMA style punches down onto his head and body!! Chris is taking quite the beating from Mr. DEDEDE, as DEDEDE grabs him by the head, and slams his head back down onto the thinly padded ringside floor! DEDEDE rises up to his feet, and stares down at Chris Elite!!

Referee: One.. Two.. Three.. Four..

Flannery McCoy: Mr. DEDEDE now reaches down to grab Chris Elite from off of the ground. He brings Elite up to his feet and presses him up against the edge of the ring. Right Hook from Mr. DEDEDE!! Now a left!!! Another right!! Another left!! Mr. DEDEDE is taking the air out of Chris Elite right now, as Chris bends over and clutches at his stomach in pain!! Mr. DEDEDE grabs Chris by the head with his left hand, and holds him up in a standing position so that he is no longer bent over.. AND MR. DEDEDE USES HIS RIGHT TO CONNECT WITH A SPINNING BACK FIST RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE OF CHRIS ELITE!! Chris nearly falls to the floor, but Mr. DEDEDE catches him and slides him right back into the ring and goes for the pin!!




Jake Mercer: Kickout by Chris Elite!!

Stew-O: Mr. DEDEDE almost had the match won right then and there! Mr. DEDEDE now walks around the body of Chris Elite and begins to pelt him with stomps!! STOMP TO THE ARM! NOW TO THE LEG!! TO THE SHOULDER!!! AND TO THE CHEST!! Chris Elite is trying to fight his way up to his feet even though these stomps are taking a toll on his body. Elite keeps working up as he gets to his hands and knees, but Mr. DEDEDE immediately grabs him and brings him up to his feet. IRISH WHIP INTO THE CORNER BY MR. DEDEDE!!! Chris Elite crashes back first up against the corner turnbuckles, as he hits the turnbuckles at incredible speeds! Mr. DEDEDE now walks over to Chris Elite, and begins throwing quick punches to the midsection!! Chris Elite again takes a beating from these boxing style punches, as all he can do is try to cover his mid-section with his arms in order to try and protect himself!! 

Flannery McCoy: I don’t know how well that defense is working, because it seems like a majority of Mr. DEDEDE’s punches are landing! Mr. DEDEDE knows this, and that’s why he’s still firing away at the body of Chris Elite!! Mr. DEDEDE now backs away from the corner and makes his way over to the other end. He’s staring directly at Chris Elite, and charges in.. RAPTURE!!! HELLUVA KICK BY MR. DEDEDE ONTO CHRIS ELITE IN THE CORNER!!!

Stew-O: NO!!! CHRIS ELITE GETS OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND, AS MR. DEDEDE’S LEG GOES OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! Chris slowly grabs the side ropes, and uses them to help himself up to his feet. Meanwhile, Mr. DEDEDE is getting his leg from off of the top rope!! Mr. DEDEDE finally stands straight up in the corner, as he turns around towards Chris Elite.. BUT GETS HIT HARD BY A MIKE TYSON UPPERCUT FROM CHRIS ELITE!!! THAT’S THE DICKEATERY STOPPER!!! Mr. DEDEDE is stunned, and falls into a seated position in the corner after that powerful uppercut by Chris Elite!! Chris Elite now backs away and stares right at Mr. DEDEDE.. What’s this!?! Chris Elite charges in.. HAWK EM!!! RUNNING DOUBLE KNEES TO THE FACE OF MR. DEDEDE SITTING IN THE CORNER!! 

Flannery McCoy: Mr. DEDEDE drops to his side after taking such a powerful shot to the face just a moment ago. Chris Elite gets back up to his feet, and grabs Mr. DEDEDE by the hand and boot. He drags Mr. DEDEDE closer to the center of the ring, then makes his way over to the corner. What does Chris have in mind here!?! Elite scales his way up to the top rope and stares down at Mr. DEDEDE.. 450 SPLASH!!!!! IT CONNECTS!!! CHRIS ELITE JUST HIT THE 450 SPLASH ON MR. DEDEDE IN THE CENTER OF THE RING AND NOW HE’S HOOKING THE LEGS FOR THE PIN!!!




Jake Mercer: NO!! THE GAWD KICKS OUT!!! 

Stew-O: Chris Elite thought that he had the match won, but not quite. Chris gets back up to his feet, and reaches down to grab DEDEDE by the head and hair. He brings Mr. DEDEDE up to his feet, and lifts him up onto his shoulder. Elite now turns and faces towards the corner. This doesn’t look good at all for the Chairman!! Chris now charges in.. 44 BULLDOG!!! LAWN DART BY CHRIS ELITE!!!

Jake Mercer: NO!!! Mr. DEDEDE manages to slip himself behind Chris Elite, as he shoves Chris in the back and sends him chest first into the corner turnbuckles!! Chris Elite hits the turnbuckles hard, clutches at his chest, and turns around to face Mr. DEDEDE due to the momentum from bouncing off of the turnbuckles.. AND MR. DEDEDE CONNECTS WITH A SCOOP SLAM!!! Chris Elite is down in the center of the ring, and Mr. DEDEDE is running to the side ropes! He rebounds back towards Chris Elite.. AND CONNECTS WITH A CORKSCREW ELBOW DROP RIGHT INTO THE STERNUM!!! Chris Elite has to be out of it right now, as Mr. DEDEDE goes for the pin!!




Jake Mercer: ANOTHER KICKOUT BY CHRIS ELITE!! Mr. DEDEDE rises back up to his feet, as he senses that the end is near. He walks his way over to the corner, and gets down into a low athletic stance. He’s waiting for Chris Elite to get up to his feet, as Chris slowly works his way up to his hands and knees. We all know what’s coming, and what’s going through the mind of Mr. DEDEDE!! Chris Elite slowly gets himself up to his feet.. SPEAR!!! SPEAR BY MR. DEDEDE!!!

Stew-O: NO!!! CHRIS CATCHES MR. DEDEDE!! FACE VALUE!!! HAMMERLOCK DDT BY CHRIS ELITE CONNECTS, AS MR. DEDEDE’S FACE GETS SNAPPED UP AGAINST THE CANVAS OF THE RING!! Chris Elite has just bought himself some time! He was in a horrible situation, but he timed that reversal perfectly and now he’s in control of this match!!! 

Flannery McCoy: Chris Elite gets up to his feet, as Mr. DEDEDE is still down on the canvas!! Elite now kicks at the body of Mr. DEDEDE, then backs away. Mr. DEDEDE slowly works himself up to his hands and knees, then back up to his feet.. What does Chris Elite have in mind here? BOX OFFICE SMASH!!! SUPERKICK BY CHRIS ELITE!!!

Stew-O: NO!! MR. DEDEDE DUCKS UNDERNEATH THE LEG, AS CHRIS ELITE STEPS IN FRONT OF HIM!! Mr. DEDEDE turns Chris Elite around now and grabs him by his chest and neck!! GRAND SLAM!!! ROCK BOTTOM BY MR. DEDEDE CONNECTS AS HE SLAMS CHRIS ELITE RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS OF THE RING!! Chris Elite had no idea it was coming after Mr. DEDEDE dodged the Box Office Smash earlier!! DEDEDE is down!! Chris Elite is down!! And look!! Mr. DEDEDE extends his arm out, and drops his arm down for the pin on Chris Elite!!





(‘Value’ by A$AP Ferg hits, as Mr. DEDEDE rises up to his feet. The referee makes his way over to raise his hand in the air.)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner.. THE GAWD!!! MR. DEDEDE!!!

Stew-O: What a match between these two Dynasty Elitists. It was very back and forth with so many counters and reversals, but in the end it was Mr. DEDEDE who put the final nail in the coffin to seal this one tonight.

Jake Mercer: Yes, this was a great match between both Mr. DEDEDE and Chris Elite. With Grand Rampage next week, all of the Elitists from Showdown and Voltage better take note, because Dynasty is where Elitists go above and beyond, and this match was the perfect example of that.

Stew-O: But anyways, that’s all that we have for tonight! Thanks for tuning in to the final Dynasty before Grand Rampage!! We’ll see you there!!

(Mr. DEDEDE is seen in the ring celebrating his victory over Chris Elite until the screen fades to black.)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by Matthew Graham

Showdown 4/17/21

Showdown 4/24/21