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Dynasty 3/27/20

(EAW Intro Plays.)

(A huge logo flashes on the screen showing RECKLESS WIRING in bold font as a recap of the previous FPV plays. We start with the opening fatal five way match as Lisa Wren, Kasey Kaos, Ronan Malosi, Melissa O’Malley, and SOSA Henderson all went at it with SOSA taking the win. Next, the New Breed Championship is on the line as champion Justin Windgate went at it when he faced Angel De Plata Jr. and Gwyn Gilfried. Justin continued his run as champ after leaping from the stage and crushing his challengers and successfully defending his belt again. Afterwards, SOSA Henderson runs into the newest Dynasty signee as Korey Gaines shows up to exchange harsh words with Hollywood himself.)

(We see clips of the Specialist championship title match as Darcy May Morgan and Kensington Calhoun-Astor went to war in a last woman’s standing match. Darcy was triumphant as Kensington failed to stand before the referee’s ten count. Aftwards, a pissed off Ronan Malosi charges the ring and challenges SOSA Henderson to a rematch and berates everyone until to the shock of all watchers, he is met not by Henderson but by the returning Serena Bennett. With both eyes functioning, Serena let it be known she was back and managed to get in some offense on the angry behemoth. Afterwards, the bitter rivalry between Lethal Consequences and Unified Tag Team Champ/King of Elite The Visual Prophet was settled in a handcuff match. LC and Viz pulled out all the stops but the cheating methods of Lethal Consequences proved profitable as Visual Prophet was beaten by a handful of tights.)

(Next, the National Elite Championship is defended by Kassidy Heart against Nathan Von Liebert. The battle of the alter egos proves to be a bloody affair as The Mauler and Vlad went as sadistically violent as both could but Kassidy’s malice won out as she savagely pummeled NvL with Tai Pei death fists until she could secure the win. Afterwards, both competitors were taken out by EMTS to seek medical attention.)

(Finally, the main event is shown. TLA, Osamu Arcichida, and Drake King inside the infamous Dome of Death match with the EAW World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Osamu fought hard, TLA showed his championship grit, but the belt stayed with The Paragon as Drake King found victory in the end. The demonic Dome of Death was the backdrop to one of the most hard fought championship matches ever but Drake walked in and left still champion as the show ends with Drake celebrating with his tag team partner Viz and Jessica Miller.)

(The arena is shown as pyro erupts and the excitement fills the screen. Coliseo Amauta is the setting as Friday Night Dynasty is being broadcast live from Lima, Peru. Nearly every single face in attendance has some sort of face mask or a pair of latex gloves on as the camera pans to show men, women, and children all violating quarantine to see this wondrous show.

Stew-O: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO FRIDAY NIGHT DYNASTY! We are here in Peru and we are proud to give you another episode of the best professional wrestling program going today. I’m Stew-O and here with me as always are Jake Mercer and Flannery McCoy. How are you two this evening?

Jake Mercer: Paranoid and engaging with any and all possible conspiracy theories regarding covid-19 and the population control experiment the powers that be are flexing on us poor folks.

Flannery McCoy: We are going to have a great show, Stew! These fans are here in droves!

Jake Mercer: We could have done this in an empty arena. The negligence is disturbing.

Stew-O: Tonight, we see the fall out of Reckless Wiring with some big matches as well. The returning Serena Bennett faces off with Ronan Malosi, the newest member of Dynasty Chris Elite teams with his Cage to take on New Breed and Specialist champs Justin Windgate and Darcy May Morgan…

Jake Mercer: Lord protect us in this pandemic…OH AND DRAKE KING’S CHAMPIONSHIP CELEBRATION brought to you by King The Visual Prophet! But first, we got a new episode of EAW’s hottest talk show!

(We see the inside of the ring as the underfunded set from the previous Friday Night Dynasty is shown. The potted plant, the wooden desk, the two chairs, and a flat screen hanging inside the ring, the fans get quiet as they are realizing what’s about to happen.)

Flannery McCoy: Who approved this guy for another episode of this crap?

(‘C’Mon’ by Waterproof Blonde plays as the fans suddenly begin booing. Out walks Ronan Malosi in a cheap suit with his uncombed beard hanging off his face as he roars from on top of the stage. Ronan mugs some of the fans before a sinister grin emerges and he begins walking down the ramp.)


(Ronan slides under the bottom rope as Stephie stands in the ring preparing to speak some more.)



(Ronan quickly snatches the microphone and stares down Stephie as the defenseless announcer quickly flees the big man’s wrath. Ronan’s serious glare turns back into an arrogant laugh as he steps behind his desk and plops into his chair as the music fades out.)

Ronan Malosi: AH! Enough with that bird mouth broad’s mediocre mic skills. Let’s get right to it! THIS IS HOT TAKES WITH RONAN MALOSI! And I am the host, RONAN MALOSI! YES!!!

(Ronan laughs as the fans rain boos all over him.)

Ronan Malosi: The ratings came back from the first Hot Takes episode and it’s clear the fans all over can’t get enough of my patented and precise opinions. So much so that Hot Takes with Ronan officially has higher ratings than all other talk shows before it! From Jay Leno to Conan, we beat them all! We especially got higher ratings than that trash ass…BLUE CARPET TREATMENT that the Compton slut used to put on. You know what Compton street whore I’m referring to, right? The Smurfette of Slauson…Serena Bennett.

(The fans pop at the mentioning of Bennett as Ronan feverishly shakes his head.)

Ronan Malosi: You people like Serena Bennett? You actually MISSED that bimbo? Seriously Peru, you did?! Well…I GOT MY FIRST HOT TAKE OF THE NIGHT!!!

(Steam is blasted as red lights flash as soon as Ronan says Hot Take.)

Ronan Malosi: HOT TAKE!!!!

(An Image of Serena Bennett pops on Ronan’s screen. Serena has an eyepatch and is dressed like a pirate.)

Ronan Malosi: Hot Take; Serena Bennett and her surgically repaired eye should have hopped on the nearest Somalian pirate ship she could find and hit the high seas because she doesn’t belong here in EAW anymore. After Sienna Jade bravely challenged her and beat that woman like a dog in front of everyone, that should have been the end of her chapter. Same way that Darkane clobbering SOSA Henderson with a shovel last year should have been the end of his run as well. Both are the most over hyped and wasted crops of alleged talent and the fact that they keep being given chances lets me know that EAW’s Affirmative Action policies are blinding them from making better decisions. But, Ronan Malosi is here to help them out because tonight I will put the nail in that one eye bitches coffin and I will bury her when we wrestle in front of all my Ronan Malosi fans!

(The crowd heckles Ronan as he ignores the hate.)

Ronan Malosi: Speaking of my fans, I GOT ANOTHER ONE BITCHES!

(Steam blasts again as lights flash and Ronan laughs like a mad man.)

Ronan Malosi: HOT…TAKE!!!!

(The screen changes as we see Ronan Malosi’s face photoshopped over Jesus’s face as a crowd of people are seen worshipping him.)

Ronan Malosi: HOT TAKE; I am the hottest act in professional wrestling and I have more fans then SOSA, Serena, Kassidy Heart, Cage, Chris Elite, Sienna Jade, and every single wrestler on Dynasty COMBINED! Yeah, I was robbed at Reckless Wiring. But, tonight I will be the one doing the robbing. And I will be rejoiced by all of my Hot Take enthusiasts! AIN’T THAT RIGHT, PERU?!?

(The boos are deafening as Ronan laughs them off.)

Ronan Malosi: Yeah, that must be Peruvian for “Ronan” huh? As the most underrated elitist in the world today, I have the duty to open up tonight’s show for one reason only. Not to spit on Slutrena Bendett’s name, but to get a one on one chat with my guest tonight. I got the newest member of Friday Night Dynasty as this week’s guest. Ladies and gents, KOREY GAINES!!!

(‘Thunderstruck’ by ACDC plays as the crowd pops loudly for him. Korey smiles as he rushes out the curtains. The fans are rocking for Korey as Ronan mockingly claps for him.)

Stew-O: This man was let go from his previous brand but signed a new deal to be a member of Dynasty and everyone has high hopes for this young man. Skateboarder turned high flying superstar, Korey Gaines is definitely going to be an asset for this show.

Flannery McCoy: I don’t trust Ronan’s intentions with Korey. Malosi doesn’t seem like a guy that’s a fan of skateboarding.

Jake Mercer: You guys aren’t paying attention to social media clearly.

(Korey enters the ring and is handed a microphone as Ronan remains seated.)

Ronan Malosi: Welcome, kid! You have the honor of being the sole guest on this week’s HOT TAKES!

Korey Gaines: That’s, um. That’s cool, I guess. No handshake, though? Just going to stay seated?

Ronan Malosi: Oh, maybe at the end. Plus, we don’t have hand sanitizer here and nobody truly knows where you and those hands have been.

Korey Gaines: We started this off with that kind of energy, huh? That’s what you want to do, Ronan?

Ronan Malosi: Hey, relax. I ask the questions around here. Let’s get down to business, Korey. You have been talking pretty spicy on social media. I mean, it’s a known fact amongst the boys and even the marks in the seats that you are indeed a social media delight. Always on your phone tweeting and posting and chatting and talking. You are more known for your social media galavanting then your professional wrestling run. Your career is almost an afterthought to the outsider. You love social media, don’t you?

Korey Gaines: I don’t know if love is the word. I do like to spend some time on social media. Everyone does. I don’t get your point.

Ronan Malosi: Do you love social media? It’s a simple yes or no question you doofus.

Korey Gaines: There you go with the disrespect.

Ronan Malosi: Excuse me?

Korey Gaines: You want to bring up social media, why don’t you just bring it all the way up. We got in a spat on social media and your feelings got hurt. You feel threatened about me being on Dynasty and now you are on your show sounding emotional about some tweets I made and are now forced to spend a brunt of your little talk shows air time having to passive aggressively address me.

Ronan Malosi: You ignorant fool. You disrespected me talking about ratings and talking about placement on the card, you are an idiot Korey Gaines. It doesn’t matter what spot I am on the card because HOT TAKE, BITCH!!! RONAN MALOSI IS A STAR AND YOU NEVER HAVE OR WILL BE!

Korey Gaines: There it is! The fragile ego of a fool. You say I’m obsessed with social media yet you are obsessed with me. You brought me out here to ask me questions on your show yet all you have to say is how inferior I make you feel with some tweets. I got a question for you. How inferior did you feel the last time we got physical? You know, when I kicked you in the teeth?

Ronan Malosi: The only times we’ve shared the ring in combat were battle royals and tag team matches. You don’t want to piss me off and have to deal with me inside this ring with nobody there to help you, Korey. I promise you that.

Korey Gaines: Shouldn’t you be running quickly to the back to get changed so you can come back out here and get slapped around by a 120 pound crip?

(‘Earned It’ by Chief Keef plays as the fans pop before booing again. Out talks SOSA Henderson in a full Versace sweatsuit outfit as he begins to walk down the ramp with a microphone in his hand.)

SOSA Henderson: I was just backstage getting my back massaged by some Peruvian whore who says she’s a big fan of my work whenI couldn’t help but overhear you two cacs crying about nothin’. Jesus Christ!

(SOSA rolls in the ring and stands as Korey and Ronan hop out of their chairs.)

SOSA Henderson: Both of you geeks have your panties up your ass and it’s not because of social media or because Serena Bennett is a few minutes away from Crip walking all over your ass. It’s because both you bums are jealous…jealous of HOLLYWOOD SOSA HENDERSON!

(Korey and Ronan look confused as SOSA shakes his head.)

SOSA Henderson: Yeah, I said it. Two clown ass bums in the middle of this dingy ass set crying about shit that’s all a big deflection from the truth. Truth is, Ronan is still hurt emotionally because I turned his fatal fourway filled with bitches into a pimp’s return at Reckless Wiring. I walked over you and those three broads like a red carpet at a movie premiere and that’s why you are so sad and angry right now. As for Korey, I can tell you are emotional because after I kicked Ronan’s ass, you had to pick MY interview as your chance to announce that you got signed to Dynasty. You could have announced your shitty arrival on social media since you want to be an influencer so badly. But nope. You got jealous and tried to rain on my spot and shit. Ronan a clout chasing cunt too! You couldn’t handle one ass whooping from Hollywood so you ran your mouth later on that night and had to deal with Serena Bennett who kicked your ass then also. Plus, she’s going to fuck you up tonight in her return just like I did. Yeah. You two have a problem with each other and deep down it’s clear it’s really just you two being jealous of big Hollywood SOSA being back on Dynasty.

Korey Gaines: Soda Henderson, nobody gives a fuck about you. Nobody cared that you were gone. Nobody cares that you are back. No matter how much management sucks your dick and strokes your ego and cries about how deeply we missed you being around, not a single elitist cares about your return. You beat Ronan Malosi in your return match. Cool. Now, you two can spend your weeks feuding about which one of you overhyped turds is a star and which one isn’t on Dynasty. Compelling television. But, if either of you two want to really see who’s the better wrestler…Korey Gaines has no problem showing you both who the best is now that I’m here on Dynasty!

Ronan Malosi: Woah! Hold your horses, Korey. As the VETERAN of this group and as the man with seniority over both of you here on Dynasty, I advise you two to slow your roll and hit the brakes. That is, unless you want me to beat the brakes off of you both. Now, we all know I have a main event caliber match tonight against former Women’s champ Serena Bennett. I don’t feel like wasting any physical energy beating the shit out of you two right now. But, if you two feel like going at it right now…I’m sure my Hot Take fans would love to see that. Right?!

(The crowd gets hype as Korey shakes his head and looks at SOSA.)

Korey Gaines: You see what he’s trying to do?

SOSA Henderson: He sounds like pussy. Almost as big of a pussy as you, Gaines.

Korey Gaines: What did you call me?

SOSA Henderson: You heard me, NIG-






Stew-O: Sosa mounts Gaines and tries to hammer down fists but Korey avoids it and rolls him over and tries to get in some punches of his own. Referees and ring crew come sprinting down the ramp as they pass by Ronan Malosi, escaping from the ruckus unscaved. Ronan is walking backwards up the ramp as he marvels at the chaos he has started. These three men clearly have bad blood for one another and Ronan may have started a dangerous path for Korey, SOSA, and himself!

(The scene fades to commercial as we see a shot of Ronan laughing at SOSA and Korey being held back from one another by the security and staff members.)

(Commercial Break)

(Diamond Cage hunting commercial, stock up on weapons and ammunition so we can kill innocent animals in the woods in order to cope with your anger issu– survive during these trying times!)

(Dynasty comes back on air as the camera focuses on the commentary table)

Flannery McCoy: We received word that earlier tonight as wrestlers were arriving to the arena, there was a scuffle of sorts and it was all caught on video, without further explanation we’ll just roll the clip….


(The camera fades into the outside area of the Coliseo Amauta in Lima, Peru where Dynasty is being held tonight. There’s a line outside the arena as many wrestlers are trying to enter the arena. It all leads to the front where the entry is guarded by security. Dr. Bethany Blue is seen with a thermometer in her hand as she places it into the forehead of the people that enter in order to see if they have the flu, signs for the coronavirus. She gives a bright smile as she slowly begins to let people through the arena. Many people begin to walk up for the corona screenings as the line slowly shortens. One notable person is Landerson as he makes his way to the front of the line.

Dr. Bethany Blue: Alright Mr. Landerson, no fever you can head right in!

El Landerson: Yes I do…

Dr. Bethany Blue: What is it?! Influenza?! Seasonal flu?! Bird flu?! Osteoporosis?!


(Landerson quickly runs into the arena at full speed seemingly disappearing at the speed of sound as Dr. Bethany Blue is left confused at the sight before continuing the screenings not letting whatever just happened to steer her away from the goal in her head. Korey Gaines struts forward as Dr. Bethany Blue has a pleasant look on her face as she sees him)

Korey Gaines: What’s up Doc?

Dr. Bethany Blue: Hello Korey, this was long awaited I see?

Korey Gaines: Oh nah, I wasn’t worried that much about that Chinese flu bug. More or less excited for my Dynasty debut!

Dr. Bethany Blue: Uh-huh… you’re good to go, book another appointment, will you? I’m worried about the wellbeing of the roster especially in a time like this.

Korey Gaines: Copy that!

(Korey takes an overexaggerated spin as he begins to strut away as Dr. Bethany Blue shook her head and began to write down on a notepad before looking up and her face dying down as she saw who was in front of her. Darcy May Morgan had walked up with a smug look on her face as the Doc quietly continued to write on her notepad before looking up with a fake smile on her face)

Dr. Bethany Blue: Darcy! So nice to see you… I see you’re here for your corona screening, right? Great great, I knew word would catch on through the locker room!

Darcy May Morgan: For starters, I’m here to enter the arena that I’m supposed to be competing in tonight? And two it seems this has left the opportunity open for this, now that we’re conveniently in the area we can talk. I hear you want the Specialist Championship. don’t you? You want to take the title away from me sooner rather than later?

Dr. Bethany Blue: You won’t be able to have the title if I’m not able to check you and get this said and done. But to answer your question and please the masses, sure I do want the Specialist Championship but that is the least of my concerns when it comes to my line of work, which is obviously the most important work and duty at this very moment in time. Look, all I need to do is take your temperature and if you don’t have a fever you can head right in, alright? Pretty simple, even a Homosapien could understand it.

(Dr. Bethany Blue attempts to aim the thermometer at her forehead to check her temperature with a calm look on her face even though it was Darcy. But not long after she attempts to Darcy slaps the thermometer out of her hand. Dr. Bethany Blue closes her eyes for a moment before slowly picking up the thermometer again and looking right at her. She looks disgruntled at the act as it’s clear it didn’t sit well in the former Interwire Champion’s mind)

Dr. Bethany Blue: Look I’ll say it again so you can understand more than anything else at this very point so I can get on with my day… yes, I do want your title, I’m sure that’s just completely stating the obvious as I’ve made that clear. But right now, I’m doing my job, it would be in your best interest to cooperate and let me check for a fever, or you’ll have to take it up with security and turn around and head right back to your rental, safety first Darcy, more than anything else.

Darcy May Morgan: Here’s my answer for you on this.

(Darcy said that abruptly as all in a blur she shoved the Doctor right to the ground. Security began to close in on The Leading Lady but Darcy gave a glance as she pushed her aviators she wore down to the bridge of her nose as the security guards slowly backed up as Darcy cheerfully walked in. Dr. Bethany Blue had sat up in confusion as she clearly wasn’t expecting that. She was more angered than anything after it as she was clearly beside herself. She had got up to her feet and walked up agitatedly to the security guards yelling at them as the camera faded out)

Stephie Love – The following tag team contest is scheduled for…

*The crowd cheers!* ONE FALL!!

(“Battle with Magus” (from Chrono Trigger) – Yasunori Mituda as Melissa O’Malley makes her way out to the stage and towards the ring holding her modified kendo stick in hand. )

Stephie Love: Introducing first… From the Las Vegas Strip! Weighing in at 122 pounds she is The Gladiatrix… MELISSAAAA OOOOOOO’MALLEYYY!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer – Always looking ready for a fight this one!

Flannery McCoy – Right! And this time she is not battling alone!

(I am Revenant by The Distillers hits, as the crowd gives a mixed reaction. Kasey Kaos steps out onto the stage and makes her way down to the ring.)

Stephie Love: And her tag team partner, from London England, weighing in at 130lbs.. MISSSSS MAYHEMMMMMMM KASEYYYYYYYY KAOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Jake Mercer: A clash of style Kasey has compared to Melissa, will they be able to make it gel and pull the win?

Flannery McCoy: We are about to find out!

( The lights switch off before “Ricky” by Denzel Curry plays. After the pre-chorus runs through, the lights come back on to the chorus as W1LH3LM is seen shooting out of the curtains and hopping onto the stage. He nonchalantly riles up the crowd, smiling while marching down the ramp. He enters through the ropes and perches on the top turnbuckle, spreading his arms wide open )

Stephie Love: Aaaaaand their opponents! FIRST! From Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Weighing in at 205 pounds! W1LH3LM!!!

Jake Mercer: A force since he made his debut here in EAW!

Flannery McCoy: His opponents best take him seriously tonight.


(The lights go out in the arena)


(The word VILLIAN starts to flicker across the EAW-Tron)


(The EAW-Tron has started to switch between the words HEVEL and VILLIAN. Spotlight goes across the stage, finally landing on HEVEL, standing in the middle of the stage.)

(When riff changes, lights start flashing, then turn on, revealing HEVEL standing next to his sidekick, Geoffrey Lightfoot)

Stephie Love: And his tag team partner…

HEVEL interrupts and takes Stephie’s mic from her hands!: I think it’s best for a great to introduce a great. INTRODUCING, FROM NEW! YORK! CITY! THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WOOOOOOORLD… THE VILLIAN! HEEEEEEEEVVVVEEEELLLL!!!

Jake Mercer: Wow…

( Ding Ding Ding! )

Stew-O: AND HERE WE GO!! Miss Mayhem begins the match for her pair while Hevel takes first shift for his duo though Wh1lh3lm would’ve liked to be first. Both opponents move to the center of the ring under the watchful eye of the official for the match. Hevel presents a hand wanting to wish best of luck in a sportsmanship manner to Kasey who is slowly reaching in BUT gets kicked in the midsection by her adversary! He grabs her by a wrist twisting into an armbar before raising a boot to her jaw and letting himself fall backwards!

Jake Mercer: BAM!

Stew-O: Down goes Kasey as well holding her jaw! Adding a bit of insult to injury The Villain kicks Miss Mayhem in the face brushing his book on her cheek before grabbing her by the arm again and going in for a tag do Wh1lh3lm who goes through the ropes and climbs on the second turnbuckle. Double axe handle down on Kaos who goes down once more! Wh1lh3lm wraps an arm around the neck of Kaos applying pressure in a tight headlock in the center of the ring. He throws her into the ropes with an Irish whip going for a discus clothesline but he misses as Kaos goes under his arm! She bounces off the ropes again and crossbody!! NO! Wh1lh3lm dodges it Matrix style with agility! Kaos goes on her knees and to her feet before going to her corner and giving a hot tag to Melissa O’Malley! Wh1lh3lm stays in the ring positioning himself into striking position. Melissa tries to use speed and clock him with a spinning heel kick but the move was telegraphed and Wh1lh3lm grabs at her ankle and gets her in his arms as if she had tried to cross body him like Kaos did! WOAH! Moonsault Powerslam sends O’Malley on the mat and on her back!!

Jake Mercer: He goes for a cover!!

Referee: ONE!!!

Flannery McCoy: Early kick out by the Gladiatrix!!

Stew-O: That’s Right! Wh1lh3lm grabs a handful of hair from Melissa and moves to his corner tagging in Hevel who throws in a few jabs at O’Malley’s face before throwing a set of elbows to her shoulder keeping her on her knees. He suddenly drops to his back and bitch slaps Melissa who ends up on her ass, what arrogance from The Villain! He stands on his feet then gloating under the boos of the crowd making him smirk as he then picks her up throwing her into the ropes trying for a clothesline before kicking her in the stomach on the back back and holding her in with a headlock! Melissa tries to fight back with some elbows into the gut of Hevel but he stops her with two elbows to her back! He tries to suplex her behind him but she blocks him with a leg! He tries again, once more denied! She uses his momentum to try and reverse the move and do him in but he ends up lifted and lands behind her and drives his elbow to her lower back again! Grabbing her by the neck and back he spins her out of the ring where she crashes hard! Wh1lh3lm gets tagged in and goes to meet with Melissa while in her corner Kasey Kaos is screaming! Wh1lh3lm goes to throw in a few punches to Melissa before aiming to throw her against the nearby post BUT Melissa moves and flapjacks Wh1lh3lm to the ground!! Face first to the floor! Hevel goes to try and get in on the action but O’Malley suplexes him into the barricade!! O’Malley is moving slowly into the ring while Kasey is extending her arm wanting to get in so badly TAG IS MADE after Mel jumped to smack hand with her partner for the night who quickly makes it through the ropes! She runs and uses the ropes to leap over the top ropes and crash land over Hevel and Wh1lh3lm!!! She takes both of them out with that move but quickly she grabs hold of Wh1lh3lm moving him into the ring but followed closely by Hevel who tries to throw her out of the ring he does but only on the ring apron as he goes to check on his partner not seeing that Kaos is climbing on a turnbuckle and goes FOR A FLYING CROSSBODY taking both men down!!! Miss Mayhem is living up to her name with all of this as she then clotheslines Hevel out of the equation and out of the ring!! Quickly behind her Wh1lh3lm goes trying to back suplex her but she flips, counters after landing on her feet with a kick to the midsection AND A DDT DRILLING Wh1lh3lm DOWN!!! She then quickly goes for a snap elbow drop! Followed by another! And a third! And a fourth! She then goes for th-

Jake Mercer: THE COVER!!!

Referee: ONE!! TWO!!

Flannery McCoy: AND Wh1lh3lm KICKS OUT!!

Stew-O: We see Hevel looking a tad desperate for the tag wanting to help his partner out as he gets picked up to his feet by Miss Mayhem while Melissa looks relaxed and smiling in her corner. She picks him up to his feet then goes to Irish whip into the opposite corner. Wh1lh3lm reverses, throwing her into the corner and he runs after her shortly after BUT SHE GOES FOR ASK THE ANGELS!! HER PATENTED SPIN KICK BUT Wh1lh3lm CAUGHT HER! Overhead Suplex to the center of the ring! Wh1lh3lm wastes no time as Hevel looks to want in but he gets ignored instead Wh1lh3lm goes for THE DEARLY DEPARTED!! The Cradle Belly-To-Back Inverted Mat Slam CONNECTS NEAR Wh1lh3lm’s CORNER!! The official is going for the cover!!

Referee: ONE!!

Jake Mercer: In comes Kasey!!

Referee: TWO!!

Flannery McCoy: WHAT??

Stew-O: HEVEL JUST TAGGED HIMSELF IN!! HE HAS ENOUGH REACH TO GO DOWN AND TAP Wh1lh3lm’s BACK who is just as stunned as Kasey Kaos is she who tried to save Melissa from the pin count!! What is Hevel thinking??? Wh1lh3lm goes to face the now legal man engaging in a heated discussion meanwhile they don’t see it but Melissa is tagged out and Kasey is now the legal gal! She watches on as Wh1lh3lm and Hevel are in each other’s faces!

Jake Mercer: SCHOOL BOY PIN BY KASEY!!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Wh1lh3lm IS NOT MOVING!!

Referee: ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

( Ding Ding Ding! )

Stephie Love: Here is your winner, the team of Kasey Kaos and Melisa O’Malley!!!


Flannery McCoy: Hevel basically cost his team the match! Wh1lh3lm had it under control before Hevel tagged himself in! Fatal mistake!

(As Dynasty returns from commercial break, the feed opens up to the ring at the center of the Coliseo Amauta in Lima, Peru, where the ring canvas is now draped in a velvet blue carpet. In the center of the ring are a large, blue chinchilla loveseat opposite two gold and blue velvet bar stools with bottles of Crip-A-Cola soda in ice buckets on either side of the stools.)

(“Surfin’ (ft. Pharrel Williams)” by Kid Cudi begins to play throughout the speakers of the arena. The fans in attendance begin to cheer wildly as they prepare themselves for the arrival of Serena Bennett. As Serena poses on stage, members of the EAW Live crew roll out a luxurious blue carpet all the way to the edge of the ring. As the audience begins to sing along with “Surfin’,” Serena begins her usual strut down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans along her blue-carpeted ramp.)

Flannery McCoy: What a special treat here tonight, bois! Before we see her in action later tonight, Serena Bennett is back to address the Dynasty audience, for the first time in months with another special edition of The Blue Carpet Treatment!

Stew-O: Serena has been advertising that her special guest here tonight will be Sienna Jade. And there’s only one problem with that, Flan, both Jade and her husband, Impact, have taken something of a sabbatical from EAW after the events that transpired at this year’s Clash of Kingdoms! Any chance that you think Sienna might just show up tonight, Jake?

Jake Mercer: (He scoffs.) And allow a woman like Serena disturb her peace? I don’t think so. EAW doesn’t deserve women like Jade, she deserves a hell of a lot better than diminishing her value by competing against Elitists who deserve to be inside the ring with her! She said it herself. Serena is, as usual, wasting her goddamn time with this whole thing.

(Serena Crip walks in the center ring as she waits for her music to die down. Once “Surfin’” begins to fade out, she takes a seat on her new, blue, chinchilla fur loveseat. She takes a moment to adjust her hair and tuck her sunglasses away in the pocket of her blue-rhinestone covered black leather jacket, perfectly complementing her black-and-blue sequinned ring gear. She crosses one leg over the other, and directs the camera to get a close up of her new boots.)

Flannery McCoy: Serena Bennett showing off her custom made, Christian Louboutin wrestling boots–with an exclusive BLUE BOTTOM, as opposed to the usual red the designer has become famous for! Get it, guys?! It’s all blue everything for Bennett!

Jake Mercer: Great, just what we need, to bring more of these gang affiliations back to Dynasty. A life full of gangbanging can only get you so far in life–Serena should know better. If she would just put the guns down, stop with the drugs–

Stew-O: And, look, she already has. She’s instead turned to professional wrestling to make a living for herself. An amazing opportunity that Serena has taken advantage of!

(Serena pops open a bottle of Crip-A-Cola as she sits back and listens to the audience sing one more chorus of her theme song, smiling wide as she takes a few sips of her drink before grabbing the microphone lying next to her and beginning to address the audience.)

Serena Bennett: I don’t think I’ma ever get tired of that, I love y’all. Thank you so much for the endless support, positive messages, and well-wishes y’all sent my way since my return at Reckless Wiring. The EAW Universe are my heroes, forreal.

(The crowd cheers.)

Serena Bennett: I missed y’all, no cap. Almost as much as I missed those FAT free-per-view bonus checks. I done went too long without cashin’ a full-timer’s check. And you damn well how good my salary ‘bout to look. Ain’t that right?! Just ask about me. Or should I reintroduce myself? For those of you who don’t know or live under a fuckin’ rock, the name is Bennett. Former Specialists Champion. 2019 Women’s Grand Rampage Winner. Inaugural Universal Women’s Champion. The bitch that’s been sellin’ out arenas, maximizing my merchandise sales, hosting BET Specials, GQ features, interviews, podcasts, sponsorships, commercials. Making history, breaking records, inspiring future leaders left and right. Booked and busy, 25/8/366. Ain’t nobody work as hard as me, and I do it all while lookin’ as good as y’all already know I do. It’s dicks up, coochies drippin’ and squirtin’ when I step in between these ropes. Not to mention I’m effortlessly one of the most charismatic women in this industry today. I practically sell myself. The accomplishments I’ve accumulated during my very short stint in EAW should tell you that on their own. Wish some of y’all in that locker room would stop pretendin’. Like ya girl ain’t even start with EAW until the tail end of Season 12 and still managed to change the game entirely as we fuckin’ know it today, even with the little time I had. And I’ma do it all over again. Talk to me nice!

(Serena finishes off the bottle of Crip-A-Cola as the audience cheers some more. She stands up from her loveseat and begins to pace back and forth in the ring.)

Serena Bennett: Now! As much fun as I’m having reacquaintin’ myself with y’all, I know that this ain’t all about me, I need y’all to understand that. No no no, there are a few more things I still wanna shed some light on. A handful of questions that I know still need some answers. And I invited someone to help me get to the bottom of it. That’s right, tonight, I’ve invited a very, uh, “special” guest to join me tonight on The Blue Carpet. ‘Cept I been tryna reach this bitch all week now, she couldn’t even be half-assed to RSVP, return my emails, even when I’m finally giving her the opportunity to say all that bullshit she been talkin’ directly to my face and finally answer for her snake ass behavior at Road to Redemption. Pussy. But what more can I expect from Sienna Jade, hm? You still doin’ the same pussy ass shit, got ya nose so far up your man’s ass and his own business, decided to get your lil’ ass involved and hit Raven with the infamous blindsighted sneak attack on Dynasty ‘cause ya mans couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger and beat a bitch ass right quick. Fuck is Impact even doin’ with a contract, anyways, if he doesn’t even have fun with this shit no more? But I guess since y’all simply “can” do something, that was enough for you both to continue to drag ya ugly faces out here on that half-time bullshit up until recently. Talkin’ all that shit ‘bout how 2020 was supposed to be the re-up for Imp, and look. Nowhere to be found. And I guess losing to Raven Roberts really did a number on you, huh, so gramps had to stay home and tend to your bruised ego? Aw, baby. All that effort to try and knock me out the picture, to try and get under her skin just as much as you wish you did mine, just for you to fall short of gettin’ the job done anyways. Wow.

Serena Bennett: But whatever, Miss Jade. This just what you do when you lose, right? Y’know, one of my earliest memories of you was back at the end of Pain for Pride 12, when I made your skinny lil’ ass tap in the center of my ring, nowhere to go. Then you went and called ya friend to cover your ass and steal a moment from me ‘cause your insecurities wouldn’t dare allow you to sit back and let someone else enjoy a fucking feel good moment for once. Always gotta make shit about you, right, always abusing your power so you can get away with tucking your tail between your legs and dippin’ off whenever things don’t go your way–you did it with me, and then you did it with Raven Roberts after you announced that you dique “wouldn’t be showing up to Dynasty anymore” with ya husband. Retire already, bitch. The fuck? If all you gon’ do is continue to fall short, under perform, and waste everybody’s time, I’m lowkey glad you’re finally thinking about fuckin’ off, hopefully it’s for good, too. But not after I snatch those greasy, ugly, trashy extensions right outcha fuckin’ scalp, bitch.

(Serena pauses, lowering the microphone from her mouth. Suddenly, “I Gave You Power” by Nas begins to play, and the crowd begins to boo him remarkably. Serena simply rolls her eyes and puts one hand on her hip as she uses the other to perform the infamous “yawn” motion.)


Flannery McCoy: “Holy shit” is right, Jake–LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IMPACT IS IN THE BUILDING! Can you believe it?! What a HUGE surprise this is! Despite his claim this February that Impact and Sienna would no longer be performing on EAW until they received a formal apology!

Stew-O: It’s obvious, isn’t it? Impact probably knew that Serena was going to come out here and disrespect Sienna to the best of her ability–and while it is probably deserved in a situation like this, Impact was not going to sit back at home and simply watch while Bennett shaded his wife on national television.

Jake Mercer: We love a loyal, gallant king.

(Paying no attention to the fans as they jeer at him, Impact continues his descent down the ramp, pausing at the base of the ramp where the carpet meets the ring to squat. His hands go to his belt, and he unbuckles his pants slowly. He motions as if he were preparing to lower his pants directly over Serena’s carpet, locking eyes with her the entire time.)

Flannery McCoy: Is he–is Impact going to–


(Serena glares at Impact as he chuckles, buckling his pants back up, and walking towards the steel steps.)

Impact (off-mic): Fuck you and your heavily carpeted blue waffle pussy, bitch. You’re not worthy enough to get a glimpse of this White Mamba.

(Impact enters the ring between the middle ropes and grabs a microphone from the timekeepers area, while Serena watches him intently the entire time. As his music dies down, he even helps himself to a bottle of Crip-A-Cola–but immediately as the beverage touches his tongue, he spits a mouthful of the drink out. He sprays the Cola all over Serena’s blue chinchilla fur loveseat, and the crowd boos. He wipes his mouth on his sleeve as Serena raises her mic to speak.)

Serena Bennett: I wasn’t checkin’ for you, my mans, tell your sugar baby bitch she and I have some unfinished business–

Impact: Hello to you, too! And thanks for having me! (He flashes a condescending smile.) But hold on. Now, Serena, I know very well that I don’t hear you of all people accusing another woman of “falling short.” Or of making “everything about themselves” when you aren’t one of the most self-centered human beings on the face of this planet. I’m embarrassed for you, actually. Learn to quit and stop begging for attention from these people. Stop fishing for reactions out of that locker room and hopping on any and every male Elitist’s dick for a smidgen of affection. Have some self-respect.

Serena Bennett: Eat my ass, Karlisle. I don’t got shit to prove to you. I’m poppin’ regardless of what you say ‘bout me. My bank account speaks for itself. Tryna act like I’m not one of the best damn things to happen to Elite Answers Wrestling in all of twenty-nineteen. I know I’m the shit–these people know I’m the shit. (The crowd cheers.) And I’m more focused than I’ve ever been, Imp, don’t worry about me.

Impact: God, shut the fuck up. Defend yourself all you want, I don’t care what you have to say. Wanna be “GaNgSTa” so bad, but you can’t even show up to work. You have no credibility anymore, Serena–hell, I wonder if you ever had any at all. Your inflated sense of self-importance can only get you so far. I told you sometime ago, you are the devolution of this company, hell, this entire business. I give it two more weeks, max, before you get on the wrong person’s bad side and you hop on the next plane back to Compton to cower in fear again. Everybody knows an eye injury like the one you sustained doesn’t take as long to heal as you’re making it seem. Lazy bitch, and you claim to be working harder than who now? If it were up to me, you would have lost your fucking job after Sienna proved you unable to deliver and hit as hard as you claim you do. You should’ve been kicked to the curb and be sent to the nearest unemployment office a long, long time ago. You should be waiting in line like the rest of the ungrateful heathens in this roster with a vagina in the welfare joint in their hometown. But as expected, EAW keeps handing a whore like you opportunity after opportunity to redeem yourself and spew out a few cuss words, just to be seen as a sympathetic “ally” in the media’s eye. They’re basically doing the Gawd’s work by handing out a job to a charity case like yourself.

(Serena’s gaze narrows, the crowd murmuring as they await her response.)

Impact: Oh oh oh, did I hit a nerve? Piss you off? Was that all it took? C’mon, Serena, I know that look–you wanna hit me, don’t you? If you don’t like me, go ahead and do something about it. Right now. But you won’t. Save your energy, you have a match after the next commercial break, don’tcha, baby girl? Don’t wanna give Ronan any excuses to get the better of you tonight. But if it isn’t Ronan, it’ll be someone else. You’ll burn out soon enough and there won’t be anyone left to protect or enable you anymore after these fans give up on you. Wanna rep so hard to Compton, but don’t you think you’re putting the hood to shame? You’d be of greater use to them if you started up an OnlyFans account, that’s all your good for–oh, there’s that look again! Fist balled up, just filling up with rage! Go ahead, Serena. Hit me. Guarantee you’ll be back on the shelf if you even dared to try it with me.

(Serena Bennett drops her microphone, getting directly in Impact’s face as he continues to smile in her face, taunting her. He drops his microphone with a pop as well, the camera hardly able to pick up the words exchanged between the two. A smug Impact simply pushes Serena with one finger, and she involuntarily backs up. Impact begins to laugh as he turns and exits the ring, “I Gave You Power” starting back up again. The crowd is stunned as they watch Serena, for the first time, opting out of a physical altercation.)

Stew-O: Some very strong words exchanged there, from both Bennett and Impact’s end. And I have to say, I am absolutely surprised that Impact was able to walk away unscathed after what he had the gall to say to Bennett, a woman who has become notorious for picking a fight with just about any and everybody for the smallest ounce of disrespect!

Flannery McCoy: It makes sense to me. Serena has a match in just a few minutes now, and she can’t risk being worn out before her first in-ring competition in months.

Jake Mercer: Horseshit. Serena’s scared shitless. And clearly pissed off that her little plan to embarrass Sienna tonight didn’t work out the way she planned. Serena better stop biting off more than she can chew, or she’ll end up paying for it in blood.

(“I Gave You Power” continues to play as Impact walks backwards up the blue-carpeted ramp, nodding and still smirking at Serena in the ring as Dynasty fades to commercial.)

(Commercial for Instagram Live, watch as your favorite bored celebs engage in DJ battles and hold twerk contests while in quarantine!)

(Impact stars in an anti-alcohol PSA)

(Dynasty comes back on air as “Surfin” is blasting through the system and Serena is now in nothing but her ring gear, standing in the middle of the ring stone-faced still seemingly taking in the confrontation she had with Impact just moments ago. Stephie Love is nearby in the corner.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and Gentlemen!!! The following contest is set for!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Compton, California!! Weighing in at 114lbs!!! SERENNAAAAAA BENNNNNNNNNETTTTTTTTT!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Welcome back to Dynasty everybody, it seems Serena’s mood has definitely changed from the upbeat, cocky diva-like personality that we’re used to. Is this just her game face or is it something else?

Stew-O: Well Impact definitely said some things to her that would make any sane person reevaluate their approach, it’s Impact we’re talking about! It’s one thing to go at it with Sienna Jade but now that her husbands involved you gotta think Serena is second guessing. Nevertheless I’m sure she’s ready to take that frustration out on her opponent!

Jake Mercer: You’re looking at the face of someone who’s been humbled that’s what it is! The thing about bullies is they always know who to pick on and are selective with it because there’s always a bigger and badder bully out there.. Well guess what? Serena just met that bigger and badder bully! I bet she’ll shut up now!

(Serena Bennett is seen standing in place in the ring before her music cuts. “Come On,” by Waterproof Blonde hits, as the crowd erupts into boos. Ronan Malosi steps out onto the stage. We can see that he’s frustrated due to his facial expressions, as he gives Serena Bennett a Devilish stare. Ronan Malosi continues to strut down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And her opponent!!! From Capetown, South Africa!!! Weighing in at 280lbs!!! HE IS THE CAPETOWN CRIPPLER!!! RONANNNNNN MALOSIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Here’s the man that is out for revenge!! Ronan Malosi!! Ronan had a few words to say to SOSA Henderson at Reckless Wiring after their match, but Serena Bennett decided to use that time to make her return.

Stew-O: Ronan definitely feels disrespected and humiliated because of it and plans on using all of that built up emotion from Reckless Wiring to his advantage to take out Serena Bennett here tonight.

Flannery McCoy: It won’t be an easy task, that’s for sure. Remember, Serena is a women’s Grand Rampage winner and main evented Pain for Pride as well. She isn’t someone to be taken lightly!


Stew-O: There’s the bell, and it looks like Ronan Malosi isn’t wasting any time as he charges right at Serena Bennett with a running clothesline! Bennett ducks under the arm, as Malosi runs right past her! Malosi turns back around, and is met by a quick kick to the chest from Serena Bennet! Serena grabs Malosi, and whips him to the far ropes! Malosi bounces back! And Serena Bennett connects with a headbutt that catches Malosi right in the center of his chest! Malosi falls to the mat instantly!

Flannery McCoy: The inaugural Universal Women’s Champion is just staring at Ronan Malosi, as he rolls over and gets onto his hands and knees and begins to breathe heavily.

Stew-O: It looks like Serena knocked the wind right out of Malosi just now.

(The crowd erupts into cheers for the returning Serena Bennett. Bennett backs up to the corner, as she looks over to the left side of the arena, then over to the right, before setting her eyes back onto Ronan Malosi)

Stew-O: What does Serena have in mind right here!?

Jake Mercer: She charges at Ronan!! Ronan is slowly getting back up to his feet!!

Flannery McCoy: MOONLIGHT!! The running neckbreaker by Serena Bennett connects onto Ronan Malosi! The back of Ronan’s head bashes against the mat, but he instantly pops back up!! ANOTHER NECKBREAKER BY SERENA BENNET!! It connects!!

Stew-O: Serena Bennett now walks over to Ronan Malosi who turns onto his stomach. Bennett steps behind his arms and pulls up on both his head and chin!! It’s the CAMEL CLUTCH! The Camel Clutch is locked in by Serena Bennet!! She’s applying a tremendous amount of pressure onto Malosi’s spine! He might just snap in half!

Jake Mercer: The Capetown Crippler is definitely in pain right now, but this isn’t stopping him, as he’s trying to peel at Serena’s hands! He’s trying to break the grip! Serena is holding on as tight as she can!!

Flannery McCoy: But Serena Bennett releases one hand and keeps the other one holding the chin! She’s using her free arm to drive elbows into Ronan’s neck! 1! 2! 3 elbow shots to the side of Ronan Malosi’s neck, and Serena Bennett relocks the camel clutch with both hands!!

Stew-O: Malosi is trying to find his way out! He’s reaching for the ring ropes, but he isn’t close enough to receive a rope break! Serena Bennett is definitely in the driver seat! She leans back and applies even more pressure to the hold!!

Ronan Malosi(Off-Mic): AHHHHH!! … AHHHHH

Jake Mercer: Malosi is in pain, but look! He’s sliding his knees underneath him! The Capetown Crippler gets up to his feet with Serena on his back!! Serena is in a piggy back position on Ronan Malosi, as he runs backwards, and drives her full force into the turnbuckle!!! Ronan Malosi runs out of the corner towards the far ropes! Serena Bennett stumbles out of the corner slowly! Malosi bounces off the ropes! RUNNING HIGH KNEE BY RONAN MALOSI!! It connects as Serena Bennett instantly falls to the mat! She gets up to her knees, but Malosi walks over to her and brings her up to her feet. Malosi lifts her up and tosses her over his head! THE WIDOWMAKER! The Fallaway Samoan Drop connects!!! Ronan Malosi covers!


Flannery McCoy: And there’s the kickout by Serena Bennet! Ronan doesn’t look to happy about the count and confronts the referee.

Jake Mercer: This is why you don’t get one of the biggest dudes in the locker room upset.

Flannery McCoy: Serena Bennett isn’t scared of anyone though. She’s gone through so much in her career and has both the accolades and moments to back that up!

Jake Mercer: That’s true, but guys like Jason McKormick, Zachary Rod, and Brad Savage all had their careers end by the hands of Ronan Malosi. They didn’t even piss him off as much as Serena Bennett did at Reckless Wiring! Do you know how many people Ronan retired back in Crippler Town Pro Wrestling?

Flannery McCoy: How many?

Jake Mercer: He ended more jobs than the Coronavirus itself. If I were Serena, I’d be worried about facing a pissed off giant like Ronan!

Flannery McCoy: I never knew that about Ronan. Wait… Crippler Town Pro Wrestling? :usure:

Stew-O: Ronan and the referee are done arguing, as we see Serena Bennett getting up onto her hands and knees. Ronan focuses his attention back on Bennett, as he walks over to her and grabs her by the hair. Serena responds with a few right and left hand punches from her knees onto Ronan’s abdomen!! Ronan takes a few steps back, then connects with a knee strike to the side of Serena Bennett’s face! Ronan keeps hold of Serena, and biel tosses her into the turnbuckle!

Jake Mercer: It looks like Ronan Malosi is now targeting that left eye! He’s striking her down in the corner with multiple forearm shots to her eye!! The referee trying to get Ronan to back away from the corner!

Referee: One.. Two.. Three.. Four…

Stew-O: Ronan Malosi backs away from the corner with his hands in the air to break the count, but quickly gets back on the attack, as he drives his knee right into the stomach of Bennett! Ronan grabs Serena by the side of the head, and tosses her off to the side against the ring ropes! Ronan now forces Serena’s upper body behind the top rope, as her legs stay in front of the bottom two! Ronan shoves Serena’s head down, and begins connecting some rope trapped knee strikes directly at her left eye!!! The referee starts the count!

Referee: One… Two… Three…. Four… FI-

Jake Mercer: And again, Ronan backs away from Serena Bennett with his hands in the air.

Ronan Malosi(Off-Mic): HAHAHA! You think you can interrupt me and get away with what you did at Reckless Wiring!?! I thought you would have at least put up a fight!

(Ronan Malosi walks over to Serena Bennett, and disrespectfully clears his nose onto her)

Flannery McCoy: DISGUSTING!!!

(The crowd boos loudly, as Ronan Malosi turns away from Serena Bennett and walks over to the other side of the ring with his arms in the air. He embraces the boos and the heat he is given from the fans.)

Ronan Malosi(Off-Mic): Is this your returning Women’s Grand Rampage winner? Is this you’re your inaugural Universal Women’s Champion!? Well I’m Ronan Malosi and I’m bigger, badder, and better than her!!

(The crowd boos louder, as Malosi begins to smirk and rub his hands together. Ronan looks back with the corner of his eyes, as he turns around and puts his attention back onto Serena Bennett)

Stew-O: Uh-oh, he’s got an evil look on his face!

Jake Mercer: Ronan Malosi charge at Serena Bennett!! RUNNING KNEE STRIKE!!!

Flannery McCoy: NO!! Serena Bennett gets out of the way, as Ronan’s leg goes flying over the top rope! His legs split the ropes, as he is in a very uncomfortable position!!

Jake Mercer: The family jewels are feeling this one right now! Serena Bennett slowly gets up to her feet. She runs to the far ropes! She rebounds! AND SERENA CONNECTS WITH A POWERFUL RUNNING SHOOT KICK ONTO RONAN MALOSI!!! ANOTHER!!!! SERENA LEAPS INTO THE AIR!!! JUMPING BACK KICK!!! IT CONNECTS!! WITH THE SHITS CONNECTS, AND RONAN MALOSI FALLS OVER THE ROPES AND DOWN TO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!!!

Flannery McCoy: These fans are loving this! Serena is really vibing with these people! She feels their energy! Ronan Malosi is on the outside slow to get up! He gets onto his knees! Serena Bennett runs to the far ropes! She rebounds!! Malosi stands up on the outside!! FLY OR DIE!!!!!!


Ronan Malosi(Off-Mic): BANG! BANG SERENA BANG!!!!

Stew-O: It’s as if Malosi is trying to completely take away all sight coming from Serena’s left eye. He’s been making that his main focus in the recent events of this match, and he hasn’t shyed away from his game plan yet.

Jake Mercer: This is where the Capetown Crippler is the most dangerous. He’s out for revenge Stew, and I’m starting to believe that Serena Bennett picked a fight with the wrong guy.

Referee: One… Two…

Flannery McCoy: Serena Bennett hasn’t moved at all since landing onto the ringside floor. Ronan Malosi finally gets back onto the attack, as he stomps down onto Bennett’s chest! Malosi now grabs Serena, and brings her up to her feet. Ronan Malosi gets a hold of her!! AND HE BIEL TOSSES HER AGAINST THE BARRICADE THAT SURROUNDS US ALL AT RINGSIDE!!!

Stew-O: Serena Bennett is leaning against the barricade, as Ronan Malosi grabs her by the back of the head! He’s looking at the ring post right by them!

Flannery McCoy: Don’t do it Ronan!!

Referee: Three… Four…

Jake Mercer: Ronan Malosi has Serena Bennett’s head, and he charges at the ring post with it! RONAN MALOSI IS GOING TO SMASH SERENA BENNETT’S HEAD AGAINST THE RING POST!!!

Flannery McCoy: NO!!! Serena Bennett is able to prop her leg up to prevent her head from cracking against the steel ring post! Serena now connects with a piercing elbow shot directly at the abdomen of Ronan Malosi!! Serena now drops her leg from against the ring post, and uses it to heel kick Ronan Malosi in the stomach once more! Ronan hunches over, as Serena Bennett grabs a hold of his head!! Serena Bennett runs with Ronan’s head, over the steel steps in front of them, AND SERENA BENNETT BASHES RONAN MALOSI’S HEAD WITH A RUNNING BULLDOG ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!

Referee: Five…. Six…. Seven…

Stew-O: Both competitors are up onto their hands and knees! Serena Bennett grabs onto the ring apron, and uses that to get up to her feet. Ronan Malosi is still down, grabbing his head in pain after that brutal bulldog onto the steel steps!

Referee: Eight…

Flannery McCoy: And now Serena Bennett slides into the ring! She runs to the far ropes, she rebounds!! Ronan Malosi stands up on the outside of the ring by the ring apron!! BASEBALL SLIDE BY SERENA BENNETT!!! NO!!! Ronan Malosi steps out of the way, as Serena Bennett slides right out of the ring and onto the ringside floow in front of Malosi!!

Jake Mercer: And Ronan Malosi charges at Serena Bennett with a running high knee!!

Stew-O: Serena Bennett ducks underneath it, and gets behind Ronan Malosi! Ronan turns around! HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN BY SERENA BENNETT!! IT CONNECTS AND SENDS RONAN MALOSI RIGHT BACK DOWN TO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!!!

Referee: One… Two…. Three….

Jake Mercer: Serena Bennett gets back up to her feet. She grabs Ronan Malosi, and brings him up to his feet before shoving him against the ring apron!! Serena walks up to Ronan, and now connects with a hard headbutt to his chest, then another one right onto his forehead!! Ronan may be out cold, and Serena Bennett rolls him into the ring! She follows right after and hooks the legs!!


Stew-O: And there’s the kickout!

Flannery McCoy: Serena Bennett gets back up to her feet. Ronan Malosi struggles to do the same. Serena tries to grab Ronan, but Ronan Malosi shoves her back from his knees! Malosi stands up and charges at Serena Bennett!! But Serena kicks Ronan in the stomach! She grabs his head!! Snapmare!! Ronan lands in a seated position, as Serena stays behind and locks in a chin lock!!!

Stew-O: Serena is trying to wear down this giant! She squeezing with all she’s got, trying to cut off his air ways!!

Flannery McCoy: Ronan Malosi is trying to reach his arms out, but he is nowhere near the ring ropes! Serena releases the hold, then stands up and kicks Ronan right in the back, as you can hear the leather in her boot smacking against his skin! Serena Bennett now runs to the ropes in front of Ronan, she bounces back!!! AND SHE KICKS RONAN RIGHT IN THE CHEST LIKE A SOCCER BALL, AS HE FALLS BACK TO THE MAT INSTANTLY!!!

Jake Mercer: Ronan Malosi slowly rolls onto his stomach and tries to get up onto his hands and knees. Serena Bennett makes her way over to the corner! Serena climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and is setting herself up! Malosi is on his hands and knees, and stands up!! DIVING CROSSBODY BY SERENA BENNETT!!!!

Stew-O: NO!!! RONAN CATCHES HER MID AIR!!! THAT STRENGTH IS ON FULL DISPLAY HERE, AS RONAN WALKS TO THE CENTER OF THE RING WITH SERENA IN HIS ARMS!!! GUNSLINGER!!!!! THE SIDE FALLAWAY SLAM CONNECTS!!!!! Serena slams up against the mat, but the momentum from the impact pops her back up to her feet! She doesn’t know where she is, as she stumbles INTO A SAVATE KICK BY RONAN MALOSI!!! Serena Bennett hunches forward from that kick, as she ends up walking into Ronan’s Arms! He lifts her up!! THE WIDOW’S END!!!! SWINGING SIDE SLAM!!!!!





(“Surfin” by Kid Cudi ft. Pharrell Williams hits, as the crowd erupts into the cheers. Serena Bennett stands up, and gets her hand raised by the referee)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner!!!! SERENNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAA BENNNEETTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: What a match by both Elitists tonight! Ronan Malosi put up an incredible fight against Serena Bennett in her first match back on Friday Nights!

Jake Mercer: You got that right Stew. The way that he attacked the Serena’s vision by going after that repaired eye was a smart strategy during this match. Unfortunately, luck just happened to be on her side for once.

Flannery McCoy: Luck? This is Serena we’re talking about! It’s going to take more than that to stop Serena Bennett! She showed that here tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing where Serena Bennettt finds herself now that she’s back. She’s already showing that she hasn’t lost a step!!

(The scene begins following Serena’s win as we see Impact walking around backstage after just watching the match and stepping through the curtain.)

Impact: These bitches, the nerve of these bitches. The unmitigated y’all, THE AUDACITY OF THESE-Oof!!

*Shoulder Bump*

Impact: Watch where you going, bitch!

???: You watch out, you fuckin’ BOZO!

(The camera pans to reveal Impact had just bumped into none other than Chris Elite. Chris and Impact stare each other up and down as both look at each other and size one another up.)

Impact: Look who it is. The pathetic little peon that tainted my glorious King of Elite victory last month.

Chris Elite: Likewise, I just so happened to run into the dick eating bozo that needed my help with that King of Elite win. You should have been thanked me for that. A edible arrangement basket, a bottle of Henny, a bottle of cologne, some head from your wife or something. Ungrateful ass cac. Your mother ain’t teach you no manners I see. Shittin me.

Impact: Listen, Chris! When I’m done scorching the earth and finishing the job my wife started by getting rid of Serena Bennett, know that you are next on my list. You coming to Dynasty is just an offering to The White Mamba and nothing more.

(Impact shakes his head and walks away as Chris Elite laughs hysterically and shakes his head before walking on towards where Chris came from.)

Chris Elite: The fuck? He must be swallowing too many White Mambas himself if he thinks he can get me out of here. Can’t nobody ban me from nothing. Mahfuckas must be high or somethin’.

(Chris keeps walking as he turns and sees a black curtain and begins to approach in.)

Stew-O: Looks like Chris is headed this way.

Flannery McCoy: A lot of fire between Elite and Imp. I know that’s a classic match up waiting to be showcased here on Dynasty!

(‘Invincible’ by Pop Smoke plays. The fans pop as a mixed reaction is given to Chris Elite. He walks through the curtain and poses on stage wearing his usually out of ring attire and mouths the lyrics to the song. Chris begins making his way down the ramp as he saluted a fan hanging off the barricade wearing his merchandise. Chris enters the ring and is handed a microphone by Stephie Love.)

Chris Elite: Before I even get into what I need to get into, let me send a personal message to Impact right now. Ayo Impact, SUCK MY DICK YOU BOZO! Fuck outta here you old bitch. Go slither your yellow belly having ass and that beer gut on some glass and eat a bag of baby dicks. On god.

(Chris begins pacing as his aggression is on full display.)

Chris Elite: Now, let me address what I came out here to address. Let me tell all of you why I did what I did and why exactly I’m here on Dynasty. As you know, I was on Saturday Night Showdown and I was on a team with Ahren Fournier. We made a team known as the Illionaires as I was finally looking to get those tag belts and make myself a triple crown winner and shit. Woo woo, turns out, it didn’t work. I was on Showdown rotting away and while me and Ahren had mad fun, I was simply stuck carrying dead weight for too long. Illionaires as a group was fun but as a tag team it wasn’t fun. So, I plotted my escape a while ago. I needed to change scenery and I used that coddled fuckboy Cage as the bridge for me to make my way to Dynasty.

(Chris smiles as he stands firmly in the center of the ring.)

Chris Elite: I was on Showdown while Cage was over here getting opportunities and chances way beyond what he deserves. I was on Showdown being way more consistent, fighting similar opponents, and having to deal with more bullshit than him yet he got so many chances to choke away over here. Chances he never deserved in the first place. Opportunities he never was qualified to have at all. It was a bunch of bullshit going on and he was the one stirring said bullshit. Almost as much bullshit as him winning elitist of the year in 2018 over me. So, now I’m here to take over and use that pussy as the catapult to thrust me back to the top. But, I’m not stupid.

(Chris Elite wags his finger.)

Chris Elite: Nah, I’m not some dumb ass. I know that edgy piece of shit fuming somewhere in the basement or something watching this as he slices his wrists and I know his temper is bubbling. Cage probably wants to punch me and shit. Thing is, if he lays a hand on me beyond tagging me in the match tonight, I will have that bitch fired. This is the thing Cage has to learn about me; I have power and he doesn’t. I do not have plans to fight with him on some one on one shit. Nope. I’m too smart for that. I’m going to do what StarrStan couldn’t and use my GAWD contract to control that man’s entire career from this day forward. I made this tag match tonight to fuck with him and I will continue to bury this bitch as I make my way to the top of this show. StarrStan gave him handout after handout but now starts his new life of having to fend for his fucking self. Since Grand Rampage is coming up, I am here to announce that he will be entering it this year…

(The crowd pops a little, as Chris gives a sinister smile.)

Chris Elite: …As the number one entrant!

Stew-O: Wow!

Flannery McCoy: He just made Cage the first entry for this year’s Grand Rampage match!

Jake Mercer: GAWD contract :yeshrug: nothing anybody especially DC can do about it!

Chris Elite: That’s power, you bozo. Beyond just punching people in the face cause you mad. Something Cage doesn’t know any thing about. I bet that bum and each and everyone of you want to know exactly what I’ll be doing at Grand Rampage. Well, let’s clear that up right here and now. Let’s take this decision off of StarrStan’s hands and announce it right now; I AM NAMING MYSELF…NUMBER ONE CONTENDER…TO THE NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP! So tell that blonde hair bitch, it’s time to bring that gold to this side.

(‘Invincible’ by Popsmoke plays again as Chris Elite begins to exit the ring after making two shocking announcements.)

Stew-O: What a shocking turn of events by Chris E-

Chris Elite: OH WAIT!

(The music stops abruptly as Chris is midway through the ropes with the mic to his face.)

Chris Elite: One more announcement. Nothing big, nothing major. But yeah. Following this week’s Voltage, I AM CANCELLING THE REST OF THE SOUTH AMERICAN TOUR DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC!

(The entire fan base turns on Chris as he shrugs his shoulders. Fans begin throwing cups and cans at Chris as he shakes his head at them all.)

Chris Elite: This entire company isnt shit for continuing to do live shows especially with th a virus that’s getting around quicker than Kassidy Heart does with DEDEDE’s staff around that obscenely big ass house they stay at. Yeah. As a matter of a fact, no more live shows. Everybody goes home after this Voltage show on Sunday because y’all mahfuckas not about to compromise my delicate immune system with y’all China virus. I’m not scared of no man or bitch but this Kung Flu got me a little worried, not gonna lie. All because some Wu tang Clan China folk want to eat bat soup and shit. Not gonna be able to do it. So starting next week, the show must go on…but the fans ain’t gonna be apart of it. See you bozos via Skype or some shit…

*Mic Drop*

(As his music resumes, the fans that welcomed him are vehemently booing him as Chris Elite hops off the apron and heads towards the back.)

Stew-O: This is insane! The GAWD contract wielding Chris Elite not only declared Cage the first entry in this years Grand Rampage, not only made himself the number 1 contender to Kassidy Heart’s National Elite championship, BUT HE HAS



(The scene ends as Chris Elite gives the bird to the fans before leaving the stage.)

(Commercial Break)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first …

(Paparazzi walk out onto the stage and ‘Earned It’ by Chief Kief begins to play as the crowd stands to their feet. SOSA Henderson walks out on stage with a beautiful model on each arm, delivering a kiss to each of them before they walk to the back and he confidently struts to the ring.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, hailing from Hollywood, California weighing in at 191 pounds he is “HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLYWOOOOOOOD” SOSAAAAAA HEEEEENDERRRRRRRSON!!!!!


Flannery McCoy: :mjwtf:

Stew-O: I don’t think that’s right but nonetheless SOSA Henderson is coming off of a huge win at Reckless Wiring, where he went through four other competitors in his return match and came out victorious. He’s looking to continue that momentum here tonight against-

(“Hell on Heels” by Pistol Annies plays abruptly and Kensingten Calhoun-Astor walks out to the entrance ramp with an angry and devious look on her face, holding her Chanel bag closely to her hip. She looks over to the announce desk and blows a kiss to Jake Mercer.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent! From Savannah, Georgia, weighing in at 146 pounds, she is THE STEEL MAGNOLIA! KENSSSSSINGTENNNNNNN CALHOOOOOOOOOOOUN-ASTOOOOOORRRRRR!

Jake Mercer: This lady gives me goosebumps. I just love seeing in her in… action.

Stew-O: Kensingten came so close to dethroning Darcy Morgan as Specialist Champion at Reckless Wiring, where they both competed in a brutal and memorable last woman standing match. Surely a won tonight over SOSA would be big for her recovery off that loss.

Flannery McCoy: Nobody is denying the talents of Kensingten. She went into that match with deadly intentions and she nearly knocked Darcy’s head clean off of her shoulders. Tonight, she’ll look for a quick turn around and a win over the returning SOSA Henderson.


Stew-O: And we’re off! SOSA is hyped up and ready to go here, circling fast around Kensingten. They lock up! And SOSA pushes Kensingten into the corner. HE GRABS HER TIT AND TWISTS! HE’S GIVING HER A TITTY TWISTER!

Jake Mercer: My God, a purple nurple!


Stew-O: Kensingten smacks SOSA across the face and kicks him hard in the midsection for the disrespect shown. The crowd loved it! Kensingten follows up with another hard kick to the midsection, keeling SOSA over. AND A SNAP DDT FOR GOOD MEASURE! Kensingten just planted SOSA right on his cranium. And she wants to end this thing early!


Jake Mercer: No, a quick kick-out from the future EGOT winner. SOSA is still in this thing. And now SOSA is working back to his feet but Kensingten doesn’t allow it, kicking him in the head while he’s down. And Kensingten follows up by washing her boot right over the face of SOSA, perhaps a little payback for that teet clamp he applied moments ago. Now Kensingten mounts SOSA and begins throwing some quick and stiff forearms to his face over and over! Kensingten is back to her feet. She picks SOSA up by his arm which is limp. I think he might be out!

Flannery McCoy: An Irish whip into the ropes by Kensingten, SOSA comes flying back! Kensingten attempts a chop to take him down, but SOSA ducks. SOSA rebounds once again off the ropes and ducks another chop block attempt by Kensingten. One more time off the ropes and SOSA blasts Kensingten with a huge shoulder tackle. SOSA runs off the opposite end of the ropes, step over Kensingten —




Stew-O: And a kick-out by Kensingten. SOSA is quickly back to his feet and he throws Kensingten into the corner turnbuckle. SOSA charges! And connects with a brutal knee to the jaw of Kensingten. SOSA grabs ahold of her head… RUN OUT BULL DOG CONNECTS! SOSA with a quick succession of offense after Kensingten had his number. SOSA brings Kensingten back up to her feet and brings her up for a suplex.

Jake Mercer: No, he’s holding her! High in the air as the blood rushes to her head and she starts to lose feeling in her legs.

Stew-O: SOSA continues to hold her here… Kensingten’s face has turned blue! I’m not sure she can even breathe anymore. And he brings her down HARD with a long-delayed vertical suplex. Now SOSA is flexing for the photographers, loving the attention he’s getting from the EAW audience. He has been very impressive since returning, no doubt about it.

Jake Mercer: But Kensingten is already back up to her feet! Showing off that resiliency which she displayed at Reckless Wiring! SOSA turns around… SOUTHERN SWAG SHOT!!! NO! SOSA DUCKED IT!

Flannery McCoy: SOSA FOLLOWS UP WITH A STEP-UP CUTTER! AND A STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! SOSA Henderson has been executing some impressive and quick-paced offense here. Now he doesn’t follow up with a cover, instead deciding to exit to the apron and climb the top turnbuckle. What could he be looking for here?!

Jake Mercer: SOSA FLIES!!!


Flannery McCoy: Kensingten is holding her knee, it appears that SOSA did clip it. But he certainly landed hard, right on his sternum, and he’s down on the mat gasping for air desperately. Kensingten had the wherewithal to roll out of the way as he came flying down in what very surely could’ve been the end of this match if he had connected.

Stew-O: Kensingten clutches the ropes and it looks like she’s struggling to get back to her feet, that left leg was hurt in the process of SOSA’s ill-fated 450 splash. She limps over to SOSA and grabs him violently by those locks. BIBLE BELT STRANGEHOLD! SHE LOCKS SOSA INTO THAT HANGMAN’S HEADLOCK AND SHE IS SQUEEZING TIGHTLY.

Jake Mercer: SOSA is flailing around wildly, he clearly knows he’s in trouble here and needs to get out of this or he’ll pass out!

Flannery McCoy: SOSA has flailed around and he’s able to get his foot on the rope. The referee is demanding Kensingten release the hold!

Referee: (off mic) ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE!

Stew-O: Just in time, Kensingten releases it. SOSA is grabbing his neck and once again gasping for air. Kensingten drags him into the middle of the ring and drops a vicious sharp elbow right into his sternum! I think she’s doing everything she can to keep air out of the lungs of the Hollywood Superstar. She wants him to pass out! SOSA is crawling away, looking to get to his feet. Kensingten briefly taunts the crowd, letting them know she’s one tough daughter of a bitch here. She doesn’t take any prisoners and is ruthless in her approach.

Flannery McCoy: SOSA gets to the ropes and Kensingten quickly follows him. But SOSA backs her up with an elbow to the abdomen from the ground. Kensingten once again goes to grab a handful of those luscious locks, but SOSA connects with another elbow to the midsection. Kensingten is frustrated now, charging SOSA… AND HE HITS HER WITH AN UPPERCUT! SOSA IS BACK ON HIS FEET! A RIGHT HAND! A LEFT! ROUNDHOUSE KICK AND THAT SENDS THE STEEL MAGNOLIA FLYING OUT OF THE RING AND OUT ONTO THE GROUND! SHE KNOCKED THE REFEREE TO THE GROUND AS SHE FLEW OUT OF THE RING, HER ELBOW CAUGHT OUR REFEREE RIGHT IN THE JAW! HE’S DOWN AND LOOKS HURT!

Stew-O: And this crowd has erupted for SOSA Henderson’s offensive maneuvers. SOSA-

Jake Mercer: TOPE SUICIDA CONNECTS! SOSA FLEW OUT TO THE RING OUT OF NOWHERE AND TOOK OUT KENSINGTEN! And he’s quickly back to his feet and posing for the photographers. He’s eating this up. SOSA is now on the barricade posing! SHOOTING STAR PRESS RIGHT ONTO THE CHEST OF KENSINGTEN HERE ON THE OUTSIDE! This is SOSA’s world and the bitches love him! I can kind of see why!

Flannery McCoy: You sus. Kensingten is crawling away quickly over by the time keeper. She’s trying to get away from this quick offensive display by SOSA Henderson, she’s clearly hurt here and this could be the end of this match if SOSA is able to follow up. SOSA follows the Steel Magnolia over to the time keepers table. He grabs a head full of that blonde hair and wretches back on it-



(The camera zooms in on the Chanel bag and a brick is seen poking out of the zipper)

Stew-O: That was weighted with a brick! This is disgusting! SOSA Henderson is out! His eyes are glazed over completely. Kensingten is using the steel steps to assist her back to her feet and she has a sick smile on her face. She seems really proud of herself!

Flannery McCoy: Kensingten is picking up SOSA like a sack of potatoes here. The referee is finally coming to again. He didn’t see the cheap shot with the bag because he got knocked down as Kensingten came flying out of the ring from that roundhouse she was on the receiving end of. Let’s see this again.

(Replay of SOSA getting nailed in the face with the bag with a brick in it)

Jake Mercer: His face might be fucked up from that! I think he might not be getting any movie roles anytime soon, dare I say it! Kensingten rolls SOSA into the ring… AND SHE LOCKS ON THE KATAHAJIME! THE LITTLE TOUCH OF SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY!

Flannery McCoy: Oh, come on, ref! He was already out from that shot from the brick! End this thing!

Stew-O: The referee is checking on SOSA here… I think-


Stew-O: Yep, this thing is over.


Stew-O: A cheap shot from that brick wins this match. A dampening on the return of SOSA to Dynasty, to be sure. It looks like Kensingten is desperate to do anything to win after her loss to Darcy at Reckless Wiring.

Flannery McCoy: I think you’re right, Stew-O. She looked desperate here. SOSA was getting the upper hand and she turned around and clocked him while the referee was down. Smart, but dirty.

Stew-O: Well folks, we hope Hollywood Henderson will be alright. We’ll be right back, let’s go backstage to our tag champs!

(The camera feed transitions backstage where the viewing audience finds Visual Prophet pacing back and forth in a private locker room area, feverishly chatting on his bedazzled iPhone. As he wraps up his telephone conversation, the door to the locker room area is heard opening and closing shut as Viz is seen quickly replying to some missed text messages. He turns his head up to see who has entered the locker room, a smile growing across his face as the camera pans to reveal Drake King now standing in front of his beloved tag team partner. The fans in the arena begin to boo.)

Visual Prophet: Drizzy! Just the King I wanted to see. You’ll be happy to hear that all of the necessary arrangements and preparations for your celebration tonight are in order! We got scones, we got balloons, we got banana puddin’–wait a minute, why the long face, bestie?

Drake King: (He sighs heavily, adjusting the championship titles he wears over his shoulders.) If I’m being honest with you, Viz, I’m not in much of a mood to celebrate tonight.

Visual Prophet: Tf? Oh hell no. I ain’t do all this for you to get all cranky and bail on me. What am I supposed to tell the fire breathers now?!

Drake King: You know I appreciate the effort, Viz, really, it’s just… (He sighs again.) It’s Sierra. If going through my phone wasn’t enough, she’s been on me all week about what you said to SASS about that proposed title opportunity. She doesn’t know what to say. Sarah has her own opinion on the situation, I know, but I think Sierra feels differently. And so do I.

Visual Prophet: (He smirks.) Oh, she’s been on you, huh? (He winks playfully at Drake.)

Drake King: Cut it out. Just…please tell me why you even decided to plant seeds in their heads. You have no idea the kind of strain it puts on a relationship when there’s a chance you might be competing against one another. I–I would hate to hurt her. Or let anything bad happen when I was out there in the ring with her.

Visual Prophet: Ahhhh, I see. So, you just don’t think she’s ready for this kind of opportunity, and don’t know how to lay it on her easy. Gotcha. Sucks to be the bearer of bad news, but ol’ girl’s gotta learn at some point.

Drake King: :dahell: No, that’s not what I meant AT ALL. Of course she’s ready, of course she’s very gifted and talented and–

Visual Prophet: (He shakes his head.) Tut tut. I expected better from you, Drizzy. Who knew you were a misogynist at heart?

Drake King: Viz, no–

Visual Prophet: It’s a damn shame, y’know. Isn’t this the very same reason why she up and left Jake Smith? They were as close as two peas in a pod, and she wants nothing to do with that man anymore. Because he didn’t believe in her. He didn’t think she was a worthy competitor. That she wasn’t “Elite” enough for EAW, so to speak. That’s why she came to you in the first place, she knew you were a man that wasn’t gonna be so condescending as to doubt her in-ring capabilities–or at least she thought you were.

(Visual Prophet folds his arms across his chest as the crowd in the arena is heard “ooh”ing after Viz’s comments to Drake King.)

Drake King: Look you–you know DARN well that none of that is true!

Visual Prophet: //

Drake King: That’s right, I said it. That’s not what I meant to say at all, you’re just twisting my words around. You clearly don’t understand how this feels. I really care about Sierra, and this is a tough decision for us to make. I can’t believe I even made the mistake of confiding in you of all people. I should have known better.

Visual Prophet: Drizzy, c’mon now–

Drake King: Thanks for the support.

(Drake turns on his heels and exits the locker room briskly. He forcefully shuts the door behind him, causing the Visual Prophet to jump. Viz sighs and peaks down at his phone again, another notification popping up. He goes to respond as the camera feed fades elsewhere.)

(Camera pans around the Coliseo Amauta, before cutting down to the ring where Stephie Love is standing in the ring awaiting the next match)

Stephie Love: The following contest… IS A FATAL FOUR-WAY MATCH!!! AND IT IS SET FOR ONE FALL!!!

(‘Hysteria’ By Muse blast throughout the speakers of the arena as Gwyn Gilfried makes his entrance through the curtain and down the ramp)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… From Bethnal Green, London, England! Weighing in at 187 Pounds!! “The LAST real professional wrestler” GWWWYNNNNNNNNN GILFRIEEEEDDDDDDDD…!!!

(‘Thunderstruck’ By ACDC plays throughout the arena as Korey Gaines begins to come down to the ring as Gwyn immediately locks eyes with one of his opponents as he enters the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing the opponents, first… From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! Weighing in tonight at 170 Pounds!!!…. “The AERIAL WONDER” KOOORREEEEEYYYY GAAAAINNNEEEES…!!

(‘Redshift’ by Audiomachine begins to play as NvL makes his entrance with a noticeable scowl on his face)

Stephie Love: Introducing next, From Richmond, Virginia…THE DEVIL’S RIGHT-HAND MAN…NATHAN VOOOOOON LIEEEEEBEEEERT!!!

(‘Me Muero’ By La 5a Estacion plays as Angel De Plata Jr. begins to make his entrance down the ramp and into the ring)

Stephie Love: Lastly, From Mexico City, Mexico! Weighing in at 205 Pounds..!!! ANGEEEEELLLLL DEEE PLATAAAAA JR!!!!!!


Stew-O: The bells sound and it signals for high octane nonstop fatal four-way action between EAW’s brightest talent! Immediately NvL targets Angel as he runs with a boot to the mid-section of Angel and begins to follow it up with clubbing blows to the spine of his opponent, at the same time Gaines and Gwyn are trading blows back and forth before Gwyn quickly gathers full control of Gaines and delivers a big European uppercut to the jaw of Gaines! He follows it up with a forearm smash to the face of Gaines! Gaines backed by the ropes, as Gwyn follows trying to grab him but Gaines with an elbow straight to the jaw of Gwyn! Backing him up and stopping him from delivering further blows! Gaines quickly grabbing Gwyn and sends him outside of the ring! But Gwyn manages to catch himself on the apron. Gwyn grabbing Gaines and applies a front face lock while he’s on the apron! GWYN LIFTING GAINES FOR A SUPLEX TO THE OUTSIDE FLOOR!! Gaines catches himself on the apron as both Gaines and Gwyn are on the apron trading hands! Meanwhile, Angel SENDS AN OPEN HANDED CHOP TO THE CHEST NVL STOPPING HIM FROM DELIVERING AN ATTACK! Angel runs! RUNNING TOWARDS GWYN AND GAINES WHO ARE FIGHTING ON THE APRON AND DELIVERS A DOUBLE DROPKICK KNOCKING BOTH MEN DOWN ONTO THE OUTSIDE FLOOR!

Flannery McCoy: Angel pops up to his feet as he turns. NvL runs for a clothesline! Angel ducks! AND HE JUMPS AND CONNECTS WITH A HURRICANRANA! Beautiful offense delivered by Angel De Plata Jr! NvL is up but staggers back into the corner as Angel delivers a BIG OPEN HANDED CHOP! And then delivers a straight right hand to the face! Angel lifting NvL and placing him onto the top turnbuckle! Angel climbing as well! He’s looking for more high impact offense, Gwyn though quickly making his way in the ring as he runs and sends a clubbing blow to the back of Angel! Pulling him down off the top turnbuckle and he follows it up with a forearm to the face of Angel! And he buries his knee into the mid-section of Angel! Gwyn quickly applying a front facelock! AND HE LIFTS FOR A SNAP SUPLEX! Angel blocks, using his inside leg to stop himself from being lifted! Angel lifts Gwyn himself as he has him high in the air! But Gwyn switches over to drop down behind Angel! Waist lock applied! AND GWYN THROWS ANGEL DE PLATA JR FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX! BUT ANGEL MANAGES TO LAND ON HIS FEET! ANGEL LANDING ON HIS FEET! Gwyn doesn’t realize it as he’s still sitting down from delivering the suplex! Gaines quickly slides in.. RUNNING PENALTY KICK TO THE SITTING GWYN!!! Angel runs at Gaines! BUT GAINES WITH A BOOT TO THE MID-SECTION!

Jake Mercer: He then follows that up with a kick to the shoulder popping Angel up! But Angel comes forward with a big forearm to the face of Gaines! Gaines backs up, BUT SPINS FOR A DISCUS ELBOW SMASH! Angel dazed! Gaines hooking Angel from behind. AND HE DELIVERS A SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX!!! DROPPING ANGEL RIGHT ON THE BACK OF HIS NECK! NvL drops off the top turnbuckle as he grabs Gaines who was rising up to his feet and delivers a big headbutt! And begins repeatedly delivering headbutts! NvL lifting Gaines up AND HE DROPS HIM THROAT FIRST ON THE ROPES!!! NvL grabbing Gaines…. Gaines up to his feet as NvL with a boot to the mid-section of Gaines! AND HE MUSCLES HIM UP FOR A POWERBOMB!!!! Gaines sending swift punches to the face NvL trying to get out of this predicament he finds himself in! BUT NVL WALKS OVER TO A TURNBUCKLE AND HE JUST POWERBOMBS GAINES ONTO THE TURNBUCKLE! The neck and back of Gaines hitting the turnbuckle! Gaines rolling outside to the floor as Angel is stirring! NvL makes his way over to Angel, before he can grab him up Angel delivering body shots to NvL. BUT NVL DELIVERING A ELBOW TO THE HEAD OF ANGEL! NvL grabbing Angel up before he applies the front facelock! AND HE CONNECTS WITH A SNAP VERTICAL SUPLEX! Angel planted to the canvas hard, holding his lower back as NvL looks to apply furthermore punishment as he grabs Angel up and lifts him! BEFORE DROPPING HIM ON HIS KNEE WITH A BACKBREAKER!! Angel reaching for his back as NvL quickly goes over to the legs of Angel. AND HE BEGINS TRYING TO TURN HIM OVER FOR A BOSTON CRAB!!! AND HE GETS IT!!! BOSTON CRAB APPLIED IN THE RING!!

Stew-O: Angel De Plata Jr refusing to quit but there are no rope breaks in a fatal four-way! Angel needs to find an alternative to get out of this submission hold! Angel trying, GWYN FROM BEHIND GRABBING NVL AND HE CONNECTS WITH A HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!! NVL CRASHING HARD!!! Gwyn Gilfried coming from out of nowhere! And he saved Angel De Plata Jr but I can tell you he cares less! He saved this match for himself! As he turns his attention to Angel De Plata Jr! AND HE IMMEDIATELY STOMPS ON HIS BACK!! Gwyn repeatedly STOMPING AWAY AT THE BACK OF ANGEL DE PLATA JR!!! Angel De Plata Jr shouting out in pain as Gwyn pulls him up just enough, AND HE LIFTS HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS!! POSSIBLY GOING FOR THE USHIGOROSHI!! THE FIREMAN’S CARRY NECK BREAKER!! BUT ANGEL!! DRIVING HIS ELBOW TO THE SIDE OF THE JAW OF GWYN!!! ELBOWS RAPIDLY BEING DELIVERED TO THE SIDE OF THE JAW!!! Angel drops down! Gwyn coming forward again, BUT HE GETS DROPPED ONCE MORE AS ANGEL DELIVERS A SUPERKICK STOPPING GWYN RIGHT IN HIS TRACKS AS HE FALLS DOWN TO THE MAT!! Angel, his back obviously being targeted! But he’s making his way to the top turnbuckle! Angel perched high! But Gaines! Quickly jumps on the apron! AND HE SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES!!! TOWARDS ANGEL WHO IS ON THE TOP ROPE ABOUT TO DIVE AND CONNECTS A SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA FROM THE APRON INSIDE THE RING!!! WHAT A MOVE BY GAINES!!!

Flannery McCoy: HE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!!! WHAT A MOVE!!! Angel sent flying across the ring as he landed hard on his back! Gaines rising up! As Gwyn comes FORWARD WITH A RUNNING BOOT TO GAINES! Gaines sidesteps it and moves out of the way! BOOT TO THE MID-SECTION BY GAINES! OKIE DESTROYER!!!! FLIP PILEDRIVER DELIVERED!!! AND HE HOOKS THE LEG!!


Jake Mercer: NVL PULLS GAINES OFF OF GWYN!! Gaines rising up! Gaines swings and connects with a right hand! AND THEN HE SPINS FOR A SPINNING BACK KICK TO THE STOMACH OF NVL! Gaines runs! BUT AS HE COMES FORWARD!! NVL CONNECTS WITH A STEP UP ENZIGURI!! These guys are hitting the shit out one another and it’s a pleasure to watch! NvL grabs up Gaines from the canvas by his gut! And he rises up.. AND HE LIFTS AND PLANTS GAINES WITH A GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!! GAINES COUNTERS!!! AS HE’S BEING LIFTED LANDS ON HIS FEET!! And pushes NvL off! NVL RUNS!!! BUT GAINES THROWS HIM OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!! NvL rising up quickly as Gaines, SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES ONCE MORE!!! SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY DELIVERED TO THE OUTSIDE CRASHING INTO NVL!!! NvL down!!! Gaines rising up, BUT OUT OF NOWHERE!!! ANGEL DE PLATA JR FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! FLIES FOR A DOUBLE ROTATION MOONSAULT CRASHING INTO GAINES!!! THIS IS GREAT!!! Gaines down! Angel De Plata Jr Down! NvL down! But Gwyn rising slowly on the inside of the ring!! Holding his head after he took that Okie Destroyer! Gwyn spots Angel climbing on the ring apron! Gwyn making his way over to Angel! Pulling Angel up to his feet, BUT ANGEL WITH A JUMPING ENZIGURI TO THE FACE OF GWYN!! Angel coming inside the ring, ANGEL GOES A SUPERKICK!!!! IT CONNECTS!!! NO!!! GWYN PICKS HIS ANKLE AND APPLIES THE ANKLE LOCK!!! ANKLE LOCK SUBMISSION APPLIED!!! GWYN YELLING AT ANGEL DE PLATA JR TO TAP OUT!!!


Flannery McCoy: HE PUSHES HIM RIGHT INTO ANGEL DE PLATA JR! WHO KICKS HIS TEETH OUT OF HIS MOUTH WITH A SUPERKICK!!! Angel still favoring that leg as he was just in the ankle lock! GAINES WITH A SUPERKICK OF HIS OWN KNOCKING ANGEL OUT OF THE RING!! Gaines, struggling but he’s making his way to the top turnbuckle!! He’s slowly but surely climbing the top turnbuckle! AND HE’S PERCHED HIGH!! AND!! HE FLIES!!! 405!!! IMPLODING 450 SPLASH ON NVL CONNECTS!!! AND HE COVERS!!!



(‘Thunderstruck’ By ACDC plays throughout the arena as Korey Gaines is helped up to his feet and has his hand risen in victory)


Stew-O: Korey Gaines is successful in his Dynasty debut against three of Dynasty’s fastest rising stars! This should spell good for his future on his brand, maybe a new scenery was all he needed!

Flannery McCoy: What a great display! Gaines is here with a new attitude and a clean slate, he’s made the most of it for his first week now lets see if he has it in him to keep this energy for the longhaul and ride some momentum into some great achievements!

Jake Mercer: Who are we kidding? You can take a lion out of the jungle and it’s still a lion! Gaines is still going to need to do a lot more than beat a bunch of lazy bums to impress me! And you better not show him too much excitement Flan, he might just hop in your DM like he used to do the female personnel over at TWA.

Flannery McCoy: TWA?

Jake Mercer: Tinder Wrestling Association, it’s where he got his start before getting an EAW tryout, you didn’t know?

Stew-O: ANYWAYS, moving on… ladies and gentleman this past week at Reckless Wiring we put on a legendary event, the main event in particular was one for the ages. The Dome of Doom is a match that will truly be talked about for generations. In the end Drake King walked out of the arena still your World Heavyweight Champion. Whether you like him or not that is the reality here on Dynasty. However, in spite of his convincing victory there are some in our audience who still believe that another man on our roster is the true champion. At this time we go now to a prerecorded interview we held earlier today with this very man. We go now to the Poon Palace right here in Lima, Peru where earlier I sat down with the former World Heavyweight Champion TLA to see what he had to say about this entire situation.

(The camera fades in to the Poon Palace where Stew-O is seen sitting down on a leather couch. Stew-O looks distracted as lights flash all around him and music blasts across the speakers. Across from Stew-O sits TLA who is sipping a Corona as he waits for the interview to begin. TLA hands a paycheck to a tall Peruvian woman coated head to toe in glitter and wearing a golden panther mask. She takes it from him and slips it between the straps of her thong before returning to the pole.)

Stew-O: Erm well TLA thank you for having me.

TLA: Ay it is no problem holmes. Mi casa es tu casa.

Stew-O: Well TLA it seems that you are holding up well despite your loss at Reckless Wiring. I would like to discuss that with you in more detail here tonight and get your thoughts. It has to be tough to swallow the fact that Drake King is still the World Heavyweight Champion and won your rematch pretty definitively at Reckless Wiring.

TLA: Yo lemme talk to you real quick ese. Ain’t shit definitive in this life. Gotta look all around you. Open them ojos. You see some different shit around you?

Stew-O: Well actually yes it seems a bit empty in here.

TLA: Facts. That’s the real talk. You know that I take my health very seriously. My body is a temple n shit.

(TLA takes another deep sip of that Corona mixed in with some of the finest drank Peru has to offer.)

TLA: This week you know I got an announcement to make amigo. TLA is yo amigo. He cares about y’all. So he is doing the right thing out here. I will have you all know that I am officially self-quarantining for safety measures. Americanos can breathe easy now knowing that this vato ain’t coming for them for once.

Stew-O: I see. That is a surprisingly responsible statement that I can’t say I was fully expecting. Except…

(Stew-O nearly falls off the couch as a Poon comes sliding down a stripper pole into his lap. Her twerking is causing earthquakes out here.)

Stew-O: Oh shit!

TLA: Yo our bitches are the finest bitches. You know any fine bitches Stew? Got any mamacitas in yo life? You send them my way. La Pantera Sexual got them covered. And you know what that means. They gonna have you covered if ya hear what I be sayin’.

(Stew-O tries to push the Poon away from him but only ends up with a handful of cake. Stew eventually tips her and she takes off to celebrate the profits with another customer.)

TLA: Yo that mami so fine you may not want to wash yo hands after that. But as the jefe of this fine establishment I must insist. You gotta practice that fine ass hygiene my man.

Stew-O: Well that was something… Flannery is never going to let me live this one down… Let’s get to real talk TLA. Answer my questions. What are you going to do from here on out?

TLA: Well Stew I always keep it real. As real as it gets. So I gotta tell you I there’s gonna be some changes around here. Some changes that some people ain’t going to like. We here at the Poon Palace are going to keep it tighter than ever. These Poons so tight ain’t no virus motherfucker getting thru. Not only that but for limited time only we are bringing back the Consuela Poon! With an all new and improved sexy maid outfit and armed with Lemon Pledge… ain’t no coronavirus going to stand in her way. However to avoid lawsuits I gotta make this disclaimer that she is not the real Consuela. But yo… I promise she will make you BELIEVE that she is!

Stew-O: :skip:

TLA: Yo let’s be even realer. These Poons are real professionals. Hardworking women of the workforce that are true champions in today’s modern industry. Ain’t no virus going to stop them from doing what they do. Like I said they are pros and it ain’t like this is the first time they have had to deal with some enfermedad if you know what I mean. Like at this point some of these bitches just start getting immune to this shit. Got all them germs and bacteria n shit swimming around all up in there it just kind of cancels each other out. You feel me Stew?

Stew-O: Well I probably won’t be able to get that image out of my head anytime soon…

TLA: Ay cabrón I’m being nice but I got a business to run. Them images gonna cost you some dinero you keep it up.

Stew-O: But about EAW an-

TLA: Yeye EAW got some real fine candidates out there. How about that partner of yours Flannery right? You think she knows how to work a pole? Yo maybe you already do know and wanna keep that to yo own self. Real selfish man keeping it all to yourself but I can’t blame a fellow pimp for being ruthless in this business. You may have heard and it is true. It ain’t easy. But I am all about that struggle. So if you feel like doing a homie a favor then by all means send all the hos you got my way. Cuz the world may be shut down but we here at the Poon Palace believe that we are truly an essential business and each and every one of our Poons are essential employees! So if you know how to work that thang and yo stuffy ass boss ain’t letting you work nothing else during the quarantine… struggling with them financial difficulties and layoffs… need a few more pesos to feed yo kids then yo… La Pantera Sexual got a job for you!

Stew-O: Well that is very helpful of you TLA… but I gotta say I am getting impatient. I came here to have a sit down interview about your EAW career. You lost to Drake King at Reckless Wiring and you are not the World Heavyweight Champion. There is no path open to you to get another rematch you have to go to the back of the line. I was NOT asking about your personal business… What are you going to do about it?

TLA: Oh shit my bad my bad. Yo no need to bring all that hostility in here Stew. Gotta keep it tranquilo bruh. Gotta watch them blood pressure levels. Don’t let that sangre be boilin’ in here it hot enough with all the Poon.

(Stew-O laughs as he loosens up and puts his feet up to relax.)

Stew-O: You are right TLA my bad. I was just a little confused. I’m chill. I’m tranquilo. But about your career…

TLA: Oh right. Ye that’s no big deal. I’m going to win the Grand Rampage.

Stew-O: :ohhh:

TLA: When I do I will be right back where I need to be. I am going right back up to the very top of this company. Cuz let’s be real with ourselves Stew. You know it. I know it. The whole world knows it. Nobody is going to stop me.

(The camera fades back to ringside where the commentary team is at their desk live. The crowd is still cheering for TLA even after being taken off the screen.)

Stew-O: Well there you have it. Very confident and defiant words coming from the former champion here tonight. I suppose at this point we shouldn’t really expect anything else but I thought that Drake King’s win might have shaken him up at least a little bit. I guess the question we have to ask is that if what Drake did to him at the last two title matches didn’t break him… what can?

Jake Mercer: So Stew are you going to ask or should I?

Stew-O: ???

Jake Mercer: Alright I guess I’ll have to do it! So Flannery… you gotta let the world know! Baby gurrl! You know how to work that pole or not?!?!?!?!?

(Flannery McCoy slaps Jake Mercer hard across the face as the show cuts to a commercial break.)

(COMMERCIAL: Tired of listening to Hot Takes all the time? Balance out your diet with some newly introduced Cold Takes available now on!!!)

(The camera fades into Stephie Love in the middle of the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Stephie Love: And it is for… THE NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!

(‘Don’t Sweat The Technique’ by Eric B and Rakim plays up to a solid mixed reaction as Lisa Wren makes her way to the ring. She looks determined as he gives a nod and slowly looks around at the crowd before beginning to enthusiastically make her way to the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… from British Columbia, Canada… weighing in at 150 pounds… LISA WREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Newcomer Lisa Wren is coming into this match absolutely full force! She had a weak showing at Reckless Wiring, to say the least as she was the one that got pinned in that match. But if anything if there was something to take out of it is the fact that she’s got it better than any of the other competitors in this match tonight as she fights for the National Elite Championship!

Flannery McCoy: This is already one of the biggest matches in her career and I know Lisa is going to make the best of it. She has what it takes for sure, it’s just a matter of how far she’s going to go in order to make sure that she wins the title, I wouldn’t see that as a far cry for her. If anything we might see a new National Elite Champion tonight who knows! :lupe:

Jake Mercer: If anything that life insurance that Lisa suggested I get is still doing my family very well.

Stew-O: What family-


(Lisa quickly runs forward and slides into the ring as he stands on the middle rope raising her arm in the air before circling around and jumping up to the top rope before jumping down and heading to her corner as ‘Don’t Sweat The Technique’ fades out. ‘Monster’ by Kanye West plays up to cheers as Kassidy Heart makes her way out to the ring. She holds the National Elite Championship around her shoulder as she pats it before making her way to the ring with a look of seriousness and business)

Stephie Love: And her opponent… from Sydney, Australia… weighing in at 125 pounds… She is THE NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPION… THE MAULER… KASSIDY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: As for Kass she went through absolute hell reincarnated at Reckless Wiring. She went through it all to make sure she kept the National Elite Title especially with what she was put through in that Taipei Deathmatch and what it had in store.

Flannery McCoy: But now look at her :wow: what a goat. Despite being hurt and brutalized she continues to push on showing up and wrestling the next week and even better defending her title. But will the injuries sustained at Reckless Wiring get to her? There’s one way to find out isn’t there? But if we know Kassidy for sure we know it’s not going to derail her.

Jake Mercer: I like a woman who plays rough :mjlit.

Flannery McCoy: Gavin? Is that you?

Jake Mercer: :whoa: Just stating my opinion.

(Kassidy Heart enters the ring and raises the title high in the air. She points right to Lisa Wren as she pats the title again but Lisa easily shrugs it off clearly not caring for the title. She heads to the corner as she raises it once more before handing it to the Ref as ‘Monster’ fades out. The Ref raises it up once more before signaling for the bell once each competitor is ready)


Stew-O: Here we go as this National Elite Championship match is underway! Both Kassidy and Lisa quickly circling around one another as both of them begin a lockup! Kassidy quickly swinging forward as she grabs the arm and begins to take Lisa quickly down to the ground before she can do anything. Lisa kipping up to her feet though as she manipulates the arm and brings it to her own doing. Lisa bringing Kass’ arm right behind her back as she wrenches at it once more! BUT KASS WITH A VICIOUS BACK ELBOW RIGHT TO THE NOSE OF LISA FORCING HER TO LET GO!

Flannery McCoy: Lisa stumbling backward as Kass quickly turns around to face her. LISA WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK! NO! Lisa stumbling back as Kass begins to engage! STEP-UP ENZUGIRI! NO! Lisa quickly ducks under! Lisa quickly kicking Kass right in the gut forcing her back as Kass quickly runs at her keeping momentum! LISA WITH A RUNNING FACEBUSTER QUICKLY TAKING KASS RIGHT DOWN TO THE GROUND!

Jake Mercer: The Mauler jutting her head up in pain as Lisa quickly brings her up once more. Lisa quickly throwing a big punch sending Kass right to a knee as she grabs her! LISA WITH A SUPLEX! NO! Kass quickly reversing out as she manages to land on her feet! Kass quickly pushes Lisa away whilst her back is turned! KASS KICKING LISA RIGHT IN THE LEG SENDING HER DOWN TO A SITTING POSITION AS SHE CONTINUES TO RUN! PENALTY KICK RIGHT TO THE FACE OF LISA!

Stew-O: Lisa quickly rolling away as she grabs the ropes and begins to slowly pull herself up as Kass takes her time waiting it out! Lisa leaning against the ropes as Kass takes the opportunity! KASS WITH A CLOTHESLINE SENDING LISA OVER THE TOP ROPE! Lisa managing to land on the apron as to the surprise of Kass! LISA THRUSTING HER SHOULDER RIGHT INTO THE RIBCAGE OF KASS! Kass turns around trying to retreat as Lisa quickly hops into the ring and runs towards her! LISA WITH A LOU THESZ PRESS RIGHT TO THE BACK OF KASS SENDING HER DOWN TO THE GROUND!

Flannery McCoy: Lisa pounding right on the back of Kass’ head before being forced back by the Ref for a moment. Kass slowly pulling herself up to her feet as Lisa keeps up the pace as she continues to run at her! BUT KASS QUICKLY TURNS AROUND AND RUNS TOWARDS LISA AS WELL DECAPITATING HER WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK! LISA IS DOWN AS KASS GOES FOR A PIN ATTEMPT!



Jake Mercer: LISA KICKS OUT! Kass quickly getting up to her feet as she brings Lisa along with her. Kass quickly lifting her up in the air and off her feet! KASS WITH A DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! NO! Lisa with hammering elbows before Kass can execute the maneuver! Kass forced to bring her down. LISA RAMMING A KNEE RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF KASS AS SHE GETS PUSHED BACK QUICKLY!

Stew-O: Kass stumbles backward but quickly begins to push herself forward as she quickly swings a punch at Lisa! But Lisa quickly ducks as she sends a mule kick right into the gut of Kass forcing her over! Kass falls back once more as Lisa closes in on her. BUT KASS FALLING RIGHT INTO LISA WITH A VERY STIFF HEADBUTT RIGHT TO HER FOREHEAD SENDING HER RIGHT DOWN TO A KNEE! Lisa is stunned as Kass takes the opportunity of this! RUNNING BICYCLE KNEE RIGHT TO THE HEAD OF LISA SENDING HER DOWN TO THE GROUND! Kass I believe surely thinking this is enough to take Lisa down once and for all as she quickly goes for another pin attempt!



Flannery McCoy: LISA KICKS OUT ONCE MORE! Kass showing frustration as it was clear Lisa is putting up more fight than she expected. Kass shaking her head as she brings her up once more and begins to send forearms right to her head as Lisa is slowly being pushed into the corner. Kass sending shots right to her gut now as Lisa leans forward in pain. Kass beginning to thrust her shoulder right into her gut as it’s clear it’s a target she’s upholding as she proceeds. BUT LISA WITH A BIG AXE HANDLE FORCING KASS TO BREAK HER GRIP AS LISA SHOVES HER AWAY!


Stew-O: Lisa a bit shaken but she’s still pulling herself up as she wants this match to continue to push on. Kass shaking her head as she brings Lisa up to her feet and sends her to a irish whip. Lisa rebounding off the ropes as Kassidy looks like a bull ready to ram right into Lisa! KASSIDY WITH A SPEAR! NO! LISA REVERSES AS SHE DROPS KASS DOWN RIGHT INTO A DDT! KASS IS COMPLETELY LEVELED AS LISA QUICKLY HOOKS THE LEG AND GOES FOR THE PIN BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE CAN HAPPEN AND THE REF LEAPS FORWARD!




Flannery McCoy: KASSIDY POWERS OUT! LISA COULD NOT BE IN MORE SHOCK THAN SHE IS AT THIS VERY MOMENT! Lisa slamming the mat as she slowly brings herself up to her feet. She’s waiting for Kass to pull herself up once more as she’s waiting for the right moment it seems. The right moment to end it all right here and now! Kass stumbles up as she falls backwards but she’s falling right into Lisa! INVERTED SUPLEX!

Jake Mercer: FAILS TO CONNECT AGAIN AS KASS MANAGES TO SLIP OUT! Kass reading Lisa like a book at this point as Lisa quickly tumbles away and falls to a knee as she pulls herself up to her feet again hoping to regain the momentum that she just lost! Lisa pushing Kass into the corner out of desperation as she quickly begins to punch her right in the face hoping to stun her! But Kass quickly shoving away with ease as she begins to climb up to the ropes. Lisa pulling herself up as the National Elite Champion sets herself up on the top!

Stew-O: THE HEART ATTACK! TOP ROPE O-FACE CONNECTS RIGHT ONTO LISA SENDING HER RIGHT DOWN TO THE GROUND! Both Kass and Lisa are down as both of them have clearly took a toll on one another in this matchup all for the sake of the National Elite Championship! Both of them are slowly beginning to pull eachother up as Lisa is up first to the surprise of Kass as she quickly runs towards her while she had the chance!





(‘Monster’ plays up once more as the Ref legit has to pry Kassidy Heart off Lisa Wren as she gives off cries of agony grabbing the shoulder Kassidy nearly took a bite out of. Kass pulls herself up to her feet and is handed the National Elite Championship as it’s clear she looks at it with a face of exhaustion yet proud of herself retaining it. She raises it in the air with a smug look on her face as she continues to celebrate in the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner… AND STILL NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPION… KASSIDY HEART!!!!!!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Wow what a match we just witnessed for the National Elite Championship. I’ll give it to Lisa she gave it her all at the end of the day hoping she’d get one over on The Mauler and of course her performance doesn’t go unrecognized. But Kassidy Heart managed to get the best of her as she got herself out of a tight situation and managed to keep her National Elite Championship another day!

Jake Mercer: I mean c’mon let’s admit this shows Kassidy’s determination to keep the title over her shoulder for the long run. Even if it meant nearly dying at Reckless Wiring she still consistently comes back the week after like nothing happened and keeps the title in her grasp. Huge props to her, and congratulations for such a well deserved win!

(The last shot is of Kassidy slowly rolling out of the ring as she makes her way up the ramp and looks back with a grin before continuing to walk headed for the backstage area as the camera fades out)

(Commercial Break)

(The camera cuts backstage where Osamu Arcichida is standing by with Sophia Clarke. Osamu is bandaged up on his head and his arm is wrapped up as well.)

Sophia Clarke: Standing by with me is Osamu Arcichida, coming off of a brutal World Heavyweight matchup between Drake King and TLA in the first ever Dome of Death match at Reckless Wiring. Osamu, you came up short in that match. How are you feeling about that result?

Osamu Arcichida: Do you think any of these people give a shit how I feel, Sophia? Do you think that question is on anyone’s mind is how I feel about losing to Drake King at Reckless Wiring? I am honestly not even sure how to answer that. I don’t know how I’m feeling, except bruised, battered, and extremely sore. I went through hell and back, fell twenty damn feet to the ring, landing on my head on more than one occasion. I suffered a concussion in that match, Sophia. And I’m not competing this week because of it. I’m feeling like utter and complete shit because the grand orchestration, the symphony, was fucked. The plan fell through. And now, I’m standing next to you, with mud on my face. I lost. And I own that. It was my own shortcomings… it wasn’t my night.

Sophia Clarke: This is the second World Championship match you’ve lost in the past two months. You’ve now lost at four consecutive Dynasty free-per-views, three of them being title opportunities. So… where does Osamu Arcichida go from here?

(Osamu is seething at Sophia’s question, clearly taking it as an insult)

Osamu Arcichida: How many botched tit jobs have you had, Sophia?! Huh?! You big burly bitch. Give me that!

(Osamu snatches the microphone out of the hands of Sophia Clarke who quickly scurries away out of camera frame)

Osamu Arcichida: Now let me make something clear here. Yeah. I’ve had my fair share of losses this past season. It hasn’t been my season. I’ve tried and tried and tried and I simply can’t seem to get my hands on championship gold. No matter how hard I claw, scratch, and fight my way to it. I just come up short. By just an inch. This perpetual state of failure has been seeded into my head. It’s as though someone fed me a poison pill and the next day I woke up incapable of winning a wrestling match. Whether it be between glass ropes with Darcy Morgan or in a dome of death with TLA and Drake King. The grand scheme has been broken. Every. Single. Time. I’ve let myself down over and over again. And believe me, that’s the only person that matters in this head. I don’t let the disappointment of others rent space in my mind — so if you think your comments about my losses, about my missteps and mistakes, effect me, then you’re wrong.

(Osamu steps closer to the camera)

Osamu Arcichida: With every loss, I’ve only grown stronger. I’ve gotten better. I’ve learned from my mistakes. So let this be a warning to every elitist in this company who has a big head and thinks that my spot is ripe for the taking — you’re dead fucking wrong. I’m only getting started and my career is only beginning. When the dust is settled and everyone looks back on Season 13, they will remember it as the catalyst that sparked a day of reckoning. They will remember it as the spark that lit the fire under Osamu Arcichida. And they will remember it as the dawn of the Orchestrator. Nobody will care about Reckless Wiring… or House of Glass… or Territorial Invasion. They will only care about one thing. And one thing only.

(Osamu’s face gets really close to the camera)

Osamu Arcichida: And that is The Orchestrator of Chaos, Osamu Arcichida, standing over a heap of men after he conquers… GRAND RAMPAGE. Yeah. You heard it here. I’m entering Grand Rampage and I’m going to run roughshod on the entire EAW roster to stake my claim and show everyone just how comfortable I am as number one contender. I am going to go on to cap this season off with the biggest victory in my career. After I win Grand Rampage, I’ll headline Pain for Pride. And instead of taking what belongs to me at a shit-show where you troglodytes decide which match I participate in, I will stake my claim on the biggest stage that this business has to offer. And I’ll finally overcome this bug, this relentless pounding in my head that pounds and pounds and pounds and pounds and pounds and POUNDS AWAY! WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY! Osamu Arcichida hasn’t been World Champion.

The talent is there.

The grit is there.

The determination is there.

I’ve fought and fought and fought. Looking for answers to this inability to overcome the odds. I have looked for answers, I’ve schemed, spent night after night planning, fine tuning every single detail. Never backing down from the challenge of combing over every weakness, every slip up my opponent makes. But something… is missing. And at Grand Rampage… I’ll finally release that ‘something’ for all to see. So bear witness, tune in, and keep posted. Because you’re going to witness an absolutely RAUCOUSSSSSSSSSSS…. performance.

(Osamu walks out of the frame as the camera cuts back to ringside where Stephie Love is standing by)

(The crowd rises to their feet as they realize the main event match has arrived.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and Gentlemen this is your MAIN EVENT MATCH OF THE EVENING!!


Stephie Love: And it’s scheduled for ONE FALL!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!!

(‘Iggy Azalea’ by Spotlight Saviour hits as the fans give a mixed reaction for the reigning Specialist Champion, Darcy May Morgan, appears on the stage sporting her normal ring attire along with blacked out glasses as she strikes different poses while holding the Specialist title, displaying it for all to see as she makes her way to the ring.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first…She hails from Kent in the United Kingdom…She’s the current EAW Specialist Champion, ‘The Leading Lady’…DARCY!!! MAY!!! MORGAN!!!!

Stew-O: This should be an interesting main event, and we start it off with the Leading Lady, and current Specialist Champion Darcy May Morgan!

Flannery McCoy: She had a run in earlier tonight with Dr. Bethany Blue, one I’m sure she’d rather like to forget, if she’s honest. She’s one of the best things going on Dynasty today and tonight she’s got another opportunity to continue building her stock by defeating two former World Champions in Chris Elite and Cage!

Jake Mercer: That’s right! The Dropkick Darling doesn’t play nice nor lay down for anyone! She’s proven time and again that she’s able to step up to any and all challenges, and this one should be no exception! I’ve no doubts she’ll be ready for this matchup!

(‘Go Off’ by Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, and Travis Scott comes next replacing ‘Iggy Azalea’ as the New Breed Champion, Justin Windgate, makes his way out to a positive reaction from the fans which gets an eye roll from his tag partner for the night, Darcy, who stands in the ring looking on as Justin walks down the aisle but with intensity as he exchanges hand slaps with a few fans on his way to the ring before sliding in and sharing a brief staredown with his partner before going to pose while holding up his New Breed Championship. The fans cheer his intensity, and are genuinely happy for his overall success as the New Breed Champion.)

Stephie Love: Introducing her partner for the evening..He hails from Detroit, Michigan… He’s the current EAW New Breed Champion, ‘The Xtreme Classic’… JUSTIN!!! WINDGATE!!!

Stew-O: Here’s a man that is absolutely on fire this year so far. You talk about guys that have been on fire since the calendar year changed, this man has been on quite a tear since winning the New Breed Championship off Jenny Cien on Dynasty! He just came off a victory at Reckless Wiring in a triple threat match, he successfully defended it at King of Elite. The man is showing no signs of letting go of the title even with someone as talented as Jalyn Garcia hot on his tail!

Flannery McCoy: Well put Stew-O, and Darcy and Justin aren’t exactly fond of another, but they obviously being champions understand how talented the other is and seem for the most part dedicated to getting the win this week!

Jake Mercer: My Dropkick Darling is always going to take the “W” over anything else, unlike her opposition who already hate each other’s guys! Darcy loves the spotlight, so if Justin knows what’s best for the team he’ll understand that and won’t try to take that away from a fast rising star like Darcy and things will be just fine!

(‘Invincible’ by Pop Smoke blares through the speakers as Chris Elite minus his usual entourage seen while on Showdown are not with him this time. The crowd reacts negatively blowing up into huge boos due to his announcement earlier. They don’t receive him well after he showed up at Reckless Wiring and attacked one of their favorites on the Dynasty brand in Diamond Cage. But Chris ignores how the crowd receives him and instead gets hype for his own theme.)

Stephie Love: Introducing their opponent, first…He hails from Brooklyn, New York… He’s ‘Gawd Given Greatness’…CHRIS!!! ELITE!!!!

Stew-O: And here’s the man everyone’s talking about after he caused such a buzz at Reckless Wiring revealing himself as the man behind all the attacks on Cage! For weeks Cage had been searching for answers! Well, it turns out the answer of all answers found Cage at Reckless Wiring where Shaker Jones provided the distraction that was needed for Chris Elite to make his way into the scene and attack Cage which led to a brawl that had to be broken up by security!

Flannery McCoy: And if that wasn’t enough, earlier tonight Chris abused the power of the Gawd Contract which keeps Diamond Cage from touching him unless it’s in an actual match, but at no other time is he permitted to. This obviously didn’t sit well with the chaotic ‘Explicit Content’ and now we can only imagine how the days and weeks ahead will go from here starting in this match tonight!

Jake Mercer: This match is just what the doctor ordered, and we’ve got the best seats in the house. What else could you ask for?

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana comes to life replacing ‘Invincible’ as Cage makes his way out, and he has a smirky look on his face as his focus immediately turns to Chris Elite who stands in his corner keeping his eyes on Cage who is sauntering to the ring which is receiving a buzz reaction from the fans, who are just wondering what he may have in store for his opponents much less his own partner.)

Stephie Love: Introducing their other opponent…he hails from Alberta, Canada… EAW HALL OF FAMER, ‘EXPLICIT CONTENT’….HE IS…. CAGE!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well, here’s that man’s partner for the night. But can we honestly believe for a moment that either of these men will be able to put their huge egos aside for the sake of winning a single match that bares no meaning for either one of them except to gain momentum? Chris Elite has antagonized this situation so much it’s hard to believe Cage hasn’t taken the man’s head already!

Flannery McCoy: That’s because he wants to put himself in the best position just so he can take Chris Elite down, and I don’t think he cares at this point whether or not that means on his or Chris’ terms, he just wants some good ole fashion revenge! Chris better watch his back!

Jake Mercer: Well if the last several weeks have taught us anything, it’s that someone like Chris Elite can get people talking and that’s what that guy does, he creates a buzz and makes everyone tune in just as they’re doing now! But I would have to agree with you, Flannery, Chris Elite has no friends here tonight but to be fair neither does any else in this match! Tempers could blow right now!

(Tension is shown between Cage and Elite as the referee looks to see if all four competitors are ready to go before signalling for the bell.)


Stew-O: Well Chris Elite is in the ring to start things against the Specialist Champion Darcy May Morgan, the bell has rang, but Chris doesn’t look like he’s actually ready to go. He’s still arguing with Cage about starting the match! Remember, as per the Gawd Contract and the stipulations mandated by Chris Elite, neither of these men can touch each other unless it’s in an actual one on one matchup!

Cage (off mic): Nah, you got this Big Bhris! You the superstar! You got the spotlight, have at it buddy!

Chris Elite (off mic): This match is straight wack! Don’t you fuck this shit up bitch, I don’t roll like that! I-

Flannery McCoy: And the roll up from behind by Darcy May Morgan. The referee drops down to make the count but Chris Elite kicks out before his hand could slap the canvas! Elite hurries back to his feet but Darcy is right there to meet him with a running knee to Elite that knocks him back! Darcy grabs Elite up and an Irish whip to the former World Heavyweight Champion sending him to the ropes! A reversal instead by Chris Elite sends Darcy May Morgan to the ropes but Darcy ever the agile one comes flying off the ropes and connects with a forearm elbow to Chris Elite knocking him into the ropes where he bounces back toward Darcy throwing a forearm at the head of Darcy! No! Darcy avoids the forearm and now she bounces off the ropes! Bulldog by Darcy to Chris Elite! And the cover!

Ref: ONE!!! TWO!!!

Jake Mercer: Darcy tried to finish this thing early, but no such avail as Chris kicks out at two! Darcy now latching on a headlock that keeps an equally agile competitor like Chris Elite grounded! I like Chris Elite, I do, but I’ve fallen in love with our leading lady and dropkick darling here on Friday nights, and right now she’s got the clamps on Chris and she’s looking great doing it!

Cage (off mic): Awww…what’s wrong Chris? How’s all that attention Mr superstar? Ya got a handle on things there, Bhrissy!!?? I’d lend ya a hand, but you actually look good like this. I always knew you were a bitch, and soon I’m gonna show you what it’s like to be mine, Bhrissy!!??

Stew-O: Cage really doesn’t seem to be empathizing with his partner’s problems at all! Chris finally powers his way up but Darcy lands behind him! Chris Elite turns to the current Specialist Champion on the attack again! Chris stops her but Darcy counters with a wheelbarrow arm drag that takes Chris Elite down! Chris tries to quickly rise back to his feet but here comes Darcy again! Handspring elbow attack sends Chris Elite back again, and this time he falls through the ropes where his momentum takes him right into the outside barricade! Chris takes exception to this abuse by Darcy and he rushes back on the apron but here comes Darcy! Suicide Spear through the ropes! Now it’s ground and pound time by Darcy on Chris Elite! And Cage is looking down at this, and he’s doing nothing about it! Now he’s having a good laugh over this as he taunts Chris from the ring apron!

Cage (off mic): Oh, is this the part where I’m supposed to give a shit about you? You do realize people only tolerate all your bs because you’re still breathing, right? Don’t worry though, Big Bhris Elite, I’ll make sure don’t give a shit after I drag you down into my personal hell that you won’t recover from! But this is fun to watch too!

Flannery McCoy: Darcy May Morgan poses for the crowd proud of her work so far as she slides back into the ring, as Chris is trying to recover. Chris Elite seems to be getting angry as he looks over at Cage!

Chris Elite (off mic): Yo dead ass ain’t done shit for a long ass time, and the last time we met my ass owned you! Now you can’t even touch me!

Jake Mercer: Well Cage is, well…being Cage, but still he’s being a bit unreasonable as Chris Elite and Cage continue to jaw back and forth at each other! Darcy just tagged out which brings in the current New Breed Champion, Justin Windgate! I don’t think Chris Elite realizes it yet! The referee is being quite lenient at the moment not wanting this main event to end in a countout, as he tries to get Chris’ attention! Watch out Chris!!

Stew-O: Diving crossbody off the top turnbuckle just as Chris was about to re-enter the ring! This takes both men down, but Justin being fresh pops back up and gets Chris Elite and rolls him in the ring now! Justin sliding in as Chris Elite stumbles off the canvas trying to get back to a vertical base! But Justin Windgate is right there to meet him! The New Breed Champion gets a couple of forearm shots in and then looks to Irish whip Chris Elite but Elite reverses the whip and looks for a short arm clothesline but Justin ducks the clothesline and transitions behind Chris, and finally Chris mounts some offense with that back elbow that just met the jaw of Justin! Justin Windgate felt that one and Chris Elite makes sure to follow it up with the headshot! The Pele kick connects that knocks Windgate off stride! Windgate falls into the ropes, and now Chris is choking Justin on the second rope! The referee jumping in with Chris trying to take advantage of the situation! But Chris lets at the referee’s five count! Irish whip to Just Windgate sending him to the ropes and delivers a picture perfect rolling thunder DDT! And a cover by Chris!

Ref: ONE!! TWO!!

Flannery McCoy: Justin Windgate kicks out, showing that it’s going to take so much more to put him down! Chris walks over to his corner near Cage, perhaps to make a peace offer?

Chris Elite (off mic): Hey man, we a team! It’s simple shit! You tag me, I tag you, we make money up in this bitch! So how about it? (Chris says as he takes a swipe at the side of Cage’s head and this incenses Cage to no end as he rushes into the ring after Chris Elite.)


Jake Mercer: Oh my God! Chris Elite has a death wish for sure, and the referee acknowledged that as a tag!!?? Here comes Cage and Elite, aware of what he’s done, just stands there with Cage, a smirk and all on his face as Cage looks on, wanting to with everything he has to break the contract, but he wants a piece of Chris that much that he thinks better of it for now!

Chris Elite (off mic): Go on, do something. We can break this shit off right now and then you get nothing.

Flannery McCoy: Chris Elite is leaving to the outside apron having a chuckle over Cage’s anger of this situation here. Cage turns and walks right into a SUPERKICK by Justin Windgate! This takes Cage off his feet as he falls back and Cage tries to come back with a lariat but it’s sidestepped by the New Breed Champion! Cage turns to meet Windgate again, and Windgate delivers a hurricanrana that takes Cage down! Standing moonsault by Windgate into a cover!

Ref: ONE!!! TWO!!!

Stew-O: This doesn’t faze Justin in the least as he immediately goes to tag in the reigning Specialist Champion! ***TAG*** And this brings the Leading Lady back into the match! Darcy rebounds off the ropes for momentum! Backflip headscissors takedown of Cage! FACE ACHE! THE SUPERKICK OF DARCY IS CAUGHT BY CAGE! Cage shoves Darcy to the ropes, but she was ready and comes back with another wheelbarrow arm drag, this time to the Hall of Famer, Cage! The team of Darcy May Morgan and Justin Windgate really making it happen so far as a team here in our main event! The team of Cage and Chris Elite however, are leaving lots to be desired to the say the least! Cage doesn’t seem to want to play nice with Chris Elite regardless if he’s in the match or not! Chris Elite was revealed as the one behind all the sneak attacks leading into Reckless Wiring where Chris made a surprise appearance and attacked Cage taking him down with two Box Office Smashes, and a moment later had to be held restrained by security from ripping Elite’s head off! So obviously as one can imagine Cage is going to antagonize these odd circumstances as much as possible because this is a man that thrives on chaos!

Flannery McCoy: Both Darcy and Cage set to tie up, No! Cage sucked Darcy in as he kicks Darcy in the midsection, now Cage forces Darcy into the corner and now Irish whips the Specialist Champion to the opposite corner but he follows her all the way and as Darcy hits the corner Cage is right there to follow up with a corner splash to Darcy! Cage grabs the wrist the wrist of Darcy and then pulls her in, and BITCH MAKER! What a nasty slap to the face of Darcy, but she seems more enraged than stunned by the move! Darcy just slapped Cage hard in the face, and he’s smiling back with Glee! Oh my God! Darcy just spit in the face of Cage! Does she have a death wish!!?? He didn’t seem to approve of that as his expression has changed to a menacing one as he wipes the saliva away from his cheek! This man is already pissed off to the core!h She’s not backing down either, she’s right in his face!


Jake Mercer: My Dropkick Darling just ducked a wild swing by Cage who now finds himself in the corner! Running knee to the face of Cage that dazes him slightly but this allows Darcy to climb to the second turnbuckle and then proceeds to pound away on Cage as the referee begins his count and the crowd counts along with each blow she lands to Cage’s face until reaching ten! Then she follows it up with a hurricanrana from the second buckle that takes Cage over! Darcy goes to tag in Justin Windgate, there it is.


Stew-O: Justin and Darcy are not exactly made from the same cloth, and nor are they a part of the same respect as given by the fans, but the one thing they seem to have in common is winning this match! Cage looks out of sorts as he grabs onto the leg of the referee, not sure really what to make of this. He’s telling the referee Darcy spit in his eye, and he can’t see if I’m hearing right! Justin Windgate, not buying the act, looks to move in but the referee turns to Justin to hold him back, and just as he turns his back Cage rushes over to Chris Elite and returns the favor from earlier by swiping at the head of Chris Elite!

Chris Elite (off mic): What da hell are you doin’ man!!??

Flannery McCoy: The referee turns around to see Cage standing outside on the ring apron in his corner with his hands up while Chris Elite looking at Cage clearly pissed by Cage’s actions, the referee asking Cage if he and Chris Elite hooked for a tag and now Chris Elite argues this too, but Cage assures the referee a tag was made (mimicking a tag, while Chris just shakes his head in disbelief and disagrees vehemently as the referee accepts whatever explanation Cage had) ***TAG*** Chris Elite is still arguing his point but now gets cut off by the New Breed Champion Justin Windgate! Running dropkick from behind that sends Chris Elite crashing into the corner, and Justin follows it with a roll-up! This could be it!

Ref: ONE!!! TWO!!!

Jake Mercer: Chris Elite kicks out! Windgate goes right back to work though not wasting any time, but a gouge to the eyes by Elite that and Chris takes full advantage with a roundhouse kick that staggers Windgate back into the corner! Running knee to the midsection by Elite to Justin Windgate, Elite follows it up with a bulldog, and then taunts Cage by flipping him off!

Chris Elite (off mic): You ain’t goin’ do shit, just like I said.

Stew-O: Chris with ‘I’ll smack the shit outta you’ (bitchmaker) followed by repeated knife edged chops to the chest of Windgate, and then sits him up on the top turnbuckle, but Justin comes to and headbutts Elite which staggers the former World Heavyweight Champion as Windgate rises up to a vertical base and leaps for Elite! Counter by Chris Elite right into a sitout powerbomb into a pin combination! The referee is in position!

Ref: ONE!!! TWO!!!

Flannery McCoy: Kickout by Windgate! Windgate showing the kind of resiliency that made him a former National Elite Champion and now the current New Breed Champion! But Chris Elite has that headlock applied to keep Windgate from getting into his usual fast pace offense! But Windgate powering his way up and sends the momentum of Chris to the ropes! Windgate drops down as Chris’ momentum takes him to the other side and Justin meets Chris with a spear that takes down Chris Elite! Windgate off the ropes and running senton connects! Justin grabs Elite up and sends him to the ropes again, and there’s a blind tag by Cage! ***TAG*** 5 Borough combo (Two punches followed by a shoot kick followed by a back fist followed by- Windgate is grabbed from behind by Cage which interrupts Chris Elite and his attempt to perhaps finish the match! Turns Justin around and then flips off Chris Elite who’s beside himself! MERCY RULE! FACE ACHE! THE SUPERKICK BY DARCY She saved Justin Windgate! Justin doesn’t seem to impressed as the leading lady looking to steal the spotlight as she drives a bicycle knee right to Cage who was bouncing off the ropes! But Cage bursts into the scene again and this time takes down Darcy and Justin with a double lariat!

Jake Mercer: OH NO! My Dropkick Darling! She’s back on her feet and Justin rising back up as well! Cage grabs Darcy and launches her right into Justin Windgate and this sends them both into the corner! Here’s Cage like a locomotive head on towards the team of Justin and Darcy! Ugh! They both just got sandwiched by Cage who launched himself and connected with a huge corner splash! Cage grabs Justin Windgate again! He has him! MERCY RULE! That paradigm shift DDT to Windgate! Darcy rushes in and locks Cage from behind! She’s looking for The IMprettier! The inverted double underhook facebuster! It’s countered! STUNNER ON DARCY MAY MORGAN! CAGE IS NOW AS INTENSE AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE AND THESE FANS ARE GOING WILD! CAGE TURNS-CHRIS ELITE! Chris Elite stands right in Cage’s direct path! Cage tries to move to the side but Chris Elite follows him!

Chris Elite: Come on, you know yo dead ass wants to hit me! You wanna beat me down, do it! Break the contract!


Flannery McCoy: Darcy has Chris Elite up! THE DDD!!! The Bicycle knee connects and the limp body of Chris Elite falls back to the canvas and Darcy May Morgan hooks the leg of the former World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Ref: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!


(‘Iggy Azalea’ starts up again with Darcy May Morgan and Justin Windgate, who seems to be favoring his ribs a bit after a long match both have their hand raised to declare them the winners which elicits a mixture of cheers and jeers given the status and the different kind of relationship they each have with the fans.)

Stephie Love: Here are your winners…The EAW New Breed Champion JUSTIN WINDGATE, and the EAW Specialist Champion, DARCY MAY MORGAN!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Both of these teams proved to be the worst possible choices in terms of chemistry. The team of The Specialist Champion, Darcy May Morgan and the New Breed Champion, Justin Windgate had a little more success, but for the most part these were two of the most dysfunctional pairings you will ever see! The New Breed Champion crouched on the ground at ringside holding his midsection! In the ring, while in the ring Darcy May Morgan continues to celebrate for a moment before leaving the ring to retrieve her Specialist Championship!

Jake Mercer: Well despite Chris Elite’s greatest efforts to get Cage rattled and go off to break the contract between him and Cage, Cage seemingly outsmarted Chris by leaving him high and dry altogether leaving the referee no choice but to ensure this money making main event had a winner automatically left Chris as the legal man, which is completely unfair, that left our gorgeous Specialist Champion, our Leading Lady to pick up the scraps! At least my Dropkick Darling is able to escape in one piece. That’s all that counts! HEY WAIT A MINUTE! IT’S DR. BETHANY BLUE! NO!!!! SHE’S GOT DARCY FROM BEHIND!!! SHE HAS HER IN AN INVERTED FACE LOCK!!! DARCY JUST COMPETED IN A MATCH!

Dr. Bethany Blue (off mic): We need to quarantine you! I CAN’T let you leave this country! This virus is a very VERY serious matter! It’s for your own good, I’m just trying to help you live a longer life!


(The shot pans one more time toward the fallen Chris Elite as he recovers as the camera slowly fades to black.)

(Commercial Break)

(Dynasty returns from commercial break where the ring has been transformed into an extravagant display in celebration of the EAW World Heavyweight Champion’s successful title defense at Reckless Wiring. The camera feed cuts to various different shots of the beautiful arrangement that the Visual Prophet has prepared for his tag team partner tonight: the canvas has been covered with a luxurious gold carpet. The ring ropes have been draped with black and gold banners and streamers. The turnbuckle corners are now home to bunches of bright gold balloons, and even some balloons with Drake King’s face printed on them. The ramp is lined with large, blown up photos printed on canvas of Drake King throughout his career as an EAW Elitist–first, at the start, are photos of Drake as Interwire Champion. Towards the middle, photos of Drake King winning the World Heavyweight Championship. At the base of the ramp, photos of Drake being crowned #Drizzy2Belts after Drizzy and Vizzy win the Unified Tag Team Championships at Under Siege.)

(Inside the ring, there is an arrangement of some delicious foods and drinks: sparkling apple cider, ginger ale, orange juice, several different varieties of scones, full charcuterie boards, quiche, banana pudding, turkish delight, and small ham sandwiches. At the very center of the ring is another large, studio photo of Drake King as #Drizzy2Belts, even larger than the photos that line the ramp inside of the arena.)

Stew-O: …this might be one of the most unnecessarily extra displays of public affection I’ve ever seen. But you gotta give it to Viz for being a supportive tag team partner.

Jake Mercer: Everything ABOUT this is necessary, Stew, the hell are you on about?! Drake King makes Dynasty a better place to work every single day, the least we can do is gather to show our appreciation for this young man and his talents!

Flannery McCoy: Hate to say it, but I agree with you, Jake. Since winning the title at King of Elite in February, Drake King has only reassured us all that he’s worthy to hold that title. He’s the face of this entire brand, an entire generation of Elitists. #Drizzy2Belts is an amazing accomplishment, it would be for anyone.

Stew-O: Can’t argue with you there, Flan. I wonder if his tag team partner shares the same sentiment…

Jake Mercer: :usure:

(Standing right next to the display easel the canvas photo rests on is the Visual Prophet, dressed in a customer made Givenchy 3-piece suit, black with gold and purple stripes. Viz holds a microphone and a small plastic champagne glass in either hands as he supports his Unified Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder. He takes the pinky of his champagne-glass-holding-hand and lowers his sunglasses with a smirk before speaking into the microphone.)

Visual Prophet: We are gathered here today in celebration of the life and accomplishments of Drake King. The Paragon. #Drizzy2Belts. My very best friend. My life partner.

(Viz appears to begin getting choked up, so he takes a second to turn away from the camera momentarily and collect himself.)

VIsual Prophet: I love you, Drizzy. I’m so thankful that I met you, and so very grateful that I can call you my tag team partner for life, AND my best friend. Even though you’re afraid to say it out loud, it’s okay–you don’t need to ever say it if it makes you uncomfortable. Cause I can still feel it. I feel it through all the various activities we get up to together when we’re on the road, you always make time for me! Horseback riding. Salsa lessons. Eating dinner together, giving each other oily back massages, and even reenacting scenes from Lady and the Tramp over spaghetti. The time we get to spend together means so much to me. You and I have such a special bond, Drake, and that’s why I had to do a little somethin’ for you to show you and let you know just how proud of you I am. :wow:

Visual Prophet: Not to mention our amazing in-ring chemistry, dollface. Together, we defeated some of the biggest names on Friday Night Dynasty and beyond. Cage, Imp, and you all fell to our might. Sienna Jade and Serena Bennett both took losses to us. Heavenly Hell was absolutely murked by the team of Drizzy and Vizzy. To think we were supposed to be some one-off collaboration, baby, never! This was meant to be. This is forever, Drizzy, you’re amazing, you’re beautiful, you so smart, so loyal, you complete me. And if you could forgive an old sinner for being so foolish and disrespectful to you in that locker room earlier, it would absolutely warm my heart to the highest degree. Come on out here, Drake! No need to be humble now, come and celebrate with me and the EAW Universe!

(“Zero” by Crown the Empire begins to play throughout the arena. An ensemble of fire breathers, ribbon dancers, and acrobats begin to spill out across the stage and down to the ring, much to the amusement of the Visual Prophet. He watches as some of the fire breathers line up down the ramp, filling the gaps where all of Drake’s photos sit. After everyone sets up, Drake comes out from being the guerrilla curtain, his World Heavyweight Title across his waist and the Unified Tag Team title belt thrown over his shoulder. He takes a look around at the theatrics unfolding in front of him before hesitantly walking down the ramp, a nervous look reading on his face. As he makes his descent, despite his caution, he still has to dodge a blast of flame from one of the fire breathers, prompting him to speed up his walk to the ring.)

(Visual Prophet holds open the ropes for Drake as he walks up the steel steps, Drake still visibly a little salty at Viz, but he accepts the assistance anyway. Viz then hands Drake a microphone and gestures for him to grab a glass of sparkling cider, which Drake reluctantly accepts as “Zero” dies down.)

Visual Prophet: Yay! So glad you came out here to celebrate with us, Drizzy, please help yourself to whatever it is you so desire. We got it all, just for you, just for the KANG of EAW. And this is just the beginning of our celebration, babe, just you wait until we go off-air, I have reservations for us at Dolce Vita–tell me, you ain’t ever had Peruvian pussy before, have you?

Drake King: What? No, I– (He sighs.) Viz, while I don’t want to undermine your hard work and effort you put into putting all of this together, you really, really didn’t have to do this. A cake, heck, even just a card would have–hold on, are those the scones you were talking about?

Visual Prophet: Yes, yes, we got lemon, blueberry, strawberry, boysenberry, snickerdoodle, take your pick!

(Drake rushes to the buffet table and grabs a blueberry scone. He bites into the pastry and a smile grows across his face.)

Visual Prophet: That’s right, enjoy it! Taste every bit of that deliciousness, Drizzy. Relish in it, the same way you and I are going to relish in our inevitable success as a unit. Can’t nothing stop us, baby. We’re here to absolutely dominate not even just the tag division, but singles competition as well! You as World Heavyweight Champ, me as King of Elite. Pretty soon it’ll be “#Vizzy2Belts” alongside you, young GOAT. I know your family is damn proud of you too–it’s why I had Jessica flown out here, I know how much you love and miss your sister. Family is everything to you, isn’t it?! That’s one of the many, many things I admire about you, Champ. And I think it’s important that you get to celebrate your accomplishments with your family. (He turns to the stage.) Jessica, I know you’re back there, how ‘bout you come out here?! Have some OJ, some scones, Fruity Pebbles, pudding, whatever! You family to Drake, so that makes you family to me, too, c’mon!

(Drake, smiling wide, watches as his younger sister Jessica Torres walks down to the ring, wearing a form-fitting gold sequinned dress. She skips happily down the ramp, clearly very excited to share such a beautiful moment with her brother. Jessica enters the ring, teary eyed, and goes to embrace Drake. She may be the only person on planet earth who even comes close to being as proud of Drake as Viz is. Viz sniffles into the microphone as Jessica and Drake separate from one another.)

Visual Prophet: God dammit, y’all. I said I wasn’t gonna cry!

Drake King: I appreciate the kind words and your hard efforts, Viz. Really. But let’s be real here, you need not act so surprised that I was so successful at Reckless Wiring. None of these people should. It was really only a matter of time before I made my way to the very top of the heaping piles of poo that call EAW their home. Nobody has the drive that I have. Nobody cares about this job, this championship, or this industry as I do. I give people classics simply by standing across the ring from me. I am undefeatable on this microphone, in front of those cameras, and whenever we get in that ring, I back up every word I say.

Visual Prophet: Sing it to ‘em, baby!

Drake King: I am the smartest man in wrestling, if not, the entire planet. I’m the cure for incompetent, lazy, overconfident freeloaders in this industry. It’s time I start facing some real talent, don’t you think so?!

(Visual Prophet enthusiastically nods his head yes.)

Drake King: Yeah, I need some real mammoths to conquer. Something more my speed. Something I can really sink my teeth into, because in all honesty, I’m getting bored of what EAW has thrown my way. I deserve better. I deserve a realistic, legitimate challenge. It’s the least StarrStan can do for his World Champion–

???: I couldn’t agree more, friend. :dave:

(Startled by the ominous voice coming through the arena speakers, Viz, Jessica, and Drake all begin to look around the arena for the source of the interruption. Fans in an area of the crowd start to scream and stir, as the camera reveals that Lethal Consequences is standing in the audience with a microphone.)


Jake Mercer: And it looks like he’s here to interrupt the celebration! :lupe:

Flannery McCoy: Remember, folks, LC defeated ½ of Drizzy and Vizzy just last week at Reckless Wiring–and earned himself a title match in the process. I wonder if that has anything to do with him coming out here tonight?

(Lethal Consequences begins to make his way down to the barricade, talking as he walks.)

Visual Prophet: The hell do you want, fool–

Lethal Consequences: Shhhh, I’m not talking to you, bitch boy. Stay in your lane. I was talking to your partner here, who by the sound of it, seems to think he is in dire need of a worthy challenger for his EAW World Heavyweight Title. And I believe I have the remedy for that.

(The fans start to cheer wildly at LC’s suggestion. He eventually reaches the barricade and hops over it, slowly making his way to the inside of the ring.)

Lethal Consequences: Who better than me, right? Y’all two are supposed to be the best Dynasty has to offer, Drake, but you saw what I did to your partner at our last FPV. It only makes sense that I’m the one to face you next. I won my opportunity by beating your partner, didn’t I? And if he’s supposed to be as good as you, then, shit, what’s there for me to worry about?

(LC, finally on the ring apron, enters the ring between the middle ropes. Jessica repositions herself to stand behind her brother for protection while LC helps himself to a ham sandwich, much to the annoyance of Viz.)

Visual Prophet: Those are NOT for you–

Lethal Consequences: I don’t think I fucking asked you. And again, I’m not talking to you, so SHUSH. (He takes another bite, chews, and swallows. He points to Jessica with his free hand.) Ain’t nothing for YOU to be afraid of either, sweetheart, I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m here just to chat with your big brother there. And let him know what he’s in for. (He turns back to Viz.) Can’t believe this man, all riled up over a sandwich. Can’t imagine how you’re gonna react after I rip that belt from him. You can’t protect him forever, Vizzy. There’s nothing that’s gonna stop me from coming after him now–and that’s your fault, aint it? Besides, since when is LC the type of person to wait for permission to do anything?! This is LC’s world, bih! :dave: I’ma take what I want from you both. And it continues– (He looks Drake King up and down) with that title you got around your waist.

Drake King: Over my dead body. I asked for some “legitimate” competition, LC, not some washed up, overpaid bum. You’re not the same LC that you used to be. You don’t intimidate me whatsoever. I am a gift to this sport, you’re a fool if you think you can keep up with me.

Lethal Consequences: Mhm. Riveting. But I hate to be the one to tell you that it really doesn’t matter to me what you have to say, Mr. King, I’m ready to take my place in the championship picture, baby. That’s right, I’m up next, bih. I’m gonna snatch that title out of your grubby little paws, right in front of his snake homo of a partner and slut of a sister–


Jake Mercer: He’s a slimey one, that guy. Vizzy looks like he wants to keep this fight going, but–Drake is holding him back! Drake now, trying to calm his tag team partner down, as LC makes his way back up the ramp, while Viz practically tries to rip through those ring ropes!

Stew-O: Mind games, that’s what LC has become known for over the years. And it’s looking like he’s exactly where he wants to be–in the minds of Vizzy and Drizzy. And about that damn title opportunity LC has in his lap–Drake versus LC?! :whew:

Flannery McCoy: Welp, LC won his opportunity fair and square. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out from here.

Jake Mercer: Our poor World Heavyweight Champ has a lot to consider right now–between his girlfriend trying to interfere with his Tag Team Championship success, and now, by LC marking him as his next target, I’m sure King might be starting to get a little overwhelmed.

Stew-O: That’s all the time we have left, thank you everybody for joining us for another exciting episode of Friday Night Dynasty. For Flan and Jake, I’m Stew-O. Goodnight everybody. Stay healthy.

(The final shots of our broadcast are of the Visual Prophet fuming in the center of the ring, growing increasingly upset that his celebration for Drake didn’t go as planned while Drake stares onward at LC from the edge of the ropes, as LC is seen flashing a smug smile at the top of the ramp while he motions around his waist.)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #217

Showdown 3/28/20