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Dynasty 3/26/21

(EAW intro plays.)

(A recap for last week’s episode of Dynasty is shown to start the show: Mr. DEDEDE cuts a promo to begin the show addressing the EAW Headquarters invasion courtesy of Insurgency. DEDEDE considers it something not of concern as he can use his power and money to fix that, but also uses his power to make a match between him and Jake Smith and Reckless Wiring official. While also running down the match types, he talks about one he personally tailored, which is Mr. DEDEDE’s Choice, where DEDEDE gets to choose the matchtype, leaving Jake completely unprepared leading up to the Free-Per-View. It then goes to the first match of the night as Mary S. Atlas gets an impressive victory over Jordan Payne. Moving on, Andre Walker and Jonny Airhart have a split-screen confrontation where it gets heated beyond the host, Jake Mercer’s control as Jonny abruptly leaves afterwards to end it. The “Newlywed” Game is about to get underway as The Visual Prophet & Dr. Angelo D’Angelo enter into the ring to prepare for it, but before anything can happen, Veena Adams and Charlie Marr appear on the titantron, both of them not bothered to play a petty game with The Shea Butter Babies. They reveal they laid out Serena Bennett as Viz and D’Angelo run backstage to check on her, Ad Infinitum have already run off. Insurgency is in tag team action as Donovan Duke & Maxwell beat the team of MITSUBACHI & Komatsu Ogawa after Maxwell gets the pin on Ogawa. Adam Lucas cuts a promo backstage saying he’s had enough of the ego competition between him and MITSUBACHI that Komatsu Ogawa has been inciting these past few weeks. Saying that’s not his concern, and that his focus is on the PURE Championship. Adam Lucas then follows that up by getting a victory over the New Breed Championship Number One Contender, Jonny Airhart afterwards. Harper Lee is seen minding her own business backstage before Mary S. Atlas comes into the frame to talk trash about her, Harper isn’t having it as Mary wishes her “luck” in her match at Shock Value against Darcy May Morgan before she leaves. An unlikely tag team match also takes place as the team of Jake Smith & Chris Elite go up against the World Heavyweight Champion Lethal Consequences & Xander Payne, where Jake gets the pin on Xander after a disagreement between both him and LC. Afterwards Elite attacks Jake which is stopped by Insurgency, but before they can do anymore harm, DEDEDE comes in for the save as it ends with a staredown between the two and the stable. Earlier in the day Chris Elite has a segment with Dr. Parker & Big Mike where they confirm that the part of Chris Elite that made him the “Suicide Kid” is long gone, and that he is better than ever at this point and that will lead him to a PURE Championship victory as a result. And lastly in the main event, the Impact Invitational is underway as Impact goes up against a surprising opponent in the form of the Answers World Champion from Saturday Night Showdown, Jack Ripley. Before the match can end though, the King of Elite, King Kass interferes and makes this match a no contest as the show ends with King Kass standing tall over Jack, ending the recap as well)

(It then transitions back over to the World 1 Theatre as immediately red pyro bursts out from the stage. The virtual crowd in the arena is hyped as always as the intensity is overwhelming tonight for the show. After a while, it then goes to the commentary team as always consisting of Stew-O, Flannery McCoy, and Jake Mercer as they all smile before Stew-O begins to speak)

Stew-O: Ladies and gentlemen we have finally reached the go-home show to Reckless Wiring… WELCOME TO FRIDAY NIGHT DYNASTY!!!

Flannery McCoy: Time flies fast as we’re coming in hot especially in a jam packed show like this one tonight! Like in the main event, Impact hosts another Impact Invitational where we have learned that the person that has accepted is none other than The New Breed Champion himself, Andre Walker!

Jake Mercer: Of course! And we can’t forget about another star-studded match tonight where The Visual Prophet will be in singles competition against the PURE Champion, Limmy Monaghan! And we can’t forget Vizzy’s fellow Shea Butter Baby as Serena Bennett will also be in singles competition tonight against the EAW Chairman, Mr. DEDEDE! Oh I just can’t wait! WELCOME TO THE IMPACT ZONE EVERYONE, LET’S GET RIGHT TO IT!

(The camera goes right from the commentary booth to the stage as ‘It Follows’ by Cane Hill begins to play. Xander Payne, dressed in a suit jacket, t-shirt and tie walks out onto the stage, a strobe of red and white whites decorate his walk down the ramp as the virtual crowd boo’s heavily.)


(Xander walks towards the ringside area, snatches a microphone, and rolls into the ring.)

Xander Payne: Yea, thanks, Steph. But I think you meant “The man who will dethrone Lethal Consequences at Reckless Wiring, Xander Payne!” because that’s exactly what’s going to happen. You know, 2021 has been a good year for Xander Payne. Not ONLY, alright, NOT ONLY have I already beaten LC, and proved that I am the man to lead EAW into Pain For Pride season, but I’ve also cleaved the proverbial heads and hopes of every other self-proclaimed “best in the biz” on this utterly beneath me brand. 

(Virtual crowd erupts in even more boos.)

Xander Payne: I welcome the hate you sheep seem to love throwing my way, it only strengthens my belief that the reason for change in any society is bound to be scorned. Bound to have stones thrown at him, so throw them. Those pebbles don’t change the fact that I have squashed the dreams of your favorite wrestlers, every single night, I do it. Lethal who? Dray what? Andre whatever? Current and former champions alike, they’re simply not on my level. They don’t possess even a drop of the capability it takes to reach the pinnacle of this industry, and this company. 

(Xander laughs at the booing crowd, stoically looking at the canvas, tapping the microphone with his other hand.)

Xander Payne: I can honestly say, I’ve zero left to prove to anybody, let alone Lethal Consequences. But I do owe him a blood debt, he’s the reason we lost last week, and him dropping the ball reflects poorly on the both of us. I won’t allow him to drag the name of the soon-to-be World Heavyweight Champion through the mud. But hey, this is what Lethal Consequences wants right? I mean, we’re all living in “LC’s World” isn’t that correct?

(Xander shakes his head as he says that, he has a smirk on his face he taps the mic for a few moments before continuing)

Xander Payne: And not that whole weird ass stipulation that Lethal Consequences despises despite it being in his favor. He believes that the world revolves around him, despite the mishaps, the shortcomings, and even when getting his magnum opus and winning a World Championship, having possibly one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen in the 4 years that I’ve been here, I could not be more disappointed what “LC’s World” has turned out to be once I tuned my brain in to watch it. But no worries, me being the caring person I am, I will save the EAW Universe from this travesty. I promise that “LC’s World” will come crashing down at Reckless Wiring and I’ll finally, finally, ascend to the spot that I truly deserve and fulfill my career prophecy, and that’s becoming your new World Heavyweight Champion.

(Xander takes a pause as the crowd continues to boo him. He spreads his arms out with a cocky expression as he sinks it in for a good bit. Before he continues to speak, ‘Tougher Colder Killer’ by El-P plays up to loud cheers as Lethal Consequences makes his way out from the backstage curtain. He has the World Heavyweight Championship around his shoulder as he makes his way down the ramp. He circles around before making his way up the steel steps and into the ring. He circles around the ring, keeping his title high up in the air, before taking a mic from the timekeeper’s area and turning to face Xander. ‘Tougher Colder Killer’ fades out as from there, LC begins to speak)

Lethal Consequences: :dave: Xander you have absolutely no room to talk when you speak about me, just like all those other cats don’t have room to talk about me in vain either. Xander you have had chance after chance, time after time again to take a World Championship like you apparently deserve, and you know what you do? You only disappoint, and that’s been a common trend for you Mr. Payne. How you never show up when the lights are the brightest and would not have lasted if you had gone through a fraction of the adversity that Lethal Consequences has gone through, all the cat calls I tell you. 

Lethal Consequences: I did tell you that you were just like me however long ago, but at the same time, you’re a spoiled cat who has had everything handed to you and has been expected to do great things, once again, time after time again, only to fail. Unlike me, in contrast to Lethal Consequences, nobody had positive expectations surrounding my name over the past decade, but despite that all, I’ve managed to overcome that and become something that you could only ever dream of being, and that’s being your World Heavyweight Champion.

(Xander’s cocky smirk has obviously disappeared from his face as he has a stern look as he listens to what LC has to say towards him. He takes a deep breath as he brings his mic back up and begins to speak again)

Xander Payne: That’s the thing, you only see through one lens, it’s a bit hypocritical of you to be speaking like that anyways. You saying that nobody believed in you for the past decade, and you’re right! Nobody believed that Lethal Consequences, someone who has constantly failed opportunity after opportunity, would win at Road To Redemption and win the World Heavyweight Championship, but look what happened! Just like right here, right now. People obviously believe that I’m not going to win the World Heavyweight Championship because luck has been the one thing that hasn’t been looming over my head whenever I fight for these types of titles. And because of that, I come up empty handed.

Xander Payne: And you know what? I don’t blame the people that believe that, believe what you want. But just like you did at Road To Redemption, I’m going to prove them, and you wrong. I have a rightful position that I’m meant to be in and that’s at the top and no matter what adversity I’ve been through, I’ve held my ground on that. I’ve constantly said that it’ll happen and next week? I’ll prove myself right on that statement. I’ll show exactly why I am what I say I am and that’s greatness, and the only way to apparently do that?. Is winning the World Heavyweight Championship, and beating someone like you? Is something I have no problem doing. I don’t care if it’s a Dome of Death, I Quit, or whatever the fuck a Crazy 8 is, there is only one outcome that stays true no matter the circumstance, and that’s me winning, no questions needed.

Lethal Consequences: You see, that’s the problem with cats like you Xander, as much as you say that I’m the one seeing from one perspective, you’re the one seeing from it too. All this talking and yet you haven’t given me one valid reason as to why Reckless Wiring is going to be any different from your other Championship endeavors, I just don’t believe it, do you? Huh? Well of course you do! Because you’re the mighty Xander Payne, you can do whatever you put your mind too! But unfortunately, that’s not something that will happen, especially against someone like me. You put your faith into something and then it all plummets to rock bottom.

Lethal Consequences: But what’s next from there Xander? Well, it’s just a rinse and repeat. You once again fight for a World Championship, but you fail, just like you’ve always done. As much as you like to say you relate to me, you haven’t been through half the struggle that I’ve been through. The difference between you and I is that I can adapt to any situation no matter what happens, it’s a constant, and that’s what’s gotten me to this point. So as much as you’d love to copy off my homework and find the secret behind what I do, it’s just not going to happen, because you don’t have the right amount of effort to compliment it. But no worries, keep trying, but it better be against someone other than me, cause Lethal Consequences is where your luck obviously runs dry.

(Xander drops his mic and steps closer to LC as does LC. The both of them stare down one another for a good moment as the crowd buzz in response. LC scoffs as he takes his World Heavyweight Championship and raises it high in the air before turning around and leaving the ring, he continues to raise his title as he leaves the ring leaving Xander frustrated in response as he watches him make his way up the ramp. The last shot seen is both LC and Xander looking at one another with their own expressions as from there, Dynasty fades out to commercial break)

(A commercial for high heels featuring Jake Smith, even though he’s 6’1″ and doesn’t need them anyways)

(Dynasty returns from commercial break as it fades backstage to the interviewing area, and as the camera fades in Michael Belfort is seen standing in front of the camera with a smile on his face and a microphone in his hand. The virtual crowd cheers as Michael is seen on the screen, and as they quiet down he begins to speak.)

Michael Belfort: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time please welcome Harper Lee!

(The camera begins cheering as Harper Lee enters the scene, but Harper doesn’t look too happy following her loss at Shock Value. She still has a few bruises and scars after having her face repeatedly slammed into the exposed turnbuckle at the end of her match against Darcy May Morgan, and she has her arms folded as she walks into the camera’s view.)

Michael Belfort: Harper, one week ago at Shock Value you faced Darcy May Morgan for the Universal Women’s Championship in a Shock Collar match. Unfortunately you weren’t able to capture the victory, and Darcy May Morgan managed to retain her Championship. Do you have anything left to say after that match? What’s next for Harper Lee?

(Harper remains silent for a moment as she already looks fed up with the interview. After a few seconds, she finally just sighs before answering Michael.)

Harper Lee: What do you want me to say to that Michael? Were you watching Shock Value? Did you see what happened in that match? This whole past month it’s been screwjob after screwjob. I’ve been getting unfair treatment week after week and I thought things would change. Every match I went into I hoped things would finally be different, and then they weren’t. Nothing changed. Referee’s would get knocked out, referee’s would stop paying attention, people would get involved, and every single time I was the one on the losing end. I was the one taking L’s because nobody else can do their job and Michael I thought Shock Value would be where everything paid off. How could I not think that? I pretty much beat Lethal Consequences. None of my losses since King of Elite have been fair, and you all saw what I did to Darcy after our contract signing. This should’ve been it. This should’ve been where I finally won my first singles Championship, but instead I had my face bashed in. Multiple times. Look.

(Harper points all around her face which is still pretty messed up following her match against Darcy, especially around the mouth and nose which were both busted open badly at the end of the match.)

Harper Lee: See that? I had my face stomped into exposed turnbuckles. Darcy literally stomped me out to retain her Championship, and honestly Michael if I had to run down all the things I did to try and win that title I’d be here all day. I tried everything. I took everything Darcy threw at me to try and win that Championship, and none of it paid off. I didn’t win the World Heavyweight Championship after King of Elite, and in the end I couldn’t win the Universal Women’s Championship either. I just got my two biggest opportunities to date and here I am with nothing to show for it. I don’t know what’s next. I don’t even wanna stand here and talk about how bad everything sucks right now, so if you’d excuse me-

???: Aww, look who it is!

Harper Lee: Here we go..

(Harper Lee buries her face in her hands as Mary S. Atlas walks into the camera’s view. She has a grin on her face as she approaches Harper.)

Mary S. Atlas: I believe we have some unfinished business. After all I told you Darcy May Morgan would retain her Championship. I told you things would go wrong, but of course you let your ego get in the way and now here you are, crying like the whiny bitch you are.

Harper Lee: Oh my God, why are you even here? Do you have NOTHING else better to do?

Mary S. Atlas: I’m here because it’s funny seeing you down like this. You’re supposed to be the great Harper Lee! One half of the best tag team in the world.. And you couldn’t beat Lethal Consequences, Charlie Marr and Veena Adams, Candice Blair, OR Darcy May Morgan. You had your shot at the Universal Women’s Championship and blew it, and now it’s back to the back of the line for you. I called you out before Shock Value and you tried brushing off my words just to fail as everyone expected. Why don’t you listen next time, and stop getting so overconfident because you’re just going to keep coming up short. 

Harper Lee: Against who? You?

Mary S. Atlas: Not just me. Remember her?

(As Mary grows a bigger smile on her face, Holly Arrow walks up next to her. Harper on the other hand looks extremely fed up seeing the two.)

Harper Lee: Dude, you don’t even belong here. Go away. Reckless Wiring isn’t until next week.

Holly Arrow: Mary’s right you know. Harper I tried to be respectful to you all the way back to when we first faced off on Voltage and you’ve done nothing but the opposite. You’re just like everyone else. Self absorbed and egotistical, and that’s why you came up short at Shock Value. That’s why you’re here crying now. Your pride took a hit when you lost to Darcy May Morgan without someone else costing you the match, and your pride is going to take another hit next week when you and Sierra lose to me and Mary.

Harper Lee: Does Captain Charisma know you’re here? Letting his Elitists run to other brands just to talk trash isn’t a very good look if you ask me but whatever. Anyways Holly, I don’t care about your friendship with Mary that pretty much spawned overnight. If you wanna humiliate yourself that badly at Reckless Wiring that’s fine, but I’m warning you now that match isn’t going to end well for you. You two are getting ahead of yourselves and you’re picking a fight you can’t win.

Holly Arrow: You mean like you did against Darcy May Morgan? I think we’ll be perfectly fine, Harper. You had your chances and you blew it because your ego got the better of you. It got the better of you during your Tag title reign too and we all saw how that ended. We’re not going to have the same problem you guys did. At Reckless Wiring we’re going to put you in your place…

(Mary and Holly walk up to Harper, standing in her face. Harper doesn’t back down at all, but Michael Belfort leaves the area as he realizes there’s no way the interview will continue from here.)

Holly Arrow: And we’ll do it by being a better tag team than the Realm.

(Harper looks at both Holly and Mary, and before any of the three women could do anything, Sierra Bradford pulls Holly back.)

Sierra Bradford: You really don’t want to do this right now. Reckless Wiring is going to be embarrassing enough for you guys. I’m sure you can wait one more week before you start fighting.

(Holly backs up and stands next to Mary, and Sierra walks up next to Harper.)

Sierra Bradford: I don’t know if it dawned on you guys yet, but we’re still former Unified Tag Team Champions. We’ll see you two at Reckless Wiring, and trust me. We’re not going to lose. Not to a team like you guys, if you could even call yourselves that. We’ve been doing this for six months straight at the highest level. You two will never know what it’s like being the Realm, so trust me. We’re not sweating a match against Holly Arrow and Mary Atlas.

(Mary and Holly look at each other, and the smile on Mary’s face has left after Sierra’s appearance. The two finally begin walking away.) 

Mary S. Atlas: We’ll see who’s talking at Reckless Wiring.

(The two finally leave the area, leaving Harper Lee and Sierra Bradford alone to let Mary’s words sink in. As the former Unified Tag Team Champions look at one another, Dynasty begins to fade away from the area and to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Happy Song” by Bring Me The Horizon hits as Jordan Payne hustles on down to the ring. Looking determined to win at all costs.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first from Coventry, England weighing in at 200 pounds he is “The Certified Asshole” JORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDAN PAYNE!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Jordan Payne has declared that he must win this match. No excuses. He refuses to get dropped by the Rich Pretty Boy and who can blame him?

Stew-O: He has trashed his opponent all week saying he has no balls and that he has no IQ. He has reduced his opponent to nothing so can you even call it an impressive win if he gets the win here tonight?

Jake Mercer: Of course Stew. It’s all mind games! All that matters is the W my friend!

(“Pretty Boy Swag” by Soulja Boy hits as Jonny Airhart comes out strutting to the ring talking shit to Jordan Payne in the ring which only angers his opponent further.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent from Atherton, California he is “The Rich Pretty Boy” JONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY AIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Jonny Airhart says that he is going to be beating the shit out of this steroid fucked up midget this week. He also called him a man child! Such disrespect!

Stew-O: These two men hate each other and are both so disrespectful. The fans do not approve but they couldn’t care less. I do not look forward to listening to either of them brag about this win backstage.

Jake Mercer: You shouldn’t be talking to them anyway Stew. Social distance and stop giving COVID to the talent!

Stew-O: Ayo I don’t have COVID.

Jake Mercer: :usure:

Flannery McCoy: Anyway this man Jonny Airhart is going to be challenging for the EAW New Breed Championship at Reckless Wiring. Taking on Andre Walker. You just know that he has to be looking to get the win tonight and keep the momentum going into his match at the big show.

Stew-O: Definitely the biggest match of his career but with how badly he has pissed off Jordan Payne will he even make it?!?


Flannery McCoy: We are underway as Jordan Payne charges in at Jonny Airhart but Jonny flips over him! No! Jordan catches Airhart and slams him down to the mat. He runs off the ropes… Cartwheel Moonsault connects! The cover!


Stew-O: Not even a one count as Jonny Airhart immediately kicks out Jordan Payne tries to pull him up but Payne twists into a Headlock! Airhart powers up but Payne shoves him off into the ring ropes! Payne steps behind Airhart on the rebound and takes him down with a Reverse Backbreaker. Payne back up to his feet as he approaches Airhart and kicks him right in the face! He then grabs his opponent by the hair and drags him up slamming his head into the top turnbuckle! Repeatedly! He then pulls Airhart back into the ring strangling him out from behind with a Sleeper Hold trying to put his opponent to sleep! But Airhart moves into the ropes forcing a break and then takes down Payne with a Standing Dropkick! Payne back up as he takes Airhart off his feet with a Running Shoulder Tackle! No! Airhart stays standing and bounces off the ropes… Running Enzuigiri staggers Payne back as he falls into the corner.

Jake Mercer: Jonny Airhart charges in from the opposite corner with a Handspring Elbow connecting hard to the face of Jordan Payne! No! Payne got an elbow up knocking Airhart down to the mat! Airhart holding his jaw as he gets back up and gets lifted up in the air by Payne. Powerslam incoming! No! Airhart falls down beneath Payne from behind chopping his ankle taking him down to his knees! He grabs him by the head… DDT connects into the middle of the ring. He bounces off the ropes.. Airhart getting some air as he drops the knee onto the back of the head of Payne! The cover!


Flannery McCoy: Jonny Airhart annoyed that he didn’t get the three there as he unleashes relentless stomps into the gut of Jordan Payne. Stomping away doing serious damage to his opponent. He grabs his leg and slams it down hard into the mat. Then stomps on his ankle for emphasis! Airhart now climbing through the ropes as he makes his way up to the top! Flying Stomp off the top rope onto the leg of Payne! No! Payne gets his leg up in time kicking Airhart right in the face! Airhart staggers back as Payne gets back up and clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside! Airhart leaps out onto the apron!! FLYING CROSSBODY OFF THE APRON CONNECTS!!! Airhart taking down Payne here tonight as both men are now trading punches on the outside!

Stew-O: But Jordan Payne with a drop toe hold sending Jonny Airhart face first into the ring steps! He tosses his opponent back in and goes for the pin!


Jake Mercer: But he only gets one! Jonny Airhart seemingly unaffected by his head bashing against steel and you have to imagine he is filled with resiliency and determination knowing he is not far away now from potentially winning his first championship here in EAW! Jordan Payne realizing now he will have to do much more damage to put his opponent away as he turns to the corner and begins to untie the top turnbuckle pad!

Referee: OH HELL NO!

Flannery McCoy: The referee coming over to retie the top turnbuckle as he yells at Jordan Payne for even thinking about it! But wait! Jordan Payne has a foreign object! He punches Jonny Airhart with it in the face behind the referee’s back! He is really grinding it into Payne’s head and he has drawn blood!

Referee: Hmm let’s see. This string goes here… tie this and… Oh gotta make sure it is nice and snug!

Stew-O: Dammit ref turn around!

(As the referee turns around Jordan Payne slides the foreign object back into his tights.)

Jake Mercer: The referee turns around as Jordan Payne goes for the pinfall!


Flannery McCoy: NO! HE DOESN’T GET IT! Despite bleeding across his entire face Jonny Airhart has kicked out! Jordan Payne is outraged! Jordan Payne punching Jonny repeatedly in the face before pulling him up! He’s going to end this right here and right now! He hooks the head of Airhart…



Flannery McCoy: Jonny Airhart wipes the blood out of his eyes as he turns towards Jordan Payne… Jawbreaker connects!!! And Airhart runs the ropes and connects with a Springboard Moonsault! But he’s not going for the cover! Payne throws him off but Airhart kicks him in the gut… Snap Suplex throws Payne far across the ring! Airhart now making his way up to the top rope! Looking to hit that MAKING THE MONEY move right here tonight!

Stew-O: But Jordan Payne is back up! He grabs Jonny Airhart and tosses him off the top rope! Airhart goes flying off! But he lands on Payne!!! HURACANRANA OFF THE TOP!!! HE BRIDGES IT INTO A PINNING COMBINATION AS HE LOOKS TO PUT PAYNE AWAY!


Jake Mercer: Jordan Payne kicks out! He is staying alive in this thing! But wait! Payne’s foreign object just fell out of his tights! Jonny Airhart has picked it up! He is going after Payne with it!


(The referee snatches the foreign object away from Jonny Airhart before he can use it and tosses it out of the ring!)

Jonny Airhart: :wtf:



Stew-O: NO! Jonny Airhart just barely kicks out! Both men back up… But Airhart kicks Jordan Payne in the gut… STUNNER! Payne taken down with a Stunner from Airhart who is now making his way over to the ropes! Airhart climbing up to the top and what is he looking for here? Can he get it this time? Payne is still down!





(‘Pretty Boy Swag’ plays up as the referee raises up Jonny Airhart’s win as he makes a motion around his waist indicating that he is the next EAW New Breed Champion!)

Flannery McCoy: He did it! Jonny Airhart keeps the momentum heading into the biggest match of his career against Andre Walker at Reckless Wiring!

(The camera then goes from the ring as it pans backstage, showing Andre Walker with the New Breed Title over his shoulder staring at the monitor focused, watching Jonny celebrate.)

Stew-O: And speaking of, there is the champion. The man himself looking at his next challenger. He has to be wondering what it will take to beat a man like Jonny Airhart who is so unpredictable and determined to become champion at any costs. He is not afraid of cheating and he can clearly withstand some serious punishment as we have seen tonight. But will Andre be able to retain or is this the man who will finally end his reign?!?

Jake Mercer: Well back in the 1700s the EAW New Breed Champion at the time was required to swear fealty to the British East India Company which had taken over the promotion at the time. Hopefully Jonny if he wins will continue that tradition because I feel like Andre has not shown the proper respect to our colonial leaders during his reign.

Flannery McCoy: :wtf:

Stew-O: Anyway that should be one hell of a match. But we don’t even know what the stipulation will be yet! Will it be a TLC Match?

Jake Mercer: Or will it be Doomsday Chamber of Blood?

Flannery McCoy: Or could it be a Taipei Deathmatch? Find out this coming weekend when Dynasty presents Reckless Wiring! Make sure to get them votes in!

(The camera cuts to a commercial for the most :dame: moments in EAW history. Most of the moments feature Ronan Malosi.)

(Dynasty comes back from commercial break to Stephie Love in the ring where a black carpet has been rolled out. A number of desks with men in suits chattering on their phones and typing away at their computers are shown. Behind them the ring has numerous monitors hanging down in the air displaying a variety of charts and figures that no casual could possibly comprehend.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen at this time please welcome… “The Gawdsend” JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE SMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(‘I Am Above’ – IN FLAMES hits as the virtual crowd boos loudly and Jake Smith makes his way out to the ring in a tracksuit with his hair slicked back and wearing dark sunglasses. He is shown carrying a variety of charts as he taps on his tablet to scroll through the various numbers as he ignores the crowd.)

Stew-O: So… anyone got any clue what this is?

Jake Mercer: Did you not listen to the promotional commercials for this show Stew? Jake Smith is out here to expose the scam that GawdCoin is! He has proof!

Stew-O: O

Flannery McCoy: Jake Smith will indeed be facing Mr. DEDEDE at Reckless Wiring in what should be one hell of a match but clearly we aren’t waiting for Reckless Wiring for shots to be taken. Jake Smith is coming out here and somehow I don’t think he is going to be saying nice things about Mr. DEDEDE’s recent activities.

(Jake Smith’s music fades as he picks up a microphone. Suddenly a loud siren is heard and bright red flashing lights appear on the monitors above the ring. The men at their computers begin frantically making phone calls and freaking out in the ring as they try to figure out what is going wrong.)

Jake Smith: Oh my! Oh no! How could this have happened?!?!?

(Jake Smith points to a monitor showing a chart of prices taking a large plunge downwards on the graph shown.)

Jake Smith: You all seem really scared and nervous! What’s wrong? Did you invest in Gawdcoin? Come on. You couldn’t really be that stupid could you? :mjlol: !!!!!!!!!!!!!




Jake Smith: You really do hate to see it. But this is just what happens when you are gullible stupid idiots who listen to Mr. DEDEDE instead of the wisdom that Jake Smith has tried his hardest to give to you. Look I get it. Mr. DEDEDE is a legend. Hall of Famer. He’s done it all. Won all kinds of titles, tournaments, honors. Not much he hasn’t done. So you people who are all failures or poor as shit look to him and you want that for yourselves. Maybe you are smart enough to realize you will never reach the level of us but you just want a taste. You think if you follow his advice well you will never be as good as Gawd but maybe you will just have a little more happiness in your lives. Maybe you will finally be able to go to college. Maybe you will finally be able to impress that hot girl you like. Well…

(Jake Smith motions to the crying investors in the ring now crying in the fetal position on the floor.)

Jake Smith: Look at what is inevitably going to happen to you. I mean look at what I am wearing. This is one of those idiotic track suits that Mr. DEDEDE was trying to get people to buy not too long ago. Do you know what happened to that venture? IT FAILED!

(Jake Smith rips off the track suit to reveal he is wearing his normal clothes and merchandise underneath. He throws the track suit on the ground and spits on it.)

Jake Smith: Just like every side venture Mr. DEDEDE tries. IT FAILS! Sure he has been a successful wrestler and wrestling executive. But that does not mean any of this success translates to outside of the ring. Yet you all see his success and assume that he is not capable of failure. No! It’s the great DEDEDE! The GAWD! So it must be successful! He would never ever lie to us! Well you are WRONG! He would! Just like the masks he tried to peddle you poor ignorant fools failed. I feel bad for all of the people who have invested in that shit. Morons who invest in Gawdcoin… which is now tanking by the way. Just look at these numbers!

(Jake Smith points to the numbers and kicks one of the investors who is sobbing on the mat having lost their entire fortune investing in Gawdcoin.)

Jake Smith: Mr. DEDEDE does not care. Gawdcoin is not worth shit and you are all wasting money investing into another failed DEDEDE venture that is going to go bankrupt just like all the other garbage he has been pedaling. Mr. DEDEDE is nothing but a con artist and a snake oil salesman who leads people with false hope only to leave them disappointed. It is sad. It is pathetic. But don’t worry because I… the great Jake Smith have arrived to save you all! You are all too stupid to know how to use your money in an intelligent way so I am going to rid you of the temptation that you junkies clearly cannot resist. I am going to put an end to Gawdcoin and all of his other scams at Reckless Wiring… and I am going to give the people someone worth investing in. I will give you all something… more.

(All of a sudden all of the red lights stop flashing. The monitors go completely black. Jake Smith smiles as he raises up one arm. Suddenly the Insurgency logo appears on all of the screens.)

Jake Smith: After Reckless Wiring I will show you all that Jake Smith… and Insurgency are what you people should be investing in. Invest in me. Invest in us. INVEST EVERYTHING!

(‘Morning Glory’ by Oasis hits as the main monitor that everyone is watching at home also fades into the Insurgency logo.)

(The camera cuts to a commercial for the 50 Most Thicc Bitches in EAW history to be released as part of the EAW Network’s Women’s History Month celebrations!)

(Dynasty returns from commercial break as a familiar sounding voice is heard over a black screen the crowd is buzzing as judging from the advertisements for this week’s Dynasty, it’s safe to assume what’s happening at the moment)

Voiceover: In the Briminal Justice System dickeating crimes are considered especially heinous in Elite Answers Wrestling, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are known as an ELITE squad known as the Bozo Victims Unit. These are our stories.. GLTTT GLTTT

(The crowd cheers loudly in response to hearing that after a long time as it opens from the black backdrop to the Bozo Victims Unit as all the members are seen surrounding something. Chris Elite, Big Mike and the rest of the BVU are in some sort of office with a bunch of pictures pinned onto a board behind Elite. The pictures show the chaos caused at the Capitol months ago as it’s clear what Elite is about to get at once he begins to speak. You see a bunch of red circles on some pictures and arrows pointing to familiar names in Elite Answers Wrestling as the BVU clearly seem to be solving a case right now. Elite paces back and forth for a good moment, in deep thinking as he takes a pointer stick and slams it against the board to wake the BVU up, before from there, he begins to speak)

Detective SKabler: (With a pointer stick in his hand) Okay first suspect we have is Maxwell, I know it’s not him because first of all he has a turtleneck on in that picture! You can tell just by that that this bozo has never robbed anyone a day in his life or has done anything illegal because who the fuck does some shit like this with a turtleneck on?! Look at him he doesn’t even know what to do, looking like Hulk when he turned into a bitch in Endgame and just flipped random shit. This is just despicable, y’all be ready to get rid of me for having an attitude problem but not 4 racist who not only were involved in this nonsense but helped orchestrate it as well! These bozos names were literally Insurrection and that’s exactly what happened at the Capitol then all the sudden they change their name to whatever the fuck acting like we ain’t bout to notice it? That bald headed sus bozo on Showdown wants to talk about conspiracy’s well here’s a real one!

Detective Biggums: Exactly then look at the picture below that of Jake Smith and Donovan Duke! Using ladders and shit, short bastards I can’t believe they got you beefing with Oompa Loompas and shit. And believe it or not, Jake got the nerve to say he’s 6’1, if that’s the case then Detective Ty is black.

(Detective Biggums points over to Detective Ty just standing in the corner watching)

Detective Ty: 🧍🏼‍♂️

Detective SKabler: Exactly and like I said look at how being followers is getting them, Donovan and Maxwell are going to get torched by Hikari Dickery Doc and whatever her partners name is I don’t give a fuck. Ryan Adams is going to smoke Jake and I am going to smoke Limmy and take his PURE Championship and become a Grand Slam as I should be. These dick eating crimes have gone too far. First storming the Capitol then storming us (pause)! They got away with one of those things but they won’t get away from the other I find them guilty in every charge and I’m sure the Jury will as well when we bring them this evidence! I mean just look at more pictures of Insurrection storming the capitol!

(Detective SKabler slams his pointer stick onto the board behind him onto an obvious photoshopped picture of Insurgency celebrating their work at what they did at the Capitol while the rest of the BVU look shocked in response. Detective SKabler nods to himself clearly proud of his work as the Jury will clearly believe him when he shows them that)

Detective Biggums: GASP! If that was me or even half of you Detective SKabler we’d be shot in seconds! Look at those clowns though, Jake from Cac Farm and his friends got some nerve doing that, just because the man they elected to be President didn’t win! Moneybag Joe just blessed up and now me and all my $1,400s will celebrate while these guys get they ass beat at Reckless Wiring! 

(Detective Ty walks out of the corner as he slams the table dramatically)

Detective Ty: The nerve, the audacity! These cacs have no idea what a real struggle is around here! Look at them throwing a hissy fit just because Trump didn’t win and storming the Capitol in response to it, just imagine what these monsters will do after they all walk out Reckless Wiring with a loss! They’d probably storm the Capitol again! Or even worse, Mackey Donald D’s!

(The rest of the BVU turn to Detective Ty as they look in confusion at what he just said, only a true cac would say that)

Detective Ty: :mackie:

(Detective SKabler shakes his head as he continues to speak, ignoring what Detective Ty had to say and just moving on from there)

Detective SKabler: Anyways, exactly! What will they attack next?!? The Empire State Building?!? Well they have a few weeks to get security gathered around because what we do to those bozos will leave them unavailable to walk for weeks. It doesn’t matter what type of match you put Limmy and I in. Kick a can, catch as can, fight club, street fight. It doesn’t matter. Limmy got lucky once the same result won’t happen again and I can guarantee it! All that talk about “You haven’t done this in 3 years, or held that in 3 years” comes to an end. The drought I’ve had of not having any gold around my waist comes from to a halt next week because I am taking the Pure championship and making it a title you can be proud of, giving Dynasty a champion to be proud of and not some follower who’s been munching at me before any of this even started. 

(Detective SKabler shakes his head in disappointment knowing who the current PURE Champion is at this time, a big disappointment, as he is clearly looking to serve justice and give Dynasty a PURE Champion to remember)

Detective SKabler: He couldn’t wait to call himself “The Chris Elite Crusher”. He tried to take me out of the game and if it couldn’t get worse than that, make a mockery of my name! Now he’s going to end up another dead pussy like Kimmy and I can promise you that. Insurrection, Insurgency whatever the fuck they are called, they’re going to suffer the same fate New Eden did at Shock Value but even worse! I am going to make sure they don’t even think about being part of that group anymore because of the sheer embarrassment. Every single task will be completed. Idol-Gun will make quick work of tweedle dee and tweedle dumb, I will dismantle Limmy and win the PURE Championship and Ryan Adams will destroy Jake. The 15 minutes of fame are up kids, I hope you all had fun while it lasted because after this you’ll all go back to where you belong, opening shows or not even making the card at all. You have tried to make a mockery out of all of us that you’re competing against at Reckless Wiring for months and now it’s time we get our revenge, time to get it back in blood and I promise there will be no return from the suffering we give you at the Free-Per-View. 

Detective Assidy: Yeah, what’s a Chris Elite Crusher to a Limmy…. A Limmy umm.

(Detective Ty slams the desk once more which startles everyone as he thinks for a moment before snapping his fingers with an enthusiastic look on his face)

Detective Ty: A Limmy with no Stimmy!

(The BVU once again turn to Detective Ty as he looks excited that he came up with a “good idea” but he didn’t. They all groan as Detective SKabler once again shakes his head in disappointment)

Detective Biggums: :skip:!!!

Detective SKabler: :francis: This is why Big Mike and I do all the talking in these. As I was saying though the days of the angry cacs running around destroying stuff because they didn’t get their way is over, in EAW at least.  If they do not break up, they’ll at least have to regroup, find more members, new members and even when that happens and they try to come after us again, each and every time, they’ll continue to meet the same fate. Insurgency isn’t allowed in EAW, at least not in Dynasty but after what I saw on Voltage maybe a group of angry white people aren’t allowed there either so maybe you should try Showdown. You guys thought you were mad before now we are going to give you an actual reason. We are going to give you a reason to be angry, a reason to wanna attack people, but a reason you won’t be able to act upon because you’ll be too busy tending to wounds you’ll suffer next weekend at Reckless Wiring when we beat all of your asses.  Fuck a Chris Elite Crusher, fuck a Industry Ruler. Next week you messing with a focused Gawd Given Greatness Chris Elite and an angry Gawd, and that spells trouble for all of you. 

(Detective SKabler drops the pointer stick down and turns around as he makes his way out of the office to make his leave. The BVU follow behind him as that’s the last shot seen before from there, Dynasty transitions over to elsewhere)

(The camera fades into the World 1 Theatre as ‘Surfin” by Kid Cudi ft. Pharrell Williams is playing in the background to the cheers of the crowd. Serena Bennett is seen pacing around in the ring, very unhappy as she awaits her opponent. She doesn’t have that aura of confidence that she usually has as she gets ready for the match, she’s serious, like something flipped inside of her brain as Stephie Love speaks after a while)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for… 

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Stephie Love: Already in the ring… from Compton, California… weighing in at 114 pounds… SERENA BENNETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well Serena doing her entrance during the break as you can see the look on her face, and I don’t blame her. After last week and the attack by Charlie Marr and Veena Adams, you know just how much she’s anticipating Reckless Wiring as she gets to face the both of them along with The Visual Prophet as a part of The Shea Butter Babies.

Flannery McCoy: Yeah but right now she needs to focus on what matters right now and that’s a match against an opponent that should definitely not be slept on. After such a humiliating beat down by Veena and Charlie, Serena has to get back on track or else she might not even make it to Reckless Wiring to compete against them!

Jake Mercer: Well Mr. DEDEDE did say she handed in her 2 weeks notice, I hope that isn’t true. :lupe: 

(After Stephie’s announcement, ‘Surfin” gets cut off as ‘ME’ by Taylor Swift ft. Brenden Urie blasts through the speakers. Veena Adams makes her way out to the stage with a smirk on her face as she looks towards Serena. Serena is obviously angered seeing her make her way down to the ring but she has to continue to focus on her match as Veena makes her way around the ring. She takes a chair as she unfolds it and takes a seat at ringside, crossing her legs as ‘ME’ fades out, Veena simply there to watch the match with a smirk on her face as she does)

Stew-O: Speak of the devil.

Flannery McCoy: Well there Veena comes now as it’s clear I think she’s out here for multiple reasons. Of course her uncle is in singles competition, and to see her competition up close and personal, and it wouldn’t be a shocker if she put her hands into the match as well for all I know. It’s definitely going to be an interesting factor for Serena with Veena at ringside to focus on as well.

Jake Mercer: Well Serena is competent, she knows when and where to get the job done in that ring and that’s now. I have complete faith that she’ll do just that in this match.

(‘Value’ by A$AP Ferg plays up to loud cheers from the virtual crowd as billows of smoke emancipated from the stage. Coming out from the smoke is none other than Mr. DEDEDE as he struts out with a big smirk on his face, focusing in on the ring. He scans the crowd for a quick moment before he makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring with, as always, an aura of confidence as he does so)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… residing in The Ryan Adams estate of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic…weighing in at 218 pounds… THE GAWD… MR. DEDEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well last week for the Chairman was eventful. He confirmed his match against Jake Smith at Reckless Wiring and also brought the power in his hands by introducing Mr. DEDEDE’s Choice as a match option for their match, which we know has to be a favorite amongst the EAW Universe as they vote for the Reckless Wiring match types. 

Flannery McCoy: Definitely and now he moves onto the go-home show where he looks to make a statement against a former World Champion. I think he knows that Jake Smith and Insurgency are watching closely and he’s making sure that he himself sends a message like they’ve apparently been doing tonight!

Jake Mercer: Well of course, he’s the founder of Gawdcoin! This man is a genius and can do anything with ease. Of course as he’s not as good as our almighty savior Lethal Consequences, but he’ll suffice for now I swear! All hail Gawd!

(DEDEDE slides into the ring as he looks around with a smirk before jumping up to his feet and making his way up the turnbuckles and to the top rope. He raises both of his arms in the air as the crowd continues to cheer for him before he jumps off and makes his way towards his corner. He takes off his entrance gear and gets ready for the match as ‘Value’ fades out and the ref signals for the bell from there)


Stew-O: Here we go as this highly anticipated match is underway-






(‘Value’ plays up as the crowd is completely in shock after what they’ve just seen. Mr. DEDEDE immediately gets up to his feet and looks down at Serena, not even breaking a sweat in this match as he sighs before the ref makes his way over and raises his hand high in victory. The camera cuts over to Veena Adams at ringside, she’s cracking up as she nearly falls out of her chair in laughter after what she just witnessed. DEDEDE makes his way up to the top rope as he throws his arms in the air, obviously basking in the moment as he continues his celebration)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner… MR. DEDEDE!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Wow…

Stew-O: I think that’s the perfect reaction to what we just saw right now Jake. DEDEDE laying waste to a former Universal Women’s Champion in a matter of minutes, we know DEDEDE is good, but we didn’t expect him to shake off someone like Serena Bennett that quickly.

Flannery McCoy: And you have to wonder what Veena Adams at ringside, and Charlie Marr somewhere else are feeling about this. Seeing their Reckless Wiring opponent being manhandled so easily, it’s not looking so good for the Shea Butter Babies if you ask me-







(Serena screams in pain as the EMTs hold Veena back as she looks at her work with a pleased look on her face. She’s not leaving just yet though as she rolls out of the ring and takes a mic from ringside and rolls back in, looking down at Serena and shaking her head. After a bit, she begins to speak as the crowd absolutely showers her in boos)

Veena Adams: Let’s cut the bullshit right here and be blunt. After the atrocious effort I’ve seen here from one-half of my opponents at Reckless Wiring I feel the need to do this, so let’s not beat around the bush. Serena Bennett, YOU’RE FIRED! Your services are obviously no longer needed, ESPECIALLY on my roster. All you’ve done these last few weeks and hell dare I say your entire time here, has been taking up fucking space and I’ve had it up to here with that bullshit.

Veena Adams: So it’s clear you won’t be at Reckless Wiring even if you had the choice, so that match is out the window. So lets make a few changes while we’re out here, and make it a much better match without the need of garbage like you. At Reckless Wiring, Charlie Marr will be absolutely decimating your sHea ButTer BaBy, Visual Prophet, in singles competition. So pack your bags and fuck off Serena. 

(‘ME’ plays up as Veena watches Serena get stretchered out, too in pain to react to anything as Veena smirks, throwing her hands up in the air as the boos continue to rain down in the World 1 Theatre. Mr. DEDEDE is seen on the outside as he smirks, seeming proud as he makes his way to the backstage area. The last shot seen is Veena yelling down at Serena as she’s being carried out of the ring as Dynasty fades out to commercial break)

(A commercial for Health Insurance featuring the entire Elite Answers Wrestling roster)

(Dynasty comes back from commercial break to the backstage of the World 1 Theatre. The virtual crowd cheers as Adam Lucas is seen in the locker room minding his business, mostly because he doesn’t have a match this week. He’s on his phone before the door opens and he turns towards it, and his mood instantly changes. He tenses up as Komatsu Ogawa is seen entering the locker room with a look full of sorrow on his face as he makes his way towards Adam which confuses him for a good bit, but at the same time he’s appalled. Adam stands up and stands across from Ogawa as he begins to speak)

Adam Lucas: So let me ask you this before you get any closer what, what gives you the gall to approach me? Especially without MITSU, sorry, your “master” to have your back and absolutely nowhere to be found, it’s not the brightest idea considering what the two of you have been doing recently.

(Ogawa doesn’t retaliate back as he hears what Adam has to say and nods slowly. He looks up, serious and apologetic as he responds)

Komatsu Ogawa: MITSUBACHI unfortunately is not here, temporarily, or quite possibly, permanently…

(Adam raises his eyebrow, even more confused than before upon hearing that)

Adam Lucas: What are you on about?

Komatsu Ogawa: MITSUBACHI took a trip back to Japan, of course, to gain some insight from his Sensei in preparation for such a grand match, that he *was* going to win. Unfortunately he ended up realizing that he wasn’t going to make it back to the United States in time due to COVID-19 related flight restrictions. Which means sadly, if one things for certain, MITSUBACHI will not be back in the States in time for Reckless Wiring…

(Adam closes his eyes upon hearing that. He knows exactly what this means, there’s a high possibility that the PURE Championship Number One Contendership match is completely called off. He’s pissed because an opportunity to finally “earn it” and get a shot at the PURE Championship has once again been ruined. He opens his eyes and nods slowly before looking up towards Ogawa)

Adam Lucas: I understand- 


Flannery McCoy: I don’t blame him! He’s taking out his frustrations right now because his match at Reckless Wiring is in jeopardy! As he throws Ogawa right out of the locker room! Ogawa crawling away for dear life trying to escape, especially since this wasn’t what he was anticipating to come out of this interaction with Adam! AS ADAM RUNS FORWARD AND PUNTS OGAWA RIGHT IN HIS SKULL IN PURE ANGER! LOOK AT THE RAGE THAT ADAM LUCAS IS SHOWCASING RIGHT NOW! HE CLEARLY IS NOT HAPPY ABOUT THE NEWS HE’S HEARD AND IS VENTING IT OUT RIGHT NOW!

Jake Mercer: And Adam is not done now as he grabs Ogawa and is dragging him towards a dumpster that we have at the arena! AND LOOK! POP-UP POWERBOMB SLAMMING OGAWA INTO THE FRONT OF IT! AS ADAM DUMPS HIM INTO THE DUMPSTER! ADAM HAS COMPLETELY LAID WASTE TO KOMATSU OGAWA!

(Adam is absolutely seething at this point as he turns and makes his way throughout the backstage hallway. Looking around as it’s clear he’s looking for one person to sort this out and make things right)


???: Whoa whoa whoa…

(Adam is stopped in his tracks as the crowd cheers even more for Mr. DEDEDE who steps into the frame. He holds his hands up with a smirk on his face meaning no harm as he begins to of course, calm him down. Adam goes to a more calmed look at he looks towards DEDEDE as he begins to speak)

Mr. DEDEDE: You got a little match debacle at Reckless Wiring? Well I think you and I need to come up with a solution for this, don’t we? Being the Revolutionary genius I am, inventor of Gawdcoin, Chairman of Elite Answers Wrestling, you know, all that jazz, I could toot my horn all day. And seeming that MITSUBACHI has automatically forfeit due to being unable to show up to the Free-Per-View after being stuck in his native homelands. Being Gawd, I’ll give you another opportunity, but none of that earning shit, you and I already know that you’ve done enough to earn it these past few weeks, and that’s saying a lot coming from me. So I’m giving you the opportunity to enter into the PURE Championship match at Reckless Wiring and make it a, let’s see, a triple threat match for the title. 

(DEDEDE smirks as the crowd pops for this massive Reckless Wiring announcement. He’s about to turn around and walk away, before he looks towards Adam one more time)

Mr. DEDEDE: And I absolutely despise triple threats, so it shows just how much I believe in you. 

(After feeling the need to add that on, DEDEDE turns around and makes his leave from there, as Adam looks on with a big smirk on his face as he does so. Which it the last shot seen before Dynasty from there, fades out to elsewhere)

(The camera transitions back to the World 1 Theatre as from there, ‘The Day’ by Porno Graffitti plays as the team of Hikari Kanno, and Miku Sakai aka IDOL-GUN come out to the top of the stage holding their Unified Tag Team Championships in the up high in the air to display for all; before giving the camera a wink, and make their way down to the ring. Miku starts skipping all around the ring, as Hikari just rolls right in looking for a mic) 

Stephie Love: Please welcome to the ring, the Unified Tag Team Champions.. IDOL-GUUUNNN!!! 

Jake Mercer: Who? 

Flannery McCoy: For the love of God, the Unified Tag Team Champions.. IDOL-GUN! Are you a daft fool? 

Jake Mercer: So I’m not having an aneurysm actually there are two of — OW !! 

(Miku Sakai punches Jake Mercer in the face as he drops out of his chair. She stands over him and takes a hold of his mouth, before opening it, and spitting inside. A smile comes across her face, as she skips into the ring with two microphones)

Flannery McCoy: Get what you deserve.. 

Jake Mercer: I.. I think I’m in love… 

Stew-O: These two have quite the hectic schedule nowadays, as tomorrow they are in singles competition at Showdowns FPV Under Siege! Hikari Kanno will be going one on one versus Jon Kelton, as Miku Sakai will be taking on Conseula Rose Ava, respectively. 

Flannery McCoy: And let’s not forget that they must defend their titles the week after against Insurgency the week after! I don’t remember the last time a tag team was so sought after.. But it looks like they have something to say, so let’s hear it. 

Hikar Kannoi: Shock Value has come, and gone, and to IDOL-GUN there was no shock value in what happened. For as long as we’ve been in EAW we do nothing but keep promises, and as you can see we stand here, STILL your Unified Tag Team Champions. We stand as the sole pillar of the Tag Team Division, and we have yet to encounter a team that can match us with skill in any way, shape, or form. The “team” if you even have the audacity to call it that, of Kensington and Holly was nothing more than a sham, and a waste of time. It was an embarrassment for us to even have to get in the ring with them, but also to put our titles on the line? Pathetic. There was no need for that, but EAW needs to squeeze all the money they can from us, so we do what we must. 

Miku Sakai: Seriously, is it clear to everyone just how bad EAW needed, and still needs IDOL-GUN?? No IDOL-GUN that match gets a grand total of 0 viewers. With IDOL-GUN pervs everywhere are hoping for a nip slip, or tear down the pant line so they can see some ass at LEAST! Then these simps jaws drop to the floor! They don’t understand that IDOL-GUN is more than just good looks, and a dominant personality. We are fantastic fucking wrestlers! We are the picture perfect Elitist, and EAW is taking full advantage of that right now. But you don’t see us drifting apart going to separate brands; we travel as a pack. IDOL-GUN is attached to the hip, and you will never see another team more in sync than us! JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE EAT YOUR HEART OUT! You know we draw them in with good looks, and then they get even more amazed than they ever expected. Shock Value, was nothing more than a waste of time, and honestly don’t see how any other team in EAW could be anything different! All these teams, are utter trash! TRASH! 

Hikari Kanno: OMG Miku you’re so right! With all the demand for IDOL-GUN, and with us coming through every single time we’re called to action; I don’t think there’s any doubt anymore. We are the best Unified Tag Team Champions this company has seen.. In a very long time.. Look I know this decade just started, but you might as well just start engraving that plaque for Tag Team of the Decade for IDOL-GUN right now; because we’re not stopping any time soon. What other tag team can say that they have wrestled 3 straight FPV’s in a row as we are doing now? Name one.. You can’t, because we’re the only ones that could pull something of that magnitude off. You know other teams would take it easy, other teams would bitch and moan about it not being fair. But fuck it; we don’t care. We know who we are, and we’re not afraid of proving it every single week; and we know just how important we are to the success of EAW, so we do what we must. So whether it’s Kensington and Holly, who we beat. Or Consuela and Jon Kelton, who we will beat tomorrow.. Or the reason why we’re here to begin with. 

Miku Sakai: Right; you know being super famous globally we have a lot of people that just SUUUUCCCKKKK following us all the time. If you’re watching at home, I’m talking about you. But these people just are obsessed with us, and they can’t leave us alone. Now that we’re the Unified Tag Team Champions, it’s become even worse! To a point that I didn’t even think we could get to. It’s like if you think the uber creepy stalking has hit its peak; just wait, and it’ll get worse. These fucking simps are the worst, and I would like nothing more than to punch each and every single one of you in the balls, and dick reapetedly.. 


Flannery McCoy: You’re pathetic.. 

Jake Mercer: Sigh shut up Flannery, it’s only hot when they say it. 

Miku Sakai: You’re all pathetic, and normally we have the security to help deter pieces of shit like you from actually getting to us; but not during Shock Value, I guess they figured we were safe. And honestly if we didn’t just get done wrestling a whole ass match, it would’ve been no problem. 

Hikari Kanno: But the fact of the matter is.. We know that you.. Maxwell, and Donovan Duke.. Got a little too excited to be so close to your dream girls, but keep your disgusting crusty ass hands to yourself. Let me give you direct orders, and this is coming from one of your Queens so you should behave accordingly. Don’t fucking touch us ever again, you disgusting wastes of cum. You have no right to be in the same ring as us, and I find it disrespectful that you had the audacity to THINK that it was ever ok. You need a written out note asking permission, and it has to go through the proper channels to be approved of something of the sort. But, be that as it may, you crossed the line and now you must be punished. We can’t allow simps like you to get out of line, and go unpunished because then what is the message that we’re going to be sending to everyone else? We must set a precedent right here, and now that it will not be tolerated. But Miku and I have been talking, and we have come to the conclusion that you need to be slapped around. You need to be embarrassed. So what better way to embarrass you than to take away something that was never yours in the first place? 

Miku Sakai: You boys.. Little children, think that you’re capable of taking our titles? We want to strip that illusion from your mind, and make you see yourselves for the bottom feeding worms that you are. So you got your match at Reckless Wiring, for the Unified Tag Team Championships. But make no mistake, the two unmemorable members of the least memorable MAGA loving team in EAW history, have no chance against us. This is an ez pz dub for IDOL-GUN. 

(‘Morning Glory’ by Oasis starts up as Donovan Duke, and Maxwell walk out onto the stage. They’re overreacting like they were hurt by what IDOL-GUN said, as they stop at the top of the stage; and pretend to console one another.)

Maxwell: *sniff* You hear that Donovan? We’re nothing but simps that deserve to get beat up.. 

Donovan Duke: *sniff* Not only that, but we don’t deserve a shot at the Unified Tag Team Championships.. They’re just giving us a shot to “embarrass us”.. Their words.. Cut like a knife.. Listen hear you two stuck up bitches; we are a part of the biggest group in EAW today, and possibly in history. We already have the PURE Championship, and it’s only a matter of time before Insurgency takes control of the Tag Team Division. You are on borrowed time, this isn’t going to end well for you. Keep talking like you know who we are, and what we bring to the table, because from what I’m hearing, you don’t know shit. If it wasn’t for us coming out, and beating the ever living shit out of you after your match at Shock Value, you wouldn’t even be having any challenge at all. So you’re the ones that should be thanking us.

Maxwell: We are the most dangerous group in all of EAW. We have had more of an impact than the two of you ever will; and we just need the gold to complete what we already know. We are the best tag team in EAW, not you. You’re welcome for being the only tag team in EAW that actually matters by the way.. I don’t know if you know this but no one actually watched your last match. This time though? At Reckless Wiring, people will actually get to see you. Not only see you, but have the opportunity to shut your bitch ass mouths once and for all. Hopefully we swell your mouths, and jaws so bad you won’t ever get to talk again! 

(Hikari and Miku slowly turn to each other with confused faces, before falling on the ground laughing) 


(Miku starts standing up trying to catch her breath)

Miku Sakai: Who… Who in the actual fuck.. Even are you two???? I thought we were calling out the other ones.. 

Hikari Kanno: No no Miku, that’s Limmy, and the leader Jake.. These two carry the bags. You know that’s awful big talk for two guys that haven’t had an original thought in their lives. Remember when you guys “fucked up EAW’s HQ, and DDD’s office?” What happened that day? Nah, don’t answer because I’ll tell you. Jake told you what to do, and like the naive little sheep you are, you did exactly what he told you to do. This match, with you? Not even a blip on our radar. Everyone knows Insurgency is Jake, and Limmy, and the other two that follow along. Though you might be the biggest threat yet, your competition is a team that never even tagged before. 

Miku Sakai: Why don’t you two go run along and get your noms from Jakes tits. I know it’s probably been a long grueling day of actually talking on camera for the first time; I’m sure you two are all tuckered out. What’s worse you chose to actually make gigantic fools out of yourselves on national television voluntarily. You had your big shot of actually proving you matter, and then said FUCK IT! And did the complete opposite. You’re just worthless simps looking for a handout, and lucky for you you got a handout. But it won’t result in what you want; it will just prolong the idiodic hope that you have, which will soon die out. 

(Donovan and Maxwell give each other a look) 

Donovan Duke: Yeah? Let’s find out then.. 

(Donovan and Maxwell start making their way down the ramp, and IDOL-GUN start preparing for a fight.. But once they get down to the ring they stop, and start backing up) 

Donovan Duke: Naw, you know what? Not even worth our time.

Maxwell: Don’t want to give any spoilers to what will happen at Reckless Wiring.. We’ll be seeing you.. 

(Donovan and Maxwell start making their way back up the ramp with smug looks on their faces; as IDOL-GUN just roll their eyes, and pick their titles back up as ‘Morning Glory’ blasts through the speakers once again) 

Jake Mercer: How dare these fools take aim at the Queens of EAW.

Flannery McCoy: You didn’t even know who they were until like 10 minutes ago! 

Jake Mercer: And now my world will never be the same.. 

Stew-O: It sure looks like this little rivalry is getting a little heated! Can’t wait for their match at Reckless Wiring! We’ll be right back! 

(A commercial for switchblades starring Limmy Monaghan, who is possibly borderline unstable after the Reckless Wiring announcement)

(Dynasty fades back to ringside, and ‘Don Life’ By Big Sean feat. Lil Wayne hits as Stephie Love is seen standing in the center of the ring. The Visual Prophet begins making his way out to the stage, and as usual the virtual crowd begins cheering as loud as they can for the former World Heavyweight Champion. Viz walks down the ramp and towards the ring, still clearly unhappy following Veena Adams and Charlie Marr’s actions last week and what recently happened regarding the Mr. DEDEDE versus Serena Bennett match.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen… The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first…. Residing in Engadine, Michigan…. Weighing in at 265 pounds….. TTTTHHHEEEE VVVIIISSSSUUUUAAALLLLL PPPRROOOPPPHHHEETTT!!!!

Stew-O: Last week it looked like we were supposed to see a Game Show with the Shea Butter Babies and the alliance of Charlie Marr and Veena Adams, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Not only that, but it looked like Veena and Charlie actually attacked Serena Bennett. :lupe:

Jake Mercer: That’s right, and if it didn’t get any worse! Serena was just fired after her match against DEDEDE by Veena Adams! But I believe in the Visual Prophet and I’m sure that he’ll get right back on track and avenge his fellow Shea Butter Baby next week at Reckless Wiring! Serena’s been fired, but the spirit of my brethren still fights on!

Flannery McCoy: Well this week on Dynasty Viz is facing someone he’s actually pinned in the past in Limmy Monaghan, the PURE Champion! He may not be getting revenge this week, but he can definitely get another great victory under his belt.

(As the Visual Prophet remains in the ring, ‘attack ON titan’ by Hiroyuki Sawano hits. The virtual crowd begins booing as loud as they can as Limmy Monaghan begins walking out to the stage with the PURE Championship around his waist. He makes his way down the ramp, and as he eventually enters the ring he takes off the Championship and holds it up in the air.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent…. Residing in Beverly Hills, California….. Weighing in at 211 pounds… HE IS THE EAW PURE CHAMPION, LLLLIIIIMMMYYYYY MMMMOONNNNAAAAGGGHHAAANNNN!!!!!

Stew-O: And here’s the PURE Champion himself! For weeks it looked like we’d be seeing Limmy Monaghan versus Chris Elite for the PURE Champion, but it appears that things may be going a little differently now!

Jake Mercer: That’s right! Instead we’ll be seeing Limmy Monaghan versus Chris Elite versus Adam Lucas, and you’ve gotta wonder how Limmy feels right now. This man has a lot on his plate at Reckless Wiring.

Flannery McCoy: He has a lot on his plate TONIGHT! He’s facing the Visual Prophet after all. 

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stew-O: And here we go! This match is underway as both Limmy Monaghan and the Visual Prophet begin to circle the ring! We saw these two compete in a triple threat featuring Andre Walker which Viz won. Will things be different this time around now that Andre isn’t a factor? 

Jake Mercer: Only time can answer that question, Stew. These are two very talented Elitists and I’d imagine both have chips on their shoulders after what happened to Serena Bennett last week and the chance to the PURE Championship match. The two now finally locking up-


(The sound of boxes falling and someone screaming is heard, causing both Elitists to look around. Finally, the Visual Prophet looks up at the stage as the screen lights up to a horrific sight. Charlie Marr had just thrown the Beloved Brother Dr. Angelo D’Angelo into multiple boxes that were stacked against a wall. Veena Adams is with him, and as Charlie picks the Beloved Brother up she begins punching away at him. Veena and Charlie both grab onto Dr. Angelo D’Angelo, before finally they throw him into a wall. The Visual Prophet is forced to watch in horror as Charlie hands Veena Adams a steel chair before pulling the Beloved Brother up once again, allowing Veena to swing the chair into Dr. Angelo’s stomach. The virtual crowd boos as loud as they can at the sick sight, but there’s nothing they can do as Veena and Charlie continue their attack.)


Jake Mercer: They’re destroying Dr. Angelo D’Angelo right now! Come on! First it was Serena Bennett, now Dr. Angelo D’Angelo! This isn’t right!

(The Visual Prophet immediately rolls out of the ring, and quickly begins making his way up the ramp in an attempt to stop the attack going on backstage.)

Flannery McCoy: Viz is making his way up the ramp, and I don’t blame him! This needs to end, some things are more important than-


Jake Mercer: Limmy Monaghan is dragging Viz back into the ring before rolling him back inside, and I don’t think he’s content with just some count out victory! We just saw Dr. Angelo D’Angelo being attacked backstage but Limmy doesn’t seem to care at all! He’s using this as an opportunity to get the upper hand on Viz and so far it’s working!

Flannery McCoy: BLADE OF INSURGENCE!!! AS SOON AS THE VISUAL PROPHET GOT BACK TO HIS FEET LIMMY DROPPED HIM WITH THE BLADE OF INSURGENCE! Viz is down and out guys! Limmy Monaghan has this match won, but I don’t think he’s finished just yet!





(Ding! Ding! Ding!)


Stew-O: Limmy Monaghan just made quick work of the Visual Prophet!

Jake Mercer: Woah woah woah, we can’t just ignore what Viz was forced to watch before the match! That wasn’t exactly fair, but either way Limmy managed to get the victory faster than any of us could have imagined!

Flannery McCoy: Limmy capitalized off of Viz trying to save Dr. Angelo from Charlie and Veena’s attack, that’s all. They threw Viz off his game and Limmy did exactly what he should have. Congratulations Limmy!

Stew-O: I hate to say it, but that’s true. Limmy had an opening and he took it. There’s nothing more to really say there, other than hopefully Viz is able to redeem himself-



Stew-O: The PURE Champion is down! Limmy Monaghan is holding his jaw after being hit with the springboard uppercut, and I have to wonder. Is this the sight we’ll see at Reckless Wiring? Is Chris Elite going to become the new PURE Champion-

(Before Stew could finish, ‘You Know My Name’ by Chris Cornell hits, and Adam Lucas begins running down the ramp.)



Stew-O: AND NOW CHRIS ELITE RUNS IN AND STARTS PUNCHING AWAY AT ADAM! Adam and Chris are going after each other now, going back and forth punching away at each other! Things have fallen apart here and if this is what’s happening now, what’s going to happen during the PURE Championship match at Reckless Wiring!? 


Flannery McCoy: Chris charges after Limmy- BUT LIMMY IMMEDIATELY GRABS THE PURE CHAMPIONSHIP AND ROLLS UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE! Limmy just left the ring and began backpedaling up the ramp, and the Champion seems to have a smile on his face!

Stew-O: Of course he does. He just beat the Visual Prophet in record time, and he just avoided what seemed to be a brawl between all of the PURE Championship match competitors! 

Jake Mercer: This match is definitely going to be can’t miss at Reckless Wiring. That’s one thing I know for sure.

(As Adam Lucas gets back to his feet and Chris Elite stares a hole in the Champion, Limmy Monaghan holds up his PURE Championship. ‘attack ON titan’ begins playing once again as the Champion continues making his way up the ramp, leaving both of his challengers unsatisfied knowing the personal hatred they have for him. Finally, Dynasty begins fading away from ringside.)

(A commercial for stocks is shown starring Lethal Consequences as he teaches the ways although out the Land of Elite, investing in everything but Gawdcoin)

(‘M3tamorphosis’ by Playboi Carti ft. Kid Cudi hits, as Impact steps out onto the stage to boos. Impact marches his way down the entrance ramp and towards the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is set for ONE FALL!! And it is your Dynasty Main Event of the evening!! Introducing first! From Seattle, Washington.. Weighing in at 221lbs!! THE MOST WATCHED CHAMPION IN HISTORY!! IMPACT!!!

Stew-O: Here comes Impact! He’s been issuing invitational matches just like the one he’s competing in tonight. Andre Walker will be one hell of an opponent for him, but the match i’m looking most forward to is his match against Drake King at Reckless Wiring where they can fight in an iron man, hardcore, or a nail hell death match!!

(‘GATTI’ by JACKBOYS and Pop Smoke hits, as Andre Walker steps out onto the stage. The crowd cheers on the New Breed Champion as he has his New Breed Championship wrapped around his shoulder. He raises his title up into the air as he struts his way down to the ring.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent.. From Brooklyn, New York.. Weighing in at 205lbs.. HE IS THE EAW NEW BREED CHAMPION!! The Intuition.. ANDRE WALKER!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Here comes Andre Walker who will see the up and coming Johnny Airhart at Reckless Wiring with his New Breed Championship on the line. A victory over Impact will be huge for the champion as he looks to build momentum heading into his title match!


Stew-O: There’s the bell and this Impact Invitational Match has just begun! It’s main event time for the final Friday Night Dynasty before Reckless Wiring! Impact is the first to strike with a forearm shot that catches Andre Walker right across the face!! Walker responds with a swift kick to the side of the calf, but again it’s Impact that fires away with a forearm shot that sends Andre falling back against the side ropes! Impact shakes out his leg quickly before stepping up to Andre against the ropes.. AND IMPACT DELIVERS A KNIFE EDGE CHOP STRAIGHT ACROSS THE CHEST OF THE REIGNING NEW BREED CHAMPION!! The sound of that chop easily echoes throughout the arena, as Impact raises his hand up.. AND STRIKES ANDRE WALKER ONCE MORE WITH A KNIFE EDGE CHOP!! Andre is definitely feeling that one, as we can clearly see that it took the air out of the champ! Impact doesn’t allow any breathing time for Andre though, as he quickly grabs his wrists, and whips him to the far ropes at the other end of the ring!! Andre hits the ropes, bounces back.. LARIAT BY IMPACT!! No!! Andre ducks underneath the arm and gets from behind Impact!! Impact turns around.. PELE KICK TO THE HEAD BY ANDRE!!! That kick stuns the Hall of Famer and has him groggily stepping back! Walker gets back up to his feet now, and charges towards the ropes! He rebounds back towards Impact.. BUT GETS HIT BY A RUNNING KNEE TO THE FACE BY IMPACT!!!

Flannery McCoy: That shot sends Andre Walker straight to the canvas of the ring as he clutches his head in pain. Meanwhile, we can see Impact leaning up against the side ropes, as he also grabs at his head in pain. I guess he’s still feeling that pele kick, but he was in a desperation situation, so that running knee out of nowhere was huge! Impact turns his head over his shoulder and stares back at the hurt Andre Walker. A smirk grows on the face of the Hall of Famer, as he turns around and makes his way towards the New Breed Champion.. STOMP TO THE BODY BY IMPACT!! ANOTHER STOMP!! AND ANOTHER!!! All of these stomps are landing directly at the sternum of Andre Walker! This is making it hard for the champion to breathe, and it’s definitely not a comfortable feeling.. Impact finally stops, as Andre clutches at his midsection. The Hall of Famer now runs to the side ropes and springs back.. FLIGHT SIGHTS!!! IT’S THE LIONSAULT BY IMPACT!!!

Stew-O: Nobody home!!! Andre Walker rolled out of the way just in time, as Impact crashes chest first down onto the canvas of the ring!! Walker gets back up to his feet, as the momentum from that landing forces Impact in an upright position on his knees.. AND ANDRE WALKER WITH A SOCCER LIKE KICK STRAIGHT TO THE CHEST OF IMPACT!! ANOTHER!!! AND ANOTHER!! Andre is literally giving us a perfect look at what batting practice would like if his foot was the bat, Impact’s body was the ball, and he was hitting home runs! This definitely doesn’t feel good at all for the Hall of Famer, as he clutches at his chest. Andre Walker now steps behind Impact who’s still in an upright kneeling position.. AND ANDRE WALKER DELIVERS A LOW SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD THAT DROPS IMPACT STRAIGHT DOWN TO THE RING MAT!! Impact did not see that coming, and he’s hurting bad!

Jake Mercer: The most watched champion in history tries to work back up to his hands and knees, but Andre Walker with a hard stomp down onto the middle of Impact’s back that sends him flat to the canvas!! Another stomp by Andre! And another! Andre Walker now lifts Impact back up to his feet and whips him to the ropes! Impact rebounds back.. SPIN KICK TO THE ABDOMEN BY ANDRE WALKER!! Impact bends over and clutches at his stomach in pain!! Andre quickly runs to the side ropes and steps out onto the ring apron! He grabs the ropes and springs himself back inside of the ring.. SLINGSHOT DDT CONNECTS BY ANDRE WALKER AS HE PLANTS IMPACT FACE INTO THE MAT! Andre hooks the legs!!




Flannery McCoy: And there’s the kickout by Impact!! Andre quickly gets back up to his feet and stomps down onto the chest of Impact before bringing his opponent up to his feet as well. Andre with a quick chop to the chest! Then he follows up with a kick to the side of the leg! Andre now grabs Impact by the wrist and whips him towards the side ropes! Impact hits the ropes and bounces back.. Wait no!! Impact keeps hold of the top ropes to prevent himself from rebounding towards Andre!! Andre notices this and charges in at Impact.. BUT IMPACT BACK BODY DROPS ANDRE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND DOWN TO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!! That one had to hurt!! Andre is clutching at his lower back in pain, as a smile grows onto the face of Impact. The Hall of Famer steps out of the ring and onto the ring apron as he stares down at Andre Walker. Impact steps off the ring apron and gets down to the ringside floor where he grabs Andre by the head and hair. He pulls Andre in between his legs, then lifts him high in the air in a power bomb position!! This isn’t looking good for Andre right now, as Impact… POWERBOMBS ANDRE RIGHT INTO THE THINLY PADDED RINGSIDE FLOOR!!! Impact keeps his grip on Andre.. AND LIFTS HIM UP BEFORE SLAMMING HIM DOWN ONCE MORE WITH A SECOND BRUTAL POWERBOMB!!

Referee: One.. Two.. Three..

Stew-O: Andre is down, but Impact quickly slaps at his head before grabbing him, and bringing him up to his feet. Impact with an irish whip that sends Andre crashing into the barricade that surrounds the ring!! Andre is hurt, but that isn’t stopping Impact as he charges in and delivers another massive knife edge chop!! ANOTHER!! AND ANOTHER!!! Impact backs away as the referee has just gotten up to a count of six!! Impact charges in.. RUNNING KNEE TO THE FACE BY IMPACT ONTO ANDRE AGAINST THE BARRICADE!!!

Flannery McCoy: NO!! Andre Walker side steps, as Impact’s leg goes over the barricade!! His other leg stays on the other side as he sits in a very uncomfortable position!!

Jake Mercer: The family jewels are definitely feeling that one right now. Might even be a little bruised, but Impact has been known as the white mamba for a reason!! The family jewels can take the pain!!

Flannery McCoy: Just stop Jak-

Stew-O: AND ANDRE WALKER CONNECTS WITH A PELE KICK TO THE HEAD OF IMPACT!!! Impact drops down inside the barricade and down to the ringside floor, as Andre rises back up to his feet. Andre slides back into the ring as the referee gets to a count of eight!!! Impact slowly gets back up to his feet and works his way towards the ring to beat the count.. BUT IT’S ANDRE WALKER WITH A TOP CON HILO THAT CRUSHES IMPACT AT RINGSIDE!! WHAT A MOVE BY THE NEW BREED CHAMPION!!! Andre pops up to his feet and yells out to this virtual crowd as they begin to cheer loudly for the fan favorite!! Andre quickly lifts Impact back up to his feet and slides him right back into the ring! Andre follows and grabs Impact. What is he thinking right now? He has his arms wrapped around Impact’s body while Impact is down on his hands and knees.. He lifts him up.. GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB BY ANDRE WALKER!!! IT CONNECTS AND IMPACT MAY HAVE JUST BEEN BROKEN IN HALF!! Walker hooks the legs!!




Jake Mercer: Another kickout by Impact!!

Stew-O: Andre Walker has been close on multiple occasions. He’s kept this fast paced and athletic offense that has kept Impact on his toes, but the Hall of Famer has incredible resilience and can take a lot of pain and punishment inside of that ring. Andre gets back up to his feet, and grabs Impact by the head before bringing him up to his feet as well. Irish whip to the corner by Andre!!! He sends Impact crashing into the turnbuckles!! Andre now charges in and goes for a running lariat in the corner!! NO!!! IMPACT WITH AN ELBOW TO THE FACE OF ANDRE WALKER!! Andre ran straight into that one as his body gets turned all the way around!! Impact gets from behind Andre.. AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A BULLDOG!! Andre’s face may have just broken right then and there!! Impact slowly gets back up to his feet, then steps over the body of Walker! What’s this!?!? It’s the cobra clutch!! THE MILLENIAL INCARCERATION HAS BEEN APPLIED ON ANDRE WALKER AS IMPACT PULLS BACK ON HIS HEAD AND NECK!! Impact keeps a tight grip as he keeps pressure on Walker’s lower back as well!! Andre is trying to fight out of this, but he’s got nowhere to go!! He’s fighting the pain, but again it’s Impact who continues to wrench on his body. Trying to break the heart and soul of his opponent right now!! Andre isn’t giving up though!! He’s still fighting and there’s determination in his eyes!! He just has nowhere to go! Nowhere to move! AND IMPACT RELEASES THE COBRA CLUTCH AND PRESSES ANDRE’S FACE RIGHT DOWN TO THE MAT FROM BEHIND!!

Flannery McCoy: Impact gets back up to a standing position as Andre is still down. I guess he didn’t want to win the match right there, and instead wanted to beat Andre a different way. From the looks of it, Andre’s willpower wasn’t going to let himself tap out to Impact, so this may have been a smart move by the Hall of Famer. A cocky move, but a smart move. Impact walks around towards the legs of Walker. He grabs them, and steps over.. WALLS OF IMPACT!!! WALLS OF IMPACT ARE LOCKED IN RIGHT NOW IN THE CENTER OF THE RING!! Now this is a totally different feel, as it looks like Andre is in excruciating pain!! His face looks as if he is freaking out and he’s desperate to get out!! Impact continues to wrench back and looks as if he’s about to snap Andre’s body in half!! But Andre keeps fighting the pain!! He isn’t giving up!! Impact sits over him and pulls at his legs with all of his might as he tries to get the New Breed Champion to tap!! BUT LOOK!! Andre is now army crawling his way towards the bottom ropes!! He’s almost there!! He’s reaching.. BUT IMPACT BEGINS TO WALK THEM BACK TO THE CENTER OF THE RING!!

Stew-O: Wait no!! Look Flannery!! As Impact was stepping back towards the center of the ring with Andre’s legs in hand, Andre managed to free one of his legs!! And Andre breaks free from behind Impact!! Andre clutches at his lower back and uses the ring ropes to get back up to his feet! Andre turns around.. FIST OF FURY!!! RIGHT HANDED KNOCKOUT PUNCH BY IMPACT!!!


Stew-O: Impact turns around.. DARK FANTASY!!! THATS THE STUNNER BY ANDRE WALKER!!! Impact staggers back as he looks extremely groggy after that stunner!! Andre runs to the far ropes and bounces back towards Impact.. BICYCLE KICK BY ANDRE WALKER!! NO!! Impact side steps!! Andre turns his way.. EVISCERATION!! DOUBLE KNEE FACE BREAKER BY IMPACT CONNECTS AND HE DROPS DOWN FOR THE PIN ON ANDRE!!!





(‘M3tamorphosis’ by Playboi Carti ft. Kid Cudi hits, as Impact rises up to his feet and gets his hand raised. The virtual crowd boos heavily at his victory over their New Breed Champion.)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner.. IMPACT!!

Stew-O: Impact picks up yet another victory in this Impact Invitational as he continues to take names.

Flannery McCoy: Andre Walker is no joke. He’s a tough competitor, but tonight it was Impact who came away with the hard earned W.


(Myles and Minerva hop over the barricade from out of nowhere. They don’t look like they are at 100% after being exploded at Shock Value a week ago. However, Impact has no idea that they are in the area, as he has his hand raised up high with a smile on his face. Myles and Minerva slide into the ring behind the Hall of Famer. Myles steps closer to Impact and breathes heavily. Impact feels his breath, as his smile slowly turns into a face of concern. Impact slowly turns his head and sees Myles and Minerva.)

Stew-O: FOREARM SHOT TO THE HEAD BY MYLES!!! SAME FROM MINERVA!!! Impact drops down to the canvas of the ring, as Myles and Minerva begin to stomp down onto the Hall of Famer!! Impact is trying to find a way to escape, but they stomp him into a seated position in the corner!! Myles now begins firing away with punches onto the top of Impact’s head!! Over and over again it’s Myles who beats down the Hall of Famer!!!

(‘Taking a Stand’ by Henry Jackman hits, as Drake King steps out onto the stage and makes his way down the entrance ramp.)

Flannery McCoy: It’s Drake! Drake King is here! Impact’s opponent for Reckless Wiring!! He charges down to the ring and steps over to Impact. What is going on!? It looks like he is signaling Myles to restrain Impact! Myles follows the order and holds Impact up in a standing full nelson lock!! Drake smiles at this view then orders Minerva to do something as well.. What’s this!?! THE DARK! THE BLACK MIST FROM MINERVA’S MOUTH HAS BLINDED IMPACT!!! Impact is in so much pain right now, as Myles shoves Impact face first down onto the canvas of the ring! He’s holding Impact down as Impact can’t see a thing!! Drake charges at Impact.. AND CONNECTS WITH THE JUDGEMENT DAY CURB STOMP!!! IMPACT IS OUT COLD!!! IMPACT IS OUT COLD AND DRAKE KING CAN’T HELP BUT LAUGH!!!

Stew-O: These two are going to war in a week and I can’t help but acknowledge that Drake has all of the momentum heading into their match!! He’s taken down Impact and looks to do the exact same next week no matter what match gets picked!! But that’s Friday Night Dynasty for you all!! We’ll see you next week at Reckless Wiring where your votes determine the matches these Elitists Wrestle in!! Have a good night!

(The screen shows Drake King standing over the body of Impact. Beside him are Myles and Minerva who look heavily fatigued from Shock Value a week ago. But even with their injuries, nobody looks as broken as the man down on the canvas of the ring, Impact. The last shot is New Eden standing tall as from there, Dynasty fades to black)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by Matthew Graham

BREAKING NEWS: Two new matches announced for Reckless Wiring!

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