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Dynasty 12/6/19

(EAW Intro Plays.)

(A brief recap of the past week’s episode of Dynasty rolls. We see clips from the hostile interview that all six members of the extreme elimination chamber participated in. Newcomer SKA picking up a big win is shown. Angel De Plata Jr is shown via video package speaking on his heritage and his seeking of validation by challenging and defeating Osamu Arcichida soon. Arcichida is shown managing to defeat Mike Gambino in a competitive match. Angel De Plata Jr manages to beat National Extreme champ Lethal Consequences in the next match thanks to SOSA Henderson interfering. StarrStan is seen congratulating Angel before Osamu interrupts and both get into an argument. Arcichida blindsides and attacks him before spitting in the down and out man afterwards. New Breed champion Jenny Cien and Specialist Champion Darcy May Morgan have an incredible match ended abruptly by Universal Women’s champion Raven Roberts interfering and taking out Jenny Cien. We then watch as Impact and Cage team up to face Drake King and The Visual Prophet. Drake and Viz would go on to defeat both former World Champions as Impact and Cage couldn’t manage to find a way to work together. In the main event, we watch Kassidy Heart take on World Heavyweight Champion TLA in a very anticipated fight. Unfortunately, the finish was muddled as Drake King and Viz returned to distract, attack, and screw Kassidy before dragging TLA on to her to help him pick up the win. Afterwards, Drake and Prophet jump the champion and the referee before Viz found himself holding the World championship with his eyes fixated on it. Drake was not happy about this because he then decided to superkick Viz and then hit his Fallen Kingdom finisher onto him and onto the title before the show fades out.)

(As the recap fades out, fireworks explode and the shot of the crowd reveals a lively audience here in Montreal, Quebec. The Bell Centre is live as we see fans across the building in various Cage merch from his entire run in EAW. We see a few “Baddies Only” sweatshirts and even a fellow in a Ronan Malosi sweater before we pan to the announcers table and hear the usual team speak.)

Flannery McCoy: Welcome everybody, happy to bring this week episode of Friday Night Dynasty live from inside The Bell Centre where we will have one of the biggest shows of the year! 9 days away from Road to Redemption, so much still has to be done and seen before we can prepare for the biggest show of the season thus far. I’m Flannery McCoy here to help chat things up and speak on all of the happenings here and around EAW. Along with me is the nuanced nuisance himself, the internet wrestling community’s heart and soul, Mr Jake Mercer.

Jake Mercer: What a beautiful introduction! Almost as beautiful as the moon daily I witnessed Henry Albert Strongman hit in GAPW a few years back on a show that was headlined by former EAW Star Layla Lockhart!

Flannery McCoy: Layla Lockhart headlined a show before?!

Jake Mercer: Yeah it was GAPW’s yearly pay per view even “Lackluster Affairs”. Even with a show based around her, Layla Lockhart managed to no show!

Flannery McCoy: Well, we don’t have to worry about Layla Lockhart here tonight because we have a lot of big matches we are going to be too busy and invested in for that to even matter!  Specialist Champion Darcy May Morgan tackles the great El Landerson…

Jake Mercer: Here comes the boom!

Flannery McCoy: Mike Gambino vs Angel de Plata jr, an epic six man tag match, Osamu vs the National Elite champion, and Serena Bennett teaming with her rival Sienna Jade to face off against The Visual Prophet and Drake King!

Jake Mercer: This follows Drake turning on Viz last week and curb stomping him into the World Heavyweight Championship they will be fighting for at Road to Redemption inside that extreme elimination chamber match that also includes Kassidy Heart, Impact, Cage, and current champ TLA!

Flannery McCoy: Now, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Jake Mercer: So you DO watch the watchmen? Isn’t it so much better than bum ass Power? #whokilledghost #50centisahack!

Flannery McCoy: No, not that. The elephant in the room is…Stew-O isnt here with us!

Jake Mercer: At Least for right now.

Flannery McCoy: But he will rejoin us after he finishes with his duties in this first segment of the night. So, without further adieu, take it away Stew!

Jake Mercer: Woo Hoo!

(We cut from the commentary booth to the center of the ring where the red carpet is laid out, a few chairs are separated by a long brown table, a piece of paper, and two pens also sit on top of the table. We see Stew-O in a nice suit as he clears his throat and begins to speak into a microphone.)

Stew-O: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Stew-O and I

Crowd: STEW!! O!!! STEW!! O!!! STEW!! O!!! STEW!! O!!! 

Flannery McCoy: A Stew-O chant here in Canada?

Jake Mercer: All that maple syrup and legal weed has them roaring tonight.

Stew-O: Thank you, I appreciate that. But, let’s get down to business. I am here to bring out the two women who will face off at Road to Redemption for the most prestigious championship in women’s wrestling. A match between an older newcomer and a younger veteran, a star from the now defunct Empire going one on one with a new breed of elitist. First, allow me to introduce the current New Breed Champion and the woman challenging for the Universal Women’s Championship. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ladies and gentlemen…THE NEW BREED BADDIE…JENNY CIEN!

(‘Jenny from the Block’ by Jennifer Lopez featuring Jadakiss and Styles P blasts out the speakers as out walks Jenny Cien to a nice ovation. Jenny is wearing a pair of denim jeans, a black shirt, and duel rose flowers in her hair with her New Breed Championship on her shoulders.)

Flannery McCoy: The New Breed Baddie joined EAW and made a lot of noise since signing to the company. At Territorial Invasion, Jenny Cien shocked the world by surviving 13 other elitist and winning this season’s Divide & Conquer match but also surprised everyone when she was awarded the vacated New Breed title by HRDO for her efforts. Jenny has held that title for a while now and is looking to become a double champion at Road to Redemption.

Jake Mercer: She is a feisty mami, ay caramba! Ole!

(Jenny enters the ring and gets to her feet as she waves to a few of her fans ringside going insane for her. Jenny stands on one side of the table and greets Stew-O with a nice handshake before her music fades out.)

Stew-O: And now onto the woman she will be facing at Road to Redemption. Former New Breed Champion, last season’s Cash in the Vault winner, winner of this year’s War Games as a member of Team Voltage, and the current Universal Women’s champion…hailing from Louisville, Kentucky…RAVEN ROBERTS!!

(“Mark My Words” by Doll Skin plays as the Dynasty fans go wild at the sight of Voltage’s own Raven Roberts. Raven steps from behind the curtain with an all black ensemble; black leather jacket, black t-shirt, black pants, black boots, and the only hint of color is the shining jewelry embedded in her Universal Women’s title.)

Jake Mercer: I know people think I’ll be a homer for the Dynasty elitist in Jenny but…Raven Roberts is arguably the best wrestler in the company. Not just the women’s division, either! Raven wins on the big stage and I think she has the potential to rule as Universal Women’s Champion as a dominant force sort of like Kassidy Heart did previously.

Flannery McCoy: Her and Kass share the fact that they both used previously earned opportunities in order to become Universal Women’s champion. Kass cashed in her Iconic Cup win at Pain for Pride XII on Serena Bennett after Serena fought Sienna Jade. Raven won her Cash in the Vault briefcase that same night and waited until the time was right to cash in her chance and defeat Kassidy Heart following her title match with Kendra Shamez at Battle of Egypt.

(Raven enters the ring via the steel steps before removing her belt and placing it on the table. Jenny does the same with her New Breed title as Raven’s music fades out. Raven and Jenny are handed microphones as Stew begins to talk.)

Stew-O: Welcome, ladies…I have the contract for your Championship match right here on this table and I

Raven Roberts: Hold on, Stewart. Hey, Jenny. Why do you have that New Breed title on the table if you don’t plan on defending it? You could have left that belt backstage instead of parading it around like a prop.

Jenny Cien: Excuse me?

Raven Roberts: You heard me.

Stew-O: Hold on, wait.

Jenny Cien: No, you wait Stew. Ayo, who do you think you are talking like that, huh? Can’t be me! I’m using this New Breed championship as a prop? Bitch, where?! 

Raven Roberts: Right here, clearly.

Jenny Cien: Clearly nothing. Maybe all those times you got your bird brain ass dropped on your head scrambled your mind and gave you dementia but you couldn’t be more blind and wrong at the same time. First off, I’m the New Breed Baddie and you need to check yourself and that attitude at the door. This isn’t Voltage, honey. News flash, this is Dynasty. This is MY show and you in my house tonight!

(The crowd cheers as Raven rolls her eyes.)

Raven Roberts: I was here last week, hitting you with The Talons and doing whatever I wanted in your house. Now I’m back, ready to sign this contract, defend this title, and humble you.

Jenny Cien: Humble me? Humble ME?!

Stew-O: Ladies please

Jenny Cien: Humble me? Bitch, sit down and humble yourself. As I was saying, I do whatever I want on my show. You can talk tough about what you did last week when you interrupted my champion vs champion match against Specialist champ Darcy May Morgan but best believe that is not how things are going to go down at Road to Redemption. In fact, it’s funny that you would bring up this New Breed title. Because, isn’t this the same championship you held prior to last season’s Road to Redemption event? The one where you were The New Breed Pigeon or whatever they called you? Isn’t this the same belt you held before you challenged Madison Kaline for the Unified Women’s Championship? Yes, yes it is. Except, the difference between last year and now is a real baddie has this belt and an overrated whore has the top prize of the women’s division. That overrated whore is you, Raven. You see, I brought this out not as a prop but as a reminder of what you couldn’t do last year. That’s become both New Breed Champion and Unified Women’s Champion at the same time. That is why I’m challenging you for your title, because I’m better than you and I’m going to prove it at Road to Redemption. And that Crowe’s Nest won’t be there to help prolong your ass kicking like they did last year!

Stew-O: Man. That was very harsh to hear. Raven, do you care to retort?

Raven Roberts: You newer talents are so humorous to me. Honestly. I don’t feel any qualms about telling you to your face that you are nothing but a joke to me. Now, I’m not being naive or absent minded at all when I tell you that I know you are good. You are talented but this here is a different stage then what you are used to. This is uncharted water you are swimming in, Jenny Cien. I came up in a time where all women were stuck on Empire being overlooked and shut away from male competition. Where some of the best talents in the world had to be so good that they couldn’t be denied a chance on Voltage, Dynasty, or Showdown. I came up going against the best women’s wrestlers of all time with all of our goals being this very championship I now hold. Before I got it, I held that belt you proudly hold and when I held it, I defended it as if it was the World championship. I fought multiple men and women on every brand for months just to prove myself to not just management who wanted talents like me stuck on Empire thinking we couldn’t hang consistently with the men around here. I did it so newbies like you could have a pathway towards the same success I saw without the same hurdles that were placed in front of me. Now? There is no women’s only brand for you to be suffocated on and regulated to. Now? You can say you will out do me because I made it possible for you by doing it first. Now? I’m giving you a shot that I got when I was in this position you stand in a year ago. But, the difference is, you aren’t as good as I was then and you sure as hell aren’t half as good as I am right now.

(The crowd roars as Jenny rolls her eyes.)

Jenny Cien: You underestimating me is going to get you nothing but hurt and embarrassed in 9 or so days. You lost last RTR for underestimating your opponent and

Raven Roberts: Hold your horses, bitch! I lost because I got screwed. Get your facts straight before you try to check someone.

Jenny Cien: You oof EAW bitches are all the same. Always crying about how hard it was. Always deflecting the blame instead of realizing you were the only thing stopping yourself back then. You got screwed because you LET yourself get screwed. You are a professional victim, Raven. You, Kass, all the Avas, all you old broads so used to feeling entitled without any basis for said entitlement. “OH NO, FUCK EMPIRE, FUCK EMPIRE” like a bunch of crybabies. This isn’t just me ending your championship reign or wanting to be a double champion. This is me giving you a reality check on the harsh truth. The harsh truth being that Jenny Cien is that much better than Raven Roberts!

Raven Roberts: Me? The victim? I think the victim title fits you perfectly seeing as I left you looking like a victim last week!

Jenny Cien: Bitch are you stup-!!!

(Jenny and Raven begin shoving over the table as the crowd gets hype. Suddenly, Stew-O raises both hands at the ladies before grabbing his microphone.)

Stew-O: Before you Romeo do what everybody does after a contract signing…don’t forget to actually sign this contract, ok?!

(Both women continue to huff and puff before Raven reaches for the pen and goes to sign her name first. Jenny Cien snatches the one away to Raven’s dismay before Cien actually signs her name first. Jenny throws the pen down on the table as Raven grabs it and signs right after. Stew grabs the contract and looks at both women.)

Stew-O: …Ok, carry on! I’m out!


Jake Mercer: Jenny lifts Raven off her feet…Raven punches her way back down!

Flannery McCoy: Raven is cracking Jenny with elbows to the temple but Cien counters with hook shots to her ribs! These women are going wild and I doubt they make it to Road to Redemption if they keep this up!

Jake Mercer: Looks like security is storming the ring to break up this ruckus before it gets too out of hand! Look at who has decided to join us! Stew-O is here and he has that contract those two ladies signed in his hand! 

Stew-O: My god. I have never been in the ring between two people who wanted to fight each other that badly. I could feel the hatred from both of them from where I stood. I did my job, I got them to sign this contract. But, this match could make that match from last year’s Road to Redemption look like a pillow fight given both women’s abilities and their desire to win!

Jake Mercer: I haven’t seen security work this hard since that time I got caught between a fight in the club that Drake and Chris Brown was at. I was a few inches away with getting hit with that same bottle that hit Tony Parker!

Flannery McCoy: It’s nearly a dozen of the strongest security crew members available swarming the ring trying to pry Raven and Jenny off each other as both women are looking to rip the others hair right out of their scalps! The animosity is high but what can you expect when that highly coveted and prestigious Universal Women’s championship is in the line?

Stew-O: I expect a classic between these two and hopefully they aren’t too worn out from trying to kill each other right here tonight! 

(Dynasty begins to fade to a commercial break as we see the guards finally separate Raven Roberts and Jenny Cien.)

(A production crew man comes to the entrance ramp with signs in his hands. He holds up the first sign that says “STAND UP”, as he shows it to the crowd from left to right. He drops the card which shows another card saying “APPLAUSE”, and moves to the side to make way for the Leading Lady)

(“Spotlight Saviour” by Iggy Azalea hits, as the word “D.M.M.” is heard on the track in Darcy May Morgan’s own voice. The fans begin to boo, as two tall bodyguards come out and stand to the left and the right of the entrance ramp. Both wearing blacked out sunglasses. Darcy May Morgan comes out to the ramp as she walks in between the two body guards with sunglasses on, turns around with her back to the crowd, and raises her Specialist Championship in the air as she places her free hand on her hip.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen! The following match is set for!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first! Making her way to the ring.. From London, England, weighing in at 130lbs, she is the Leading Lady!!!! DARCY!!! MAYYYYYYY!!! MORGANNNNNN!!!!!!

(Darcy May Morgan brings her Specialist Championship back down to her shoulder, turns around, then takes off her sunglasses before tossing them off to the side. She walks down the ramp as her bodyguards walks back towards the entrance and backstage.)

Jake Mercer: This is the final match before the Dropkick Darling has to defend her championship inside of that Specialists Chamber against 5 other women! She looks determined and ready to fight tonight.

Stew-O: That’s right Jake! All of Darcy May Morgan’s opponents at Road to Redemption will be keeping a close eye on this match coming up.

(Darcy enters the ring, walks to the center, bows, and arrogantly laughs and soaks up the boos from this crowd)

(“Here Comes the Boom” By DMX Featuring Sean Paul and Alexa Vegas hits as the crowd goes wild, cheering loud and proud for the Ultimate Underdog. El Landerson steps out onto the stage and the fans pop even more!)

Stephie Love: And her opponent, from San Jose, California.. Weighing in at 160lbs.. EL LANDERSONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

(El Landerson makes his way down the ramp, and walks over to the a young fan wearing a Landeron Mask. Landerson places his head up against the young fans mask, before walking back down to the ring. The young fan is seen in a distance with a bright smile after bumping heads with the Luchador.)

Stew-O: And here comes El Landerson! Man do these people love him!

Flannery McCoy: Oh yes they do! Landerson is a great role model and that is why these people love him so much.

Jake Mercer: They can love him all they want, but he’s going to need more than some love to beat the Darcy!

(El Landerson makes his way into the ring and walks over to his corner. He looks out in the distance. Darcy May Morgan stands in the opposing corner.)


(Darcy May Morgan looks ready to fight, but on the other side of the ring, El Landerson is seen looking down at the ground, shaking his head.)

El Landerson (Off-mic): No.. I can’t. I promise El Jr and his mother and sister I would never hit a woman on Friday Night Dynasty.

Darcy May Morgan (Off-Mic): Fight Me Damnit!!

(Darcy May Morgan motions to El Landerson to walk her way so that they can begin fighting)

Stew-O: And it looks like Darcy May Morgan is ready to get this going! El Landerson just doesn’t want El Jr to watch his father hit a woman!

(El Landerson looks up and out to the crowd towards his family sitting in the third row behind the barricade. He raises his right arm in the air and begins to speak)

El Landerson(Off Mic): Mi Familia, please forgive your father for breaking promise to not hit woman on Friday Night Dynasty! My Wife, Please cover El Jr and El Jr’s Sister’s eyes!

(El Landerson’s family is shown on the screen, as his wife shields both of their children’s eyes with her hands)

El Landerson(Off-Mic): And my wife, close your eyes! I don’t want you to see me like this on episode of Friday Night Dynasty on the EAW Network!

(Landerson’s wife shuts her eyes as she listens to her husband)

El Landerson(Off-Mic): You can open eyes after the match against Darcy May Morgan on Friday Night Dynasty then for match in Battle Royal at Road to Redemption!

Jake Mercer: Wait, what was the point of getting them tickets then if they can’t even watch him compete?

Flannery McCoy: Morale support?

Stew-O: And Landerson lowers his arm, as he turns ar-

Flannery McCoy: AND DARCY MAY MORGAN STRIKES LANDERSON WITH A HARD RIGHT KNEE TO THE STOMACH AS HE WAS TURNING BACK AROUND!!! Landerson falls to one knee, as Darcy May Morgan kicks her boot right at the side of his head! Landerson falls onto all fours, but gets back up to one knee. Darcy May Morgan runs to the other end of the ring and rebounds off of the ropes!! She handsprings!! And Darcy May Morgan connects the handspring back elbow onto El Landerson just as he was getting back up to his feet! It forces Landerson to fall back against the ring ropes!

Jake Mercer: And the dropkick darling grabs Landerson by the arm and whips him over to the other side of the ring!! Landerson rebounds off of the ropes!! SITOUT SPINEBUSTER BY DARCY MAY MORGAN!!! Darcy May Morgan quickly gets back up as she walks over to the head of the downed Landerson! AND DARCY REACHES DOWN AND GRABS LANDERSON BY HIS MASK AND SLAMS HIS HEAD BACK DOWN ONTO THE MAT!!

Stew-O: This is where Darcy May Morgan is the most dangerous! She walks around to the side of El Landerson and stomps down hard into his abdomen!! Landerson just got the wind knocked out of him there!! Darcy May Morgan now grabs Landerson by the head and brings him up to his feet. She whips him into the corner as Landerson slams his back into the turnbuckle!!

Flannery McCoy: And Darcy charges at El Landerson with a running clothesline in the corner!! No!!! Landerson ducks it as he gets behind Darcy May Morgan!! Darcy May Morgan turns around, AND LANDERSON THROWS A PUNCH!!!!


(Landerson is seen on the screen, paused in a punching position, with his fist about 2-3 inches from Darcy May Morgan’s face. Darcy May Morgan brushes Landerson’s arm out of the way then shoves him in the chest as he staggers back)

Flannery McCoy: El Landerson just can’t seem to bring himself to punch Darcy May Morgan!! Especially with his family in attendance.

Jake Mercer: That doesn’t matter! They all have their eyes shut for crying out loud!

Stew-O: And Darcy May Morgan walks up to Landerson! AND SHE POKES HIM IN THE EYES WITH HER 2 FINGERS!!! Darcy now grabs at Landerson’s mask, by the eye holes, AND SHE TUGS HIS MASK DOWN AS IT NOW COVERS HIS EYES!!! Landerson can’t see!!! AND DARCY SLAPS EL LANDERSON ACROSS THE FACE!!!! Landerson staggers back, but Darcy quickly grabs Landerson by the head and brings him over to the corner!! AND DARCY SLAMS EL LANDERSON’S HEAD RIGHT ONTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!! Darcy now adjusts her positioning and wraps her arm around the head of El Landerson. She runs with his head in her arms from out of the corner!! BULLDOG!!! IT CONNECTS!!! Darcy May Morgan covers!!




Jake Mercer: AND DARCY MAY MORGAN GETS OFF OF EL LANDERSON!! I guess this wasn’t enough damage for the Specialist Champion!!!

(The fans begin to boo Darcy May Morgan for messing with El Landerson along with the cheap moves she’s been pulling onto him.)

Flannery McCoy: You’re right, she could have had the victory right there, but she chose to break the pinfall! I don’t know if that was wise of her or not! But wise or not, the fans definitely don’t like it!

Stew-O: Landerson is down on the mat, readjusting his mask, as Darcy May Morgan walks around the ring looking at her downed opponent. Darcy grabs Landerson’s right leg and stomps her foot into his hamstring!! She stomps again as Landerson is screaming in pain! And now Darcy slams Landerson’s leg down onto the side of the mat! She jumps!! AND LANDS DRIVING HER KNEE RIGHT INTO THE INNER THIGH ABOVE THE KNEE OF EL LANDERSON!

Jake Mercer: She is picking apart El Landerson right here and showing now mercy whatsoever!! Landerson rolls onto his belly and tries to get up to one knee. He falls back onto all fours on the first attempt, but manages to get up onto one knee in his second! Darcy May Morgan is stalking Landerson right now as he finally makes it up to his feet! Landerson turns and faces Darcy. FACE ACHE SUPERKICK!!!!!





Jake Mercer: And Darcy continues to wrench back onto the head and neck of El Landerson! It’s so hard to break out of this move!! AND WAIT WHAT’S THIS!?!?! DARCY IS REACHING BACK AND SHE GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE AND USES IT TO PULL EL LANDERSON’S HEAD AND NECK EVEN FURTHER!! SHE’S GOING TO BREAK THIS MAN’S NECK!!! THE REFEREE HAS NO IDEA!!!

Flannery McCoy: AND LANDERSON WON’T QUIT!!! HE’S JUST TAKING THE PAIN AND PUNISHMENT!! Darcy May Morgan again adjusts herself, as she has an even better grip on the ring ropes now, making the hold even more painful!!! BUT THE REFEREE SEES THIS!!! HE’S TELLING DARCY MAY MORGAN TO LET GO OF THE SUBMISSION HOLD!!!

(The crowd begins to boo even louder, as Darcy May Morgan has a smile on her face, knowing that the entire world is watching her)

Referee: ONE!!!! TWO!!! THREEE!!! FOUR!!!

Stew-O: And Darcy May Morgan lets go of the hold!! She stands up as the referee informs her not to use the ropes for extra leverage during the match again. Landerson remains down on the mat without any movement whatsoever. And Darcy grabs Landerson by the head and arm and brings him up to his feet. She lifts him up onto his shoulders!!! CURTAIN CALL!!!! IT CONNECTS AS LANDERSON’S FACE CRACKS UP AGAINST DARCY MAY MORGAN’S KNEE!!! SHE GOES FOR THE PIN!!!





(Spotlight Saviour by Iggy Azalea hits, as the crowd boos Darcy May Morgan for her actions throughout this match against El Landerson.)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner!! THE EAW SPECIALIST CHAMPION!!!!! DARCY!!! MAY!!! MORGAN!!!!!!!

(Darcy May Morgan is handed her Specialist Championship and raises it in the air as the referee raises her hand. She gives a cold stare towards the broken and beaten El Landerson, then back up at the camera. She lowers her championship belt onto her shoulders before rolling under the ring ropes and back up the stage. The crowd continues to boo Darcy May Morgan as she smirks back at the fans in response)

Stew-O: That right there was a message sent to all of the other women competing in the Specialist Chamber at Road to Redemption.

Jake Mercer: Darcy May Morgan has every intention to win that Specialists Chamber no matter how bad the odds are stacked against her. If anyone is locked in heading into Road to Redemption, it’s The Dropkick Darling!

Flannery McCoy: Poor El Landerson though. He couldn’t get himself to strike at Darcy May Morgan, and when he finally decided to, it was too late. The Leading Lady went to work and got the match going herself, showing absolutely no mercy towards her opponent.

(The victorious Darcy is in the ring and signals to be handed a microphone. The crowd is really unloading on the Specialists Champion, who seems to be soaking it all in.)

Stew-O: This crowd watched in horror as Landerson was helped from the ring. The beating Darcy unloaded on him is one of the most vicious and cruel things I have ever seen, guys.

Flannery McCoy: :lupe: Landerson’s family must be horrified right now. It makes me sick they had to watch that unfold in person…

(Darcy has gotten a microphone now and she’s grinning from ear to ear.)

Darcy May Morgan: I said that this match with Landerson was a waste of my time and look what just happened. I ripped Landerson limb from limb, and left absolutely no doubt about who the real dominant woman around Dynasty is. This Specialists Championship that I proudly wear around my waist signals that I am one of the best this company has, not that there was ever any doubt on my part. I know my worth and the level I compete at, and after the absolute mess that was Voltage last week I decided to extend a personal invitation to my so-called competition to come watch me on Dynasty tonight. Last weekend, I sat back and watched Kensingten Calhoun-Astor and Candice Blair attempt to prove that they actually stack up to me from the comfort of my 5-star hotel room, and I was not impressed. I was even less impressed at the absolute mess that was Voltage and whatever the hell Sarah Price, Joy Cassidy, and Serena Riot were trying to do. Seeing the three of them compete in person is time in my life that I will never get back and I find it hard to believe that there are people out there who really think that anyone other than The Leading Lady will be walking out of Toronto with the Specialists Championship. But I know that this world is littered with stupid people.

Darcy May Morgan: Five of them are in the back right now, probably still thinking they have a chance at dethroning me even after seeing what I’m capable of first hand, and before anyone tries to say BuT iT’s JuSt LaNdErSoN, that’s all your so-called ‘GOAT’ right? The one everyone just loves oh so much! He might just be Landerson, but that was me inside the ring doing what I do best, and that is out-classing and dominating the competition. Imagine what I’m capable of inside of an Extreme Elimination Chamber? With weapons at my disposal? I realize I’m not exactly known as some piece of deathmatch trash, but I think I showed everyone how tough I am back at House of Glass. I promise that I will do whatever it takes to get the job done at Road to Redemption and show those five losers why they belong right back down at the bottom of the card. In fact, why don’t you bitches go ahead and come out so we can get Road to Redemption started RIGHT NOW!

Flannery McCoy: Darcy just slammed the microphone down and is screaming for the rest of the chamber participants to come to the ring! Stew, Jake! Have you seen any of the girls from Showdown or Voltage today?

(The crowd suddenly erupts as Candice Blair comes running down the ramp.)







Jake Mercer: Maybe so, but where the fuck is Sarah Price?

(That’s a great question that Jake proposes and the camera cuts backstage. The Voltage Elitist is watching as several officials run out and pull Darcy off of Joy. The good-natured Sarah shakes her head and turns to leave. As she’s making her exit, Molly Waters comes rushing up to her.)

Molly Waters: Sarah! Sarah! Hold up!

(Sarah pauses and turns around, allowing Molly to catch up to her.)

Sarah Price: Yeah?

Molly Waters: Why didn’t you go out to the ring when Darcy called everyone out?

Sarah Price: Because honestly I don’t see the point in fighting right now. With all due respect to my chamber opponents, I just don’t feel the need to engage in unnecessary fights just to boost my own ego. That’s not who I am, and that kind of thing just goes against everything I believe in and stand for. I’m not judging them for wanting to fight before Road to Redemption, more power to them. But I choose to wait until the bell rings next weekend and then I’ll show all of them, and the rest of the EAW Universe who I am, and what I’m capable of. I know that I’m a huge underdog going into this match, and maybe I’m not ready for a match of this caliber, but I know that I’ll give it my best shot.

Molly Waters: That’s quite the stance to take in this day and age here in EAW.

Sarah Price: I understand that and I’m fine with that because I’m being true to myself.

(It’s at that moment that security has gotten Darcy backstage. Darcy shrugs them off and takes a few deep breaths to settle herself.)

Darcy May Morgan: WHERE’S MY TITLE?!

(A security guard produces the Specialists Championship and Darcy snatches it from him. She cradles it to her chest and looks up, and that’s when her eyes clash with Sarah’s. A smile settles across Darcy’s face as she looks from Sarah to her championship and then back to Sarah.)

Darcy May Morgan: You want some too?

Sarah Price: I don’t have anything to prove right now. I’ll prove it come Road to Redemption.

(Sarah walks off and Darcy watches her go, her eyes never leaving Sarah has Dynasty fades into a promotional ad for this week’s episode of Showdown.)

(A promotional ad for Showdown airs, touting the Extreme Elimination Chamber featuring Kassidy Heart’s husband, Mr. DEDEDE, defending the Answers World Championship against the toughest and strongest competition this world has ever seen :wow:)

(The camera fades to black for a few moments before bright sparks are seen along with a clanking noise.)

???: Oh you want something from me now huh? Come looking for me?

(More sparks are heard along with the clanking noise as a faint light can be seen illuminating a strand of barbed wire.)

???: You put me in a match like this and there’s really only one thing you could possibly want from me. Not that I give a fuck what anyone wants from me. It’s clear that you want things to get a little bit… explicit…

(Another loud clanking noise can be heard before there is an explosion of fire illuminating a wrestling ring surrounded by barbed wire ropes. In the ring stands Cage holding a piece of barbed wire. Around him in the ring are several wrestlers covered in blood lying on the mat.)

Cage: Don’t worry about them. This is my time. You think that I won’t cut a bitch? I will do what it takes to get MY championship back. I said I would kill for it. You just have to die for it. But life and death that is just a little too black and white for me. This shit is going to get chaotic and even I am unsure what I am going to do when I step into the Extreme Elimination Chamber. It is almost like this match was built just for me to inflict more pain than I ever have in my life upon everyone on the Dynasty roster. I don’t care if it is Drake King, TLA, The Visual Prophet, Kassidy Heart, Impact, or whoever else wants some of the Explicit Champion. You can bet your ass that he has returned and it is only a matter of time until we make it official.

Cage: You think I care if people think I have gone too far? As far as I’m concerned if people ain’t telling you that you have gone too far then you clearly haven’t gone far enough. What the EAW audience and my opponents have to understand is that the five opponents I will be in the ring with at Road to Redemption are not the only ones in danger. I will inflict pain upon the fans, I will inflict pain upon their friends, I will inflict pain upon their families. This barbwire? That’s not even the most painful part of what I will do to them. I will break old man Impact’s hips and leave him coming to the ring with a walker. I will violate Kassidy Heart and ruin her for Mr. DEDEDE. I will weaken The Visual Prophet more than the AIDS already does. I will deport TLA and leave his head for the cartel as a gift. I will cut Drake King’s hair off and shove it down his mouth until he spits it out. That will be the dirtiest thing that bitch boy will ever have coming out his mouth. None of you are safe and my path of destruction isn’t starting tonight. It never stopped and it never will.

(Cage smiles as he rubs the barbed wire across his face.)

Cage: The sad thing is that this is me in a good mood. There’s very much a chance that I’m going to be pissed off before Road to Redemption. Speaking of redemption it’s not like I need it but I will redeem myself when I am once again World Heavyweight Champion. As far as I’m concerned 2018 never ended and it is just going to continue into 2020. The era of Cage is far from over. This is a Cage that you will never escape from unless I let you. I ain’t letting you out. Nah you are going to have to sit there and witness reality. None of this fairy tale nonsense that I’ve had to sit through every week while TLA is champion. Talking about being a fighting champion and fighting for the fans and all this garbage. Fuck outta here with that shit. The only things that matter in this business is destruction and whoever destroys the most sits on top. That is a lesson that I will teach to TLA yet again if he didn’t learn it the first time I taught him in our last match. This is Diamond Cage season and diamonds are fucking forever. Unlike Drake King, Kassidy Heart, and The Visual Prophet who aren’t even close to forever. Cuz they never were. I will send their irrelevant asses back to the starting line and prove that they aren’t ready to be World Heavyweight Champion. I come from a generation that is still on top after all these years and these young talent still have a LONG ass way to go! I doubt any of them will even be champion for years! Maybe even decades! Because Cage is going to be on top for all that time and there won’t be any room for any of you as long as I am here. The facts are that everyone else is a coward and they are a coward because they fear me. I can’t blame them too much for that but I really don’t care. They can be standing there shaking in their boots and I will chop those boots off with a machete. I do whatever the fuck I want to do and nobody can stop me.

(Cage falls to the mat sliding out of the ring not looking back as the camera fades to black.)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the middle of the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH! And it is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Pharmacie” by SCH plays to a mixed reaction as SKA comes out with a smug look on his face. He spreads his arms out before making his way to the ring. Specifically as he makes his way to the ring he has an armband with the words “Captain” on it.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from Paris France, weighing in at 256 pounds… COLD BLOODED, SKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Last week SKA pulled off a big win against three of EAW’s rising stars in a fatal four way match!

Flannery McCoy: And honestly I’m sure they haven’t forgotten that as all 3 of them are in the same match as SKA tonight! I’m sure they’re out for redemption but in the process they also have to remember this is a tag team match. This is surely going to be interesting how all the competitors in this match handle this situation!

Jake Mercer: I remember that video that surfaced of him punching an old ma-

Stew-O: :whoa:

(SKA looks out on the apron for a moment before entering the ring and circling around before jumping up to the top rope and raising his arms in the air with a smirk as “Pharmacie” fades out. “Modern Echo” by Flatlined plays to boos as Ronan Malosi comes out slowly with Sylas Sandars by his side. Sylas pumps him up and gets him ready before heading backstage as Ronan begins to head to the ring)

Stephie Love: And his partner, from Cape Town South Africa, weighing in at 275 pounds… THE CAPE TOWN CRIPPLER, RONAN… MALOSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: I’ll be honest with you here I’m sure Ronan has a lot of his mind after what happened last week and the predicament he’s found himself in tonight!

Flannery McCoy: Ronan has had a lot of words to say about this match and he seems to be a little frustrated that the people that he “battered” happen to be his partners tonight. But he did also say he’ll put their differences aside for one night as he intends to win, and I’m sure he doesn’t want to be stopped on his way there.

(Ronan enters the ring and stands in the middle of the ring as a spotlight is shined down on him. SKA walks up to him with a smug look on his face but Ronan quickly walks past him and goes to his corner as “Modern Echo” fades out. “Redshift” by Audiomachine plays to boos as Nathan von Liebert slowly makes his way to the ring. He has a straight face slicking back his hair and slowly making his way to the ring)

Stephie Love: And their partner, from Richmond Virginia, weighing in at 215 pounds… THE DEVIL’S RIGHT HAND… NATHAN… VON… LIEBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Nathan is certainly a wildcard I’ll say that for sure. It’s known that he does not work well with people and being in this situation surely must worsen him.

Flannery McCoy: But that doesn’t mean he won’t cooperate. He intends to beat his opponents and in this situation it seems he can’t do it alone, well we’ll just see how it goes.

Jake Mercer: I remember that 8 star Japanese Deathmatch he had against a wild bear! It was certainly something to behold if you did watch it of course!

(Nathan enters the ring. SKA after being ignored by Ronan walks up to Nathan but gets quickly shoved away as Nathan leans in the corner for a moment as “Redshift” fades out. “El Diablo” by Machine Gun Kelly plays to cheers as Justin Windgate comes out to the stage. He looks pumped up as he makes his way to the ring)

Stephie Love: And their opponents, first, from Detroit Michigan, weighing in at 225 pounds… THE NEW BREED CLASSIC, JUSTIN… WINDGATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Last time we saw Justin he lost against Cage and lost an opportunity at getting a chance to enter the Extreme Elimination Chamber.

Flannery McCoy: Yeah but I’m sure he wants to bounce back. He wants to “introduce” himself to these new faces and I’m sure he’s ready to do so in the form of a match, but it beckons the question if Justin is capable of beating them or not.

Jake Mercer: Of course he is, the power of the bong. You learn that from people you know?

(Justin Windgate enters the ring and goes to the top rope raising one arm in the air before jumping off and beginning to warm up in his corner as “El Diablo” fades out. “Bring Em Out” by T.I. then plays to a mixed reaction as Christopher Cool makes his way to the ring with a big grin)

Stephie Love: And his partner, from Ontario Canada, weighing in at 211 pounds… MR. CHRISTOPHER… COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Although losing last week Christopher Cool put up a good fight and I’m sure he’s going to be a deciding factor in this match.

Flannery McCoy: He shows a lot of potential I’ll say that. I’m sure he’s going to handle the situation at a more decisive pace though knowing he was the one who took the pin last week, I bet you he’s going to try and turn the tables tonight!

Jake Mercer: Cool.

(Christopher Cool enters the ring and throws one arm up and takes a circle around the ring before heading to his corner and meeting with Justin as “Bring Em Out” fades out. “Applause” by Lady Gaga plays to loud cheers as Archimedes J. Manson comes out with his trombone and pure excitement on his face. He plays his trombone as he makes his way to the ring)

Stephie Love: And their partner, from the Divided States of Hysteria, weighing in at 205 pounds… THE ANIMANIAC, ARCHIMEDES…J….MANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: This is Archimedes’ return to the ring! I’m sure he’s as hungry as ever after being away from the ring for a long time.

Flannery McCoy: I mean of course! And that’s certainly going to show in this match, whatever match Archimedes is in I’m sure we’re in for a show.

Jake Mercer: Did you know while he was gone he went back to the circus as a lion tamer?

(Archimedes enters the ring and plays his trombone more around the ring before going to his corner and meeting with Justin high fiving him as “Applause” fades out and the Ref signals for the bell)


Stew-O: Here we go as this tag match is underway SKA and Justin Windgate starting it off tonight. SKA and Justin lock up as SKA slowly begins to push Justin into the corner. Justin wastes no time going behind SKA as he slams him to the ground! SKA and Justin slowly beginning to circle around again! JUSTIN TRIES TO LOCK UP BUT SKA HITS A REVERSE STO! SKA not letting Justin get the early advantage as Justin slowly makes his way up to his feet. SKA looking for a kick but Justin quickly grabs it! Justin pushes it down! ENZIGURI CONNECTS ON SKA!

Flannery McCoy: SKA not falling though as he’s still up and staggers back leaving Justin open. SKA runs at Justin. BUT JUSTIN GRABBING HIM AND TAKING HIM DOWN WITH A HIP TOSS! SKA quickly gets up though as he’s still pushing running to Justin. But Justin quickly side steps and throws him into the ropes as SKA rebounds! SPEAR- NO! SKA WITH A KNEE RIGHT TO THE HEAD OF JUSTIN! SKA takes Justin down as he begins to throw him into his corner looking for the tag!


Jake Mercer: Ronan gets tagged in as SKA irish whips Justin to the ropes. Ronan catches him with a big boot! Ronan drags Justin up and lifts him up as it looks like he’s about to slam him into the corner. But Justin slips out!  Justin quickly with a chop block sending Ronan to his knees as he begins to run to the ropes as Ronan is up! SPEAR PUSHING RONAN INTO THE CORNER! Justin beginning the onslaught with multiple punches. Ronan pushing back as Justin quickly rolls back to his feet as Ronan begins to run. But Justin moves out of the way as Ronan hits the corner!

Stew-O: Justin quickly grabs him and irish whips him into the opposite corner. Ronan bounces out of the corner as Justin runs to him. RONAN LIFTS HIM UP AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH AN IMPACTFUL SIDEWALK SLAM! Justin lurches his back in pain Ronan pulls him up into a gorilla press position! But Justin quickly grabbing Ronan as he falls and sends Ronan to a knee with a headlock! Justin slowly takes him down to the ground and drags him to his corner! 


Flannery McCoy: Justin tags Archimedes in! Archimedes wasting no time entering the ring and stomping away at Ronan. Ronan rolling away and getting to his feet as Archimedes begins to grab him. But Ronan hits him in the gut forcing him back before grabbing him by the head! RONAN WITH A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT TAKING HIM DOWN! Ronan leans against the ropes before rebounded and moving in on Archimedes! RONAN WITH A KNEE DROP RIGHT TO HIS GUT! Archimedes rolls out of the ring as Ronan reaches through the middle rope to grab him. But Archimedes punching Ronan square on the side of the face forcing him back! 

Jake Mercer: Archimedes playing smart as he rolls into the ring and takes Ronan down with a discus elbow! Ronan is rocked as Archimedes goes to the top rope waiting for him to get up. Ronan doesn’t know where he is as Archimedes launches off the top rope! ARCHIMEDES WITH A DIVING CALF KICK! Ronan taken down as Archimedes brings him up! Archimedes attempts a punch but Ronan quickly grabs it! Ronan squeezing the fist of Archimedes forcing him down onto a knee! RONAN WITH A KNEE TAKING DOWN ARCHIMEDES!

Stew-O: Archimedes rolls onto his back in pain as Ronan takes the opportunity to lift him up. ROLLING CUTTER! Ronan calls that the Cross Edge and it’s certainly effective as it’s lights out for Archimedes! His partners reaching out for the tag but Ronan isn’t done with his time yet as he grabs Archimedes! RONAN THROWING ARCHIMEDES SHOULDERFIRST INTO THE RINGPOST! Archimedes falls out of the corner as Ronan throws him into his corner!


Flannery McCoy: Nathan is tagged in as he wastes no time throwing him out of the corner. Archimedes getting up. BUT NATHAN SLAMMING HIS FOOT DOWN RIGHT ON HIS FACE! Nathan mounting Archimedes as he lands brutal punches right to his face! Archimedes is barely fighting out though as he grabs Nathan by his head and rolls him into a headlock! Archimedes letting go of the hold quickly as Nathan gets up to a knee! ARCHIMEDES KICKING NATHAN RIGHT ON THE SIDE OF THE FACE! Nathan doesn’t fall though instead he stumbles back leaning against a corner as it looks like Archimedes is running at him! But Nathan quickly moves out of the way lifting him up hitting a snake eyes on him! Archimedes stumbles back to his corner as Nathan runs at him!


Jake Mercer: Christopher Cool is in as he leaps off the ropes! HE TAKES DOWN NATHAN WITH A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! Christopher takes down Nathan once more running to him and taking him down with a clothesline! Christopher lifts Nathan up! POWERBOMB SLAMMING HIM RIGHT TO THE GROUND! Christopher wasting no time grabbing him by the arm and sending him into a irish whip as Nathan rebounds off the ropes. Nathan stopping himself by grabbing the ropes as Christopher runs to him! NATHAN WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TAKING CHRISTOPHER DOWN!

Stew-O: Christopher falls right to the ground clearly dazed. Nathan looks ready to go as he climbs to the top rope! RAPTURE! Nathan connects with a frog splash onto Christopher as he goes for the pin!




Flannery McCoy: Justin Windgate with a frog splash of his own breaking up the pin! SKA quickly entering the ring seeing enough as both Christopher and Justin get up! SKA WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TAKING BOTH DOWN! SKA giving Nathan enough time to get to his feet as he stumbles up and brings Christopher up as Justin rolls back onto the apron. HEADBUTT SENDING HIM TO A KNEE! FOREARM SMASH TAKES CHRISTOPHER DOWN!

Jake Mercer: Christopher not looking so good as Nathan brings him up. Christopher trying to push Nathan into the ropes but Nathan quickly moves out of the way and grabs Christopher by the arm sending him into a irish whip! SHINING WIZARD TAKES CHRISTOPHER DOWN! Christopher is looking at the ceiling as Nathan begins to scale the top rope. Christopher stumbles up as Nathan leaps off! NATHAN TAKES CHRISTOPHER BACK DOWN WITH A DIVING CROSSBODY!

Stew-O: Nathan bringing Christopher up as he’s practically toying with him right now. Christopher tries to fight back as he lands a forearm shot right at Nathan. But Nathan pushes him back as he’s sent stumbling down to a knee! Christopher quickly stands up as he runs to Nathan! NATHAN HEADBUTTING CHRISTOPHER SENDING HIM DOWN! Christopher’s head must be throbbing as Nathan brings him up! SPINNING POWERBOMB SLAMS CHRISTOPHER RIGHT TO THE GROUND!

Flannery McCoy: Christopher beginning to crawl to his corner as Nathan grabs him. Nathan slams his boot right onto the back of Christopher’s head! Nathan bringing Christopher up by the hair. CHRISTOPHER WITH A SNAPMARE! DROPKICK RIGHT TO THE BACK OF NATHAN! Christopher with a burst of stamina as he’s back down to the ground. This isn’t stopping Nathan from crawling to the ropes though as he’s close to the tag!


Jake Mercer: SKA is in! SKA entering the ring as Christopher is up once more! SKA with rapid punches aiming for the gut forcing Christopher back to an open corner as he sends him into a irish ship to the opposite one! Christopher quickly jumping to his corner before SKA can do anything though.


Stew-O: Justin Windgate is tagged in! Justin quickly springs off the ropes as SKA is left confused! JUSTIN WITH A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! Justin quickly rolling over to the other corner taking out both Nathan and Ronan as he’s looking for something quickly right out of the gate! JUSTIN WITH A SUPERKICK KNOCKING THE HEAD OFF OF SKA! Justin going up to the top rope! But Nathan grabbing Justin trying to pull him off! But Justin jumps off quickly and into the ring springing to Nathan’s direction! THE HAIL MARY!

Flannery McCoy: Justin with a slingshot DDT to the outside knocking out Nathan as he rolls into the ring! SKA has enough time to recuperate as he takes Nathan to a knee with an axe handle! SKA ramming his knee right into his head as he forces Justin to the ground. SKA lifting him up right into a sidewalk slam! Justin rolls to the edge of the ring as SKA follows him trying to bring him in! But Justin rolls out of the ring and grabs the leg of SKA pulling him out!

Jake Mercer: Justin playing it smart as SKA stumbles up to his feet! JUSTIN SLAMMING SKA FACE FIRST INTO THE RINGPOST! But Ronan Malosi is quickly running over now! Ronan with a big clothesline decapitating Justin! Ronan grabs SKA and rolls him into the ring as he takes Justin! RONAN SLAMMING JUSTIN RIGHT INTO THE BARRICADE! The Ref starting the count as Justin seems to be knocked out!





Stew-O: Justin showing signs of life as he’s starting to move around but could it be too late for the New Breed Classic?



Flannery McCoy: Justin slowly grabbing the barricade trying to pull himself up to his feet!



Jake Mercer: HE’S UP!



Stew-O: JUSTIN IS IN! SKA can’t believe it himself as he runs at him! Justin moves out of the way! SKA stumbles forward as Justin steps back! SUPERKICK KNOCKS SKA DOWN! Justin is on a roll tonight as he gets up to his feet quickly and pulls SKA up. SKA retaliates with a punch! Justin lands one back! SKA! JUSTIN! SKA! JUSTIN! But SKA has the advantage as he begins to punch Justin down to one knee. SKA looking for GRYFFINDOR! But Justin rolls out of the way as nobody’s home! Justin quickly brings him up and runs to a corner! RUN IT UP!


Flannery McCoy: RONAN TAGS HIMSELF IN! RUN IT UP CONNECTS BUT IT’S POINTLESS AS RONAN ENTERS THE RING! Ronan catching Justin by surprise as he turns around not realizing what’s going on! SPEAR TAKES DOWN JUSTIN! Ronan about to go for the EOD! But Justin rolling away before grabbing Ronan by his feet and taking him down to the ground. Justin taking the time to get to his feet but Ronan quickly rolls around. Ronan boots Justin right in the face! Justin takes a few steps back giving Ronan time to grab the ropes and bring himself up to a knee. Justin breaking into a run as he runs at Ronan. Ronan throwing Justin over the top rope!

Jake Mercer: Justin barely hangs on as he looks to be grabbing a hold of the ropes trying to get onto the apron. Nathan on the apron seeing the opportunity as he runs at Justin! JUSTIN WITH A KNEE KNOCKING NATHAN OFF THE APRON! Ronan with a punch barely leaving Justin hanging by a thread. Ronan runs to the ropes as he goes for a shoulder thrust! But Justin quickly moves out of the way as Ronan’s left draped across the middle rope! JUSTIN WITH A KICK RIGHT TO HIS FACE SENDING HIM BACK INTO THE RING! Ronan falls to the ground as Justin enters the ring. But SKA grabs him by the arm! SKA holding Justin leaving Ronan enough time to get up to his feet! Ronan shoves him right into his corner!


Stew-O: SKA tagged in once more as Ronan irish whips him into the ropes! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TAKING JUSTIN OUT! Justin grabs his back but it looks like he isn’t giving in yet as he gets to his feet.  But SKA sending him into a irish whip! JAPANESE ARMDRAG TAKING JUSTIN DOWN! Justin launched across the ring but he’s still hanging on as he grabs the ropes pulling himself up. SKA grabs him by the head and begins to ram his knees right into his gut before throwing him back down to the ground! SKA looks determined to finish the job right here as Justin get’s to a knee. GRYFFINDOR! SHINING WIZARD CONNECTS! Justin is knocked out as SKA goes for the pin!



Flannery McCoy: JUSTIN KICKS OUT! Justin’s been fighting a handicapped battle so far but he isn’t giving up just yet. SKA up to his feet as he drags Justin up to his feet and props him into the corner. SKA WITH A KNEE RIGHT TO THE GUT OF JUSTIN! Justin still managing to keep himself up though as SKA runs again I think he’s looking for another one! But Justin pushes SKA away! SKA looks angered as he runs. Clothesline attempt but Justin ducks under. JUSTIN WITH A PELE KICK TAKING DOWN SKA! 

Jake Mercer: Justin runs at SKA. But SKA wastes no time moving out of the way and grabbing Justin by the hair. But Justin with a kick right to his knees forcing him back! SKA steps back as Justin runs. RUNNING KNEE TAKES DOWN SKA! Both of them are down as Justin collapses in exhaustion as Justin is wasting no time reaching out to the corner as the others in his corner are practically begging for the tag!


Stew-O: Archimedes is tagged in! Archimedes quickly enters the ring as he waits for SKA to get up! Archimedes runs at SKA looking for something big to possibly finish the job. BUT NATHAN! NATHAN DASHES INTO THE RING! BIG BOOT DECAPITATES ARCHIMEDES! Nathan dragging SKA to the corner as he reaches under!


Flannery McCoy: NATHAN’S IN! Archimedes just barely up now as he stumbles up. He’s still stumbling around aimlessly giving Nathan an opportunity at play here! STRAIGHT JACKET DROP! IT’S CURTAIN CLOSED FOR THE ANIMANIAC AS NATHAN GOES FOR THE PIN! RONAN AND SKA IN THE RING TAKING DOWN CHRISTOPHER AND JUSTIN!





(“Redshift” plays up to boos as Nathan von Liebert gets to his feet. He has a wicked smirk on his face as the Ref lifts all three of the winners hands in the air. Nathan eyes the armband SKA has on which reads “Captain” and after this match, he has a reason to disagree)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen here are your winners, the team of… NATHAN VON LIEBERT, SKA, AND RONAN MALOSI!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Wow what a great win by the high school dropouts tonight folks!

Stew-O: Whilst they won the other team put up a good fight. What I mean is that Justin Windgate put up a good fight. Despite all of that Justin Windgate is the star player tonight for sure!

Flannery McCoy: Hats off to the winners though who showed that even though they beat each other to a pulp last week they’re able to cooperate this week! Whatever the future holds, I’m sure we won’t be seeing the last of them for a while. Especially with Road to Redemption on the horizon as these men will be back in action against one another with every man for themselves in the Extreme Enigma Battle Royal!

(Commercial Break)

(Dynasty fades back in from commercial and cuts to the private lockerroom that belongs to the 9-time World Champion, Impact, and his beautiful better half, Sienna Jade. Gawd contract or not, the perks of being a Hall of Famer and best friends to the Chairman and his bride give you the right to have a private lockerroom. Impact is sitting down, while Sienna is standing behind him. The beautiful blonde is dressed in her gear, ready for her match later on, and is massaging Impact’s shoulders.)

Impact: #10Reignz, Sienna. 

(A coy smile plays across Sienna’s lips as she leans down, her luscious mouth brushing against her bae’s ear.)

Sienna Jade: Mmmm, there’s nothing sexier than seeing that World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around your sexy waist.

Impact: The last thing that should have ever happened at House of Glass was TLA walking away with my championship. I was 13-years old when I decided that I would become the greatest professional wrestler that ever lived, and heading into Road to Redemption I have the chance to break my own record for world championships yet again. Not that anyone is even close to accomplishing what I’ve done in my career, but putting myself in double digits would definitely put my title reign record out of reach. The only person who could continue to break it would in fact be me, and after I walk out of the Extreme Elimination Chamber as the new World Heavyweight Champion, I don’t plan on relinquishing that belt any time soon. This is about more than just winning another championship, though. This is about erasing the absolute travesty that took place at House of Glass and left us with a caricature of a champion that no one respects or believes in. TLA doesn’t deserve his place in the history books as a world champion and if I still had the Gawd contract, I would use the power in it to eradicate him. However that’s not a luxury I have now, so we have to go back to doing things the old-fashioned way, which is fine by me. I was the greatest before a Gawd contract, and I’ll continue to stay a step ahead of everyone else without it.

(Sienna can’t help but pout just a bit as House of Glass memories flood her mind.)

Sienna Jade: Well part of that blame can be placed on that ugly cunt Serena. Had she kept her ass at home where she belongs then TLA wouldn’t have your championship around his waist right now. Kind of funny how uncharacteristically quiet she was this week. That stupid bih always has some bullshit to say but I guess knowing that she’s got Sienna Jade already standing with one foot on her neck kept her quiet, and that’s smart on her part. Why dig that grave any deeper? I’m glad because honestly daddy, her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard and just makes my skin crawl. Once I beat her stupid and rip the cheap weave out of her head at Road to Redemption, and snatch that championship from whatever inferior bitch has it after, you and I will finally get to reign together as the golden couple of Elite Answers Wrestling.

(Sienna squeezes her love’s shoulders and presses a kiss across his cheek. An arrogant smirk spreads across Impact’s face as he pulls Sienna down into his lap.)

Impact: TLA’s shitty career, which is full of hard-luck failures and ‘try-to-hard’ promos, is going to take another hit once I’m done with him inside that elimination chamber. I realize that he’s not the only factor and that I’m going to have four other people to keep my eyes on. But who inside that chamber actually possesses the god-given talent to stand up to me and stop me? There’s no one, not a single soul. I hold victories over Viz, King, and Cage. As far as Kassidy goes, with all due respect, she’s going to get treated like I would treat anyone else in this match and that’s as a stain on the bottom of my Gucci shoe.

Sienna Jade: Well I can promise you that Kassi-Poo is going to treat you as much the same, and whatever happens, happens. We all know that this is a business and at the end of the day winning championship gold is that really matters. My White Mamba and my flawless queen might be opponents next week, but that doesn’t stop me from loving the both of you equally.

(Impact raises an eyebrow and all Sienna does is smile like an angel. He chuckles slightly and just shakes his head.)

Impact: Equally? Something tells me that the only pulsating cock that gets shoved in you is mine, and unless Ryan’s wife is making you scream for a strap-on, then I find it hard to believe that you love the two of us equally.

(Sienna’s beautiful eyes glitter mischievously.)

Sienna Jade: Well, when you put it that way… perhaps I do love Kassikinz a bit more.

Impact: Jaded Hearts versus Liquid Swords then since you love her more… could be a good match.

Sienna Jade: :whoa: I didn’t say all that! I’m teasing you.

Impact: Tease my cock then, not my ego.

(Sienna licks her lips and lowers her eyes.)

Sienna Jade: How about we just relentlessly fuck one another after I carry Serena’s deadweight to a victory tonight and soften up Viz and Drake for you?

Impact: You really have a gift for knowing the right things to say to me.

Sienna Jade: I have a gift for many things, and I’m a woman of many talents. I’ll take care of Drake and Viz, and babe, just some advice. Don’t let your only focus come down to Cage…

Impact: Cage will get what’s coming to him. He’s always been a little bitch, an overhyped piece of collective garbage with two pity championship reigns to his name. His run as EAW Champion last year is nothing short of a joke. Just like he failed to win a chamber match last year, he’s going to fail at winning one this year. He’s not a threat to me come Road to Redemption and I would be hard pressed to find anyone in the match who’s afraid of that fuck boy. As far as I’m concerned, #10Reignz is a given at this point. I never should have lost the championship in the first place, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it back come Road to Redemption. TLA is a transitional placeholder, a joke of a man and even more pathetic as a champion.

(Sienna traces her finger down Impact’s chest and looks up at him through her long, dark lashes.)

Sienna Jade: I can’t wait to live in a world where #10Reignz is a thing.

(Neither could Impact, which is why he nodded his head in agreement. Mr. and Mrs. Impact continued their conversation and their heavy petting as Dynasty faded back to the ringside area.)

( Camera transitions back to the arena showing Ryan Wilson in the crowd in his hometown. Sylvain Primeau and Tony St-Michel are also with him. The local crowd cheers on him and he gives them a warm salute while showing his Montreal Canadiens jersey. ) 

(“Bolt Thrower” by Mercenary hits, as Mike Gambino makes his way down to the ring. The fans shower him with boos as he walks down the ramp.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen! The following match is a tag team match that’s set for!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 236lbs, HE IS THE MERCENARY!!! MIKE GAMBINO!!!

Jake Mercer: Coming off a close fought match last week, will this be Mike’s first solo win since his comeback?

(“Me Muero” by La 5a Estación begins to play and Angel de Plata Jr. comes out confidently, shaking his fist to a positive reaction to the crowd. He poses on the top of the ramp for a moment before confidently strutting to the ring.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent! Weighing in at 205 pounds, from Mexico City, Mexico… ANGEL DE PLATA JUNIORRRRRRRRRRR!

Flannery McCoy: Angel was on the receiving end of a loss against Osamu Arcichida last week! Will he bounce back this week?

( Ding Ding Ding! )

Stew-O: And here we go! Both men are moving to the center of the ring to face one another. De Plata moves to try and engage in a clinch with Gambino who throws in a quick thumb to the eyes of his masked opponent forcing Angel to stagger! Gambino follows with a clothesline utilizing the opening he created for himself early in and then drives a few solid knee strikes to the side of Angel keeping him on the mat! He follows with a pair of leg drops before getting up and Woah!! Delivers a Standing Shooting Star Press!! Gambino hooks the leg!!



Jake Mercer: Didn’t expect Gambino to be able to pull off a Standing Press! I’m impressed! 


Jake Mercer: What gull from the Mercenary while the crowd is booing him! He really thinks he got this in the bag!

Flannery McCoy: But does he though? He shouldn’t brag too much! 

Stew-O: Another few stiff kicks to the ribs of Angel followed by a slap to the back of the head from Mike who is insulting his opponent in slang Italian. 

Jake Mercer: Where does he think he is? The Sopranos? 

Stew-O: Gambino continues the offensive lifting De Plata Jr to his feet and whips him in the ropes. Mike goes for a clothesline but Angel ducks under his arm to bounce off the ropes again only to get collected by Gambino who threw himself with a strong dropkick sending Angel to the floor! Gambino lunges forward wasting no time and moves in to get Angel in a crossface submission!!  Junior screams and flails trying to get free of the move while the official checks on him to see he will tap!! But Angel is still rather fresh in this match and he manages to power himself up to the ropes to break the hold and get a break from Gambino’s attacks as the referee counts the New Yorker so that he breaks the hold! Mike keeps the pressure on to the limit and then lets go of his target and gives Angel some breathing room while the ref warns him of his behavior which he doesn’t seem to care about. Gambino quickly moves backward and springs forth off the ropes and rams his knees behind the head of Angel!! Angel goes down again! Mike with the cover! 




Jake Mercer: De Plata is not ready to give up just yet!!

Stew-O: Indeed much to the dismay of Gambino who shrugs and then moves to get Angel to his feet again. He swings an arm for a stiff uppercut followed by a second and a third before headbutting his opponent with force making him stumble backward and against a corner! Gambino moves in leans down grabbing the ropes and begins to ram his shoulders in the midsection of Del Plata in rapid succession before proceeding to stomp a mudhole in him and walking it dry with a stiff boot! Gambino raises Angel back up, not finished and sends a few well-placed chops on the chest of Del Plata! The crowd Woooo’s after each strikes that is vainly blocked by a tired Angel! Another uppercut to the masked jaw of Angel by Gambino who runs to the opposite corner of the ring and runs back towards his opponent and leaps for a devastating knee strike to the chest of Junior who stumbles on his feet! He is reeling! Kick to the midsection and Angel gets planted with a DDT!! He is laid out! Gambino looks to the turnbuckle, he goes up it to the top standing high above the ring he calls for the Meteorite!! He leaps but Junior moves out of dodge! Gambino crashes hard on the mat! Is this the opening Angel needs to make a comeback in this match??

Flannery McCoy: C’mon Angel!!

Stew-O: Both men are getting up slowly, they face each other. Gambino throws a left blocked by Angel who throws one of his own and the two begins to his each other with solid blows neither men wanting to back down but slowly the Mexican has the upper hand over the Italian New Yorker! He forces him into the ropes and pushes him into an Irish whip! Gambino ducks under a clothesline but doesn’t manage to evade the dropkick that lands from De Plata! Gambino goes down but he quickly gets up but gets collected by the swing blade!! Gambino goes down again! Angel moves to the ropes jumping off the second one LIONSAULT!!! Perfect execution from Junior! He goes for the cover!! 




Stew-O: Close call on this one as Junior keeps on applying pressure offensively by mounting Mike and throwing in a series of strikes to the face with closed fists! The referee notices it after three to four strikes and breaks the move while De Plata argues a second but then moves to the nearest corner! He quickly climbs on it and calls for a corkscrew 360 flip that connects on the Mercenary!! Angel himself looks a bit hurt but he goes for the cover!!




Stew-O: That one was close! Too close but Gambino lives to keep fighting! Del Plata gets up to his feet he looks down on the man seemingly wondering what to do next but WOAH!!! GAMBINO JUST SPAT ON HIM FROM HIS PRONE POSITION!!!! WHAT IS HE THINKING?!&!&! DAMN OH MY THE SPINNING HEEL KICK TO THE FACE AS A RESPONSE FROM ANGEL!!!! WHAT DEFIANCE FROM GAMBINO WHO REFUSES TO LAY DOWN!! Angel for the cover!! 




Stew-O: GAMBINO’S RESILIENCE SHINES TONIGHT! Angel isn’t done with him, he gets him up and throws him into the ropes, he calls for a sit-up powerbomb BUT GAMBINO THROWS ALL HE HAS INTO A SUPERKICK WHICH SENDS ANGEL INTO A CORNER!! WHAT FORCE!! Gambino gathers himself against the opposite corner cursing daring the dazed masked fighter to get up which he does but he is dazed as he moves forward almost zombie like! Gambino lunges forward for the spear! IT CON-NOO!!! ANGEL USES THE MOMENTUM TO ROLL GAMBINO UP!!




( Ding Ding Ding!  )

Stephie Love: Here is your winner… ANGEL DE PLATA JR!!!!!!!

(‘Friend vs. Friend’ by Company Begins to play and the camera pans to the stage as Angel de Plata’s hand is being raised in the ring. Lethal Consequences steps out onto the stage and begins a slow walk down the ramp.)

Lethal Consequences: Cut the damn music. Court is now in session, bitches. I don’t appreciate taking losses to people trying to build ‘legacies’ off of me. I’m not sure you understand, Angel. I know you’re new around here, but there’s been a lot of cats from a lot of different places trying to build their ‘legacy’ off of Lethal Consequences. But that’s where they get it all wrong, boy. They don’t understand that I’m a different breed. I’m not your average slut who spreads their legs and waits for these people to stick their face in between my ass cheeks. I am a man made without the need for adulation as it’s already ingrained into me. I was born with the appreciation and marvel of these people. I never needed to earn it. My legacy has always been ingrained into this place and it always will be. And just because some other jamoke comes along and wants to take that legacy, that adulation, that marvel, and make it their own… well, I don’t have enough fingers to count on the failures that’ve fallen before my feet.

(Lethal Consequences begins to walk a little bit more down the ramp as the crowd boos his presence.)

Lethal Consequences: Quiet, you French-Canadian pieces of crap. Vous sucks tous’. You all suck and your mom’s do too. Court is in session and you need to respect the Judge, Jury, and Executioner…. ME. Now, let’s see what’s on the docket. Ah, right, right, right. Did Angel de Plata beat Lethal Consequences? Not really. You got lucky, boy. You pinned me while my back was turned and that idiot, that pandering scumbag SOSA Henderson was at ringside trying to scrape off just a little bit of my glory. Trying to get the rub from ol’ LC… So the verdict is… you didn’t accomplish SHIT. Let’s see. Oh. Right. Is the National EXTREME Championship the best titl-

(Angel de Plata grabs a microphone and puts his hand out, pointing at Lethal Consequences. Lethal Consequences walks up the ring steps and is almost in the ring.)

Angel de Plata: Let’s be clear about one thing here. I said from the beginning I didn’t like the way I got the win over you. I fully believe I would’ve gotten the win without any kind of bullshit happening at ringside. But what happened, happened. I don’t deny that. But I’ll take whatever kind of win comes my way if it means being one step closer to that National Elit-

Lethal Consequences: Don’t even say it, bitch. I understand your feelings are hurt about how you won. But guess what! I’m an honorable, nice, and gracious champion. And I’m more than happy to give you a rematch against me. So I can prove that not only was your win against me on Dynasty a fluke… but that you’re also a one hit wonder who will NEVER take this championship away from me.

(The lights dim and ‘Sensei’ by Datsik plays and the crowd boos heavily. Osamu Arcichida steps out onto the entrance ramp and shakes his head. With a microphone in hand, Osamu takes a few steps down the entrance ramp himself.)

Osamu Arcichida: All this talk and not a lot of action. The two of you bickering back and forth about a rollup win by the newcomer. A big upset! But was it really? Who gives a shit. The only thing in this equation that matters is that National Elite Championship. And here’s the facts, LC; you don’t deserve that title around your waist. You don’t deserve to hold it another damn day. When I held that belt, it had some prestige to it. It actually mattered. And look at you… out here, as champion, holding ‘court’ for a win that nobody even gives a shit about. You’re not talking about making someone a contender who DESERVES it. Someone who has beaten champions and for the last six months come out here week in and week out and proven themselves. Someone who has actually held that title before. ME. If anyone on Dynasty is the true number one contender for that title, it is Osamu Arcichida. And if I have to step through those ropes right now and take my opportunity… well… I will orchestrate some violence.

(Lethal Consequences laughs.)

Lethal Consequences: Shut up. You. Don’t. Deserve. Shit. I’m out here holding court, bringing down verdicts, and you dare interrupt me? You’re in contempt, boy! And I swear to God, if that isn’t the worst place to be, I’m not sure what is. I’ve got some unfinished business with little Angel over here. Get in line, wait your turn, and get back to writing flinging around that little baton and jerking yourself off.

Angel de Plata: Osamu, how about you get in this ring right now and we can finish what you started last week? You attacked me from behind, just like you did a few weeks ago to pick up a cheap win. If anyone out here right now is a FLUKE, it’s you. And cry me a river. I’ve done more in the past month to deserve a title opportunity than you’ve done in the past SIX. So either come down here, step between these ropes like a man right now, or step back through that curtain and shut up while I take this overconfident blanca out and bring home gold to Mexico… as I actually have a father that is proud of me.

(The camera pans to a visibly angry Osamu who can’t believe his ears.)

Osamu Arcichida: They call me The Orchestrator for a reason. I don’t step into ambushes, I create them. The two of you can go back and forth all you want. But I can assure you, right here and now, there won’t be a title match that will go bell to bell without Osamu Arcichida appearing… even if I’m refused my opportunity. I’ve beaten you, Angel, but I want LC in the middle of that ring so I can take back what has always been rightfully mine.

(Suddenly StarStan appears on the entrance ramp with a microphone. The fans cheer him and he has to quiet them down so he can talk.)

StarStan: You all make valid points, albeit if not by blowing a little smoke up your asses. But they’re valid, nonetheless. So I’ve got an announcement concerning the National El- Elite Championship. At Road to Redemption, it will be Lethal Consequences taking on ANGEL DE PLATA JR! …. TAKING ON OSAMU ARCICHIDA! IN A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!

(The crowd cheers the announcement as Lethal Consequences reacts viscerally to the news and Angel de Plata nods his head. Osamu simply shakes his head, walking past StarStan to the backstage.)

Stew-O: A huge announcement for the fate of the National Elite-

Jake Mercer: EXTREME!

Stew-O: Championship. It will be Lethal Consequences versus Angel de Plata Jr versus Osamu Arcichida in a triple threat at Road to Redemption. The three of them have had bad blood for the past few weeks and it’s surely going to be a highly competitive match.

Flannery McCoy: Osamu Arcichida has been practically begging for a shot at that title since he lost to Jack Ripley at Pain for Pride. Angel de Plata Jr. has built a ton of momentum for himself since debuting here in EAW in wild fashion… and Lethal Consequences is going to have perhaps his toughest title defense since he captured the championship in August, considering it will be a triple threat match. A huge announcement, folks.

(The camera fades elsewhere.)

(Commercial Break)

(The camera cuts back to the arena where LC and Osamu are already in the ring as Angel stands by ringside.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: One fall!

Stephie Love: Introducing first! From Osaka, Japan weighing in at 235 pounds he is “The Conductor” OSAMUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ARCICHIDA!!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Some people dislike this man but the same can be said for his opponent. So I guess everyone can just enjoy them beating the hell out of each other here tonight.

Stew-O: I know I will :wow:

Jake Mercer: It’s sad to see something like this I would prefer that they team up instead.

Stephie Love: And his opponent from Oakland, California weighing in at 230 pounds he is the EAW National Elite Champion… LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETHAL CONSEQUENCES!!!!

(Lethal Consequences steps to the center of the ring holding up his championship arrogantly as he shoves it in Osamu’s face to assert his dominance.)

Flannery McCoy: Lethal Consequences has been the EAW National Elite Champion since Territorial Invasion in September and has had quite a successful reign.

Stew-O: Indeed and he isn’t going to let any scrubs take this title from him. He will lay waste to anyone who steps to him in that ring to defend that gold!

Jake Mercer: There are a lot of consequences when you choose to face Lethal Consequences and they are very lethal.


Flannery McCoy: Osamu Arcichida charges the ring! Right hand to the face! Battering Lethal Consequences back! Lethal steps out of the way but a hard forearm by Osamu sends Lethal back out between the ropes on the other side of the ring! Lethal looks pissed now as he immediately slides back under the ring but Osamu grabs onto his arm locking in a vicious armbar! But Lethal is trying to avoid getting the maneuver fully locked in rolling back up to his feet and kicking Osamu hard in the side of his gut. Running Senton by Lethal… but Osamu dodges it! Osamu grabs the arm of Lethal keeping him grounded! He slams the arm down hard over the top rope as Lethal struggles back up to his feet! Lethal springs back off the ropes his arm slapping back against Osamu’s chest… Osamu backs up… Superkick to the face of Lethal who staggers back against the ropes! He charges in! Clothesline over the top!

Stew-O: No! He misses! Osamu flies over the top rope to the outside crashing and burning! He pulls himself back up slapping the ground in rage. He climbs up… But wait! Lethal Consequences grabs Osamu Arcichida as he climbs back up… Osamu pulls down dropping his neck over the top! Lethal sent falling back into the ring as Osamu slithers back in right to the cover!

Referee: ONEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! TWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Kickout by the Hall of Famer Lethal Consequences! And Osamu now mounting Lethal and he is just mauling him with strikes and pulling at his face! The referee warning him but Lethal bites the fingers of Osamu! Osamu quickly pulls his fingers back but immediately locks Lethal into a headlock. Lethal returns rising to his feet with hard elbows to the gut of Osamu. Spinning Backhand! Lethal goes down as Osamu hits a Standing Moonsault! What athleticism! Osamu goes for the cover… no wait he is going for a grounded Bearhug! Lethal grimacing in pain as he struggles back up to his feet… But Osamu holds on with the Bearhug from behind… Lethal back up! He elbows the back of Osamu’s skulll… But Osamu! GERMAN SUPLEX CONNECTS!!!

Flannery McCoy: Lethal rolls out of the ring but Osamu is not willing to let up! Osamu charges… Tope Suicida!!! Osamu taking Lethal out on the outside of the ring and the crowd goes wild! Osamu slaps hands with some of the crowd… but Lethal is recovering and grabs his leg! Osamu trips and goes face first into the steel steps outside the ring! Lethal tosses Osamu back into the ring… He goes up to the top rope… Leaping Stomp off the top rope! He comes crashing down right onto the ankle of Osamu! Damn that had to hurt! Lethal quickly applies an Ankle Lock as he looks to keep Osamu grounded and prevent anymore of those high flying moves or anymore striking combinations. Lethal with a hard elbow drop to the back of Osamu before immediately transitioning from that into a Half Boston Crab. Osamu struggling to the ropes! Can he make it?!?!?

Stew-O: Osamu grimacing in pain as he slides across the ring and reaches out! Yes he did it! He grabs the ropes and the referee forces the break! But he immediately holds his back as the damage may have already been done! Lethal takes immediate notice of this as he stomps down hard onto Osamu’s back. Osamu screams out in pain as Lethal digs his boot into his spine.

Jake Mercer: Even Angel de Plata Jr. here at ringside is grimacing from watching that painful moment!

Flannery McCoy: How can you tell?

Stew-O: … That’s a good point.

Jake Mercer: Don’t be racist again in my presence Flannery. Anyway, this match is continuing with Lethal Consequences in complete control. Lethal has a claw latched onto the back of Osamu Arcichida and appears to have isolated the most painful spot on that back! Osamu has absolutely no counter to this!

Flannery McCoy: Actually it appears that a Claw is rather easy to counter as Osamu is fighting through the pain! But Lethal won’t let go… Osamu desperate as he lunges over the top rope pulling Lethal over with him! Lethal falls to the mat before Osamu goes over the top! But Osamu lands on the apron! Osamu pulls himself back up. He leaps up onto the ropes! Flying Moonsault! But Lethal is up!

Stew-O: Lethal not out of the way in time as Osamu lands on his back as he was getting up! Osamu just crushed him with that Sault! The cover!

Referee: ONEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! TWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TH-

Jake Mercer: KICKOUT! I thought that Osamu had it there and based on the look on his face Angel did too!

Flannery McCoy: But are you sure about that? Whatever, what I am sure of is that Osamu Arcichida is going to have to pull out all the stops if he wants to put away his opponent! Osamu pulls Lethal back up…

Stew-O: But a thumb to the eye from Lethal! Lethal rakes the eyes of Osamu! Lethal grabs Osamu from behind… German Suplex! Into a Bridge! The cover!


Jake Mercer: No! Osamu kicks out at the very last moment! I thought that it was over right then and there!

Flannery McCoy: So did Lethal as now he is mounting on top of Osamu and pummeling his face! Osamu taking a series of unprotected blows as he shoves Lethal off him! Luckily Osamu didn’t take too much battering there or that could have been an instant KO! Both men back up!

Stew-O: Both men collide in the ring with right hands to each other’s faces! Both connect! Both men down on one knee! But they pull themselves back up…

Jake Mercer: And Osamu with a hard kick to the gut of Lethal Consequences! Osamu grabs Lethal pulling him up…

Flannery McCoy: But Lethal fighting back punching at Osamu who falls back carrying Lethal towards the corner! Lethal jumps off landing on the top rope! He kicks Osamu away…

Stew-O: But Osamu grabs the leg! Osamu pulls Lethal off the top ropes up over his shoulders…





(Sensei – Datsik hits as Osamu Arcichida has his arm raised by the referee.)

Flannery McCoy: Well I don’t think the crowd has any love for either of these wrestlers but they will have no choice but to acknowledge the successful showing here tonight by Osamu Arcichida.

Stew-O: Picking up possibly the biggest win of his career tonight heading into Road to Redemption! We will have to see if he can keep up the momentum!

Jake Mercer: Osamu Arcichida putting the entire locker room on notice here tonight with a victory over the National Elite Champion Lethal Consequences! And look at the face of Angel de Plata Jr! He is absolutely in awe over what Osamu has achieved tonight!

Flannery McCoy: You really are sure huh?

Stew-O: Let’s not question it.

(Angel de Plata Jr. is shown standing up and sarcastically clapping at the match he just witnessed before the camera cuts to a commercial elsewhere)

(The camera fades out before resuming in on a brightly lit dance floor. Hot women are shown twerking and sliding down poles as others are shown relaxing in hot tubs flowing with brightly colored water. The drank does flow as there is not a dry mouth in the entire Poon Palace. The camera fades in to one of the hot tubs where TLA is shown relaxing surrounded by a large number of Poons. The World Heavyweight Championship is shown in the hot tub as well floating on the bubbling waters.)

TLA: Pero… ¿Por qué flota en el agua?

Michelle McGillislutty: Wow that’s so cool papi! Did you know that I float too?

(Michelle McGillislutty is shown trying to dive into a pool but immediately her upper torso is jerked back up to the surface in an almost unnatural manner.)

TLA: Ye Michelle mami I think I know why you float so well.

Michelle McGillislutty: It’s because I’m just as valuable as the World Heavyweight Championship right? I come right to the top!

TLA: It sure is :wow:

(Steroid Dawg is shown dog paddling in one of the swimming lanes of the pool. The water in each swimming lane of the pool has been dyed red, green, and white. Montreal has really gone all out for El Campeón!)

Michelle McGillislutty: Wow TLA! It is really cool how they have decorated this place up just for your arrival! I didn’t even know they celebrated Christmas in Canada!

(TLA facepalms as Gloria Tightpussy enters carrying a tablet.)

Gloria Tightpussy: Michelle please. Let’s have a serious discussion about the budget.

Michelle McGillislutty: Pls no.

TLA: We got all that dinero. We ain’t gotta worry about shit like that.

Gloria Tightpussy: That is where you are wrong TLA. You see in spite of you winning the World Heavyweight Championship in order to make some real money you actually have to defend it.


Michelle McGillislutty: Wow I didn’t know that. Can’t you just melt down the gold and sell it that way?

Gloria Tightpussy: No.

TLA: Mind blown.

Gloria Tightpussy: TLA we need to discuss the chances of you actually retaining your title at Road to Redemption and what your inevitable failure means for Sexual Panther Productions going forward.

TLA: I know I know. I’m going to have to lay off the Male Poons again aren’t I?

Gloria Tightpussy: TLA please take this seriously. What we are dealing with here is complete financial collapse.

(TLA’s abuela is shown slamming La Chancla to the ground in rage and storming out.)

TLA: That won’t do Gloria. Abuela ain’t just gonna work for free. She has a certain lifestyle that she expects to maintain.

Gloria Tightpussy: First of all she doesn’t even work here. Second of all the only lifestyle you are going to have is back in the barrio where you belong after you get…

TLA: Nah nah nah slow them lips mami. You gonna need to save them for later. Pero you just be presuming too much. Acting like yo boi gonna take that L like it is a sure ass thang. Hell nawh imma get that W in and prove I ain’t no fluke. I promise y’all that.

Michelle McGillislutty: Yay!

Gloria Tightpussy: I am glad to hear you say that TLA. I have gathered the Poons and we intend to prep you thoroughly for this upcoming contest. You see we aren’t actually in that bad financial trouble. We been charging everything to the corporate EAW card you got when you became champion.

TLA: Kassidy Heart on suicide watch. Gonna have to cancel that winter vacation.

Gloria Tightpussy: You gonna have to cancel that vacation too cuz the life of a Champion ain’t just about the fiesta. Nah you gotta be training and fighting harder than you ever been before.

TLA: I know I know I have been.

(TLA slowly raises his arm up out of the hot tub revealing that he has been holding a weight the whole time.)

Gloria Tightpussy: Good good I am glad that’s what you were doing. When I saw your hand down there moving around I thought maybe something else.

TLA: You dirty bitch get yo mind out the gutter. I am a responsible and professional hombre.

Michelle McGillislutty: Indeed and he’s got my hands for that.

Gloria Tightpussy: So TLA what is your plan? How do you intend to retain that World Heavyweight Championship at Road to Redemption?

TLA: See La Pantera Sexual has been thinking long and he been thinking hard. After he beat Kassidy Heart last week he has realized that things are gonna be real brutal out there. Anything can happen. Even switching to speak in third person.

Gloria Tightpussy: I would strongly recommend against that.

TLA: He agrees. I mean I agree. But you see I been hanging with my amigos. With the luchadores, with the cholos, with the mamis, with the dawgs, with the OGs, and most definitely with the familia. Been thinking just what weapon I wanna use to get into that Extreme Elimination Chamber and make things even more extreme than they been any other year. Now you see I think I got it. I think I know what the people want and I think I got a way to step it up this year and surpass them expectations. We gonna see cuz we gonna need a real poppin’ idea out there if we want to make an impact and survive this shit. Drake King, Kassidy Heart, and The Visual Prophet all thirsting for they first taste at this gold. Cage and Impact been to the top before and they looking to taste it once again. But imma have no choice but to deprive them of drinkin’ in that good shit. As my good friend Kevin Devastation once said.. Stay thirsty my friends.

Gloria Tightpussy: Let’s not steal that tho. Are you really going to end with that line? What the hell is wrong with you?

Michelle McGillislutty: I’m pretty sure he stole it from someone else first so we all good.

TLA: It’s true we all thieves out here. Straight bandido shit on these streets. I ain’t even waiting for my pod to open imma break that glass and slide in and fuck up some motherfuckers.

Gloria Tightpussy: Alright I think we actually need to talk about your strategy and prepare you for this match cuz this sounds like a really bad idea.

Michelle McGillislutty: I agree. We definitely need to start to “prep” you for this title match right away papi.

(Gloria sighs as she sets down the tablet and slides into the hot tub to join the professional meeting where they will discuss strategy, merchandising, nutrition, and other important subjects. Steroid Dawg is shown leaping off a diving board performing a picture perfect swan dive into the pool as the water splashes everywhere and the camera fades to black.)

(A commercial airs for Fed Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Jaywalker. Coming to a local basement near you!)

(We return from our final commercial break to see Stephie Love standing and looking elegant inside the ring.)

Stephie Love: Our next match is scheduled for

Crowd: ONE FALL!!

Stephie Love: And it is our MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!

(‘Ready for War’ by Adelitas Way plays out comes Drake King to a chorus of boos. Drake makes his way to the stage before posing a bit and soaking up the reaction as his music suddenly fades out. ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ begins to tune up as the crowd switches from all boos to cheers. The Visual Prophet appears as he and Drake stare at each other intensely before giving each other a nod and dapping one another up before heading towards the ring.)

Stephie Love: On their way to the ring. At a combined weight of 450 pounds…THE TEAM OF…DRAKE KING AND THE VISUAL PROPHET!!

Stew-O: A team with a perfect record these past two weeks, Viz and Drake look like a match made in heaven inside the ring. Outside? That’s a different story. After their joint mission of costing Kassidy Heart her match against TLA last week Drake turned on Viz and curb stomped face first into that World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Flannery McCoy: Drake and Viz are having success together but at Road to Redemption, it’s obvious they both have their eyes not as a tag team but as both wanting to become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Jake Mercer: I know for a fact Viz was devastated by Drake’s actions but a third tag team match in a row has both these men back on the same side again as they hope to continue their winning streak into Road to Redemption!

(As Drake and Viz enter the ring, the music fades until “Surfin” by Kid Cudi plays. The crowd is on their feet as out walks the stylish Serena Bennett. Serena poses on the stage with a huge smile as Viz and Drake begin warming up.)

Stephie Love: AND THEIR OPPONENTS, FIRST…hailing from Compton, California…weighing in at 114 pounds…SERENAAAA BENNNNEEETTT!!

(As Serena makes her way down the ramp, she daps and hi fives all the people reaching over the barricade.)

Stew-O: Sienna Jade has to team up with her rival Sienna Jade tonight but best believe at Road to Redemption, these ladies will be on opposite sides dueling for a chance to face the Universal Women’s champion and reclaim the top spot of that division.

Flannery McCoy: One of the most talented competitive members of this roster, Serena is a former champion but her reign was cut short very quickly. I know she wants to make up for it and what better way to do it then by vanquishing Sienna Jade once again and earning another title shot?

(Serena rolls in the ring as Viz stands inside it and Drake is on the apron of their corner. Suddenly, the video tron cuts to black. The music cuts out as well. The entire arena is thrown off and everyone is standing around confused. Until, the screen pops back up. We see a familiar face smiling as all eyes are on the screen.)

Sienna Jade: You little idiots ready for your main event?!

(The crowd begins booing as Sienna Jade laughs. Serena is on the ramp confused as can be.)

Sienna Jade: The biggest tag team match in Dynasty history, right here and now. You cheap fucks ready for Sienna Jade and Slutrena Been-on-my-dick to take on Drake King and The Visual Prophet? Right here? Right now?! Yah huh?!


Sienna Jade: …Welp. Sucks to be y’all because I’m not taking part in this shit.


Sienna Jade: Yeah, so sad and too bad. I got a Universal Women’s Championship title shot I have to earn at Road to Redemption and wasting my time teaming with my enemy isn’t my ideal plan, k? So. Fine me whatever you deem necessary StarrStan, I don’t care. My hubby has a bank account almost as large as his pulsating cock and we can afford to skip out of shitty matches like this one. Besides, I’m pretty sure my mute partner here can handle these two young men by herself, right? 

Stew-O: Serena has been left stranded by Sienna Jade! Sienna Jade is standing up her tag team partner as Serena stares at the screen with a look of shock on her face! What in heaven’s name is going on?

(Ding! Ding!)

Flannery McCoy: Sienna Jade isn’t here. The bell just rang. Serena has her hands up as she turns around. VIZ CHARGES!!! KISS TO THE HEAD! KISS TO THE HEAD BY THE VISUAL PROPHET DROPS SERENA BENNETT WHERE SHE STANDS! Prophet looks down as he clearly caught her off guard by hitting that rolling elbow out the gate!

Stew-O: Sienna Jade is one of the best elitists in EAW but this is down right evil for her to manipulate and screw over her tag team partner moments before the scheduled main event was to begin!

Jake Mercer: It was evil? Maybe. That’s for debate based on what moral compass you possess. But, given that they both will fight at Road to Redemption, how can you not respect Sienna Jade setting up her future opponent with this move? She said she would rather take a fine and the loss on her record as long as it means Serena Bennett gets what she is about to get!

Flannery McCoy: Viz grabs Serena by her legs and drags her to the center of the ring. Drake looks eager to tag in but I think Serena is already out cold. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get hit with that Kiss to the Head as precisely as Viz placed that one. 


Flannery McCoy: Drake is tagged in as Viz quickly steps out of the ring onto the apron. I mean, this is also heinous by Viz and Drake, isn’t it? They are essentially jumping Serena Bennett and doing Sienna Jade’s bidding? 

Stew-O: It’s a terrible situation, I must agree with you Flannery.

Jake Mercer: Now, wait, hold on a second! These two came ready for a fight tonight. These two were at odds for weeks, they will be in that extreme elimination chamber match with four of the best elitist in this company with a world heavyweight championship on the line. Yet, they still decided to put aside their differences for the third week in a row and compete. I don’t think they plan on killing Serena; least I hope not. But, they are just doing their jobs and I can’t be mad at them for this!

Flannery McCoy: Drake climbs the turnbuckle as Viz encourages him to finish the job. PHOENIX SPLASH BY DRAKE KING AS HE LANDS RIGHT ON BENNETT WHO IS STILL OUT COLD! COVER!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stephie Love: Um…here are your winners…Drake King and The Visual Prophet.

(‘Ready for War’ by Adelita’s Way plays again as Drake stands and gets his hand raised. Viz joins him and pats him on the back as emts help get Serena out of the ring and help her to her feet ringside.)

Stew-O: Quickly Drake and Viz record as a tag team goes to three and zero. They make a short work of poor Serena Bennett as Sienna Jade avoided the same fate by choosing to take a fine and skip out on this very anticipated match. Anticlimactic of an ending aside, I think everyone should be excited still for Road to Redemption next week!

Flannery McCoy: Drake and Viz celebrating is starting to become a burned image in my brain. Look at Viz side by side with King. Look at him step back and point at Drake who stands proudly in the center of the ring. Look at Drake turn slowly as


Jake Mercer: Pay back time!

Flannery McCoy: My god! The sound that kick made was thunderous as Drake’s music fades out. King is on his back like Viz was last week when Drake did the same thing as Viz stomps over to the corner of the ring! Drake is slowly sitting up, slowly rolling to his hands and knees, slowly climbing back to his feet…

Stew-O: Viz waits until he is up and spins around before cocking back that elbow…KISS TO THE HEAD!!!

Jake Mercer: ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST AS VIZ HITS ANOTHER ROLLING ELBOW BUT THIS TIME IT’S ON DRAKE KING! Viz stands over Drake smiling ear to ear as the fans are screaming in shock at this revenge plot by Prophet. Drake is out. Drake is flat on his back, eyes closed, mouth open as Viz stands above him shaking his head.

The Visual Prophet off mic: You were wrong, partner. I am going to be the one to stop you in that chamber because I am the one that is going to win that chamber. Thanks for the wake up call last week, this one was for you. ? 

Stew-O:: Viz looks around the arena as Drake King is laid out still. Viz stretches his arms out wide as ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ by Queen plays on. Viz is standing tall and closing out the show but, will he be the one to stand tall and survive that Extreme Elimination Chamber?

Flannery McCoy: Is this it for the surprisingly good team of Drake and The Visual Prophet? Will Kassidy, Cage, or Impact be the last one standing? 

Jake Mercer: Or will our current champion, La Pantera Sexual TLA defend his title? So many possibilities! So many options! I believe in our champion but with odds like this, it’s up for grabs! Don’t forget, Impact used his last GAWD contract request to be allowed to enter last in this very match! Who is the favorite? Maybe him? Maybe the queen of ultraviolence will Maul all of them when they lock her inside that chamber? Maybe it will be Viz seeing as he never has been pinned or forced to tap at an FPV in his career? Perhaps Cage or Drake, two men that entered last year but failed will win out this time? 

Flannery McCoy: The stakes are high and the tension is getting thick! This will be the most stacked card this season, I believe! 

Stew-O: That and so much more awaits us next week at Road to Redemption but for now, we our out of time! From Jake Mercer, Flannery McCoy, and all of EAW…I am Stew-O and we will see you at RTR 2019! Good night everyone!

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Written by Fight Grid

Elitist of the Month (November 2019)

Showdown 12/8/19