Drake King

The Redeemer

In the match that will not be named, Drake King, for better or worse, was able to see the future. Or to be more truthful, he was able to see a future without himself in it. Of course, what Drake saw wasn’t a very bright future to say the least. However, that nightmare of a match has lit a spark under the former “Paragon”. The match that was meant to mark the end of Drake’s career instead led to a new beginning for him, as now Drake is back, but not without a purpose. Drake King has returned to save EAW from a future that he now knows is possible. In order to stop the catastrophic future he saw with his own eyes, Drake has to make sure the EAW of today is in the right hands. His hands. Now, it’s Drake’s responsibility to lead EAW to a better future, as its Messiah.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Chris Elite

Heart Break Boy