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Diamond Cage

Explicit Content

Unpredictable, allies needed? Not quite, a serious competitor who has had his fair share of gold and has taken part in his fair share of wars. Everywhere he goes it’s not matter of if he’ll become a champion it’s more of a matter of when, not lacking in confidence he believes it’s only a matter of time before this native of Edmonton Alberta finally takes his rightful place as the Kingpin of this business, and to anyone who gets in his way he sees it as a matter of inevitability, you can get in his way and he will simply run you down. He’s had his falls and undoubtedly since coming back to the sport he’s been on the greatest run of his career having people say that he is as good as he’s ever been, to everyone that should be scary that he seemingly gets better with age. A mean streak unlike any we’ve seen, willing to shed blood, willing to spill blood, willing to do what some aren’t, this is Diamond Cage.​

Written by Fight Grid

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