Devan Dubian

The Amazing Emir

The money and all the fame that Devan possess have been nullified by boredom. His only remaining desire in this company is to establish himself as the splitting image of glory by becoming an unrivaled legend through a philosophy of neutrality, brutality and prosperity.

The weight of expectations has been lifted from Devan’s shoulders only for the weight of significance to replace it. After having competed in the most enterprising matches and winning some of the biggest titles, Devan finds himself adrift in the mist of the new era. In light of this, he has taken it upon himself to do whatever he must to see to it that he surpasses all those compeers he grew up with and then some. Regardless of whether that takes Devan to take the mask of a savage or an angel; a life of his fellow friend or not, he is willing to go any level to prove his worth once again.

He is certain that the next chapter holds possibly the most reward for him. The only thing stopping him from that is his own mentality at this point. For the sake of a better tomorrow, Devan Dubian has decided to put down and pursue everything on line here.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Captain Charisma

Showdown 10/20/2018