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The Grave Worm

A beer-guzzling, coffin nail smoking wino-turned-wrestler who has lost himself in every aspect of his life except for wrestling. Darkane is simply a man who sees life in black and white, no more, no less. He’s generally hostile towards anyone or anything that tries to approach him and to get in his inner circle would be considered a miracle at this point. He thrives in a violent environment; he doesn’t care what lows be it physical or mental he will have to stoop to in order to inflict punishment unto others and on top of that he doesn’t stop until he sees fit, which might be a while depending on the amount of booze that he slings down his throat and the alcohol-fueled rage that ensues afterward. In EAW he has gained a reputation as a truly barbaric competitor with a vicious mean streak. That being said, he has earned everything he has gotten thus far such as The Hardcore Championship and the Answers World Championship.

Written by Fight Grid

Noah Reigner

Lucas Johnson