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Consuela Rose Ava

The Perfectionist

Consuela Rose Ava has a heart of gold. She always tries to look for the good of people until they give her a reason not too. Out of the Ava Sisters, it’s Consuela that is the most trusting. If you’re someone who has treated Consuela right and given her the respect, you have an ally in her. In the process, this leads to her getting taken advantage of and her heartbroken at the same time. She is someone who will allow others to push her over. However, the moment when she decides to snap, that will be everyone else’s worst nightmare. She is someone who lives on getting the results that she desires. When she doesn’t get the results she desires over a period of time, she tends to shut down and it’s easy for her to get discouraged. Despite having a quiet demeanor, Consuela is always on a mission to have her voice heard in some compacity and get to the top of EAW.

Written by Fight Grid

Andrea Valentine

Road to Redemption (2007)