Constance Blevins

The Lioness

Constance is an all out workhorse in every sense with everything that she does. The consummate perfectionist, she’s always looking to outdo herself.

Out of the ring, she’s always around people that can make a difference in her life, uplift her while still keeping her grounded and level headed. She looks out for her own if you’ve gained her trust. She gives painstaking amounts of attention to detail, and always thinks things through thoroughly before going through with them.

On screen, her wit will be ever prevalent, displaying supreme confidence (but not cockiness) in most circumstances and scenarios. If she has a match, more than likely she’ll be in constant preparation mode leading up to it.

In the ring, the intensity gets turned way up, as Constance lives up to every bit of her nickname, “Lioness”, when in the ring. Given to Constance by her late Mother who passed just over two years ago due to cancer, she’s constantly on the hunt, ready to strike at will, attacking with great execution and precision once the opportunity presents itself in the ring. Her great instincts allow her to make quick adjustments when in precarious predicaments whether at a vertical base or grounded. It could be against one or them all, and it won’t matter because she will fight to the end no matter the challenge.

Written by Anna C. Flowers


Harlow Reichert