Cody Marshall


Bald. Badass. Blingalicious. Your favorite All-American Elitist has gone Hollywood: catch him on the new FOX sitcom¬†Bad Cops! The series follows Sgt. Hank James (Cody Marshall) and his rag-tag team of undercover cops as they get into all kinds of shenanigans with criminals, pirates, doughnuts, and barely legal blondes, all while trying to infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel! The reigning, defending EAW Hardcore Champion has been living the Hollywood lifestyle for a good six months now, trading in his Ford F-150 for a brand-spanking-new BMW and his dipping tobacco for one of those newfangled vape devices, acquiring extremely leathery outfits, and referring to his fans as “Marshmallows”. He still loves beer though, and you’ll never get him to order one of those fruity chick drinks. That being said, Cody’s got a credit card that’s got no limit, and a big black jet with a bedroom in it. His publicist thought it would be a good idea to include Nickelback lyrics here. Cody is currently trying to fire his publicist.

When asked about his approach to acting, Cody responded “I like to make the world laugh. If I can do that, I go to bed a happy man”. Cody then pulled a Krispy Kreme Jelly Doughnut out of his jacket pocket and devoured it. His advice for success in life, given between doughnut bites, is as follows:

“Live large, lift heavy, wrap your dick, and watch Bad Cops Monday nights at 8PM, 7 Central.”

Written by Fight Grid


Lucas Johnson