Carlos Cruz

Carlos is a PK, meaning he’s the son of preachers. CC is the older brother of Agustin Gates, Steven Maximum, and Elijah Dynamite. He was bullied a lot for his size. He got into wrestling in his early twenties watching WWE, TNA, ROH, AAA, CMLL, and much more. Before a match, Carlos always prays and reads the Bible. Besides wrestling, Carlito loves to write books and prays to see them be turned into movies and TV shows. He’s mostly known for being a class clown, but when the time comes when he has to be serious he’ll turn off his joker side. CC has a cocky attitude but tends to back it up. He’s crazy in love with Twitter. Now he’s a married man and a father of two, recently working as an English teacher for an elementary school in the Bronx.

Written by Fight Grid

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