Captain Charisma Gives a Medical Update on Rex McAllister

(Kathy Kush, one of the lead Interviewers for the EAW company, stands backstage in the midst of all of the commotion going on. The big news was that Rex McAllister was just attacked by the Visual Prophet not too long ago and was rushed to the local hospital for medical examination. The medics on site here, have done everything they could – but he required further attention.)

Kathy Kush: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here trying to get word on the status of Rex McAllister. The last thing anyone was informed was that Rex has transported to the local hospital, and his status for Fighting Spirit is still in question. However, I was just informed that Rex sustained a few injuries and it isn’t looking good for—

(Just then, the nearest door would swing open – and it just so happened to be the office belonging to Captain Charisma. Kathy stepped forward, stopping him in his tracks.)

Kathy Kush: Captain Charisma — Have you heard the recent update about Rex? It’s circulating back here now, and I just want to confirm it.

Captain Charisma: I can confirm Rex is at the hospital and is dealing with some minor injuries. You don’t just fall from the stage through tables and not sustain injuries. I’ve seen some of the best in the world have their careers shortened by less. But Rex is nothing, if not a fighter.

Kathy Kush: What are you saying?

Captain Charisma: I spoke with both Rex and the doctors treating him at this time. And while his doctors are recommending against it, Rex has vowed to me that he WILL be at Fighting Spirit. Rex wants nothing more than to dispose of the Sovereign, and he promised me that he was going to do exactly that. He promised me that he’s going to leave the Visual Prophet in pieces. This is for the control of Voltage, Kathy, and Rex McAllister is a hundred percent behind this brand.

Kathy Kush: But Rex McAllister won’t be “one hundred percent”.

Captain Charisma: I would rather have a Rex McAllister who’s not “one hundred percent” back myself and this brand, than for Veena to gain control. I have always believed in Rex, the talent level that he has, and the amount of heart he possesses. He’s never let anyone in EAW down before. So if Rex says he’s good to go and is this driven to take out Viz? Then I believe him. Now, I have business to attend to.. Thanks Kathy.

(With that, Captain Charisma walks away, leaving Kathy standing there by herself again.)

Kathy Kush: Well, there you have it. Against doctor’s orders, Rex McAllister WILL be at Fighting Spirit to face the Visual Prophet in a match for the control of Voltage.

(The scene fades to black.)

Written by Fight Grid

Voltage 5/12/2019

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