Candice Blair

The Hot Commodity

Out of all the Ava sisters, Candice Blair is the most complex out of the four of them; however, it seems like she incorporates all of the traits from her older sisters well-known in EAW. She has Consuela’s soft and compassionate side; she has Cameron’s emotion on her sleeve and she has Camille’s brash and arrogance. She is someone who is quite difficult to understand. She tries to do the best thing possible, but it may not seem like she’s doing that. The more you get to know her, the more that she begins to loosen up and people begin to realize the type of person that she is and why she’s the way she is. At the moment, Candice has no clue why she is the way she is, and it’s something that she’s constantly trying to figure out for herself. Much like Camille, once you find an ally in Candice, you find an ally for life. She will take a bullet for you. She will have your back. If you cross her, then, you’re going to be terribly sorry that you ever did that.

She’s superficial, self-centered, entitled, cocky, and arrogant, but her heart is normally for the right place for the people that she cares about. She is someone who is so into her looks, she believes that she is the most beautiful person on planet earth. She is a social butterfly who wants to make some friends – but normally makes friends with the wrong people (sometimes, even those people who have beef with any of her sisters). She is someone who is always looking to learn, evolve, and be the best version of herself possible. She’s not afraid to take any critiques or to take losses; she uses them as learning experiences for herself. She is so keen on putting on the best performance that she possibly can and with the help of Desmond Helms, her trainer, and Jamie O’Hara’s ‘best friend,’ she will be molded into the future goat that he believes that she can be.

Written by John Helms


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