Cameron Ella Ava

The Goddess

Much different to what her EAW run has been, Cameron Ella Ava has developed a softer and calmer demeanor. However, this sometimes gets taken for weakness by a various of opponents. When it comes to the most harshest of opponents, it takes a lot to break her down. Normally, she is someone who tries to look at the positives when everything around her seems to be going wrong. She tried to put up a front of an unbreakable woman, but when people who she cares about are in harm’s way, she will do whatever she can to take matters into her own hands. She never tries to ask for any help and would rather prefer to do things by herself, but most of the time, there are people, like her family, who will insert themselves in her situation to resolve it as quickly as possible, but Cameron only sees it as something that puts them into harm’s way, which was something that she will try to avoid. Cameron wears her emotions on her sleeve, which has proven to be her downfall on a few occasions, but Cameron believes that this will be part that helps her succeed in this company.

Written by Fight Grid

Charlie Marr

Shane Gates