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BREAKING NEWS: Two new matches announced for Reckless Wiring!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera opens up to EAW Headquarters located in Newark, New Jersey as it pans around the building for a short time. It then goes to Molly Waters on the inside behind her Fight Grid desk as she smiles for a bit before she begins to speak)

Molly Waters: Welcome once again to Fight Grid! Where we have news all throughout the Land of Elite, and tonight we have news regarding Friday Night Dynasty’s Free-Per-View over the horizon, Reckless Wiring! Firstly we have exclusive footage from Madison Square Garden after the Voltage Free-Per-View, Shock Value regarding a team who just recently competed for the Unified Tag Team Championships at the event and former Unified Tag Team Champions, let’s check it out right now!

(It then transitions from Molly over to the backstage area of Madison Square Garden after Shock Value. As Kensingten Calhoun-Astor is seen walking out of the medical facility. She’s clearly not in the happiest mood as she’s too busy nursing her wounds as she leaves and makes her way to her locker room. She continues to walk through the halls through before she stops, as she sees Holly Arrow leaving the locker room in front of her, having left the medical facility earlier)

(Holly makes her way in before encountering two people, both of them don’t seem to be in the mood for talking as they attempt to walk past)

Holly Arrow: Oh, hey guys!

(The Realm stop in their tracks as they look towards Holly. They both are not in the greatest mood considering what happened at the event. They’re trying to leave the arena but of course, Holly stopped them)

Holly Arrow: What’s the rush?

Harper Lee: We’re not in the mood today Holly, another time.

Holly Waters: Look, I know what happened tonight must bum the two of you out, but it happens. You just get back up and keep moving, and while I’d much like winning more than anything else, you can’t change the past-

Sierra Bradford: Don’t you ever say something like that towards us ever again. We’ve had chance after chance after chance after chance Holly, I don’t think you get it. You wouldn’t understand it anyways.

Holly Arrow: Hey, I’m just trying to be civil. I don’t want to cause any problems. You two can be on your way, I just wanted to try to cheer the two of you up.

Harper Lee: Well it wasn’t worth trying to do that. As much as I wish to be as positive as you are right now, it feels like crap. It doesn’t help that one Free-Per-View we’re both losing our Unified Tag Team Championships, then the next I lose my shot at the Universal Women’s Championship after “losing” a World Heavyweight Championship shot, and Sierra loses a shot at the Specialists Championship as well. So as Sierra said, it’s something that you just wouldn’t get.

Holly Arrow: Well I’m sorry jeez, but don’t you think you two are taking this just a bit too seriously? I mean, I’m not counting either of you out of the title picture just yet, it took you what, a year or so to get the Unified Tag Team Championships? As long as you keep at it, I’m sure you two can get back on track.

Harper Lee: Unfortunately it’s not as easy as you make it out to be. The both of us have made sure that we’ve given it our all week in and week out and things get in the way with that. With your logic we should’ve both won our title matches. Picture that.

Holly Arrow: Well-

Harper Lee: You couldn’t. Cause you’ve haven’t held a title like we have, takes one to know one.

Holly Arrow: I think you’re overthinking it. Sure I haven’t done so hot out of the gate since signing with EAW but that hasn’t stopped me from setting out and achieving my goals. I believe in my mind that I can do anything, like beating The Realm for example, that’s my mindset.

Sierra Bradford: I’m sorry, was that a challenge?

Holly Arrow: Well, I mean if you want it to be. I might have the ideal partner right here.

(Holly’s eyes catch Kensingten as she was watching the whole time. She sighs as she makes her way over to the group)

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor: What seems to be the problem here Miss Arrow?

Holly Arrow: Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot. I know that the two of us lost at Shock Value, but you think you can help me with them?

(Kensingten looks at The Realm before looking over at Holly)

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor: Well I do believe that I will have to pass on this.

Holly Arrow: What? Why?

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor: You and I had a little bitty agreement, that lasted till Shock Value. Anything else? I don’t think I feel like it. As much as I’d love to help you in your little dilemma right here, I think you will do just fine without my help I suppose. I wish you all the luck Miss Arrow, ta ta!

(Kensingten turns as she walks out of the scene leaving a frustrated Holly, she calms herself down before turning over to The Realm)

Holly Arrow: Look, I have a backup. Trust me, how does Reckless Wiring sound?

Harper Lee: Sounds like a plan to me.

Sierra Bradford: Wish you the best of luck.

(After Sierra’s sarcastic comment, both members of The Realm leave the scene and make their way out of the arena from there, leaving Holly to quickly go on her phone as the camera transitions back to Molly Waters)

Molly Waters: Fight Grid has learned that late last night Holly called Mary S. Atlas and she agreed to team with her in the matchup. So at Reckless Wiring we have the team of Holly Arrow & Mary S. Atlas, going up against The Realm in 3 match choices which I will also announce right here. The first being a Street Fight! The second being a Light Tube Deathmatch! And the third being a Four Corners of Pain!

Molly Waters: And not only that, we also have another match confirmed coming off of Shock Value. After Donovan Duke and Maxwell, representing Dynasty’s Insurgency, attacked the Unified Tag Team Champions, IDOL-GUN, Hikari Kanno and Miku Sakai demanded the Voltage Commissioner, Captain Charisma to have a match against the two of them, and so he agreed. But not on Voltage soil however, IDOL-GUN will be defending their Unified Tag Team Championships against Donovan Duke and Maxwell at Reckless Wiring! And not just that, like last time, I also have the match choices that you, the fans, will be voting on for the title bout. The first being a Hell in a Cell match! The second being a Ring of Fire match! And the third being a Barbed wire razor wire steel cage match!

Molly Waters: What an exciting lineup for Reckless Wiring so far also adding onto the confirmed bout of Impact vs Drake King at Reckless Wiring which was announced at Shock Value! Thank you for joining us tonight, I’m Molly Waters, signing off!

(Molly waves to the camera as it pans out, and from there, it fades to black)

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #264

Dynasty 3/26/21