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BREAKING NEWS: Two matches added to Shock Value!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The scene fades into Molly Waters, she is sitting behind a news desk located in the EAW Headquarters in New Jersey. She’s seen with a big smile as she looks at the camera before beginning to speak)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this latest installment of Fight Grid! Believe it or not the Voltage free-per-view Shock Value gets better than what we already expect to be in store! To recap with you so far the matches confirmed so far is the EAW Champion Andrea Valentine versus Charlie Marr in a Electrified Steel Cage of Death Match with obviously Malcolm Jones as the special guest referee and Korey Gaines versus PAKA in a Blackout Match where BOTH their careers are on the line! We not only have one, but two matches to confirm for the show as seen!

(The camera then pans out to show a highlight reel of the latest Voltage, specifically showcasing the main event of the night where Ms. Extreme went up against Dr. Bethany Blue for the Interwire Championship in a rematch from King of Elite.)

Molly Waters: As seen Ms. Extreme had the match won but before she could execute the pin the lights cut off and the Corvus struck! The powerhouse team of Lars Grier, Levi, and Rath had managed to choke Ms. Extreme out with a crowbar taking her out indefinitely. But before they could do anything else it was none other than Terry Chambers that saved the day for the Interwire Champion! But before the cameras cut Lars Grier and Dr. Bethany Blue had a moment where the Good Doctor had seemed to show interest in the intentions Lars had. Therefore I can confirm with you at Shock Value, it is going to be Ms. Extreme and Terry Chambers teaming up to take on Lars Grier and Dr. Bethany Blue in a tag team match! But no Shock Value match would go without a stipulation, as this match is a… ELECTRIFIED DOG COLLAR MATCH!

(The screen then turns to another match on Voltage which is highlighted which is Grizzly Bear Rocco and Alun Wyn Jones)

Molly Waters: In this match showcasing two great prospects with a bright future in Voltage, the match ended with disappointment from the fans as it ended in a double count out meaning no winner was shown at the end. As it was for a unique opportunity chance at Shock Value we cannot leave it unshowcased. But we have come up with a solution here, at Shock Value it will be BOTH men entering that match meaning Grizzly Bear Rocco and Alun Wyn Jones will be joining Shawn Sturgis who won the previous qualifying match and they will all be competing for the unique opportunity that was promised! But to spice things up a little bit as the yellow brand always does this match will also be contested under a…

(A pause between Molly Waters’ words creating suspense between determining what the match will be…)

Molly Waters: A TRIPLE THREAT LIGHT SHOW MATCH! To those wondering at home we’ll run down the concept of a Light Show Match briefly for your understanding. In a Light Show Match the regular ring ropes that surround the ring are replaced with light tubes! But that’s not it as connected to a power source the light tubes will be litten up! So it’s safe to say anyone that gets thrown into them will be in for a SHOCKING surprise!

(Molly Waters gives a chuckle at her own joke before focusing back)

Molly Waters: Shock Value is surely getting more intense and anticipating as it nears quickly for the Voltage brand! I and I’m sure everyone at home will be pumped up for this free-per-view. That’s all for me tonight! For now, I sign off.

(Fight Grid logo appears.)

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #213

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