BREAKING NEWS: The Third Member of Voltage’s Brand Warfare Team is Revealed!!!

(The scene opens up inside EAW Headquarters and more specifically, to the newsroom where Fight Grid correspondent, Molly Waters, is seen sitting behind the news desk. The brunette reporter has a smile on her face and after the intro to Fight Grid plays, she begins to speak.)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this ‘Breaking News’ edition of Fight Grid! I am your host, Molly Waters, and I am coming to you with news regarding EAW’s next event, Territorial Invasion! As seen on Showdown, the blue brand’s Brand Warfare Captain, Interwire Champion, Consuela Rose Ava, approached former multi-time champion, Raven Roberts, about joining her and fighting for Team Showdown. While Raven didn’t give Consuela a clear answer, Captain Charisma, on the Voltage side, has decided to fight fire with fire, regardless of whether Raven accepts Consuela’s offer or not. He sent in the following video statement:

(The newsroom scene fades out and a pre-recorded video of the sexy Captain Charisma begins to play.)

Captain Charisma: After watching Showdown and seeing Consuela Rose Ava make a bold move in her attempts to recruit for her team, I have decided to go ahead and announce the next pick for the Voltage Brand Warfare team. At Bloodsport, former Interwire Champion, Terry Chambers, and 2020 Hall of Fame inductee, Ahren Fournier, have joined our team to fight for brand supremacy. They weren’t the only two men I recruited for the Voltage side this past Saturday night.

(Captain Charisma grins because he knows that regardless of who Dynasty and Showdown add to their squads, his team is slowly becoming untouchable :wow:)

Captain Charisma: Immediately following this person’s match, I went to check on them and make sure they were good to go. Obviously Bloodsport is the type of event that puts a tremendous amount of stress on the physical and mental well-being of the Voltage roster. While this person had very few words for me, they were able to give me a thumbs up regarding their health and their status going forward. That’s why I decided to select…





Captain Charisma: MYLES as the third member of Team Voltage for Brand Warfare. :mjgrin: Good luck StarrStan and Ryan Wilson. I look forward to seeing your next moves :wow:

(Captain Charisma cuts his video and the scene returns and focuses on Molly.)

Molly Waters: :wow:!!! HUGE announcement by Captain Charisma! Myles will be joining Terry and Ahren for the Voltage Brand Warfare team, and I absolutely can not wait to see who else joins them, and how Dynasty and Showdown respond. Thank you guys for tuning in! I will be back with anymore breaking stories!

(Molly flashes her smile to the camera and the scene fades out.)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

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