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(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(As per Fight Grid opens up to show the outside of EAW Headquarters located in Newark, New Jersey. After a quick shot, it transitions to the inside to show Molly Waters. She’s seen seated at her Fight Grid desk with a smile on her face as the camera pans closer towards her. She takes a moment before she from there, begins to speak to the camera)

Molly Waters: Welcome EAW Universe to Fight Grid! Where we bring you the news all throughout the Land of Elite! Thank you for joining us as today we have exclusive news regarding EAW’s next Free-Per-View, Battle of Egypt: Clash In Cairo! More specifically, on the Voltage side of things!

(The camera pans out to a screen situated next to Molly as it shows a picture of Andre Walker holding the New Breed Championship. It then goes through the events of Dynasty and Showdown where elitists like Jonny Airhart, Jordan Payne, and Jon Kelton are confirmed for the New Breed Gauntlet match at Battle of Egypt)

Molly Waters: We go first to the New Breed Gauntlet match as we now have confirmed competitors on the Voltage side of things along with the already growing list from the other brands. As it is now confirmed that Shane Gates and Greg Voltaire are being added to the New Breed Gauntlet! An already stacked list in itself Andre Walker is going to have a lot on his hands if he wants to become the longest reigning New Breed Champion! Straying away from that, last night on Voltage, it was confirmed that Malcolm Jones will defend the EAW Championship against Rex McAllister, now we understand that Voltage is offering us another mouth-watering match as well.

(The screen then transitions from the competitors for the New Breed Gauntlet to last week at the Grand Rampage Free-Per-View. It recaps the situation with SOSA Henderson has before he was scheduled to compete in the Grand Rampage match, none other than New Eden initiated a brutal attack on the former EAW World Champion and injured him, leaving him unable to compete in the Grand Rampage match which Drake King ultimately won in the end)

Molly Waters: SOSA Henderson was recently sidelined after being attacked by the combined forces of New Eden backstage at Grand Rampage. But just when you thought you heard the end of it, there’s more. Indeed! SOSA will get his chance at revenge against New Eden in a spectacle to behold. As at Battle of Egypt: Clash In Cairo, SOSA Henderson will be back in the ring as he goes up against New Eden’s Myles!

Molly Waters: Truly exciting news from Sunday Night Voltage regarding Battle of Egypt and the fun part is we’re not done yet! With two weeks left till the event there’s still so much to be confirmed so keep yourselves at the edge of your seats! But unfortunately for us, that’s all we have for you today. I’m Molly Waters, signing out!

(The camera begins to pan out as Molly waves to the camera, after a while it isn’t long before the scene fades out to black from there)

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Voltage 5/9/2021

Dynasty 5/14/21