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BREAKING NEWS: Showdown Makes a Move to Strengthen Their Roster Ahead of Territorial Invasion!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The scene opens up inside the ring area of the empty EAW Performance Center. Fight Grid host, Molly Waters, is seen standing in the middle of the ring. She is wearing a pair of camel colored, skinny dress slacks, a silky, brown off the shoulder top, and cream colored pumps. She flashes her smile into the camera.)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this ‘Breaking News’ edition of Fight Grid Live! I am Molly Waters, and I have a huge announcement. With Showdown set to get under way in just a few hours, General Manager Ryan Wilson was seen meeting with Voltage Commissioner, Captain Charisma earlier today. Both men shook hands after the meeting, with Captain Charisma leaving the Performance Center not too long after that. Sources tell me that the two authority figures have worked out a trade that goes into effect immediately. The runner-up for the 24/7 Battle Royal, SKA, is now a member of the blue brand. I have been told that he has been traded for an Elitist to be named later, which really makes you wonder who Captain Charisma has in mind for this, or if this will end up affecting next season’s draft? We all know Captain Charisma isn’t the type to do something for nothing, so that makes this whole deal much more interesting!

(Molly’s smile grows even brighter.)

Molly Waters: I’m sure more details will be announced later on as we get confirmation on this move by Ryan Wilson. What does he want with SKA? Is this all part of some kind of plan? I have no idea, but if this does end up being true, SKA’s match on tomorrow night’s episode of Voltage will be his last as a member of the yellow brand, at least for now. More on this story as we get it. Stay tuned for more!

(The camera lingers on Molly for a few more seconds before fading to black.)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Dynasty 8/21/2020

Showdown 8/22/20