BREAKING NEWS: New match added to Wicked Games!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera fades in from the EAW Headquarters in Newark, New Jersey where Molly Waters is seen as always at her Fight Grid desk as she looks to the camera panning closer to her with a smile on her face as she does so as she straightens up before beginning to speak)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen welcome as always to Fight Grid as we’re coming at you with breaking news regarding Wicked Games! But first, let’s go two Voltage’s back to recap what’s been happening and keep you up to date with the latest news!

(Molly pauses for a moment as she transitions in her speaking as footage from Sunday Night Voltage from 2 weeks ago is shown as a recap is shown of specifically the main event)

Molly Waters: 2 weeks ago the main event for Voltage was Ahren Fournier, Terry Chambers, and Minerva where the winner of that match would be the one going on to fight for the EAW World Championship against SOSA Henderson at Wicked Games. Just at the end of the match Terry had managed to hit a T-5 on Minerva, but before he could capitalize on it Ahren had come in and connected with the Storybook Ending which allowed him to get the win over the both of them and face SOSA at Wicked Games! Then a week later on the next episode of Voltage before their match against one another in the Grand Prix tournament they got into an altercation after Minerva called Terry out and both of them got into a back and forth verbal argument before Minerva would spray THE DARK in Terry’s eyes, adding more fuel to the fire as the night went on!

(It then goes on to show footage of the Round One Grand Prix match between The Corona Hombres & MASOCHISTxMANIFEST as Molly continues to speak)

Molly Waters: In the match between TLA & Terry Chambers as they went up against Myles & Minerva it had ended in a rather controversial way. With Drake King putting his hands in the match to incite more anger upon his Wicked Games opponent TLA, Terry was caught in the crossfire as he was taken down by the Guillotine which allowed Minerva to take advantage, connecting with Paradise Lost and pinning Terry for the win. But if that wasn’t enough Terry got pinned but not only that his foot was on the ropes too, what should’ve been a breakup was called clean in the middle as MASOCHISTxMANIFEST moved on to Round Two in the Grand Prix! Let’s cut to the footage we’ve gotten just after the match where Sofia Clarke catches up with Terry to get his reaction!

(Before long Molly’s face fades out as it cuts to unseen footage from the latest episode of Voltage. Sofia Clarke is seen rushing forward. She quickly moves as she catches up with the person that she wants to speak to as Terry Chambers is seen running his hands through his hair as he makes his way through the backstage area at a rather fast pace)

Sofia Clarke: I’m sorry if I’m interrupting anything Terry but do you have any comments about what just happened out there???

(Terry stops in his tracks as he closes his eyes for a moment before tilting his head as he turns it to Sofia and looks at her, slightly raising his eyebrow as he does so)

Terry Chambers: What do I have to say about what happened out there? Shouldn’t it be clear? Shouldn’t it be obvious at this point? My reaction to the decision, I’m not the happiest person in the world Sofia. Let’s talk about the fact that it was clear that when Minerva pinned me, my foot was on the ropes, I know you saw it, I know everyone else but that blind Referee saw it. Do they think this is funny? What should’ve happened out there is that the pin should’ve been broken, and The Corona Hombres shouldn’t have lost that match, does that answer your question? Does that solve anything? No no, let me expand on this. If it wasn’t for Drake King putting his hands into that match too, maybe the outcome would’ve been a bit different wouldn’t you think? He’s done it now, if he didn’t do it before nearly a year ago being the orchestrator to my near death, he’s pushed it, I’m telling you right now I’m getting revenge on that motherfucker next Voltage and then… well, and then Minerva is next.

Sofia Clarke: And what do you mean by that?

Terry Chambers: Well shouldn’t it be obvious? Me, Minerva, one-on-one, Wicked Games. She’s talked all this talk and she’s tried all of these stupid acts, let’s prove it. Step up to the plate, who’s better, who can keep the other down, I’m going to finish this.

(Terry says as after the last sentence he would shake his head slightly before making his way through the backstage are again, Sofia not following as it pans over to her as the camera fades out)

(It then cuts back to show Molly Waters at her desk once more after the footage is played as she has a smile on her face)

Molly Waters: I’ll be happy to tell you that after that Minerva has accepted the match against Terry. Which means at Wicked Games it will be a one-on-one match against Terry Chambers & Minerva! That’s all we have for you today, join us next time when we have more breaking news coming your way, this is Molly Waters, signing off!

(Molly waves to the camera as it fades out)

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Voltage 10/18/20

Voltage 10/24/20